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Chat log from R2 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Carlton

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Carlton, R2 of 2022

navy_blues: go blues!
pricey: no lol
DEESareSAD: We are back babyy
DEESareSAD: Surely Libby follows crippa around lol
Baldfrog: Go blues can’t stand Beveridge
Baldfrog: Except Macca score well plz
pricey: Go Doggies
pjw1234: cripps, hewitt and dunkley as vc go doggies
Gotigres: You can do it Dunkley, VC Macrae, Cripps, Durdin and Hewett
brano: Go Eagles
kascadev8: lets go Dunks
Baldfrog: Will Hewitt stay in once Cerra back pjw?
Raspel31: To lose one Martin from your forwards is bad luck- to lose 2 is simply careless, sigh.
bhg26: Wow that was quick
pjw1234: outside v inside mid so should be ok
biggs2dujj: Lets go Hewett
navy_blues: yes baldy id drop o brien for sure
biggs2dujj: Durdin doing very well
pjw1234: o brien and setterfield will make way
valkorum: is it just me or are only Carlton scores coming through
navy_blues: id drop obrien when cerra returns for sure
StuL: Great start Macca
Baldfrog: Np just seen lots bring him in this week but wondered about j/s
Migz: lucky the ump called that early english. dropped mark
biggs2dujj: Great goal
Migz: decent goal from ugly-hag
Baldfrog: This site is going down quicker than Barry Hall
bhg26: And they played Schache over him last week
Fatbar5tad: @Baldfrog, at least the Ads work
BRAZZERS: those who went dusty to english would be pretty happy atm
frenzy: sure to get an early donut this week, too many on extended bench
mattmac24: How good is it to see Carlton play good football!
Raspel31: Still only 13 mins played- amazing.
Torz: Hewett would be great at European Handball
biggs2dujj: New nickname: Donuts Durdin
Pav300: another cracker game
hinsch: Frenzy I will be joining you probably two donuts for me this week
Gotigres: I’m getting a donut with Durdin frenzy
dezlav: Great kcik Cripps
StuL: The cripps return is real
Fatbar5tad: McInerney out means donut for me. Boy I’m glad I chose him.
Yelse: Good ebening!!! We all ready for some carnage this weekend. Most likely last min outs with covid
m0nty: go my SC pod Charlie
kascadev8: Crippa is officially back
Hazza09: Cripps has to come in
wadaramus: I said I wouldn’t pick Cripps, but I did!!
biggs2dujj: Hewett getting wrecked by CD
frenzy: stay low Bont, juicy
Migz: imagine not taking cripps. haha losers. 😉
dezlav: @Kascadev8. And Cripps is off again.
Dondeal: Seriously biggsdujj. What the hell?
Raspel31: Off to see Oz get whipped by Japan- good luck lads and ladies.
Yelse: VC macca needs to lift
kascadev8: someone tag Crippa please
biggs2dujj: @Dondeal CD clearly don’t have him
Baldfrog: Sadly agree Raspel
Yelse: where is durdin ffs
biggs2dujj: @Raspel Don’t bother. Graham Arnold doesn’t deserve the viewers
wadaramus: Enjoy the game Raspel, lucky you man!
Crippa9: vc on crippa
ausgooner: Is Durdin medical sub tonight?
wadaramus: Go Australia Football Team!
arbel: dunkley on the bench for a long time
Hazza09: Ffs Durdin
KoopK: He’s very obviously not ausgooner you dense fuck
hinsch: Durdin doing OK at the moment at least he has a positive score
KoopK: He’s very obviously not ausgooner you dense mofo
pharace: @biggs – Hewett had 2 tackles in a row on the wing – only credited one so far too
biggs2dujj: LOL Hewett tackles him without it…ball rolls in HTB! Lovely
biggs2dujj: So if Durdin scores 0, do i get my emergency? jks i have no E
mattmac24: Bit much there don’t you think KoopK…
KoopK: who names their kid Matt?
ausgooner: It’s very obviously a joke KoopK, you dumb mofo
Torz: Cripps is trying to win the Coleman this year
Yelse: lucky i wasn’t scarred enough last year with cripps to not get him again
DrSeuss: This is the week where all of my opponents have Cripps. Great.
beerent11: 200 watch
wadaramus: Crippa going off tap!
Yelse: why are all the bulldog mids low TOG
beerent11: Anybody got Cripps?
TheLegend6: I’m getting Cripps next week. I can’t bare missing out on another score after this.
biggs2dujj: @beerent 200 in the 3rd at this rate
bhg26: might have to bring cripps in
hinsch: beerent may be next week for Cripps
frenzy: magneto man Yelse
Tig-Train: I really didn?t want to get him but i did? lucky lol
Gotigres: I have Cripps
wadaramus: Got Cripps.
Gotigres: 200 please Cripps
Migz: amazing what team confidence does for momentum
beerent11: Haven?t got him but great to see this version again. Love the way he goes about it.
Silz90: so many people wrote off cripps so happy for the bloke
biggs2dujj: @silz i thought Cripps was cooked. He looks v/fit atm
DrSeuss: Need to put Libba tag on Cripps – he is owning the Dogs
beerent11: These sorts of games were the risk with McGovern
Silz90: dw biggs my dad said the same thing after he resigned last year
blashtroko: Hewett is the ultimate “doing jobs in midfield” player
biggs2dujj: Hewett Blewett. Can’t find it now i traded him in
Silz90: would you bring in hewett if u dont own him? i wish cerra was playing tonight to make sure
beerent11: How many made trades after rnd 1?
StuL: No Silz
mattmac24: Probably not Silz. The kind of player that you start the season with him or not at all
exatekk: agree Matt
Silz90: yeh thats true matt. no trades this week.
navy_blues: ump guessed and got it wrong
exatekk: i held beer, you?
beerent11: I didn?t trade either exa. Only one week of data nothing to go by.
Baldfrog: I made 1 as dekonig and Martin out in 4ward line so got Dixon to swap Hayes into 4wards
dezlav: Riddle me this, Why in SC do only 2% of teams have Docherty?
beerent11: And I went shocking last week too
Yelse: i think bulldogs mistake is not having liba in the guts winning the ball
wadaramus: No trades yet, probably make some before the weekend is over!
mattmac24: Only trade I may make is McInerney out to someone. Chapman on extended bench worries me
DrSeuss: JMac, Dunks and Hewett – just a little more involvement please
Yelse: everything is going through cripps
Hazza09: This is what I was fearing with Hewitt
Baldfrog: But Ridley is on last legs this week
mattmac24: Too risky Dezlav. There wasn’t much to go off with his fitness prior to last week
biggs2dujj: This is some great footy
biggs2dujj: How good is this game
dezlav: @Mattmac24. What do you think that figure will jump to before start of next round? Ha
BRAZZERS: lol flopcity
Silz90: quality game but that was soft
arbel: afl better fine o’brien for that stage free … nowhere near high
ajconodie: @SIlz – Wasn’t soft – it wasnt there!!
Ash777: phew the footy gods say no
mattmac24: More than likely Dezlav, especially if Crisp, Ridley or Ryan do poorly, people will trade them for Doch
Baldfrog: That was Alex race level of flopping
Yelse: whitfield on the firing line too
Silz90: true its not needed. now i need gov to get a touch
DrSeuss: Get Dunks off the bench ffs
mattmac24: McGovern also not great after a decent performance last round
StuL: Cripps is going for 250
biggs2dujj: gee whiz look at the crowd
Baldfrog: Who would take McGovern his nickname at the crows was fatty
poolboybob: Pretty jarring to see Carlton play good footy
arbel: @seuss … i know he is spending a lot of time on the bench
mattmac24: His move to defence and the hole left by Jones made McGovern tempting
bhg26: Dogs tanking
AlsoGmax: I’m out, guys. Going to watch last week’s Dees game instead.
a1trader: no fun when Carlton are winning, much prefer enjoying them lose
Silz90: kick outs, intercepts, looked ok last week but injury prone
Tig-Train: @a1trader I agree lol
Yelse: VC macca get of the bench ffs
DrSeuss: Low TOG for Dunks and Macrae – not sure what Bevo is thinking. Put a tag on Cripps too
Gotigres: Standing ovation for Cripps from me
wadaramus: Jack Mac a lot of time on the bench?
BRAZZERS: best game I’ve seen the Blues play for a decade, damn good game too
navy_blues: great footy boys still another half tho
navy_blues: last week was great too lol
MrWalrus: VC Crippa pleases me, plenty of loophole options too, thanks COVID!!
pharace: @Brazzers, agree, last week a few played out of their skin, this week they are all playing well!
Tig-Train: @BRAZZERS I reckon longer? hard for me to compliment Carlton but Yehh lol
pharace: 459MG for Cripps, he could likely get 1km gained tonight
navy_blues: 22 poss at half time and 2 goals
Silz90: doch is going to make me cry in a sec. so inspiring
Yelse: Geez socceroos getting dominated
beerent11: FFs crippa get involved!
BRAZZERS: oh no, doggies on fire!
beerent11: Bont lifting.
Tangent: Hahahaha Mckay so silly
circle52: CRozier Red Cross m0nty been replaced by Williams.
Torz: Who did Plowman come on for?
Ash777: mcgovern you’re gone
m0nty: pull up Libba, if you keep kicking goals you won’t get back in the mids
BRAZZERS: torz, mcdonald off
Torz: Thanks Brazzers
DrSeuss: Get involved Dunks
beerent11: Cripps needs to matc bonts level
Torz: Macrae spends too much time on the pine
sMiles: Gosh – Dogs have come out snaaaaarrrrrling
DrSeuss: Macrae and Dunks spending way more time on the bench than usual tonight
Dondeal: ECG on Crozier? First jab attack- in AFL?
Silz90: dam dogs look good.
beerent11: Ha nearly 15k traded in Martin for a donut.
mattmac24: Don’t start there here Dondeal.
m0nty: none of that rubbish please Dondeal
Dondeal: Nothing more common than an AFL player with an ECG on in the rooms. Moving right along I guess
DrSeuss: Treloar, Hewitt and Dunks done very little this qtr
Gandhi: Good logic spudforbrains
Yelse: walsh will be juicy in 4 rounds
kascadev8: Dunkley not quite like last year :0
Harmzy99: Ridiculous comment Dondeal
Yelse: Durdin you spud lift get to 50 please
snake_p: Dylan Roberton Kruezer had heart issues all pre-Covid Dondeal you numpty
Baldfrog: Ugle Hagen has done stuff all as well for a no.1 pick
Silz90: change the subject cmon guys
Silz90: at least gov is getting involved
Gandhi: Need Dunks to lift, thought he’d get a bit more of it tonight
mattmac24: Just in time to make his way out of my team next week Silz
sMiles: I accidentally had c on Macrae… GO Macrae
Silz90: who for matt? i might sideways to xerri
Yelse: All serious players have dunkley so wouldn’t worry about it
StuL: OK maybe Hewett but unless he’s going top.10 there’s no point getting him
Gotigres: I think they have a free trade back this year beer
mattmac24: Probably trade him down to N.Martin or Xerri a possibility depending on his game this week
Silz90: yeh only pick if you think he is a keeper. looks good in the 3rd
m0nty: Weightman almost playing third tall, smh
beerent11: Reckon McRae might pass crippa this qtr
BRAZZERS: what are those with Dusty doing if he’s not playing?
beerent11: What?s smh mean again?
sMiles: @beerent 11 – I hope so
Ash777: dogs dont have a 3rd tall lol
Gotigres: Glad I went Ryan to Hewett
beerent11: Maybe not
banta: cripps looks like a different person from last year
sMiles: falcon should score points – good part of the game
banta: teams need to start tagging cripps again like they used to
beerent11: Ahhhh. shaking my head. Smh
kascadev8: @BRAZ holding for now, reassess next week if hes still not in
beerent11: Momentum killer
sMiles: I just realised … apart from tipping – I couldn’t give a toss if Blues win
DrSeuss: Dunks on the pine again. TOG last year was always 80-85
banta: apart from melboune, blues have the best midfield in the comp
Yelse: with smith out you would assume more TOG dunks and CBA
Legix: Good man Hewett
Gandhi: It’s strange to read that banta, but you might be right there
Fatbar5tad: Good work goalie
beerent11: Still got the dogs and lions mids ahead of the blues banta. But blues rising sharply.
Yelse: C on de koning to take Macca score VC done
beerent11: They?ve gotta do it for more than two games
Yelse: dunkley should have gone to essendon getting wasted here
Catatafish: Cripps is just in beast mode
poolboybob: Curnow zombie
Gotigres: I’ll be taking 135 first Yelse
Silz90: Gov to curnow?
Gotigres: Are you alive Durdin
Yelse: has durdin touch the ball second half
mattmac24: Silz. Scored 36 last round. Key forwards are too risky
Silz90: Give kick outs to gov ffs
kascadev8: have a rest crippa, enjoy it
exatekk: bugger gov silz. i need 2 from Doc for 300 bucks!!
sMiles: Dunkley … what the …
Silz90: Hopefully we chip the ball around. Goodluck
Catatafish: My God Carlton
navy_blues: omg this is back to normal
poolboybob: Carlton look like they are shitting bricks
Gotigres: omg Carlton have have the jitters
Social: clanger town
Silz90: This doesn’t look good. Nervous af
Yelse: macca get off the bench last 5 mins every quarter why thats the most important times
exatekk: hopefully they hang on. i tipped the dogs but always like to see the blues get up!
Torz: Game on the line. Bevo: Better get Macrae to the bench
sMiles: lol Bench for Macrae
Gotigres: I feel like pulling those underpants next to Durdin’s name over his head
Fatbar5tad: FMD Bevvo you plonker
sMiles: treloar is a liability
beerent11: Bevo doesn?t have control over midfield bench rotations
Tangent: fucking dunks
Yelse: i serious think coaches are hopeless last 5 mins your best players should be on the field
exatekk: woohoo! 3 hundee! Thanks doc
Gotigres: Macrae back on now lol
Silz90: Nice even though it was a turnover haha
BRAZZERS: dunks doubled his score this quarter
navy_blues: whew got there
exatekk: i’ll take it silz!
Torz: Macrae manages to ton up, just
Social: dogs def had the chances
beerent11: As a norf man, happy for navy, silz and the other blues supporters. Might be a fun year for youse.
mattmac24: Shocking goal kicking by the dogs
DrSeuss: Great game.
Silz90: Thanks beer good lad. I can rest easy now lol
exatekk: 2nd week in a row Uwland my C
navy_blues: ty beer but long way to go but at least its a good start
Yelse: hopefully dunks gets 100
exatekk: congrats blue boys! Happy for you all 🙂
Olli32019: Bloody great match. Well done blues
Social: hows bont lookin for air time! hehe
BRAZZERS: i never get that. dunks on 98, who cares if he gets 2 more points for a 100, lmao.
dipstick: @exa yep, uwland got a good avergage now of around 138 😉
navy_blues: crippa for brownlow lol
navy_blues: miss multi by 1 bont poss

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