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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R2 of 2022

zadolinnyj: go crows
exatekk: go crom
bushranger: Go Pies
pricey: Right In Front of Me
MrWalrus: Carn the crows
BigChief: Go the umpires :p
MrWalrus: Does anyone not have Rachele? From the small sample si far he seems a real standout
BigChief: I don’t have him.
MrWalrus: Don’t mean just the stats either, he just looks special
Victorious: @MrWalrus – everyone has him
Victorious: I stand corrected.
Tangent: Go crom
StuL: Rachele will get 30 today
exatekk: there is 4 big priced rookies. Most people would have chosen 2. I went Rachele and Daicos
travo: crisp needs to lift (SC) I held him after last weeks subpar effort..
Ceema: I have e on soligo, if he gets subbed on do i get his score for hough?
m0nty: good start Mrouch
BigChief: I took JHF, Daicos and Ward.
exatekk: yes ceema provided hes your only E on that line
exatekk: meanwhile i traded Hough for Pedlar, then saw Soligo had the green light, so reversed it. Didnt realise he was sub :/
exatekk: good call BC. I couldnt bring myself to go three
bhg26: Wtf dawson lol
mattmac24: Not keen on keeping Crisp if he doesn’t perform today
BigChief: If Grundy has another shocker he is GAWN
exatekk: he’ll come right matt. surely you would have bigger issues than Crisp? i do!?
Gandhi: Keays is a human ball magnet
Tangent: Kids a star
mattmac24: McGovern is my only other issue Exatekk but he’s gone for N.Martin after this round.
bhg26: If Crisp has another shocker then im going crisp to blakey and then brodie to cripps or heeney
StuL: Crisp, this is for you. (When Flanders gets “on thin ice” statue)
mattmac24: Chief.. Grundy got 124 last week, how is that a shocker?
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Nick Murray had a muppet moment.
BigChief: AF mattmac. Don’t have him in SC
DEESareSAD: I?m going crisp and gov too crippa and Heeney next week. Blakey a gun too. Loved his work so far.
mattmac24: Ah yep, fair enough Chief!
pharace: thks Crisp, that +6 fills me with hope
Raspel31: Terrible one week- useless the next- I’m watching you Crisp.
Torz: Crisp will be fine
pharace: Thank you Brodie, nice one!
bhg26: Very nice from crisp there
wadaramus: Crispy goodness there.
mattmac24: Happy to see Kreuger fit in well with a new team
kascadev8: go crispy grundy rachele
pharace: Now another goal too Rachelle would finish qtr off nicely
pharace: Looks like Cripsy’s wife has sorted him out nicely! Thks Alex!
fruity: l’m a bit light on players in this game . Just Rachele and N.Daicos..
pharace: Is this Rowey’s 2022 break our game that sucks us in yet again?
BigChief: Rowe might double his sc score from here, but might not either LOL
biggs2dujj: LOL trading in De Spuddey might have been a mistake
Yelse: you be crazy to drop crisp
Yelse: he be top 6 defenders this year
Pies20: At work good comeback crisp, got Rachel grundy crisp daicos go pies!!
LuvIt74: Nice to see Crisp do ok thus far
Hazza09: Ffs Hinge
Jukes82: lol
bhg26: wtf
the_duke: players gonna get burnt
phivee: another 1 hour quarter incoming
wadaramus: Fire drill at the G!
Yelse: this is ridiculous
navy_blues: lol
mattmac24: False alarm! Lol
DrSeuss: Buddy last night, now an evacuation. Good times
Jukes82: amateur hour
Tangent: What’s happening these days
bhg26: extraordinary couple days of footy
Torz: Get in the Centrelink queue alarm operator
BigChief: A Crows fan not happy with how the game is going?
Torz: There was a false alarm ?right in front of moi?
NewFreoFan: Better to be safe than have a potential disaster I guess
Fatbar5tad: Crisp on fire alarm
Raspel31: Who nicked my seat?
beerent11: Hope everyone kept the faith on crispy Kung POW
BigChief: Kasca sold it on eBay Raspel
kascadev8: i stole it Rasp, snooze you lose
biggs2dujj: People critical of the false alarm. Guess they’d rather people hurt
LuvIt74: Hinge needs a squirt of WD40
NewFreoFan: That would have been a MotY contender from Howe
Silz90: Dam i was going to trade crisp to someone next week
DEESareSAD: Dammit, no trading crispy anymore. Change of plans.
m0nty: Keays loves these slow plays
Fatbar5tad: I see you can backchat the umpires again. Adams. Gov.
mattmac24: How long is Laird out for?
bhg26: Lovely Hinge
Tangent: Laird out for 5-7 weeks @mattmac
Ooost: Crisp 😀
BigChief: Prob 4-6 week matt
kascadev8: josh we wanted them nick daicos points
LuvIt74: The Hinge is now well lubricated and is moving smoothly
Ooost: A lot of foolish people traded Crisp, Lipinski back to normal figures… All is well here.
biggs2dujj: Do De Goey’s teammates hate him? He always gets overlooked
Jukes82: you’re a certified muppet if you even considered trading Crisp
Ooost: Indeed Jukes82
LuvIt74: @Jukes82 Agree 100% bloody crazy after 1 game
DEESareSAD: Yes go Hinge. Might actually go somewhat close to paddy. And surely a 120 from crisp
DEESareSAD: Good for for crispy too
Ooost: Had faith in Hinge, have him on field Gibcusover
DEESareSAD: Good tog for crispy
m0nty: Crisp and Keays are racking them up sitting behind the ball, excellent DTing
thommoae: “You lazy ****, Crisp” has suddenly become “Crispy”. A week’s a long time in FF. lol
Fatbar5tad: Might have to sign up Mr Keays for AF
BigChief: 924k @fatbar a bit rich I think.
LuvIt74: Rachele needs to get a move on, but everyone has him i guess
DEESareSAD: That video with crisp and Ms, Crisp has proven to be very helpful
BigChief: Not everyone @LuvIt 🙂
amigaman: Pies getting rub of the green
navy_blues: omg collingwood get a good run with umps!
wadaramus: Despicable HTB umpiring.
TheOnyas: Onya Cripsy
pharace: 60 from a 2nd gamer in Rachelle would be OK LuvIt74
TheFlagger: dawsons clangers killing his scoring
Ooost: People expecting 100+ from Rachele each game 😀
Fatbar5tad: HTB off a bump. Never seen that before in 40 years
Hazza09: Keep going Crisp so I don?t need to bring in Hall
kascadev8: Fat, it happened a couple years ago in a st kilda game
Ooost: Crisp gaining points at HT, excellent
duckky: SO who got excited and brought in Lipinski?
Raspel31: Atta bot Crippsy- those tackles racking up in the break.
travo: go crisp (SC) never in doubt
travo: @duckky i half hough about it
Ooost: 4689 people traded Crisp quite frustrated right now
bhg26: Never trade premos round 1
travo: i went against all my instincts and zero traded after round 1.. happy thus far with decision
biggs2dujj: jack Cripps never in doubt
exatekk: free kick pies
Raspel31: Not if you had Dusty travo
travo: no dusty, back steele is on tender hooks
bhg26: Never trade premos based on how they played round 1
duckky: I had to trade in a cheap ruck/forward as my cheap R3 ruck/fwd was scoring too high to leave on the bench
Ooost: fair duckky
mattmac24: Traded Preuss for Witts. Preuss obviously not getting no.1 ruck spot
Raspel31: Same duckky.
duckky: I went Balwin -> Dixon
duckky: Though wondering about Cripps
MrWalrus: Preuss will get games, hope Gibcus on field over Hinge doesn’t bite too hard
TheFlagger: is jordan dawson taking kickouts?
Gelly: free kick collingwood
duckky: Young cheapies are nearly always up and down. They aren’t all Rowell or Walsh
Fatbar5tad: How much charity do these cunts want?
duckky: Some even up frees coming the crows way
biggs2dujj: Gee Pies have some lazy mids
Str1k3_M95: Long time lurker – first time poster.
biggs2dujj: Welcome @strike
DEESareSAD: Imagine if you actually traded crisp last week. That would be so sad.
duckky: Welcome Str1k3
Str1k3_M95: That would be a tough pill to swallow re Crisp trade.
wadaramus: Crisp gonna sit the second half out on the pine?
wadaramus: How many free kick goals for the Pies?
mattmac24: That one was definitely there Wada
MrWalrus: Very soft again, but wada I’m not allowed to complain about rubbish umpires
biggs2dujj: I didn’t realise how lazy De Goey was. Why don’t i ever watch my potential trades in
bhg26: is Hinge going to do his second half disappearing act again?
wadaramus: Does m0nty get fined if we bag the umps?!
duckky: Why not complain about the non-rubbish ones then Walrus?
MrWalrus: Would that I could find one, I do like Rodan’s goal umpire work
kascadev8: wouldnt mind a nick daicos goal today
duckky: The crows are playing a shit brand of footy
StuL: Come on crows. Enough of this pies rubbish
Hazza09: Has hinge gone home?
bhg26: I wouldnt mind a Nick Daicos anything at the moment kasca
StuL: Hinge did this last week. Went to the pub at half time. Has no tank it seems
masterhc2: god the crows look ordinary forwarrd
TheFlagger: hinge did this last week too
MrWalrus: What chance do crows have really? 2 different sets of rules at the moment
duckky: Shouldn’t Gollant have a P plate?
Gelly: hopefully all the players get gopros today after the game
navy_blues: gee the umps taking a lot of time 2 actually pay a free to crows like lightning for pies
Gelly: that was bullshower, htb for sloane there every day of the week
TheFlagger: crack the ton dawson
navy_blues: 27-16 not even end of 3rd qtr
m0nty: Butts needs a kick up the butt
MrWalrus: How Degoey didn’t get any weeks for his shenanigans is beyond me, stack got 10 for a covid breach
duckky: Cheap Butt crack there Monty
Silz90: Get to 75 hinge or I’m showing you the door
navy_blues: pies still better side tho
Gelly: bye bye cox
LuvIt74: i keep refreshing as these scores are quite stagnant but its just a ordinary game
Raspel31: Only 4 goals to go Rachele- easy.
duckky: I’d be happy if Rachele’s clanger count stopped
TheFlagger: oh god why the fuck is dawson full forward
mattmac24: Has been playing everywhere flagger
PAFC4eva: gday all finally back from working away anything happened besides buddys 1000
Yelse: what is going on t=with the 6-6-6
duckky: Sidebottom is still classy.
Gelly: collingwood cant count to 6
TheFlagger: really dawson should be half back he was so good after half time when they moved him there last week. best kick in afl
MrWalrus: How hard is it to do the 6-6-6?
Jukes82: big 1/4 from degoey there
PAFC4eva: yeah they can gelly just count their toes on 1 foot
Hazza09: Agree @Silz, Hinge
thommoae: Best kick, Flagger – Rich? Buddy?
wadaramus: Nicks is desperado, throwing Dawson all over the place.
Jukes82: one more possie Sloane, need it for my multi
Torz: Rachele CBA is interesting
TheFlagger: rich, dawson, daniel are top 3 kicks in the league off the top of my head
PAFC4eva: wada happy with nicks third year in?
mattmac24: Rachele starting in the middle could be a nice boost to his score
wadaramus: Crisp clocked off at half time.
wadaramus: 1 step forward 2 steps back I reckon PAFC.
Migz: crouch spending a lot of time on the bench
duckky: Daicos has stalled
Gelly: rachele getting a few touches in the mids
PAFC4eva: crouch minutes being manged start of year
Gelly: hello cox
PAFC4eva: thought crows alright end last year havnt started to well this year
StuL: Krueger is made of glass then.
MrWalrus: Behe Gelly
masterhc2: surely they must have known kruger was iffy if they made cameron the sub, otherwise bizzare decision
duckky: All we need now is the Benny Hill music
Gelly: que the benny hill music
wadaramus: Crisp crawling to SC ton like a batsman in the nervous nineties.
TheFlagger: a 64 is decent for hinge
duckky: Uh Oh – the crows have activated their sub. Who had Soligo as E?
PAFC4eva: think im playing you in af walrus
MrWalrus: 22guns?
Ooost: 70 please Hinge
PAFC4eva: correct best of luck
LuvIt74: im 100% hinge will go over 70
Raspel31: SC doesn’t want to give Cripps more than his prediction.
LuvIt74: Id like Rachele to get 70+ but not looking likely atm
LuvIt74: yeah Crisp sc score dropped why
MrWalrus: Same, might end up pretty close but I think you have the edge
biggs2dujj: Minge has a great leg
Raspel31: Crisp- whoops.
PAFC4eva: crisp killing me
PAFC4eva: crouch off again wtf
Hazza09: Is this enough to keep Crisp?
wadaramus: Nick Daicos stuck on 42 SC the whole second half?
mattmac24: No Hazza.. trade him…
LuvIt74: @Hazza are you serious?
PAFC4eva: crouch needed a wizz back on
MrWalrus: Couch being preserved, no point him playing for nothing and getting injured
MrWalrus: Yet there he is
kascadev8: trade him Hazza, should have got a 150 today and failed
Ooost: Hinge 😀
TheFlagger: nice hinge, ok dawson
MrWalrus: Mega scaling to come, Hinge making me money at least

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