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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Fremantle vs St Kilda

Chat log for Fremantle vs St Kilda, R2 of 2022

Gelly: whitfield whitfield whitfield
TheFlagger: time to go huge darcy
Pokerface: green vest for Sharman
TheFlagger: medi sub for noz is stiff
Dredd: O’Driscoll about to ruin my Neale VC?
bhg26: If hayes wants to get another 127 id be cool with that
Dredd: O’Driscoll has come to ruin my Neale VC
LuvIt74: @Dredd are u serious?
LuvIt74: That’ll hurt id be so pissed
fruity: dredd at least you will get 1 point…lol
Jukes82: you had no other loophole option? seems like a silly risk to take
Dredd: Yep. De Koning and Martin already locked. Had preuss but English and Grundy already played..
amigaman: Disgraceful decision
Dredd: How?s a 198 silly time risk? Was worth but gonna be very stiff if this kid plays..
DrSeuss: Come on Serong – need you to step up today lad
NewFreoFan: Drisc was announced as debuting days ago, was always gonna be sub
Dredd: Sorry mate, don?t really care about freo to keep up with that..
kascadev8: lets go Brodie
sMiles: Jesus – what was that kick from Steele?
Jukes82: if i was newfreofan i’d be hoping driscoll gets subbed on in the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter lol
NewFreoFan: Hey Dredd it’s your VC lol
Gelly: there’s no way hayes is only 193 cm
LuvIt74: @Dredd i dont think it matters if he plays or not i still think he’s your C now unless rules have changed
BigChief: LuvIt he has to get on the ground to be counting as played for fantasy.
Fatbar5tad: Bit worried about Chapman.
LuvIt74: BigChief ok that includes SC?
BigChief: yes in includes sc.
StuL: What’s a Battle? Did that child ask what’s a battle? No he said what’s that rattle
TheFlagger: I love Sean Darcy
BigChief: Is it wet in Perth? So many fumbles and dropped marks so far.
Pantsman: Yeah, has been wet in Perth, some rain around.
Jukes82: im not impressed with Brodie’s TOG these first 2 games!
valkorum: bigchief has been raining on and of over the weekend
Raspel31: Don’t have him grace a dieu but golly you’d be wanting to see more from Steele.
m0nty: Hayes is a beast!
DrSeuss: Do Freo players dislike Serong – seem to ignore him at every turn
beerent11: Bloody impressive m0nty
StuL: Hayes could be bargain of the century
Raspel31: Hayes tackling his way to a decent score.
bc__: 50% game time for Brodie. Why?
Phasir: He’s a munter of a kick, Seuss
StuL: Brodie finds the ball. But apparently is a pack a day smoker or something
beerent11: Reckon that?s the lowest fireball I?ve ever seen for Chapman
DrSeuss: Hayes seems to be very good at simply getting to the right spots
beerent11: Hate to go cookie cutter but will probably swap serong to Cripps this week.
Jukes82: brodie only had 65% tog last week too
sMiles: Pick it up Steele
Ninty: Serong looks cooked
Badgerbadg: goodness me, loopholed odriscoll to try and get stephens score?
Raspel31: Bummer- Hayes gone to goal square- wasted.
Hazza09: Wtf Steele
BigChief: Cmon Steele that’s enough resting on your ass
bhg26: Lmao I?m 62 in fantasy
Tig-Train: So regretting going Steele over neale at the start of season
fruity: Stop warming the pine Brayshaw……
bhg26: And Brodie?s on the bench again
Torz: When Brodie is actually on the field, he scores quickly
The Hawker: Here comes Brodie on the bench again
bhg26: His tank must be atrocious
kascadev8: all my players on the bench at the same time, lmao
bhg26: Imagine he had 80% game time torz
TheFlagger: Darcy scores so easily
StuL: We broke Hayes by praising him
Jukes82: Relton Roberts had a better tank than this
m0nty: Hayes is terrible, no good, get rid of him
Raspel31: Alas we did StuhL
TheFlagger: lol
BigChief: If this TOG crap continues with Brodie he might have to go.
bhg26: Agree m0nty, one game wonder
beerent11: That?s hilarious stul. He?s on 35 before the half. 102k.
kascadev8: NWM already on more than Owens
Stikman35: Saints have succeeded in nullifying Hayes by hiding him in the forward line
bhg26: Where the flower has Steele come from?
beerent11: He?s a forward stikman
italz: steele is desperate to stay in my team so he woke up
TheFlagger: darcy is in second gear and doing this. scary stuff
m0nty: Chapman is a painful watch
beerent11: People pick 220k players and expect premium scores
MrWalrus: Hayes is more like a swiss army utility, can play any position, I believe m0nty was being sarcastic re Hayes
BigChief: Is Brayshaw or Darcy Freo’s best player now?
beerent11: Brodie is going fantastic
Stikman35: Yes he?s a forward. But they?ve hidden him. Right on the goal line way from any action.
BigChief: @beerent when he is on the field yes he is. But TOG sucks.
TheFlagger: brayshaw chief for
Stikman35: Ohh he snuck out.
beerent11: Hasn?t got a tank yet bc. On track for a ton.
Ninty: Brodie would score 220 if he was 100% TOG
Torz: Brayshaw is our best player
MrWalrus: Who cares about TOG when you’re on for 100+ at basically rookie price?
Wahab_18: who was the bald donkey who took the handball from hayes?
Tangent: Walters out Driscoll in?
bhg26: And he?s on the bench again
bhg26: This is fucking ridiculous
DrSeuss: Kick it Hayes and mark it Serong –
beerent11: Doesn?t work that way ninty.
kascadev8: lienert wahab
MrWalrus: Brayshaw is elite in any team, will get a lot of Brownlow votes over his career
beerent11: Whiners gonna whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.
Migz: ryan on target for 140. doubt he makes it but would be nice
bhg26: You are a lot more fun this year beer
BigChief: Brayshaw could win Chaz this year if Freo wins enough games.
Jukes82: hilarious kebab still has the spud from last year lmao
Migz: only 8% of teams as well
Tangent: So glad I didn’t trade out Ryan
beerent11: Been listening to tay tay
beerent11: Whitfield
Ninty: Anyone else trade out Ryan?
beerent11: 1st season ninty?
LuvIt74: Youd be crazy to trade out a premo like Ryan after just 1 round
MrWalrus: Are you serious Ninty? What are you thinking!?
beerent11: 1st day of 7 in isolation bhg. Losing it already.
Ninty: Oh well. At least Serong C is doubled 🤩
bhg26: You are going to be typing gibberish next week beer
Tangent: Anyone know why Darcy didn’t play last week?
BigChief: You must be new if you put the C on Serong Ninty
beerent11: I feel ninty is taking the piss.
Ninty: Why?s that Chief? He?s on target for a nice 120+ 🥰
StuL: Darcy is too fragile. I wouldn’t get him.
DrSeuss: Time to finish my Serong experiment after this week I think.
bhg26: Im 38 in fantasy now lmao
BigChief: Get in there bhg.
DrSeuss: For the week bhg or overall?
bhg26: Overall
beerent11: Who to seuss?
bhg26: Have Brodie and Hayes on ground so I should still go up
BigChief: @Ninty I am happy with my 324 from Crippa. and you be happy with 120+ from Serong LOL
LuvIt74: Ryan will score 154
boges11: @Tangent his hand was in a splint the week before so probably something to do with that.
DrSeuss: Unsure as yet beer – got a little cash from downgrading Milera – my other risky choice
HolyNorf: Need 166 from Gresham, Brodie and Chapman in the second half for 2500
MrWalrus: I like how young is travelling, he’s very tempting butrisky
beerent11: Darcy is a safe enough pick as long as you are sensible with other trades. Can go down to most other rucks if he breaks
DrSeuss: Nice bhg – hopefully Hayes gets up the ground a bit more in the 2nd
BigChief: Wasn’t Darcy out for a calf round 1?
beerent11: Think I?ll turn him into crippa Seuss.
Catatafish: Come on Gresham, boost that DE
bhg26: The saints game plan just has to be kick it to Hayes
DrSeuss: Yes Cripps is looking to have turned up a notch this year
frenzy: anyone got Zerrett
beerent11: Probably 3 trades for me this week
MrWalrus: 100 from Hayes & Brodie will get me 2449, who’s who dares wins?
Raspel31: Leave Cripps alone- he’s ours!
Ninty: Just traded him in this week frenzy
boges11: It does say calf on the AFL site Beer but I physically saw him with his hand in a hard plastic splint
frenzy: Ctrl Alt Del Ninty
BigChief: I am looking at 2385 with Steele and Brodie
beerent11: Think you have me confused with someone else boges
beerent11: Maybe bigchief?
boges11: Sorry Beer I meant BigChief
boges11: yup
beerent11: 2358 plus Steele and Brodie?
BigChief: yep it was me Boges
Ninty: Why mate? A cool 117 this week. Building
beerent11: I?m on to you ninty.
frenzy: taking the micky
beerent11: Trickster
DrSeuss: Good start by Serong – also taking the micky
beerent11: Goal assist for Brodie
kascadev8: wooo
bhg26: Bout time to bench him beer
beerent11: Did Gerard just say shit there like a statue?
NewFreoFan: 2 weeks in a row of Gerard dumping on Freo is a bit annoying
MrWalrus: Isn’t Brodie’s low TOG mainly from starting on the bench
navy_blues: darcy down
Thomas1234: Darcy gone
BigChief: Uh oh Darcy in trouble?
beerent11: Nah Darcy isn?t fragile
NewFreoFan: Darcy ankle
DrSeuss: Rolled the ankle
beerent11: Navy with the fastest thumbs
Fatbar5tad: Lloyd not so Meek this year?
navy_blues: brayshaw impressing
Jukes82: time to bring on O’Driscoll
beerent11: Gun navy
Gelly: sub him off, O’driscoll needs a run
MrWalrus: Gawn to Meek with Darcy down.
DrSeuss: Love Brayshaw until he gets tagged
bhg26: And hes on the bench
bhg26: 26th now
beerent11: Who is bhg?
Blaircam: Isn’t Darcy due back anytime now?
DrSeuss: What are you ranked for the week bhg?
BigChief: Get on the field Willbur
bhg26: 912 seuss
bhg26: I was 397 after round 1
Ninty: Darcy gone to the rooms
Ninty: King gone bang
DrSeuss: Nice bhg – need Hayes and Brodie to stay off the bench
Jukes82: now Brodie needs just anothe 6 freo injuries to get this tog up
Fatbar5tad: Max King III – King of the West
NewFreoFan: We go to pieces in another 3rd quarter
Ash777: Darcy warming up
Ninty: Serong needs to go bang. Darcy coming back on
Hazza09: Has Steele gone home?
Ninty: Steele and Serong gone to the pub
bhg26: Off the pine hayes
beerent11: Can?t get on hazza
MercAm: Brodie 79 with 64 tog is insane. Anyone know why he is getting low minutes?
Ash777: sry ppl I put hayes on the field over brodie
DrSeuss: Chapman with 0 touches this quarter
Raspel31: Couldn’t agree more bhg.
Hazza09: I assume you don?t have Steele Beer?
kascadev8: no tank Merc
beerent11: Yep got him hazza.
beerent11: He just got stuck on the bench
Hazza09: Trading him? Lol
DrSeuss: Hayes been on the bench for 10+ minutes
Raspel31: Will Hayes spend whole qtr on the pine?
dipstick: why is steele so useless today? 14 touches in 3 qtrs?
beerent11: Nah he?ll come good. Got other issues.
mattmac24: Chapman looks like he is a risk that isn’t going to pay off
beerent11: m0nty, can we lose the bench icon?
Torz: That?s one of the best things this site has added in recent years beer
DrSeuss: Pull your finger out Serong
bhg26: Hayes can you kick a goal or two or three please and thanks
bhg26: And brodies on the bench again lol
TheLegend6: I know gresh going at 30 percent but gee his score seems harsh
Yelse: whats with brodie always on the pine!
NewFreoFan: We’ve lost all structure
DrSeuss: Luke Ryan has Chapman open every kick-in but just ignores.
beerent11: 200 watch!
valkorum: Why are people complaining about Brodie – he is on 89 at 3 quarter time. For his price, happy days
Migz: when is fyfe back
frenzy: hes a burst player Yelse
Ninty: Huge quarter by Serong, might get the half ton by FT
fruity: sensing that there could be some high SC totals this round..
Ninty: Only 66% TOG valkorum, pathetic
arbel: @yelse agree … spends so much time on it but still scoring well
DrSeuss: Just need Serong and Chapman to combine and best Marshall by 60. But they both took the 3rd qtr off
navy_blues: driscoll coming on
Manowar: Got the C on A. Brayshaw! give me a hell yeah!
bc__: 66% TOG for Brodie. He did this with Brayshaw couple years back. Fool
PowerBug: NOD on for Darcy
Yelse: i am assuming ppl getting rid of whitfield but who to bring in is jake bowey worth a punt
kascadev8: get hayes up in the middle for the last Q
Ninty: Thinking it has to be Hewett for me Yelse
mattmac24: Yelse. With Salem out for 8 weeks, Bowey worth a look at
Ninty: Need a new player icon for Brodie [bench]
Gelly: i have captain on O’Driscoll
Jukes82: glad O’Driscoll is on
Dogs5416: Needed 183 for brayshaw to win my h2h and draft. Can’t believe I’m a sniff
StuL: A cigarette for Brodie. Off for smoko
Ninty: But good
Stikman35: Brodie must have a niggle
Catatafish: Brayshaw is insane
Dogs5416: Why would you captain someone named in the squad at all??
Ninty: Like it stuL
MrWalrus: Brayshaw in…. Somehow.
Catatafish: Very pleased with Gresham..
beerent11: Steele to ton probably
Ninty: Probably to get double points Dogs5416
RooBoyStu: Is it just me or are some of the AFL Guernseys looking poofterish this year? Geelong’s and St.Kilda’s especially
bhg26: Hayes weren?t you on the bench for 10 minutes in the last quarter?
Yelse: has brodie come on at at all this quarter
MrWalrus: Surely, surely you aren’t trading Whitfield, absolutely wasted trade in a season we’ll need every last one
beerent11: No Eagles gelly?
RooBoyStu: They are cut too much towards shoulder blade. Look like a singlet or swimming uniform
Stikman35: Maybe you just like boys in uniform
bhg26: Standing ovation boys, Brodie has come on
DrSeuss: Hayes, Chapman and Brodie killing me on the bench
Dogs5416: Ninty aware of that- but why loophole someone who’s named? Risking it ok a player not being injured. Crazy.
StuL: The “girls cut” at the back of the Geelong jumper has been there for 3 years. Don’t like it. We have been lame since
cmperrfect: Brodie back on.
StuL: It goes well with Scott’s coaching
Migz: atleast ryan hit the 140 like i asked of him haha
mattmac24: MrWalrus. We have 5 extra trades. More than happy to use 1 to sideways trade Whitfield.
MrWalrus: But it does free you up for butterfly
Nurfed: big impact play from brodie after that intercept, will probably need a rest
Ninty: Brodie will ton, love to see it
Migz: @cmperrfect can only monty change players numbers? Cause skinner for PA is the wrong number
beerent11: If only freo played in Perth every week migz
Ash777: who is in jumper 31 for the saints?
DrSeuss: Why is Hayes still on the pine?
bhg26: god knows seuss
StuL: Brodie is a magnet when he’s on. Doesn’t matter if he’s 60% tog
kascadev8: Lienert Ash
bhg26: Fucking hell hayes get on the ground
cmperrfect: Correct migz
Hazza09: Steele back on the bench?
Ash777: oh yes couldn’t see him on the sheet
Ninty: O?Driscoll huge goal
Raspel31: And still no Hayes?. No point now- least time on the ground.
Gelly: told you O’Driscoll was a good c choice
The Hawker: What a first kick haha
italz: O’Drisc banging in a goal for the lads with the c on him
MrWalrus: Hayes on, a few nice contested intercepts to finish off will be nice
cmperrfect: Hayessssss. Finally.
Ninty: Freo cooked
TheFlagger: whats the score for the week looking like all
beerent11: Jack Steele
Ash777: phew steele tons. happy
Yelse: saints gonna win with only 3 goal scorers lol
MrWalrus: Wanganeen-Milera has some skills doesn’t he? Nice pick up for the future
Yelse: lol brodie benched again ffs
cmperrfect: Maybe Brodie only has one lung.
LuvIt74: 2434 so far with steels current score
bhg26: That was a fucking terrible call
J.Worrall: around 2250, probs not enough …
Tangent: Brayshaw is a certified ball MAGNET
beerent11: 2440 ish here flagger
Ninty: He should stop going off for a smoke if he only has one lung
DrSeuss: What a BS call. That will cost me my league win.
Number 8: Disgusting free kick call, sheesh
Oddsy5: that was the worst free kick poor hayes
MrWalrus: That was a perfect HTB tackle, disgraceful call
Hazza09: Brodie obviously hasn?t got a tank
Oddsy5: think im just shy of 2500. vc on neale helped
LuvIt74: i said Ryan 154 i think he’ll exceed that
mattmac24: I’ll just get over 2300. McGovern on field over Xerri doesn’t help
Raspel31: Yep MrWalrus- great tackle- shocking call.
TheFlagger: 2407 for me. Darcy going off was a bit annoying but I knew what i was getting into. Holding as long as he plays next rd
beerent11: Doesn?t matter hazza
HolyNorf: around 2450 for me
TheFlagger: will be interesting to see how brodie scores with fyfe and mundy
LuvIt74: @Oddsy5 dont u have Macrae?
J.Worrall: Go Sainters!
LuvIt74: 2441 i scored happy with that…
bhg26: 2463 this week for me
Catatafish: Cheers, Gresham you should open a butcher’s shop
spdysaint: 2450 without cripps or Heeney. am happy with that

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