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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Melbourne, R2 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Gotigres: Got Rowell, Touk and Gawn.
navy_blues: same
Dogs5416: Tossed up between Miller and Neale C. Hope Miller pops still.
Dogs5416: Also with SC app doing live scores, the frequency of FF not having live scores is worrying
DEESareSAD: Touk and Rowell wtaf, the Towell combo is too good
amigaman: Get off the bench Witts
exatekk: Yay, Bowey
superlloyd: Unfortunately the Trent and Powell “Towell” combo isn’t quite as good…
DEESareSAD: Bro how good is it to watch Towell
DEESareSAD: Bowey looking super good for owners. Wish I was one of them
beerent11: Rowell going with touk 330k cheaper. May have to bring him in.
Gotigres: Good to see Gawn scoring well with Jackson
BigChief: Twin towers look solid again.
DEESareSAD: Rowell keeper material as long as he stays fit.
DEESareSAD: Feels good having Towell plus Gawn
DEESareSAD: Miller for 50 touches??
Ninty: Touk on track for 68 touches. Lazy day out
Gotigres: 17 possies in a qtr. Wow
navy_blues: thats bs petracca was given a hour
DrSeuss: Good of you all to put the jinx on Miller – no touches this qtr
Fatbar5tad: Doc with the reverse jinx…and it’s number 18
Ninty: Lol just got his first of the q. 11 mins in
fruity: Oliver!! Please sir can l have some more..!
MrWalrus: I think it’s pretty clear Rowell is $330 Less than Touk for a reason right now
Ooost: Need to get Touk in ASAP by the looks of this
Raspel31: And Rowell was looking so good- sigh.
DrSeuss: Have missed a couple of Rowell tackles though
Torz: Rowell has had 2-3 tackles not counted this quarter
Gotigres: What are you doing Rowell
StuL: Rowell can’t play any more it seems.
BigChief: Rowell should have 4 tackles, not 1.
Raspel31: Saw Powell and for a second I thought it was Rowell.
beerent11: Gee youse all turn quick
Hazza09: Bowey looking good as a trade in
_Wang_: Rowell quietish quarter and now he’s a dudlol
beerent11: Rowell is on 42 before half time. On track for a ton. 330k
DrSeuss: Dew has Rowell tagging / running with Trac apparently
bhg26: Rowell scored 157 last week guys
BigChief: Rowell playing against 1 of the best midfields in AFL. He is doing okay.
spdysaint: Fuck me you guys piss me off. If a player doesn?t go 120+ all of a sudden they suck
beerent11: Got Jackson in all 3 draft leagues. Go young fella.
beerent11: And it?s always the same blokes/women
amigaman: So much dribble
StuL: Rowell got 0 for his last kick and tackle and lost points at HT. OK CD
Napper: How did Miller go from 92 to 83 at half time??
BigChief: Witts has toilet paper out back of shorts LOL
beerent11: You?ll drive yourself mad doing that stul.
Gotigres: Gawn out, Jackson in?
BigChief: Beerent Jackson is a gun.
Pav300: Hes already mad as a cut snake Beer 😉
beerent11: Pocket 268k for similar output gotigres
beerent11: You?re not wrong bigchief
Hazza09: Thinking Shitfield for Bowey
DrSeuss: Quiet quarter for Miller so far
Gotigres: Very tempting beer
DrSeuss: Rowell and GC having a mare in the 3rd.
MrWalrus: I expect he’ll be in he Rowellercoaster this year, don’t have him in either
mattmac24: Rowell will be fine.
Gotigres: Gawn pathetic
Hazza09: Gawn woeful
StuL: Dew broke Rowell. He was on fire until he had him worry about other players
bhg26: Rowell still has 19 touches stul, and he scored 157 last week
DrSeuss: Exactly StuL – Dew made him directly oppose Trac and Oliver – hardly touched it since
DEESareSAD: Starting English over Gawn working well so far. And that extra cash is gonna be handy next week.
DrSeuss: bhg – he is talking about this week. Rowell great 1st qtr. Dew moved him onto Trac / Oliver.
bhg26: Fair enough, tagging isnt Rowells go
Hazza09: Many will trade Gawn this week
bhg26: Lot of value elsewhere now hazza, now with english, witts and marshall. Gawn will lose a lot of cash
beerent11: Bit of Jeff white about Jackson
beerent11: One more week for max
DrSeuss: Rowell is a gun ball winner – Dew is an average coach.
DEESareSAD: Gawn is gone
beerent11: Playing the best midfield in the comp.
DrSeuss: Gawn couldn?t catch a cold tonight – Jackson making him look average
Hazza09: Why one more week @beerent?
BigChief: Beerent I think Jackson is better that Jeff White.
thommoae: Steady Big Chief. A while to go before LJ takes that mantle.
StuL: At every bounce Rowell has just being trying to stop Oliver or trac. Better off letting him go for it
bhg26: Im not watching the game but if thats true stul thats just saying our players cant get their own ball, shower coaching
AlsoGmax: Worst fears confirmed tonight.
Hazza09: Gawn looks spent
Gotigres: Go suns
mattpanag: agree, suns looked great when rowell was playing a creative role
StuL: Trac and oli get their own ball anyway. They looked better in q1 taking the game on
bhg26: They were competing stul, they were even winning at one point
Gotigres: Bye bye Gawn
StuL: It’s England in the Euros coaching. Worrying about the oppo too much
StuL: Yea. Gawns time has come. The baton has passed to LJ
DrSeuss: Nice way to wreck Rowell?s confidence – stupid decision by Dew.
BigChief: Lukosius is wasted in the forward line. Only 5 disp by someone with his skills is not good.
mattpanag: It’s possible it was Rowell’s idea – Dew has commented he sometimes asks for a job
pcaman2003: Trade out Gawn to ?
mattpanag: But as the coach surely you tell the kid he’s a weapon and to just play ball
Gotigres: Jackson, Bowey and Heeney in.
StuL: Even titch got 63 or something. Rowell can still avg 100
bhg26: Especially if the player had 33 touches last game and was BOG
bhg26: Flower that was a good hit
Hazza09: Bowey has to come in
Gotigres: Rowell has scored 28 points since qtr time
BigChief: Draper, Darcy or Marshall maybe @pcaman?
bhg26: English also a shout BigChief
BigChief: Forgot English bhg 🙂
Hazza09: Shitfield to Bowey so I can get Cripps
Hazza09: Or Gawn to Witts
bhg26: Im thinking next week Gawn, Brodie and Parish out (not by Parish playing bad) to Cripps, Heeney and Marshall
bhg26: Id be making a lot more cash and cement 2 more keepers and a possible top ruck
pcaman2003: Difficult choice so early in the season.
Ash777: Glad I went with my gut on gawn and didn’t choose him.
MrWalrus: I’m sticking with Gawn, he hasn’t been bad as such
pcaman2003: Have Gawn Witts and Hayes,but if I sack Gawn,just watch him come!
bhg26: Gawn should still be a top ruck, but i think heeney and cripps have forced me to get them in
MrWalrus: Just not at his best yet, will tear it up soon enough
BigChief: For his price though Walrus he has not been good.
Ash777: He must be cruising games letting jackson take more responsibility
mattmac24: CD have been scoring weirdly this round. Still 400 points to go
bhg26: Gawns is also going to leak to much cash
TheHawk: Yeah massive scaling to come from both games tonight mattmac
MrWalrus: Over the season I’m backing him, will be a late trade at most unless forced
Hazza09: Jackson royally shafting Gawn
Hazza09: Seen enough

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