Chat log from R1 of 2022: West Coast vs Gold Coast

beerent11: The touk train is about leave the station. All aboard! Choo Choo
amigaman: I’m on 2157 with Witts & Rowell to come
navy_blues: 2162 with touk to come
navy_blues: ryan stuffed me
beerent11: I?d prefer not to talk about scores
Ninty: 2198 with Rowell and Rioli to come
Ninty: Think I?ve done OK with zero players from first two games. Got multiple 100?s on the bench too 😐
amigaman: Also left 241 points on fwds bench
amigaman: 2171 with Witts and Rowell (Update)
navy_blues: thats good effort ninty wth no dogs blues dees or rich players
The Hawker: Miller as C lets go!
hinsch: Anzac Day cancelled in WA this year nice crowd at Optus
m0nty: Hough playing back pocket
pcaman2003: Have Touk, Rowell and Witts
PAFC4eva: just relised no players this one will finnish on 2298 average
Raspel31: Last roll of the dice- go Rowelly boy.
pcaman2003: PAF4eva. Pretty good first up score.Well done
Jukes82: 2387 plus rowells score
rupertmarn: Well done Jukes
PAFC4eva: not as good as jukes well done
Ninty: Nice, must have chose well with those rookies on the ground
rupertmarn: Get Rowell back on the ground
Crippa9: Nice 2nd option for ruckman in Witts right now
Jukes82: cheers, able to loophole martin and hayes scores, plus had Neale’s 140 for my C
DrSeuss: Great – O?Neill tagging Miller – just what this last game needs.
Torz: Haven?t seen anyone near Miller
PAFC4eva: did you have bigg butts last game monty
DrSeuss: Every stoppage O?Neill was all over him. Then been on the bench for a while. Will see if it continues
BigChief: Jones all over Miller that bounce
Raspel31: How on earth you managed to loop Hayes and Martin confuses me Jukes- I couldni but well done.;t but
Spifflicat: Well spotted Dr Seuss, it?s not a hard tag but he is following him
Ninty: I was able to loop Hayes for bringing in Preuss. Could have traded out Rioli for a non scorer to get Rachelle 🤦‍♂️
pcaman2003: Happy with Miller, Witts and Rowell so far.
Fatbar5tad: Bullshit free then bullshit 50. Need to sort this.
Fatbar5tad: Great smile on the first time goal scorer
Gotigres: 100th game. 1st goal. Great to see.
m0nty: Touk on for a kilometre gained
Stikman35: Chol not affecting witts too much yet
sMiles: aha 20 is sharp – not 37
Pav300: alastair is checking out gc property….
BigChief: Get off the bench Rowell
pjw1234: waterman hammy
MrWalrus: Feeling good about C Touk, starting to regret the no Rowell policy
pcaman2003: Off the pine Witts and win some more points.
Gandhi: Why the fake info pjw
pjw1234: pulled up short. see if it was just a tweek
StuL: Rowell guaranteed a ton every week by the look of it.
Tangent: Lift Witts
Fatbar5tad: Didn’t take Rowell. Regrets, I’ve had a few….
pcaman2003: Tangent. He probably would if he had more TOG.
LuvIt74: Not a good first round scored 2034 wish i had Martin on field rather than Baldwin
Raspel31: That’s the spirit eh what young Rowell.
Cottees: man, I have hayes, Martin and Rochelle all on bench. lost so many points ffs
Hazza09: What happened to Dixon?
StuL: Had Rowell most of the draft teams. That’s what grinds. Wtf?
MrWalrus: Ill go close to 2300 but geez I have some work to do…. Then lookout!
beerent11: Stul. The eagles are pretty rubbish. Maybe not guaranteed every week. Going well though.
LuvIt74: Cottees that hurts mate
MrWalrus: Tag Rowell dammit
Cottees: yeah, lost like 300
original: Hope I can break 2000..left the c on titch. Got the right rookies..on the bench
Cottees: points. Its actually infuriating 🙁
Cottees: but cash generation is amazing to be fair so can’t complain too much
pcaman2003: My score is looking better with Witts,Touk, and Rowell..
LuvIt74: MrWalrus i dunno to score 2300 id be stoked, how much work ya gotta do as thats a great score
Grimes Jr: took and rowell in this 🙂
Cottees: im on track for 2100-2200, if i got the right rookies on field. 2450+. Happy with my team except for some defenders
pcaman2003: Sitting on 2204 with hopefully plenty of scoring to come 2nd half
kascadev8: witts touk rowell, cant complain
duckky: The person who put the C on Roowell is looking good
Torz: Real pig tendencies by Touk there
TheLegend6: I should hit about 2.3k, but also got defenders wrong + Martin, Hayes on bench
MrWalrus: Don’t get me wrong, best start ever! Just a couple of issues to fix then it’s on, very happy…. About time really.
DEESareSAD: Touk and Rowell are good to watch lol
Pav300: loved it Torz
beerent11: Got the c on Weller
Hazza09: Didn?t watch the Hawks game, what happened to Ward?
DEESareSAD: You do not have the C on Weller.
pcaman2003: If my 3 players score the same again 2nd half, I’ll go 2400+
Ninty: Got the c on JJones
beerent11: So?. What scores are everyone heading for?
_Wang_: Half to go
pcaman2003: Hazza09. Ankle issue.
Pies20: I might get 2200 maybe, 2108 with touch c
StuL: Well below par 2220. Too many holes to fix already
hinsch: beerent about 1800 for me,is that good
zadolinnyj: somewhere between 2300 and 2400
amigaman: 2400+ looking likely
Spifflicat: I should give 2400 a nudge if Miller and Rowell go at this rate
beerent11: If touk gets about 350 I?ll get 2300
Ninty: 2400+ is on if Rioli pulls out a massive 20pts in the second half.
Ash777: looking at 2100 but wont be making any trades because I’m not going to chase points on the 1st rnd.
kascadev8: im looking around mid 2100s thanks to the touk touk
Cottees: 2200+ if Miller and Rowell keeps going for me. Missing about 300 points on bench. Man could of been 2500+
beerent11: Wish I hadn?t asked. Found out how shit my round has been
beerent11: That boat is sinking it?s so full cottees
zadolinnyj: One team on 2374 now with half left for rowell and other 2350 likely
beerent11: Two teams zad? Outlaw.
spdysaint: isnt having two accounts cheating??
beerent11: You can?t win the overall with more than one team I think
Ash777: I have crisp,whitfield, steele, thomas scores. which pulled me down.
Manowar: N. Naitanui to T English in about 2hrs
zadolinnyj: technically one is wife?s I did for her and not in the fanfooty comp. she will take it over next week and ruin it
zadolinnyj: who?s team is Who dares wins, in fan footy sc? beating me by 4 points
zadolinnyj: one is mine and one my wife?s. certainly can win but really who really thinks they?ll win?
zadolinnyj: was 2nd once with 6 rounds to go and was so stressed. ended up 1600th
Cottees: man, my goal is to top 5000 or 1000 let alone winning haha
zadolinnyj: correct cottees. Will be interested how the fan footy score league will go.
Cottees: came like 5500 2 years ago and thats my best
DrSeuss: Touk not credited with the kick after the siren for halftime. Hmm
Cottees: Theres a fan footy score league 🙁 didn’t realise
kascadev8: im gonna get ruined in the fan footy groups, haha
zadolinnyj: were you tagging parish and whitfield Kascadev8
zadolinnyj: i are the best tagger in the afl
zadolinnyj: Yep league named after BestCoast who passed last year. Good bloke
duckky: Get off the bench Rowell!
Tangent: West choke eagles
kascadev8: zado i love Parish, id never tag him
Cottees: oh that is cool as. Would be a fun league
duckky: Who is B.J.Williams? Sounds like a MASH character
Yelse: good afternoon fellow Fanfootiers
zadolinnyj: My wife wanted him in and captain. Big mistake. I think whitfield is going to cause a lot of stress this year
Cottees: the Touk!
The Hawker: Miller going for 200sc
Hazza09: Touk!
Ash777: Whitfield causes stress every year lol
MrWalrus: Yelse. *Tips hat*
zadolinnyj: did rioli really pour red bull in his test sample. like filling the vodka bottle with water
pcaman2003: Who has the C on Touk?
Yelse: whitfield needs to become like lloyd .. seagull
zadolinnyj: MrWalrus I notice the climbing the sc board late
MrWalrus: I’ve been around the top 1000 a couple of times, terrible starter though, I’m in new territory this year after 10+ years
Spifflicat: Touk with C here
monkebuket: C on touk, naish on ground
beerent11: She?s a porn star from the eighties dukky
Pies20: Me pca
zadolinnyj: very good patience Spifficat
pcaman2003: Spifflicat. Good stuff! Hope he goes hugeee!
Pies20: What your score walrus?
duckky: Not a porn star without the moustache Beerent.
MrWalrus: Touk C, good times, he is the real deal isn’t he
zadolinnyj: gee a few patient captains. Good job. Hard to wait for last game
pcaman2003: Great work lads. Think he might be my C from now on.
zadolinnyj: lol beerant
StuL: About 3000 seems possible this week.
pcaman2003: Ande how great to see Rowell up and about again.
Spifflicat: Agree StuL, will be some well over 2500
Yelse: don’t forget eagles missing a lot of payers
zadolinnyj: would be amazing if people had all the large scorers. Would think 2600 will win
Raspel31: I’m going to rage trade Rowell- wanted 200.
Grimes Jr: people who picked berry over rowell need to have a long walk
zadolinnyj: do it Raspel
bones351: Touk C and Rowell here. Currently 2334 on SC live scoring
Ninty: Hold Raspel, still another qtr for the double ton
duckky: Berry is a tease
zadolinnyj: did anyone see Heath Shaw said weller was a lock and would go huge this year. lol
bhg26: Looked at fantasy, I?m currently 708th overall with Touk and Rowell
Silz90: Is Dixon a spud? Not watching at the moment
zadolinnyj: good work BHG. i don?t do fantasy
duckky: There’s only 720 playing fantasy this year
Raspel31: Cheers Ninty- good point.
StuL: Rowell is getting called every minute. Ah
bhg26: And I?m not last duckky
zadolinnyj: lol ducky
MrWalrus: I’m currently 2250 just C Touk still going, not a monster but easily my best start
pcaman2003: Dukky. You cheeky!
Fatbar5tad: Free to Rowell?
Yelse: will rioli get sited for that? he did turn his body for impact
Pies20: 108 in front of me walrus with touk c
zadolinnyj: rioli was inside rowell then
DrSeuss: Rioli wasn?t looking anywhere near the ball
bhg26: Rowell hasn?t even gone off after that, flower me
Jukes82: samples rioli will be fine, nothing in it
zadolinnyj: anyone know who, Who dares wins in fan footy sc. they will win this week
Oddsy5: rioli = bit dog, rowell = big dog.
Spifflicat: Miller just the sole possession for the qtr
duckky: And rowell still gets a kick after being cleaned up
kascadev8: how rowell didnt get a free for that, far out
MrWalrus: I’m about 15,000th in fantasy, also easily my best, I’m a gun in season but slow starter.
poolboybob: Kennedy looks 100 years old
DrSeuss: Miller getting tagged again unfortunately
bhg26: Kennedy is 100 years old
pcaman2003: Spifficat. Saving himself for massive last qtr
robbieg: great to see rowell out there killing it
MrWalrus: Nice Pies, week one its just about a solid team and being in touch
beerent11: Gee Gold Coast must be crap again.
zadolinnyj: row elle personal best is 26 posis
kascadev8: lets go touk touk
bhg26: Class from Lukosius
mattmac24: Great to see Rowell playing well.
DrSeuss: Need a super man final qtr from Touk to get a decent score
pcaman2003: Witts no credit for a perfectly good tackle on NicNat. Disappointing!
sMiles: So what is a decent score by the way? 2200 par?
Ash777: CD took a break that last 10 mins
Ninty: Rioli pissing it in now. 35 point qtr
a1trader: Rowell might win a Brownlow one day but can’t see him winning a beauty contest
LuvIt74: Dixon doing ok thus far for a $102k rookie
Tangent: 2400 incoming for me
Spifflicat: C?mon Touk, a 43pt qtr gets me a league win. let?s go!
bhg26: You dare insult rowells appearance? Are you blind?
MrWalrus: I’d suggest 2200 is pretty good sMiles, no doubt lots below 2000
Spifflicat: He looks bloody gorgeous right now!
Regis124: So 2 weeks for Rioli? Or is that nort a good look for the fairy tale return?
biggs2dujj: Come on Rowell i need a 100pt qtr
MercAm: Currently on 3503 with Rowell and Witts on. Get me to 2400 boiys
Cottees: 3503 pretty good ey lol
Water: 3503?! wow Merc that must be a record
kascadev8: who insulted rowell? i demand answers
bhg26: Great effort mercam
bhg26: They should have gone to spec savers kasca
bones351: Typo Merc? Think they?ll go backwards?
bones351: Haha
beerent11: Spoken like a true docker Regis
bhg26: why on earth would you handball it to weller
Ash777: ffs rowell
Oddsy5: silly rowell kick the sausage
Tangent: Why Rowell didn’t take the set shot is beyond me
Spifflicat: Draper got off off because the ?ball was in dispute? Rioli should get the same classification
dipstick: Rowell needs to swallow his pride and have the courage to take a set shot. Its OK to miss son. Just hava go
pcaman2003: Good boy Witts.
Tangent: Big Witts!
zadolinnyj: Wow Merc
MercAm: hahah, bad typo meant 2350, legit have no idea, how I wrote that hahaha
MercAm: Maybe a few too many tonight boys
poolboybob: Star for Rowell
bhg26: Witts dowwn
Hazza09: Will Hough get dropped next week?
beerent11: Think you got the 3 and 5 around the wrong way merc
bhg26: He looks okay
kascadev8: rowell is a beast, me likey
MercAm: Rowell is back. But what the hell is on his face
beerent11: And missed out the 2 and put the zero in the wrong place
MercAm: Like I said, maybe a lot to many tonight
bhg26: what
bhg26: okay that actually hit the post
MercAm: Wait, wasn’t that a goal
Spifflicat: No stress Merc, enjoy!
biggs2dujj: Rowell gets kissed on the pecker by CD. I love it
pcaman2003: Rowell,Miller and Witts all tons so have a grin now.
MercAm: Dam, new favourate goal umpire
Raspel31: Damn- benched Rowell.
dipstick: @biggs are you suggesting Rowell gets kissed on the red tipped banana?
Ninty: Trade him out Rasp. Only going to be 170
kascadev8: same pca, lovely day. silly boy rasp
amigaman: anyone else getting jerky Kayo stream?
pcaman2003: This my best start by a mile. Only 35 points to get to 2400
MercAm: @dipstick are you suggesting Rowell gets kissed on the old long sausage?
J.Worrall: The red tipped ones are organic, @dipstick
MercAm: Average is probs gonna be around 2250 I reckon
J.Worrall: I had jerky KAYO year before last. Gave it away.
kascadev8: also my best r1 start, i like today
pcaman2003: kascadev. It’s a good feeling. Helps make up for Crisp and Ward.
Ninty: My best start too after a couple of years off. About to hit 2400
Fatbar5tad: FMD Out on the full Footy Gods
mattmac24: Best Round 1 score I’ve ever had. Going to hit 2450 easily.
Raspel31: Crisp, ward and Ridley for me pcaman- tho no complaints re Hewett.
StuL: Free kick Rowell. 15 points.
bhg26: dont think i have ever had a good round 1 score
Jukes82: everyone has had their best rd1 score, but go ahead and keep pumping yourselves up lol
mattmac24: I told someone earlier today that Rowell won’t be a good captain pick.. sorry!
bhg26: i mean i am still getting 2300+ but havent been that high of a ranking round 1
Grimes Jr: Haha jukes
biggs2dujj: Par is around 2400+. Anything lower and you’re out of it
MercAm: Jukes, we shall!
StuL: I have probably had my best Rd 1 score and it’s still a fail
DrSeuss: Touk going well – but lets hope this isn’t the first of him getting tagged all year
Stikman35: Glad I have touk, Rowell and witts.
poolboybob: Starting to think the Eagles will not win the flag this year
Raspel31: My great aunt has 3600 and she’s been dead for 10 years.
Hazza09: 2300 will be average
zadolinnyj: par will be 2300. lot of good players scoring bad
kascadev8: Rasp, u r a confusing individual. im surprised we r still together haha x
Ash777: Davies going to be a gun.
mattmac24: Plenty with defence of Crisp, Ridley and Ryan being a let down.
Raspel31: And that’s exactly about my score zado.
Hazza09: Rowell has been excellent
Stikman35: Great skills Davies
zadolinnyj: those good players will be back next week.
pcaman2003: Got my 2400,so will shut up now.
DrSeuss: Touk has had a rough final quarter
Stikman35: Wish I could have had a triple capt on touk,Rowell and witts.
beerent11: And Gawn
Raspel31: Only 1 mark- have to look at trading Rowell.
zadolinnyj: considering 42% had crisp that means the ladder will change a lot this year. one major injury early and ur done
pcaman2003: Well done GC.
zadolinnyj: yep gawn 99
zadolinnyj: all game study gave away sc points like it?s glitter then last half on rations. Prefer they were even
biggs2dujj: Should get 2200. Not bad. All the rooks, dump a few premo spuds and im right
Fangman: Good stuff, the right coast won.
bhg26: How are there so many gold coast fans?
Ninty: 2411 even with Willie and Crisp
Cottees: 2215. pretty good for me considering would of been 2438 if i had Hayes, Martin and Rochelle on field in the right spots
MrWalrus: 2320, my pants need cleaning
xjumpman23: 2450 with Hayes on the bench
bones351: 2455 with Crisp and Gawn unders.
bones351: Also no Nick Martin. Will fix that.

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