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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Essendon vs Brisbane

Chat log for Essendon vs Brisbane, R2 of 2022

biggs2dujj: Neale and Parish LFG
frenzy: howdy
The Hawker: Please have a quite one Neale
kascadev8: wakey wakey Neale
MrWalrus: Need Neale low AF high SC, C’mon little guy, you can do it
biggs2dujj: Who is number 32 for Brisbane?
Yelse: is berry fails to perform he is out need 90 min
PAFC4eva: neale high sc higher a 🙂
PAFC4eva: higher af
duckky: 32 is Darcy Fort
biggs2dujj: @duckky thanks! I couldn’t find 32 on the list there
Malaka: Big Cox has started well.
duckky: #28 is Cam Ellis-Yolman error with numbers
TheFlagger: go go go lions
BigChief: Jake Kelly isn’t # 8 either. He is 29
duckky: Stringer up to 4 clangers in 10 minutes …
Raspel31: Hmm, Ridley back to last week’s scintillating form.
TheFlagger: wright giving andrews a bath
Fatbar5tad: A few clangers but Stringer cracks in and has lifted the whole team
StuL: Ffs Parish. You could have been cripps
TheFlagger: 2 metre going for a double ton
duckky: Smith did a good old fashioned country 2nds suck the ump in…
duckky: Cape for Wright
biggs2dujj: Parish sat on the bench for 10 mins and is hated by his teammates 🙁
Raspel31: Dons fans weeping at losing the mighty Daniher.
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha ha ha Raspel
duckky: Double cape for Wright coming up
biggs2dujj: Two metre Peter going to kick a tenner
navy_blues: mighty? lolol
BigChief: Has Peter Wright brought his own footy today?
Jukes82: its been a few years, you need to move on.
Hazza09: Wow 2 Metre Peter
Fatbar5tad: Daniher gets the traditional Goodes welcome
DrSeuss: Sharp and Daniher in a race to the donut
TheFlagger: where was this last week?
biggs2dujj: Parish is a POS. Gone from my team
bhg26: Keep this up Parish and ill trade you next week
bhg26: Just got 7 points lol
Jukes82: dont know how berry is on 21pts but i’ll take it
MrWalrus: Parish on 20, not exactly a disaster
m0nty: have faith in Parish
bhg26: Dont question my methods m0nty, my comment got him 7 points instantly
mattmac24: Will be happy with 80+ from Berry
MrWalrus: I see what you did there
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly Jukes.
Yelse: peter going for 360Sc
thommoae: Don’t go there Fat.
sMiles: this is not good
Fatbar5tad: Can’t go there thomm…seats not wide enough
DrSeuss: Sharp looking more and more blunt each game.
The Hawker: Rich should be on more than 41..
DrSeuss: That?s HTB – Stringer looking for help from the umps
StuL: Peter Wright will get 180!
Hazza09: How is Berry on 33
biggs2dujj: I hate Parish
bhg26: come on parish, please lift
StuL: Not 180. But one huuundred and eiiiighty!
TheFlagger: cockatoo is way taller than the listed 1.86m
Jukes82: Daniher the GOAT
BigChief: Hahaha @StuL. Most won’t get that.
StuL: I thought we would all be sports buffs of all kinds here Chief
BigChief: 2 time world champ Snakebite
mattmac24: I didn’t recognise Cocky. He looks much bigger than when he was playing with us
StuL: Time to lift bombers
The Hawker: Rich seriously getting robbed
Catatafish: Fuck me dead, why did I pick Ridley
italz: Joe is better than the whole essendon team
BigChief: Looks like the real Bombers turned up.
Ninty: Neale cap looking good now
MrWalrus: I reckon 6’2″ is about right, most heights are overstated, his seems shoes off legit
Ninty: Put him on Peter Wright and see how tall he is
biggs2dujj: Why does Parish sit for 10 mins a qtr and McGrath doesnt? No wonder ESS losing
kascadev8: lets go ridley
Raspel31: Would you care to touch the pill this qtr Mr Ripley?
MrWalrus: Because he hates you biggs and wants you to lose
navy_blues: was HTB there
biggs2dujj: @mrwalrus agree. He knows
TheFlagger: bye bye berry
Ninty: Glad I have Sharp on field
biggs2dujj: @TheFlagger He’s not Berry good isn’t he!
biggs2dujj: I would like to unreservedly apologise to Parish. Keep going i want 150
Jukes82: *is he
bhg26: Good recovery Parish
TheFlagger: should i bring in heeney or crippa
beerent11: Berry was always a big risk. His good preseason scores came without a full lions midfield playing.
mattmac24: I allowed other people to convince me on Berry, should have gone with my gut on that decision.
original: Stringer still playing?
beerent11: Although at his price, 80?s are all he needs to do.
biggs2dujj: Berry will smash out some 120+ and some low ones. Good for the price
Harambe: Crazy low tackle count, 31 combined for the half
DrSeuss: Wonder if Sharp gets a touch in the 2nd half. Tackle even.
frenzy: who has used a trade yet ?
LuvIt74: Wheres GOD – I bet he had Wright as Captian.
mattmac24: Only one trade so far, Preuss was a mistake, traded to Witts. Probably another mistake
biggs2dujj: @frenzy I used 3 this week. Correcting some mess
frenzy: thinking about bringing in Xerri this week
kascadev8: used 1 to get rid of dusty
duckky: Ess going to the scoring end this qtr. 12 goals to 2. Can someone turn off the airconditioners in the last quarter?
duckky: Sorry 11 goals to 2
kascadev8: lets go Neale
banta: Missed Ridley tackle
Hazza09: Yep me too Frenzy. Who you trading for Xerri?
frenzy: Preuss at R3 moving dixon from F8
TheOnyas: onya wrighty
exatekk: no trades yet
oc16: missed ridley free kick and kick (he was pushed in the back)
bushranger: no trades so far
oc16: there now
wadaramus: How good is the hype to make your debut, only to sit on the bench for the game. Stupid sub rule.
beerent11: No trades yet but riddler is on the block
bhg26: Parish spends the most time on bench in that essendon midfield, and he is the best player in there
DEESareSAD: Wtf is Neale?s Tog
StuL: Parish yet lives.
DrSeuss: Sharp with his first touch. Well done champ
PJ39301965: Hi all
BigChief: @DEES what wrong with 93%?
PJ39301965: What?s up with Berry this week
kascadev8: better late than never pj 😉
bushranger: Not watching, is it a high class game? Or a bit scrappy?
StuL: About -50 to Parish there
wadaramus: Berry in the guillotine.
mattmac24: The sub rule is a good idea but I don’t think any team should ever put a debutant as a sub
PJ39301965: Lol Kasc. I?ve just arrived in Cairns.
DEESareSAD: Nothings wrong with it Chief 😅, it?s just insane that a player like lachie Neale has upwards of 90% tog
kascadev8: shouldnt count as a debut unless they actually come on, looks silly with the Downiee events
bushranger: Answerth might go next week for me. The experiment did not work
wadaramus: “I’ve played one game, but I didn’t get a possession”.
kascadev8: good there pj?
PJ39301965: Question for everyone. Are we going to have a drink in Melbourne to honour Bestcoast?
beerent11: So good to have lachie Neale back.
Moona: What was the 50 for neale for???
PJ39301965: Overcast, little rain but muggy as usual
wadaramus: I live in Adelaide PJ.
duckky: Holding after disposing the ball.
StuL: They should just not have the stupid sub rule altogether.
BigChief: Moona Parish grabbed Neale’s jumper after he handballed it. That’s been 50m penalty for years.
Moona: Clutching at straws are they ducky?? Pretty dubious
bhg26: Neale always destroys essendon
beerent11: Looks like Brady Hough will be my skipper this week
wadaramus: I concur StuL 🙂
StuL: A bombers supporter told me the bombers were going to win
mattmac24: Disagree Stul. I think the sub rule is great for teams but it does suck for players and fantasy footy
DEESareSAD: Neale 150 on the cards here
duckky: The sub is stupid. It was compensation for reducing the number of interchanges so increasing the liklihood of injury.
DEESareSAD: Wtaf, Neale 35 points in like 5 minutes. 160 on the cards now
duckky: So the AFL acknowledges it deliberately made the game less safe
beerent11: Neale would be vc for 75% of teams surely.
wadaramus: How is it great for teams? Isn’t 22 players enough even with an injury or two?
beerent11: Was originally for concussion wasn?t it?
Jukes82: goal
duckky: muppet for Stewart
Legix: give stewart muppet
mattmac24: Wada. Gives teams the possibility of introducing a player with fresh legs, depending who the player is, can really help
kascadev8: think rasp was keen pj
bhg26: Muppet isnt enough for stewart there
frenzy: yep beer
navy_blues: omg so bad
duckky: Yes but was expanded to any injury (or imaginary injuries)
simma1978: Muppet for Stewart surely???
StuL: He seemed to forget you need to touch it
oc16: muppet of the season
Ninty: Sharp dominating second half
wadaramus: It’s a rule that is prone to abuse, fresh legs late on is an unwarranted advantage.
duckky: Fuck
PJ39301965: @Kasc, there was a few last year if I remember
Migz: i reckon he thinks it was touched off the boot. no way he didnt chase if he wasnt thinking that
StuL: I think God has the C on Neale
beerent11: Lucky there?s no cheating Afl coaches then aye?
kascadev8: i may have been 1
m0nty: that double tackle was a Ham sandwich
kascadev8: Neale you magnificent man
Migz: its easy fix. If you get subbed out, you auto get ruled out the next week. ex fix
wadaramus: Good idea Migz, might prevent abuse of the rule.
beerent11: You?re a smart whatever you identify as migz
Migz: it will just make them sure its a subbable(?) player. Don’t wanna lose a good role player the next week
MrWalrus: That kind of is the rule, but unfortunately it gets rorted
jfitty: Ridley must have some friends at CD
duckky: Essendon’s accuracy is atrocious
m0nty: Ham slices into the post
Ninty: Just make it you can sub at any time for any reason.
MrWalrus: Who’d have thought looping Crippa instead of going C Neale could actually backfire?
Ninty: Won?t be a huge backfire. Still good to bank the points/ worse for people who don?t own Cripps.
LuvIt74: Ridley needs to get get a riddle on… Gonna cull him i think…
oc16: you simply have to take 162 as a VC, too much risk the other way
PAFC4eva: brought nik martin on field to loop macrae vc forgot to put c on martin guess who i have cap neale
Jukes82: Had the C on Neale but took Maccas 142, you never gonna knock back a 140 plus
a1trader: Rayner doesn’t look interested. Not sure why I put him in…lesson learnt
mattmac24: If you don’t take a 162 VC, you’re insane! At beat Neale makes 200 and you lose 40 potential points.
DEESareSAD: Go Neale. C on one of my accounts the other has vc Macca taken.
beerent11: Rayner is all hype. What evidence do we have that he?s actually any good?
beerent11: That?s coming from me with my arse on the couch
oc16: still a better pick than paddy dow
beerent11: Crisp and rich big improvers today
zadolinnyj: been in conference all day and just realised I put the C on Neale. Cheers
MrWalrus: Dees, I believe multiple teams is against the ts&cs
mattmac24: Walrus, that’s why the missus has one….
DEESareSAD: MrWalrus, one of them is mine and the other is my brothers that I?m helping him with because he is only 9.
MrWalrus: I feel multiple teams is worse than a no warning mankad in a test match
wadaramus: DEES you talk like they’re both yours.
Catatafish: I’m expecting 100 from you Ridley
MrWalrus: Each to their own I guess
Spifflicat: Caldwell becoming relevant after 91 in rnd 1
wadaramus: Each, own = singular!
gazza39: Neale good for 200
zadolinnyj: very literal Wada. like it
MrWalrus: Right you are Wada
amigaman: I think somebody switched our grippo for baby oil
bhg26: Get on the ground parish
MrWalrus: Neale turns it over, gets points, that’s why he’s in my team.
zadolinnyj: was thinking exactly that MrWalrus
beerent11: Riddler is such a pure kick of the footy
beerent11: He?s in everyone?s team walrus
Migz: neale on the bench? Get off the pine you fucking scrub. 94% TOG is PATHETIC
beerent11: Actually only 54% off teams. Surprised by that.
Catatafish: @beerent11 he is, I’d like him to take every kick in!
Raspel31: Agree Migz- shameful. Lazy turd.
Gandhi: Zorko is a crab
Hazza09: Neale could get 200
Migz: another intercept mark or a goal might see him get close to 200 hazz
beerent11: Riddler crawling to three figures
Migz: 2100 people traded ridley out haha
LuvIt74: Thats all ive got in this game Ridley & Neale
mattmac24: Useless 6 point quarter from Berry
m0nty: love looping in a `75 (VC)
frenzy: are scores frozen
a1trader: Plenty dumped Crisp too Migz
Napper: That free was against red man not Ridley
bhg26: Definitely 200 now
zadolinnyj: wow Migz. crazy
Jukes82: yes, SC scores not updating
DEESareSAD: Hazza you might be right mate
user_five: thank F for dixon being a late HS out
beerent11: 24 points for that goal
user_five: and being able to loop in VC Neale’s score
bhg26: This is getting ridiculous
Migz: wow neale
original: Wow neale
Migz: they should just give him all 6 brownlow votes
Cottees: neale is insane!
Legix: Neale on track for 250
mattmac24: That’s gotta be 200
TheOnyas: onya nealey
a1trader: Think I might bring Neale in
DEESareSAD: Thank the lord Grundy didn?t lock when I teased with having him captain
travo: Booooooooooooo
Migz: i take that back. neale you drongo. get off the field
beerent11: Yes d rich
Migz: CD has been very stingey for neale in the last 5 minutes
biggs2dujj: Bloody neale…why didnt i put the C on you 🙁
beerent11: Haven?t heard drongo for a while.
italz: Lachie should get 6 brownlow votes for this one
beerent11: 90 points left. Might get there yet
DEESareSAD: Imagine that was a goal for Neale before. Could?ve been a 160 point half
frenzy: berry 75, thankyou berry much
Raspel31: The magic 200
Cottees: first 2 hundo! thanks Captain Neale
beerent11: 400 you beauty!
fruity: Ok Petracca l need 200 sc points from you to match Neale..
DEESareSAD: Berry actually finished pretty strong. And keep in mind he was playing on man for most of the game. Good ceiling.
zadolinnyj: boom
jfitty: Ridley lucky
DEESareSAD: Yep lachie just said that berry went to Zerrett
beerent11: Great deesaresad
beerent11: Keep us up to date on berry
Jukes82: he was on lachie for half the game, he’s had 2 mediocre 70’s. But hey keep pumping him up

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