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Chat log from R2 of 2022: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R2 of 2022

frenzy: what will we dish up today
Thomas1234: G’day boys
navy_blues: wc newbies a chance to impress
Manowar: Nic Nat out?
DEESareSAD: Xerri for the ton surely
Crippa9: 13 players out mano
MrWalrus: C’mon West coast div 3 reserves
bhg26: Imagine norf lose
BigChief: 14 changes from last week with Nelson a late out.
oc16: imagine if wc win this
Pokerface: why would the roof be closed on a day like today
bhg26: There is a cloud somewhere poker
DidgiePie: no aaron black??
Pokerface: true bhg, but that small white puff in gippsland wont arrive till after the game
sMiles: who is this aaron black
sMiles: oh he’s there now – cheers
bhg26: Not worth the risk poker
m0nty: didn’t realise it was a different Aaron Black lol
Pokerface: im not sure this weather could be any better. just put in a permanent roof if its not open today
MrWalrus: Commentators blaming the kid, Hurn’s kick was complete poo
Ninty: People kept complaining about the sun with the roof open. Looks like it?s closed nearly every game now?
Ninty: Plus probably for the sexy new screens.
Pokerface: so just make it a permanent indoor stadium. or make the engineering adjustments
Pokerface: if you keep it shut all the time you can put an even bigger sexier screen on the roof.
bhg26: Get Mr Burns to block out the sun
MrWalrus: You still want the roof to open to keep the grass healthy, I see no problem with playing with it closed personally
Ninty: Take the L off A Dewar, he played 25 games for Hawks as A Litherford.
Ninty: Litherland* lol
bhg26: Xerri going off
Pokerface: lol bhg
Pokerface: wow nifty, youve done your homework!
Raspel31: Xerri slightly making up the Dusty out- go lad.
NewFreoFan: I dislike the Eagles as much as any Docker, but got a real soft spot for them this game
bhg26: West Coast got a hitout!
bhg26: Xerri nearly at his projection already
masterhc2: if norf even manage to get close to losing this they are a genuine rabble
DEESareSAD: Xerri I only wanted a ton?
DEESareSAD: Xerri I only wanted a ton?? but I?ll take a 120!
masterhc2: also duggan how have to not had a tocuh ffs lol. rip my multi
Ninty: Willie already on his full time score last week. 🤩
SwaggyP: Nice start xerri. Keep it going son
beerent11: Gawn to xerri. Pocket 450k
Legix: Good man Xerri
Ash777: ouch that looked painful.
bhg26: Ouch
MrWalrus: Xerri isn’t a ruck
beerent11: Just joking. No nicnat making it easy.
navy_blues: willie shouldnt be playin now injured another player
beerent11: Oh yeah.
MrWalrus: That was holding the ball all day every day, who cares that he got hurt boooooo
DEESareSAD: Xerri what a gun. Make everyone have to find a way to get you in mate.
duckky: Is Willie in trouble?
navy_blues: a gun? no opp ruck lol
Ninty: Ye that was ball, not in the back. North player drags it forward.
Ninty: Shouldn?t be in trouble, no.
MrWalrus: If willy is in trouble for that i quit AFL
beerent11: Don?t know if you can take too much out of the scoring in this game.
duckky: I hope to take a couple of hundreds beerent.
DEESareSAD: Horne Francis Ton today??
Pokerface: i can take my xerri price rise out of it
bhg26: Luke McDonald a good POD
beerent11: I mean for future trades.
BigChief: Larkey should get 7+ goals today.
spdysaint: Why is Mcdonald a mid in supercoach not a defender?
TheFlagger: flashbacks rolling in
TheFlagger: he’ll get dpp
bones351: Witherden can kick the ball well but has zero footy intelligence
bhg26: Done well to get back up there
bhg26: McDonald I think might have been more wing last year
duckky: SC rarely changes or adds positions during the season. Have seen it with DT though.
BigChief: I believe McDonald played wing most of last year so is mid this year until rd 6 when he will get dpp
bhg26: They are doing it this year duckky
bones351: Well it?s happening this year duckky
duckky: Wow – about time!
duckky: Thanks for the info
user_five: what’s the record for a side having the least hitouts from a ruck contest to half time?
user_five: oh shi they just got a second
Ninty: Rounds 6, 12 and 18 will have dpp players reviewed and added this year
beerent11: Life gets harder for larky now
arbel: Witherden some real questionable kicks to opposition… normally reliable
TheFlagger: for people without cripps or heeney, who are you bringing in first? hard to trade both without trade boost or sacrifice
bhg26: I?m bringing in both and using a trade boost flagger, can?t keep going without the both of them
TheFlagger: trading out gawn i assume?
Ninty: Titch out for Cripps. Got Heeney
m0nty: onya TT
navy_blues: if bring heeney in nearly guarantee he will get inj next game so not risking heeney
beerent11: I won?t be getting in either of them
spdysaint: I dont know if I can get either of them in
TheLegend6: Cripps before Heeney but will try do both this week
spdysaint: I Dont think its that bad not having Heeney, and cripps should slow down but still want them both
duckky: Which premos are you getting rid of to get them in?
bhg26: This is incredibly risky but I?m thinking Gawn, Parish and Brodie to Cripps Heeney and Marshall
TheLegend6: All my premos are doing well except Wines, so not sure what to do to get them in
mattmac24: Heeney is a player is almost be happy to wait on and still bring in at a higher price if he keeps it up
BigChief: I have been burnt by Heeney too many times, so he is on my never again list.
bones351: Quick curse there Monty
beerent11: I?ve got serong so could do a straight swap for Cripps. Will see what happens this arvo.
duckky: Only willing to consider trading Dusty at this stage
m0nty: shush bones
navy_blues: be watching tom green this arvo like he may come in to my side
bhg26: What do we believe is a par score this week?
DEESareSAD: And I?m going to get Cripps in but pass on Heeney for now unless something comes up
TheFlagger: after what our forwards did to the dogs’ backline, heeney is on track to another 130+
RooBoyStu: How is Kayne Turner still on our list? Seriously, a liability. As useful as a vegetarian holding the tongs at a BBQ
RooBoyStu: Should’ve gone with Atley
BigChief: Every club has at least 1 of those @RooBoy
LuvIt74: Arvo to all, anyone here have an idea what the average would be this round on SC?
Ash777: crap thomas injured 🙁
bones351: Possible broken ribs for TT Monty
mattmac24: I feel when someone like Neale gets a 198, it’s hard to predict an average at this time. Lots without it, lots with him
bones351: No LDU or Thomas could mean extra mid tim for JHF
bones351: I subbed JHF out for Stephens guaranteed 95
navy_blues: ouch
DEESareSAD: For sure bones. Doesn?t really matter anyway though because everyone has him
The39Steps: In one of my groups @bhg26, there are a number with scores between 1950-1990 with six players left.
BigChief: Norf down to 1 on the bench with injuries and blood rules.
Ash777: North’s bench now a casualty ward
BigChief: Hammy for Walker or just cramp?
Catatafish: What’s up with JHF?
amigaman: Getting sick of pathetic umpiring in all games. So inconsistent
DEESareSAD: Xerri is going to be a great f6 for the next 8ish weeks
Tig-Train: Seems like the umpires are going to help north hold on here
DEESareSAD: Xerriiiiii, 85 points already. Love to see it
bhg26: Yes we do dees
BigChief: Cata he copped boot to head in a tackle.
Jukes82: I could score 85 points against wce ruck today
navy_blues: lol against no opp DEES NN woulda squashed him put it in context
beerent11: Exactly jukes.
DEESareSAD: True Jukes. But still it?s so good for his cash gen
navy_blues: see how xerri goes against bris next week
Ninty: Willie gonna ton up. 🤩
beerent11: Last week
beerent11: Last week was a better indication of xerri?s scoring. Still great for his starting price though.
Catatafish: Nasty. He seems to be alright though which is good.
BigChief: Didn’t Xerri have 85 at 1/2 time?
bhg26: No he had 60 i think bigchief
BigChief: Ahhh okay
Jukes82: Tszyu wins
Ninty: 112 with a quarter to go. Love Willie
beerent11: Would be a great effort for north to win with all these injuries.
beerent11: Have you got Rioli ninty? Just guessing.
arbel: @seeiously beerant… playing a ‘D’ team … up by only 17 with 1 goals from 50m pens
masterhc2: god norf are embarrassing haha
arbel: Sorry 2 goals
Tig-Train: Good effort for north to win with all these injuries? They had a whole half against the most random afl team ever
Ninty: @arbel I think that?s the joke
BigChief: @arbel it’s actually 2 goals from 50m pen
beerent11: Got two
Ninty: @beerent11 how can you tell 😆
Tig-Train: 2 goals from 50?s
Ash777: D team? There’s half a premiership team out there for eagles.
arbel: @bigchief yeah had to correct myself. If north can’t win this by 50 they are truly hopeless
Yelse: who wins tigers or giants
Tig-Train: They are playing with naish and PS
BigChief: Yelse tipped Rich, but have a feeling GWS will win.
DEESareSAD: I tipped giants
arbel: I think gws tigers just seem a bit off and with their outs mighy be tough
RooBoyStu: Boosters will be no problem for Rioli.
beerent11: Pettruccelle has been in the system 5 years now. Must be pressure on this season.
arbel: Umpires still helping North .. I’d be embarrassed to be a North supporter … 5 goals from frees
Yelse: is xeri officially the N1 ruck?
Ninty: Except the first I think the frees have been there
arbel: Oh most have been there … the fact without them they’d be in trouble
arbel: @yelse I believe that is there plan this season
BigChief: You muppet Darling.
MercAm: Feel like Brodie to Xerri might be the way to go
Ash777: This game is so awful
TheLegend6: Lets see how Brodie goes today first
Ninty: Darling a muppet, a potato and a burger
Yelse: and if brodie gets 85+ @merc?
RooBoyStu: You know what shits me with these type of games. WC had top up players just like Essendon days. Umps give Leniency
Fatbar5tad: Xerri outscored my Grawndy combo
MercAm: @yesle then try get both in haha
arbel: North cheering like they winning the grand finals. I’d be putting a grand on for the spoon barely beat eagles
Phasir: Umps so lenient towards North, hey @RooBoy. Pretty sad they needed the help to beat a reserves squad
Ninty: Yeah can?t complain about the umps today RooBoy.
mattmac24: Xerri sitting on my bench 🙁
Ash777: Greenwood back
fruity: Congrates to the weagles by far the better team….
Ninty: Rioli went back that qtr 🙃
arbel: @ rooboy 2 goals from 50m which before 50m where 50/50 so yeah well done on beating a half wafl team
DEESareSAD: Why would you bench Xerri against a local ruck
Jukes82: we he obviosuly has 2 prem rucks on the ground already
Ninty: Xerri is a fwd only (yes?) Jukes

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