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Chat log from R1 of 2022: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R1 of 2022

Ooost: The Will Brodie and Mitchel Hinge experiment about to go live.
TheFlagger: dawson, hinge, brodie, rachele. lots of risks in this game for me
Ooost: The Will Brodie and Mitchel Hinge experiment about to go live.
Tangent: Come on crows!
pjw1234: obrien, couch, rachele, brodie and young and all but rachele on the ground, so go big boys
zadolinnyj: go crows. Go crouch
exatekk: Hi all. go crom
Tangent: Come on crows! Got Dawson and Rachele in this one.
bhg26: Touched on Butts last year?
Ninty: Rolling on with Serong. Think he can go next level this year or next.
feralmong: same ninty went serong. with cerra gone.
DrSeuss: Chapman, Serong, Rachele, Brodie and Soligo (bench) in this one. Let?s go lads
kascadev8: bhg ur not doing that are you?
feralmong: threw brodie in fwd too. thinking he might also go ok.
beerent11: Got serong instead of Rowell
feralmong: gotta take risks flagger
pcaman2003: Brodie,Rachele and Hinge.
circle52: Hinge, Brodie and Rochelle for me
beerent11: Serong ownership 5%. Few got him in this chat though
circle52: Currently 1642/16 so maybe 2k with luck.
DrSeuss: Oh and Milera – forgot him as well.
m0nty: Seven minutes in, steady on
kascadev8: same circle
Ooost: ditched Rachele to loophole Jmac vc and Hayes score from bench, banked cash. Lets see if it bites me
dabombers: Hey monty whenyou signed up for your google ads plan did you tick ?russian hacker service??
pjw1234: i have hinge as well forgot him
feralmong: good start dawson, brodie, serong. Rachael. what u doing.
Social: Butts…. he he
feralmong: wanted to get clark. too many rookie mid pricers already though.
bhg26: You are allowed to cought Ricciuto
pcaman2003: Liking the look of Brodie.
feralmong: 1792 with 4 in this and Rowell to go.
mattmac24: 1721 with Chapman, Brodie, Rachelle, Rowell and Touk(C) to go.
dabombers: Thats a cracker of a goal Frederick
zadolinnyj: 2100 with crouch, brodie and rowell
bhg26: I was just typing any danger Rachele
Torz: Crouch might need 45 touches to ton up
pcaman2003: Go Rachele. Nicely done lad.
Tangent: Good boy Josh!
amigaman: 1873 + 3 playing + 3 more to come
dabombers: Then first touch first goal for rachel.
DidgiePie: crows have two no. 34’s XD
feralmong: i’ll switch hayes fwd for dixon next week and put him on ground
feralmong: thats a nice start amiga
Tangent: Hahaha you’re right! Himmelberg and Dawson both 34!
PJ39301965: 2100 with Brodie, Hinge & Rowell
mattmac24: A shame Clark is only listed as a mid in SC. Could be a nice option if he was listed in Def
feralmong: there’s a dorito wedged between 3 and 4 key on monty keyboard DidgiePie.
amigaman: @feralmong + 241 points on the fwd bench
feralmong: i have approx 400 pts on the bench amiga.
kascadev8: good from u pj
PJ39301965: Thanks Kas
m0nty: classic Mrouch, 1 k 6 hb
amigaman: @feralmong over 460 total on bench so far
frenzy: his feet are too far from his head, m0nty
bhg26: Adelaide look awful
Pav300: jdawson here are you??
Tangent: Gonna be a long season…
exatekk: good draft this year Tan LOL
_Wang_: Crows so slow
_Wang_: Brodie and Rachele for me in this
bushranger: Brodie getting splinters
TheLegend6: Gee Kelli gets lost sometimes haha
bc__: Brodie 8 touches for donuts
zadolinnyj: scholl a good one to get in. good runner and kick
DrSeuss: Serong scoring ok but hasn?t done much this qtr
Ninty: Wish Clark never got injured in his first season for the Cats
navy_blues: cats wouldnt play him thats why he left
Ninty: 19 games in first season, injury stuffed up
bones351: Clark is a young gun. Should have been like this last year. Feeling do some weird stuff.
Stikman35: Dawson will be a better pick once he settles by round 12
mattmac24: There was no room for him at the cats. And he was a one way player, had zero defensive run while at the cats
pcaman2003: Onya Josh! Keep that going next half
hinsch: At this rate Freo back line should be nice and fresh for next week
Tangent: Luke Ryan…
exatekk: fk me
Migz: has ryan got a leather allergy or something atm
The Hawker: Traded out Ryan last minute to Rich hmm..
Stikman35: Ryan to Murray
DrSeuss: Chapman and Milera continuing my streak of choosing terrible defence options
rupertmarn: Is Hinge injured?
DEESareSAD: Hinge is fine
zadolinnyj: corky
rupertmarn: Cheers, he looks a good pick
Stikman35: I need 5 corrective trades
exatekk: Really stik?? who? LOL. I might do 1
beerent11: Lots of people
beerent11: Lots of people picking 250k players and surprised they aren?t
beerent11: Getting tons
beerent11: Damn page refreshing page
dabombers: R1 trades. Out dawson crisp. In hall/ houston/hewitt/ anyone.
Stikman35: Chapman, berry?, Baldwin, baker. And a premo improve. At least three rookies did better than expected
feralmong: its r1. no need to over react. it’ll all flip on its head next week.
amigaman: I/m picking rookies and getting tons, so why not
Stikman35: Yes beerent. Page refreshes so fast.
feralmong: dawson new club. be patient.
Stikman35: Gibcus is a good prospect over Chapman for sure
dabombers: Next week berry and whoever
feralmong: dawson might even ton up yet.
Jukes82: lol bunch of amateurs
Stikman35: Yes feral. I will wait a bit longer to put him in.
frenzy: I got premos giving rookie scores
dabombers: 24 trades to use until by rounds.
Stikman35: Thanks jukes. Few errors yep. But I do ok.
feralmong: only got 3 mid premos. macrae, oliver, cripps. + serong. rest rookies
feralmong: oh 1 mid pricer. Rowell.
Jukes82: ppl traded gawn out last season after 2 rounds them got him back lol
dabombers: Might be a straight swap back to dawson from hinge in rd 8-9
feralmong: and frenzy, next week they’ll get 100.
LuvIt74: evening all
StuL: You don’t trade gawn. A crisp rage trade if he stinks again maybe
Stikman35: Not trading my ruck bench out any time soon!!
frenzy: this week would been nice
feralmong: i started with gawn/darcy. but changed darcy to Grundy.
Stikman35: Gawn/Witts and Hayes. Witts might not do so good tonight but he should be a good earner for a while.
LuvIt74: same here a few of my premo’s such as Crisp, Ridley, Steele & Titch not so great
feralmong: chol might take 20pts away from witts so i went with grundy.
feralmong: ridley scored 68 in a bombers Mare. back to 100 next week.
Ninty: Can?t believe I got Walters and Himmelberg (c)
Ooost: Crisp will come good brothers, don’t rage trade Max either
Stikman35: Feral?explain Ridley scoring crap and a first gamer scoring huge in a losing effort. Confused.
dabombers: Did dawson have some giddy up at half time.
Stikman35: I have Ridley
Social: Junk time Stik
PJ39301965: I?ve got 5 ruckman, Grundy, English and Xerri all on ground with Dixon and Hayes on bench. Lol
NewFreoFan: Freo doing Freo things this half
m0nty: ROB lifting
dabombers: Ridley just had a mare. Cats big fwds needed extra coverage by him so no sweeping role.
frenzy: would be great if Xerri was a RUC pj
pcaman2003: Rachele you little champ.
Social: From Milan to Minsk
Stikman35: Rachele might get a machele.
PJ39301965: He will be come round 6
PJ39301965: He?ll get the DDP. Is ahead of CCJ. Goody needs help Frenzy
Tangent: Is it possible to mute an individual commentator?
PJ39301965: *Goldy
TheLegend6: Chapman invisible
Stikman35: Special pj. Nice
DEESareSAD: Loving having Blakey rather than Chapman
pcaman2003: I could have prawns in the sun for a week and not stink as much as Walters.
bhg26: Any danger hinge
Stikman35: Yes Dees I carry my head in my hands slowly walking to SuperCoach gods.
pcaman2003: bhg26. The ball it appears. At least Rachele and Brodie doing well
sMiles: lol – prawns in the sun – milera too
NewFreoFan: 25-10 in the free kicks is a bit rough
Tangent: Josh Rachele for Coleman!
DEESareSAD: I?m missing Hayes and Martin but at least I have Rachelle
Wahab_18: Spewing I looped Rachele to get Nic Martin’s score 🙁
kano: Crows getting a huge ride
dabombers: I might end up with more points on bench then my midfield score.
DrSeuss: Why is Serong spending so much time on the pine
bhg26: Suddenly not having hayes or martins score doesnt seem too bad. Thank you very much Rachele
kascadev8: lol wahab still has the spud, unlucky. had xerri instead of rachele :/
Tangent: Was on track for 2300, Luke Ryan fucked me
Wahab_18: Same kasca I kept xerri on field instead of Rachele 🙁
rupertmarn: Brodie on fire
DEESareSAD: Yep xerri on field instead of rachelle for me aswell
amigaman: My boy Rachele. Got him in everything
mattmac24: Still have no clue why I was so tempted by Chapman…
kascadev8: so hayes martin rachele all with 100s, and all i have is hayes on the bench. lol
sMiles: Rachel? She hasn’t hit the ton yet
DEESareSAD: Everyone convinced me to put Chappy in. Had him for one day and he was gone.
PJ39301965: Same Kasc
pcaman2003: If Rachele and Brodie keep this up,won’t need to waste trades upgrading
beerent11: Looked good in preseason mattmac. Think he?ll be ok. Can?t judge on 3 quarters of a game.
DEESareSAD: I only have rachelle on bench from them kas
zadolinnyj: lucky I did not stick with chapman.
hinsch: with you mattmac maybe next week for Chapman
Raspel31: Hmm- just home- thank god I didn’t go Luke Ryan and we all got Rachele but good work lad.
Legix: nice brayshaw
Yelse: prob with Rachel he won’t be able to do this week in week out
mattmac24: Yeah I know Beer. Has showed some promise last season too, should still be okay
Ninty: Serong score wouldn?t be so bad but his TOG poor. What?s up??
Raspel31: Nor will Martin Yelse- prob is picking most likely.
frenzy: who is crows capt?
zadolinnyj: everyone has rochelle. His ownership is huge. won?t do it every well but a good cash cow
Tangent: Sloane @frenzy
kascadev8: rasp i dont have rachele 🙁
StuL: Fine line up of mullets in the crows fwd line too
beerent11: Just got stuck there ninty. It happens. Back on now
Social: Dunno frenzy… I hope it’s Butts
frenzy: thanks
masterhc2: @monty how can a guy who has placed 6 career games and averages 55 have an icicle? lol
beerent11: Reckon Brayshaw breaks into the top 8 mids this year
exatekk: put the icycle on Ryan, i bought him in for Lloyd..
bhg26: Still 4 straight
Raspel31: I forgive you kasca dear.
sMiles: . milera – please get on the park
Stikman35: Sholl been ok
dabombers: Did Banfield screw an umps Mrs?? Thats atleast 3 holding the balls against him.
DrSeuss: Not sure what?s happening with Milera smiles – maybe sore?very little TOG
Legix: Keays having a great game
exatekk: there are actually knobs that traded out Rachelle to get Ryans score. LOL
sMiles: Dr – OUT of my team in a few hours 😉
Raspel31: Golly, 4 of my rookies tonnrd up but only one on the pitch sadly. Go Rachele.
StuL: Hinge and Brodie have gone to the pub
Tangent: Present the Coleman NOW
pcaman2003: I still see Rachele as being a keeper. Has good footy smarts.
PJ39301965: Question is will Rachel?s be the Rowe of 2022
zadolinnyj: Feeling lucky to have all the rookie tons
Milldawg21: hes just snubbed martin for rising star
MercAm: Rachele is legit!
frenzy: buddy who
DrSeuss: Milera and Chapman – sMiles. Looking like 2 big misses. Can?t win them all
TheLegend6: Forward rookies are different gravy this year
sMiles: Milera! got a posession and a handball! Miracle
BigChief: Martin still should get rising star nom
beerent11: Or the rankine pj.
dabombers: Calrlton list manager on the phone to rachel?s mum asking if she would like a new house in Lower Plenty in 2 yrs
exatekk: No way BC. Crows will win this, bombers got towelled
bhg26: hinge has 4 points since half time >:(
navy_blues: great
beerent11: Haha sounds a lot of rage trades happening this week. Go ahead throw em away.
PJ39301965: Exactly beer time will tell.
zadolinnyj: how?s scholl for a guy who may have not gone on
Hazza09: What?s happened to Hinge?
BigChief: exatekk 27 disp and 5 snags better that 13 disp and 5 snags imo
Stikman35: Jeez. Sholl.
TheLegend6: Get to 60 Chappy
PJ39301965: He?s been swinging around Where the balls not Hazza
exatekk: granted, but players tend to fade in memories if the opposing team stitches them up.
bhg26: Hes shit hazza
circle52: @ Beerent only l;ooking at trading Baldwin to Martin as a rookie correction,
Stikman35: I think young daics in defence is still a chance. Why do goals scored count more than saved?
DrSeuss: Serong on the bench again.
bhg26: Same circle
Spifflicat: Who was the poor sod who traded Rachele out, to get MacRaes VC? This must hurt
MrWalrus: So…. This Rachelle goes ok eh?
mattmac24: I’ll be doing the same Circle
TheLegend6: You don’t get 27 and 5 and not get the nomination
beerent11: Think I?ll wait till before rnd 3 for correction trades.
pcaman2003: Rachel 70% ownership so plenty are missing out still
bhg26: i mean hes alright walrus
BigChief: Stik at end of season Daicos will win rising star, just others have had better games this week
MrWalrus: Young daics had a solid game, Rachelle & Martin put on a show
Tangent: 5 goals dosn’t mean much when you lose by 11
mattmac24: Though apparently Berry had surgery last night on his shoulder.. he’ll be a priority
bhg26: Hinge is on the bench again!
Tangent: When you lose by 11 goals I mean
sMiles: wow – Milera didnt’ go to the bench 😉 Chapman smashing it comparatively
Stikman35: Love watching first gamers turning it on
dabombers: Martin then rachel then daicos then JHF. Is brodie eligible??
Foursuits: Spot on Tangent
exatekk: a mate of mine was actually gonna C Rachele, dunno if he did LOL
beerent11: Another ton for old man river. Amazing player.
MrWalrus: 5 goals is 5 goals, arguably in a team getting flogged that’s a huge effort
Stikman35: Tangent yep.
Rebuild: Exciting game this one
kascadev8: didnt rozee do something like this to brisy in his first year similar to rachele today?
mattmac24: Low time on ground for Brodie. Doing well to be on 80
masterhc2: scholl100 sc off 60% game time not a bad effort
pcaman2003: Damn! I missed seeing Hinges score creep up 10 more points.
Raspel31: Do something Rachele you loser.
MrWalrus: Yeah My kas, Rozee was the rook I regret missing
BigChief: Wasn’t that game 4 or 5 @Kasca?
DrSeuss: Yep Brodie been on the bench for ages
bhg26: Ruckmen.
NewFreoFan: Well this is stressful
dabombers: Game of the round so far.
kascadev8: might have been, impressive regardless
Tangent: Fuck
sMiles: wow – what a kick, hey… lol
Wahab_18: Brodie get back on
Stikman35: If freo win schultzs 3 goals are better than anyone?s 5.
Tig-Train: Wow Adelaide
Tangent: James Rowe loses brain cells whenever it becomes a close game
masterhc2: crows have lost the plot last 60 seconds
bhg26: Adelaide need a score and Rachele is on the bench
MrWalrus: Is it shultz’ first game Stik?
BigChief: How does Walters still get a game? Well past used by date.
Daitro: Rachele looked like he was proppy/ did a hammy to me
kascadev8: brodie gone to sleep
TheLegend6: Wow, what a finish!
masterhc2: that is genius on the goal line
BigChief: Wow what a awesome play on the goal line.
beerent11: Chapman great effort
sMiles: Flower – I hate you freo – I hate you Adelaide
MrWalrus: Crouch and Rachele stuck on the bench with the game on the line
pcaman2003: Unbelievable finish. Oh golly gosh!
Tangent: I feel sick
Tig-Train: That tap back woahhh should get the game winning +20
Daitro: Hopefully just cramp
NewFreoFan: Jesus
bhg26: 65% game time. Theyre kidding right?
TheLegend6: Give Chappy 50 for that!
NewFreoFan: Flowering heart attack
DrSeuss: Brodie was on the bench for the last 15-20 minutes. Any talk of an injury?
dabombers: Daitro is cramp limp different to hammy limp
Stikman35: Freo win. Well done. Team effort.
Social: butts
StuL: I hate the dockers.
Pav300: shove that up ya StuL
mattmac24: Don’t believe so Dr.
BurtCocain: i was pissed at chapman till this very moment
BigChief: That spoil must be worth 100 surely.
Stikman35: Chapman get 20 points for that save.
Stikman35: Yes big chief I agree
Tig-Train: Seriously that save by Chapman is play of the season? lol
beerent11: Haha pav
Tangent: On 2100, Witts and Rowel to play
beerent11: Big last qtr serong
Pav300: Fantastic win, if u have serong – we manage his mins. sun sun isnt fit
SadBlueBoi: Does Chapman still deserve the Missing icon?

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