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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Sydney vs Geelong, R2 of 2022

feralmong: 0 trades. 3 x 100 a 97. Loopholing macrae. So far so good.
navy_blues: evening guys
Crippa9: loopholed crippa
Yelse: who is everyone tipping this is hard damn
feralmong: Home team yelse
J.Worrall: Swans from here, imo.
exatekk: Hi all
Yelse: hope franklin gets 1000
navy_blues: geelong should win
feralmong: Yeah I have Cripps but kept my v/c on macrae.
pjw1234: just mccartin emerg in this
navy_blues: dont think franklin will kick 4
feralmong: Buddy 2 goals.
TheLegend6: Be awkward if he doesn’t get to 1000 with all this build up. Do it again next week haha
feralmong: Maybe they?ll look for him. But will cost them the game.
Torz: Tom McCartin has the Hawkins matchup
Raspel31: So Dusty out, N Martin covid and Baldwin dropped- verily I say pooh- pooh say I.
exatekk: as do i Rasp, as do i
PJ39301965: Evening all, let?s go Swannies and 1000 for Buddy
happytimes: Where is the frog
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jake Lloyd’s first kick of the season gifts Tuohy a goal.
Tangent: Imagine Sydney down by 5… After siren buddy from 60 and he whips out a torp
StuL: God had a mill on Kolo for first goal
Raspel31: Buddy simply everywhere.
StuL: Stay down seagull
navy_blues: paddy doing ok
Gotigres: You parasite Heeney
TheFlagger: heeney dont do this to me
DrSeuss: Every league opponent with Mccartin – I don?t have him. 100 incoming
PJ39301965: Heeney, meenie, minee goal
Gotigres: omg McCartin
Raspel31: Danger a tad quiet after last week- to be expected.
Baldfrog: Think Geelong players have paddy in their side to giving him cheap possies
Harmzy99: Paddy on the journey to premo status
The39Steps: Has Josh Kennedy retired?
kascadev8: go the catters
MrWalrus: McCartin can play, may become an intercept gun
happytimes: Cameron is a dud
TheFlagger: close does all the right things
Raspel31: Captain Paddy- heave that big butt off the pine.
StuL: We massively overpaid for Caneron
upweydons: Agree raspel
kascadev8: nice throw buddy
Tangent: 1/4 Come on Lance!
StuL: I have given up already. Today has already been a loser day
travo: budwood
Raspel31: Wonder if anyone brought in Danger after last week?. Whoopsie.
J.Worrall: Paddy Mac! Go baby!
kascadev8: Rasp almost did xD
sammyo7: big quarter from warner
Raspel31: Ah wekk kasca- failed to offload Dusty which leaves me a man short.
travo: paddy mac is my E on the bench 🙁
kascadev8: i offloaded dusty, hello crippa next week
StuL: Dutton needs to face charges for killing Dustys Dad
J.Worrall: Right on, StuL!
Raspel31: Yep, Crippa done us proud so far- and Hewett- hope Crippa’s body holds together.
Gotigres: Blakey reported for striking to the body
PJ39301965: Reported for what. Bullshower
navy_blues: same as drapers last week
Silz90: evening everyone
Gotigres: Great start to the qtr Stephens
J.Worrall: Well known troll
Silz90: anyone looping stephens
kascadev8: go away Heeney
PJ39301965: Eeney meeney Heeney two
Gotigres: Possibly Silz, if he goes 80 or so
Raspel31: Great player Paddy- scored 4 points with no touches and now back on the pine.
BRAZZERS: Swannies look good
frenzy: Mills doing a mighty job tagging
Jukes82: lol
J.Worrall: Lot of old men at Geelong
upweydons: ? Geoff ? Hayward doing some nice things
BigChief: Evening all. West Coast decimated and if North can’t win this week they surely can’t win a game this year.
Tangent: Close been doing some dirty work!
TheFlagger: bews has one of the best side steps in the league
m0nty: Cats playing like they’ve had a run of gastro during the week
PJ39301965: Who has Stengel after last week. Lol
Raspel31: How Mills can tag Danger out and still be numero uno scorer- impressive.
Baldfrog: Well Geelong would give you the sh1ts Monty
exatekk: Had to trade Hough to Pedlar to avoid a 0 BC. totally against my trade plans
Rilian: @m0nty Holmes needs a bandaid, off since he got bumped heavily ~10mins ago
fruity: Almost had Stngle but ended up moving Trealor Fwd and brought in Petracca …licky
Rilian: He says as he comes back on now…
TheFlagger: too many passengers
Raspel31: 8 point qtr to Paddt with no touches- good work lad.
J.Worrall: Rowbottom trying to replicate his previous
beerent11: 8k have Stengel pj. Most would have bought him in this week.
navy_blues: omg lloyd
PJ39301965: Wtf
Tangent: Hahaha what was that!
Baldfrog: Lloyd becoming a liability
BigChief: Nice move @fruity. Petracca will be a keeper for you 🙂
Karlpov: Muppet for Lloyd
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Jake Lloyd, what were you thinking??!?
MrWalrus: Got Stengle in fantasy, still winning if he gets 22
simma1978: Double Muppet for Lloyd!!! Hahaha!!
simma1978: Double Muppet for Lloyd!!
Baldfrog: Forgot the Again Kermit
fruity: Thanks @BigChief…Just lucky…
Pies20: Close has been unbelievable for the cats
m0nty: a rare goal scored off the bootstuds
mattmac24: Pies20. Can you believe there have been some cats fans calling for him to be dropped? Smh
Pies20: Kept them in it
Ninty: Close is a gun
Pies20: Surely not after this first half performance bog at this stage
Pies20: Umpires haven’t it syd favoured at the moment
a1trader: I put Holmes in my fantasy side for a bit of a roughy. Worst decision ever
Tangent: Don’t understand how Heeney is that good
Gotigres: Heeney is a basterd
TheFlagger: what a freak
PJ39301965: Eeney meeney Heeney three
Dredd: Shoulda put the VC on Heeney 🙁
StuL: Hervey f you. But it was always him or Butters not both
Pies20: Cocky as well gotiges
TheLegend6: Heeney and Cripps over the next couple of weeks is a must-do
beerent11: Just sucking a few in nicely Isaac. Pick him pick him.
Gotigres: When i get Heeney in next round Heeney will get injured
J.Worrall: Eeeny Meenie Haeeney 4
Raspel31: Not a touch that qtr- ey oop Paddy lad’
kascadev8: heeney dont make me bring u in
Legix: Put the VC on Heeney last minute
TheFlagger: jords is frothing right now
Pies20: With 4 first half goals probably can be🤔
TheFlagger: full preseason heeney is different
Raspel31: My feelings exactly kasca-eek.
Dredd: Neale better outscore this Heeney score…. 😐
Pies20: We all got him rasp no stress
Pies20: I went butters as well stul
Dredd: Just gotta have both Pies.. I mean I do plus Dunkley.. even though Dunkley quite hasnt scored as all would hope so far
exatekk: where’s wookie???????
Silz90: jords also didnt pick macrae haha and coping it on twitter flagger
dipstick: Triple M footy just said CD has the score as 11.2.68 for sydney LOL
Raspel31: But I trump you Pies20. Have Dusty too.
Yelse: how did WC cop so many covid players
Pies20: Heeney has burnt me before dredd but looks like he’s on this season so far
dipstick: Imagine the humiliation if CD doesnt have the correct score
mattmac24: Dredd.. got a 117 and a 94, that’s really not that bad
Dredd: He’s burnt as all at some point before Pies, thats for sure
Pies20: I traded dusty this week with milera rasp butters and Cromwell, I’m shower tho🤣
exatekk: Wookie?
Pies20: Blackey nothing to answer for
Pies20: Crowell
dipstick: Just saw half the WCE team is out? When do they play next week? Do they each miss 2 games?
Pies20: Rowell flowering auto correct
Raspel31: Though I was covered by N Martin and Baldwin- but both out.
Pies20: Tipped cat’s hoping they lift surely 3rd quarter come back???
BigChief: dipstick they play Freo on Sunday.
Pies20: Cat’s fan’s?? Will they?
kascadev8: I hear rasp is playing for eagles now
saintbart1: What the flower is Stengel doing?
mattmac24: It’s possible Pies20 however I don’t think we’ll get there unless we start 3rd qtr well
Rilian: Yes, but will lose in the end still
Raspel31: Drawing up divorce papers now kasca.
Rilian: @saintbart1 AF -1 BE looking hard to beat at this rate..
Pies20: Cats by 8pts
dipstick: @BigC thanx.. what about flog martin. whats the rub with him?
kascadev8: i dont accept this proposal Rasp
MrWalrus: Got Heeney, Stephens, McCartin & Stewart, feeling good so far
beerent11: Got the c on Holmes
fruity: Time to Ton up Heeney….
dipstick: do something CGuthrie!!!!!
Catatafish: Useless premo defenders.
Gotigres: Nice one Stephens
mattmac24: Don’t think Cats have any chance from here but Swans playing some good footy
Gotigres: McCartin fallen asleep
Catatafish: Definitely happy with Stephens though
Dredd: Parker gone from 160 rd 1 to 21 so far… yikes
fruity: McCartin..Zzzzzzzzzz
beerent11: Got tomahawk and Holmes in the same draft team. Going down down down down
BurtCocain: though Paddy was on for a big one after that first quarter
kascadev8: Patty Mc you can kick a goal tonight
Silz90: anyone bring in stengle this week?
m0nty: wasn’t expecting Close to be heading for the atlas in this game
Gotigres: Even time to ton up Stephens
thommoae: I brought in Stengle … for Holmes. I’m ahead!
Catatafish: No stengle, have Martin, Maginness, Rachele,Brodie, Coniglio, Gresham
beerent11: Someone has to carry the likes of danger, Selwood, Duncan m0nty
Raspel31: Danger and Parker show last week- Mills and Close show this. How fast the worm turns.
Pies20: That was a bullshower free jeez 😳
Stikman35: Babar is OUT
beerent11: That?s why you don?t trade after rnd 1 raspel. Will happen all weekend.
kascadev8: Umps to make sure Buddy gets there tonight, 2 throws from Bud but dw
mattmac24: Not sure how that was a push in the back
Raspel31: Agree beer.
Yelse: stephens on my bench and i can’t loop him in 🙁
Yelse: Mccartin needs to lift
Yelse: buddy will get 1k goals tonight
Jukes82: buddy had his head rippe doff, thats a square up. great umpiring.
Jukes82: ripped off*
beerent11: How many out stickman?
beerent11: Some rapid fire from yelse
kascadev8: 7 beer
beerent11: Now from me
MrWalrus: McCartin has done about enough but no doubt will score more Yelse, he’s a godsend this year
beerent11: Bloods just working harder than dads army
TheFlagger: great finish atkins
Catatafish: McCartin 52 at 3Q is a win
mattmac24: Atkins looks buggered
Yelse: that was so bellow the knees
beerent11: Much better game from Warner. Did nothing last week.
Jukes82: lloyd amongst the chips, welcome back mate
TheFlagger: lol
Yelse: looks like heeney is a must this year need to get him in
Dredd: Hahahahaha so true Jukes
TheFlagger: if heeney wasnt made of glass i’d bring him in this week
beerent11: I think bud only needs 1 more for a thousand goals.
Dredd: Well the time has almost come.. what a kick from a 35yr old though.. jesus
J.Worrall: eeny
beerent11: Bit of me time for the big man
TheFlagger: even if he’s made of glass i probably have to bring him in. cripps too eugh
travo: can we get the double superman if budwood gets the 1000
DrSeuss: Ok Heeney I think that?s enough.
Dredd: what a goal to kick 1000 if that was it.. walked through 5 players
beerent11: When do prices change? After rnd 3 or 2?
Gotigres: Lloyd puts in his biggest effort when a behind is scored when he runs to pick up the ball
mattmac24: After they play their 3rd game Beer
Silz90: rd 3
beerent11: Cheers Matt. Forget every year.
StuL: we can go back to sacking Chris Scott. Too many old players and trying to take shortcuts. Douche.
mattmac24: How anti climactic would it be if a buddy goal is just touched on the line and needs to be reviewed
mattmac24: Agreed Stul, we need someone with an aggressive gameplan
MrWalrus: Lol gotiges, the seagull is back it seems
Gotigres: Where are you Stephens?
Gotigres: Franklin on the bench
Yelse: Hawkins unsitted today!!
MercAm: Come on, get Buddy back on!!!
duckky: Which idiot put Stengle on the field? That would be me.
mattmac24: Does he get the 1 goal he needs?
Tangent: Anyone want ticket to Dogs vs Swans next week?
dipstick: @ducky it seems m0nty served up some pumpkin to go with that spud…consider yaself roasted
beerent11: 1 to go for bud. 1 to go for the aussies.
Jukes82: stengle always been a spud
poolboybob: Geelong had about 4 men marking Buddy on that one
Silz90: remember the night fev should of kicked 100. bloody clarko
duckky: Strange. There wasn’t this fuss when Matty Lloyd kicked his 1000th /s
beerent11: Remember that silz. Angry little fucker.
Raspel31: The will of the gods keeps pushing me to Heeney next week but I shall remain firmly agnostic.
Gotigres: Buddy for 1000
Ash777: Here we go
duckky: Heeney = Burnman
StuL: I don’t give a rats about Buddy.
Ash777: wont see this again
poolboybob: Did something just happen, a lot of people ran on the ground
dipstick: BuddddddddddYYYYYY
Baldfrog: Sophisticated fireworks at the swans tonight
mattmac24: Can’t not be happy for him, 1000 goals is a fantastic achievement
duckky: That’s a lot of $5000 fines
Fangman: gonna be a bit of time on this qtr
frenzy: 20 minute delay now
sammyo7: imagine the fines
DrSeuss: That is insane. Let’s hope no one in that crowd has COVID
navy_blues: aussies win
MercAm: Good on him!!! Ya legend!
TheLegend6: Congrats Buddy. What a career!
Yelse: buddy will be exhausted
Ash777: just call the game now
Pies20: Well done buddy!!!! Won’t see it again don’t think enjoy the moment!!!
MrWalrus: One of the greats, well done Buddy
travo: double superman cape for buddy
duckky: Any players on the field?
Tangent: Surley they call the game off?
poolboybob: Next week: all 22 Sydney players in Covid protocols
Raspel31: At least Buddy was born and raised in Sydney- their very own.
Malaka: … and we just won the test against Pakistan as well.
beerent11: This could go for an hour
dipstick: theres NO fines. The AFL support this! Security was told to stand away. And 20 mins has been se aside!
mattmac24: Aussies won the cricket too, good times all around!
beerent11: Was thinking the same thing poolboy
Pies20: Buddy looks uncomfortable now get the Kent’s off him
Silz90: cant wait for gov to kick 1000 goals, will be special
Raspel31: And Italy out of World Cup- perfect day.
Silz90: agree pies its a little overwhelming lol
beerent11: Great effort to get a win for the aussies on those roads in Pakistan
Silz90: hey raspel pls dont remind me, cant believe it 🙁
TheLegend6: Are there any players who could come close again? McKay maybe? Tough to do now.
beerent11: 9 million well spent.
Malaka: … and my missus just winked at me. I’m in tonight.
poolboybob: Wonder how many mobile phones will be lying on the ground after all of this
TheFlagger: matthew watson a chance
wadaramus: Chaos!
BigChief: Josh Bootsma will be the next to kick 1000
dipstick: Buddy 5th to score 1000… Christiano Ronaldo scored the most goals in FIFA world history last EPL round. Great month 🙂
Pies20: Buddy 7day protocol for sure next week, that was intense security know where,
poolboybob: Mason Cox?
Pokerface: Rachele on track to do it by 200 games.
Cottees: forget running on the ground. fight for the footy and take it home lol
bushranger: Just fantastic. What a club he joins, the 6th man to boot 1000
BigChief: Nic Martin also Poker 🙂
sammyo7: That was handled real well by buddy
Cottees: now how many got flattened?
Pokerface: indeed Chief.
duckky: They are talking about abandoning the game
Pies20: Yeah totally agree sammo looked at 1stage he could of punched his way out of the mosh
Karlpov: Some cats player clean bowled a fan
poolboybob: As a West Coast supporter I would support abandoning the season
Raspel31: Does Heeney come with an insurance policy?
Pies20: Why wouldn’t you duky cat’s down by plenty call it a game done
Pokerface: percentage counts pies
Ash777: I think the closest to do it will be mckay realistically
Pies20: Security did well 🙄 yeah agree poker
sammyo7: security did as good as essendon last week
Silz90: stephens up to 99 thats good enough for me
dipstick: abandoning the game would breach betting laws aswell as good spirit of fantasy and tipping comps
navy_blues: looks like all points allocated
Ash777: lmao wtf this is not going to disperse
mattmac24: Security didn’t need to do anything, AFL allowed it
travo: still waiting for buddys superman cape
Raspel31: Go back to Perth Buddy.
Baldfrog: Montys run onto the scg travo chill m8
poolboybob: So Sydney and the AFL encouraged this and are now surprised that it takes a long time to clear 20,000+ people?
LuvIt74: Had Heeney, Stephens & McCartin in this game so wrapped with the results as i had a shocker 1st round
Pokerface: i saw him grab the mic off jordan lewis
MrWalrus: Great comeback Stewart
Pies20: Chapter 6 paragraph 2 if a game is delayed by more than 20mins the win goes to the away team 😉
duckky: Rules 11.1.2 (c) and (d). Half hour to clear the game and Umpires determine whether to restart.
Thomas1234: Congrats Buddy!
duckky: Chapter 6 pies? Must be from the 1970 rulebook
Pokerface: was essendon or saints the away team when lights went out at waverly Pies?
LuvIt74: I dream of Heeney… Laughed when i heard that
Pies20: Haha you know what meant shower stirring
frenzy: SC at 3300 + already, these scores won’t be changing
Malaka: Ezekiel 13:6 Thou shalt not abandon the game because of crownd invasion.
Pokerface: that was the game that Hird played a quarter, somehow gets 3 votes, and stole Nathan Burkes brownlow
dipstick: @pies you had me laughing at that one. had to read it twice. then realised no way you could read 6 chapters 😉
Fangman: Cats players must be stoked
Karlpov: Give buddy the 💯 0 emjoi
Baldfrog: Which game was it poker where the mcg scoreboard caught on fire?
mattmac24: Old legs of cats players refreshed, come back starts now
Raspel31: My dog has already died of old age??
poolboybob: That fan should be ashamed at not being able to outrun security guards with big beer guts
Pokerface: lights went out at waverly, came back midweek to play the last quarter. hird didnt play in the first 3/4 but got picked
SALAH: Now Salah to score 1,000 for Liverpool
Pies20: Well spotted dipstick 👍
TheFlagger: very happy with stewart and mccartin. might need dylan stephens for m10
Baldfrog: Rubbish raspel ur dog is younger than you
BigChief: Liverpool is in the AFL now?
Pies20: Baldy you realise we are in the same public league unfortunately
dipstick: @pies good stuff mate
Pokerface: if only he could have scored for his country
poolboybob: Longest quarter in history?
Gotigres: I think Richmond played in that game Baldy
Raspel31: Off to the pub and back in 30 mins for the last few mins Bald.
m0nty: first ever hour-long quarter coming up
Baldfrog: I’m only in 1 public league bit scary
Baldfrog: Cheers gotigres remember it but not the teams
duckky: Monty – don’t yo remember some of the time keepers from the 1960’s
Pies20: Same bald
TheFlagger: c on bradley worked out well
Ash777: hehe the rain now wants in
Jukes82: longest quarter in history lol
Raspel31: They must be knackered- the fans I mean. Great earner from fines.
upweydons: Danger time for hamstrings and calves
Gotigres: 51 minute qtr
dipstick: cant wait for m0ntys tribute to the longest game ever. Now ton up Guthrie and Paddy Mac
Raspel31: The suspense is killing me. Can The Cats come back?
dipstick: my calc is 1.00.57 sec qtr
beerent11: Wasn?t there a game in Perth last season or the one before where a lightning storm caused an hour plus qtr?
Dondeal: lol pretend change of ball by Rampe
Raspel31: Apparently only 15 mins to go..
Pokerface: oh yeah you are right beer, how quick we forget
Baldfrog: Danger not too bad now Rasp
Pies20: Stengle looks like a consistent year coming up
Raspel31: Oh, I’d call that pretty bad Bald.
TheFlagger: what is BT on about
beerent11: Is the game still going? Watching empire strikes back with my 10 yr old.
mattmac24: Great game by Close, shame the rest of the team couldn’t follow
Ash777: oof this is just painful to watch now lol
TheFlagger: stewart going backwards on the bench
Pies20: Close can definitely hold his head high great game from him
TheLegend6: Traded out Berry to take Stephens score?
Raspel31: Hmm- lasted so long even Paddy did well. Can we have 70 min qtrs from now on M0nty?
Jukes82: you shouldve had stephens in the first place, bunch of amateurs lol

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