Chat log from R2 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

navy_blues: see how sinn goes in this
frenzy: howdy
Gotigres: Got Butters. Ward and McDonald on bench. Watching Houston, Sinn, Skinner, Jiath
original: Absolute shocker that 50m call. That?s all I?ll say
BigChief: Butters, Ward, Byrne-Jones and Gunston in this 1.
Migz: oh what did skinner do?!
DEESareSAD: Butters goes big tonight I reckon
BigChief: 50m pen against him Migz
DrSeuss: 50m was against McKenzie not Skinner though
Migz: thanks. i was confused cause no FK against and no disposals haha
BigChief: I think Skinner went inside encroachment zone Doc.
DrSeuss: Nah it was McKenzie running back Chief. Skinner stood still
BigChief: Okay I thought it was other way. My bad.
Migz: Sam skinner has the wrong number on here. He is 31 not 21 @monty
BigChief: Why is Duursma wearing # 50?
navy_blues: cos ebert number was 7
Fatbar5tad: It’s Russell Ebert Memorial night. Ebert wore 7 for the Magpies
navy_blues: only for this week
travo: well done C-Mac
Ninty: Does Boak ever stop? Machine
beerent11: Who do we reckon will be top player in each line at seasons end barring injury?
Gotigres: Would love to see Hawks win
beerent11: I?ll go hall, touk, grundy, butters.
Gotigres: 3 years ago I told myself Boak was too old. 3 years regretting that.
valkorum: Boak with the superman
Jukes82: 8,108 ppl traded houston in this week lmao, some ppl never learn
Raspel31: Power scoring nicely for a team that can’t seem to score.
Ooost: Sicily 😀
Ooost: LOL Jukes82 excellent
Cottees: man a few frees going our way but happy with how we’re playing
Yelse: ppl need to stop trading on one week score, back the premiums they all get a bad game
Yelse: who thinks north can win by 100
Ooost: No Yelse, let them do it!
Yelse: ward and macdonald been disappointing so far this season
original: Trading ward to cripps
Catatafish: Ward and Mr Guinness are not helping
original: Port have 50% more inside 50s yet half the score
mattmac24: Ward a bit of a dud at this point.
BigChief: Agree with Ward. Has not lived up to hype.
Silz90: Ward needs to play in the inside. Is he playing on the wing again
original: Wingard the death of my draft sc team
StuL: Wards BE is 30 so he could be making nothing
Ninty: Titch out. Anyone in.
Raspel31: Mitchell on the pine a lot- don.t have him but..?
DEESareSAD: Ninty, Rowell, Cripps, Heeney, touk, Neale, macrae, got all of them?
Ninty: Titch to Cripps actually. Wish I didn?t reverse that during the week.
Ninty: I have Rowell, Heeney, Neale (c). Don?t have any players from the first two games of the year.
Jukes82: lol
Gotigres: Port have 180 more sc points lol
StuL: Adelaide doing the mullet proud. Both teams
mattmac24: Just goes to show that Hawks are more efficient with less effort.
oc16: happy with captain butters
Tangent: Come on Power! never thought i’d say that…
The Hawker: You captained Butters??? geez
BigChief: Cmon Hawks. Great to see Port start 0-2
DrSeuss: Might have to look at getting Dylan Moore in – enjoying his current role it seems
oc16: in fantasy and rdt
Raspel31: The score is absolute madness looking at the stats.
Jukes82: lets go port, need this W
Ooost: Houston traders breathing a sigh of relief it would seem
Fatbar5tad: Come on Hawks. Never thought I’d say that
Ninty: How many with Jiath after last week? 🥵
MrWalrus: Not sure why people are off Ward, I think he’s going to be just fine
Ash777: ward!
Gotigres: You are Nostradamus Mr Warus
MrWalrus: Just saying
BigChief: Just as you say that Walrus he kicks a goal. Keep it up please 🙂
SwaggyP: This is so funny to watch. Love seeing thr power get what they deserve
Ash777: Port have become abysmal
MrWalrus: I’m just gonna drop the mic and walk off I think
Gotigres: Did not expect Hawks to beat Port, in Adelaide
BigChief: We’re a happy team at Hawthorn?
Spifflicat: Ooost kiss of death. Houston hammy
feralmong: Houston a hammy apparently
Torz: People were calling a dud in the first quarter lol
frenzy: this is a smashing
Gelly: houston we have a problem
Torz: Ward*
Gandhi: Houston back on
oc16: houston looks fine
DrSeuss: Houston back on the ground
mattmac24: Ward was looking a dud in the first quarter, glad he proved me wrong, still only on 43 though.
The39Steps: This game is not over.
m0nty: Soders might have gone too early on the Houston hammy
Olli32019: Cmon boys!!!! Boak is unreal
Hazza09: I loopholed Ward for Stephens
Catatafish: Houston looks cooked, why is he back on the field?
Gelly: maybe he just needed a poo
BigChief: Granger-Barras getting better every game. Can see why Hawks took him now.
Ninty: Mead coming on
Pies20: Will kenny see out the year? They keep this shower up doubt it
Ash777: another sigh of relief for houston owners
Gotigres: Jones now forward
Tangent: Pepper
Pies20: Ward sc score must be wrong
Wahab_18: Sicily fire up please
bhg26: His disposal efficiency is 35% and has had 5 clangers
mattmac24: Ward horrible disposal efficiency. Surprised he is on 44
Pies20: Okay cheers his dt going well don’t have him
Pies20: Who’s in the ff sc league?? I’m second year sc thought was going ok im last for ffks
Raspel31: Some of the guys are real pors Pies- I wn’t be much above you.
Olli32019: Mitchell is fumbling lots tonight
exatekk: LOL pies, i am. whats your team name?
Fatbar5tad: Got Amon in draft and he’s a sneaky pick.
Pies20: Hot pies yours exatek? Tough league
Pies20: What is your team name rasp?
Tangent: What are port doing lol
exatekk: Multiple Scorgasms
Pies20: Hinckley first coach sacked. Thoughts?
exatekk: hope so. hes a knob
mattmac24: I can’t believe Hawks are winning this match by 50 points.. especially with those stats differences
Pies20: Multiple scorgasms winning the league well done
exatekk: port came in thinking they’d roll the hawks matt.
BigChief: How good is it to see Port 0-2 🙂
exatekk: awesome BC!! however, my crom is also 0-2
The Hawker: Life is great now!
pcaman2003: What?? Hi all! Just came in and fell over in shock. Who rigged the game?
Ninty: Port are poo
Dredd: PP doesn?t stand for Port Power, it stands for Port Pretenders? will be the saints of the late 2000s and early 2010s..
Cottees: Mitch Lewis for Coleman, not biased at all btw
Dredd: 13.0 from set shots? gheewiz
BigChief: Welcome to the party pcaman
exatekk: i need Boak to goal for 216. Already nabbed 180 from the pies crows game today
pcaman2003: I must be dreaming. Wake me up someone.
navy_blues: love to see kane cornes face lol
Ash777: PP = porta potties
VodkaHawk: Need a Boak goal too
BigChief: Alistair who Hawks fans? LOL
pcaman2003: Thanks Big Chief. Sorry I’ve missed all the fun
The Hawker: Carlton vs Hawks next week would be interesting
Pies20: No ash means piss poor 😆
Catatafish: Fuck me Maginness is good at pretending like he wants the ball
StuL: Port windows slammed shit
Tangent: Crazy to think that either Carlton or Hawks will be 3-0
Pies20: Least you knabbed something from the crows game exatek
pcaman2003: Happy for the great start for Sam Mitchell
Pies20: Dam filters on can’t say p!$$ poor
VodkaHawk: Who woulda though that Hawks or blues would be playing for 3-0 start
Fatbar5tad: Settle down Vodka Blues will pump you
Pies20: Hawks sc is shower considering they are dominating
The Hawker: Crazy how none of the hawks players has hit the ton yet
Gotigres: HHow can a player have 20 possies and a goal and not even be 50 points
BigChief: 5 clangers and 40% DE is how
mattmac24: Horrible disposal efficiency, that’s why. Need to have good DE% to score well in SC.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Clangers and poor DE unfortunately.
mattpanag: with 40% DE thats how
mattmac24: That being said, still 500 points left to allocate.
Catatafish: How can a team mate dropping a handball received be an ineffective disposal stat
exatekk: i know pies. we were shit
Ooost: junk time Sicily, do what you do
Catatafish: For the handballer
Gotigres: Well done to the Hawks
pcaman2003: Hawks winning and Butters scoring well. I’ll sleep well tonight
exatekk: battle of the bottom 2 next week aka the showdown
Gotigres: No tons for the winning team
mattmac24: Same here Pca.
Pies20: Crazy result knowone seen this coming well done hawks
pcaman2003: Hard to see Kosi coming back into the side now.
BigChief: Lets go Cows next week.
sMiles: 120 v 56 – these scores need to be scaled
Fatbar5tad: Un ugly result there for Port. Ebo would be rolling in his grave.
MrWalrus: Big scaling to come

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