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Chat log from R1 of 2022: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, R1 of 2022

Gloryhound: Xerri to be first ruck according to AFL Teams update (Goldie to start on bench)
Cyberdyne: looking forward to this one
frenzy: this season is all about back to back JH-Fs. nothing fancy roos
m0nty: anyone rolling with Hall?
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks. Hope this will be a good game for everyone.
BigChief: I don’t see Roos finishing last frenzy
Lodgy: Lets go Hawks. Good luck to Sam Mitchell
pjw1234: horne, ward, nash for me
pjw1234: and sicily
bhg26: Ward, JHF and Xerri in this, with MacDonald on the bench
pcaman2003: Sicily,Ward and Macdonald.
pcaman2003: Macdonald on my bench.
pjw1234: Newcombe starting mid might be tempting
BigChief: Only JHF and Ward
The Hawker: So good seeing Sicily taking kickouts again 🙂
pcaman2003: So far, Hawks looking at bottom 4 if they keep playing like this.
bhg26: Lace out
Raspel31: And Ward is finally on.
lukefield9: Anyone know why omeara is starting forward?
pcaman2003: Welcome back Sicily and Jiath. You’ll get a good workout today.
m0nty: geez if Lewis breaks out this year Hawks will be decent
Manowar: Xerri instead of Goldstein in the ruck, norf tanking already?
The Hawker: @luke because we have 4 other young midfielders playing this game
pcaman2003: Lewis and Uniackie on fire.
biggs2dujj: LOL Mcinerney instead of Sicily FMSCL
Manowar: what’s the problem? you have 35 trades to fix your rookie errors!
BigChief: I like the look of 209cm Reeves.
Ninty: Starting with T Mitchell doesn?t look ideal. If only I didn?t decide to wait until 2 games in to make a side. 🙄😬
Hazza09: Is Xerri rucking?
zadolinnyj: Keep going ward and the horn
wadaramus: Could they really tell that was touched?
zadolinnyj: I almost fell for aiden corr. lucky I changed it
pcaman2003: Poor disposal is hurting us a bit.Big improvement needed
Baldfrog: I’m getting a Horne watching Ward
duckky: Pity Xerri doesn’t have DPP
zadolinnyj: Could not go Hall because of his hammys but looks like I made a mistake
bhg26: I think this Horne Francis bloke isnt going to be too bad
duckky: Hands up who DOESN’T have Horne-Francis
zadolinnyj: 75% ownership
zadolinnyj: see what you did there Baldfrog
bhg26: Xerri robbed of a tackle
bhg26: Hall almost scored more than crisp already
Crippa9: I don’t
pcaman2003: bhg26. If Hall wasn’t so fragile,I’d pick him
Crippa9: Have jhf that is
TheOnyas: Onya Hally
MrWalrus: I’m ok with not having Hall, I feel like just putting him in my team will rip his hammy off the bone
BigChief: McKay out with concussion.
Baldfrog: Anyone seen Ward?
Yelse: upsetting when you have martin hayes and H-francis on the bench
zadolinnyj: correct MrWalrus
zadolinnyj: horn off for a long time
pcaman2003: Stop giving them so much space Hawks. Geez!
banta: Lol worpel. Anyone watching tell me where he?s playing? Forward? Inside mid? How so bad?
Baldfrog: Why would you have a 200k rookie on the bench Yelse?
Ninty: Yeah HF was always a starter on ground, I would have thought.
sMiles: Goldy and Mitchell in draft v Hall – Now that’s upsetting
Ash777: playing forward banta
zadolinnyj: seems strange
kascadev8: Ward a bit quiet
sMiles: Been so long – I can’t actuall recognise Sicily when he gets near it
bhg26: Xerri now robbed of 2 tackles
pcaman2003: How was that not a free FFS.
Ninty: Would be nice if Titch and Sic get going
Ninty: HF gun. Keeper
zadolinnyj: can?t wait for the horn to return to adelaide
bhg26: It has been a rule for over a year, stop giving 6-6-6 warnings
pcaman2003: This going to be a long season, mostly painful
BigChief: Lynch subbed out
Baldfrog: I had u guys last pcaman so not unexpected
bhg26: If Goldstein isnt first ruck, why is he still playing. Especially in a young team where they now have Xerri and CCJ
supastarr: Need a Rhino or Bull emoji for Horne-Francis! That’d be cool.
MrWalrus: Hate is a strong word which is why I use it to describe how I feel about Hall
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. Not looking too good so far. Thought we might be better than this though
Olli32019: About bloody time, how frustrating
sMiles: Hall scoring points for clangers. lol might need to get him in
zadolinnyj: that rule has to change. did not tell phillips to stay out or keep away. just waited till he got there and .50
Social: Macdonald back in black!
navy_blues: north trying to let hawks back in here
pcaman2003: Clarko would’ve put a hole in the wall already.
Baldfrog: Game of mistakes atm
Yelse: just put game on whats happening with Xerri and gold position wise percentage ruck
MrWalrus: I reckon 50m penalties should be scraped altogether & make it 15m if they’re going to hand them out like this
Baldfrog: Walrus the SANFL do it good with 25m for basic infringements
bhg26: Xerri appears to be first choice. About 50-50 atm Yelse and CCJ usually takes the ruck inside 50
Baldfrog: 50m for more serious infringements
biggs2dujj: LOL Wingard. No wonder nobody wanted to trade for him
pcaman2003: Wingard needs a kick up the backside. Many players need to lift.
NewFreoFan: Didn’t expect to see Worpel Wingard and JOM down the bottom. No heart
Yelse: thanks @bhg26 might need to trade for xeri had him till an hour before the game ffs
Ash777: mcdonald n hall a pair of seagulls
zadolinnyj: even 25 MrWalrus
zadolinnyj: mcdonald played very well Ash777. Earned his posis
Manowar: Macdonald looks lie a dud rookie, now need to waste a trade
bhg26: Going to score better in fantasy than sc this week
Baldfrog: Why Manowar is only worth 117k may as well save a trade and leave him on bench
duckky: Macdonald’s BE is 22. He is on track to make money
StuL: Not exactly a wealth of high scoring rookies. No need to trade Macca
Crippa9: No trades at this stage for me. Holding off unless a premium etc has a long term injury
Ash777: no trades here for me either even if I have crisp. I will wait til rnd 3 to make trades
pcaman2003: Jiath is unreal
Ash777: hoping owens does better too
dabombers: Will round 3 trades be first use of trade boost?
pjw1234: thought nash for POD as mid priced forward who would play mid. Not much mid time though
pcaman2003: I have one out of necessity. DeKoning for N Martin
duckky: and in the blink of an eye Macdonald gets a mark, a HB and a kick (50 entry) so looks good
Ash777: every time I rage trade or panic trade it bites me.
duckky: DeKoning will be out one week
Ninty: Been plenty of rookies in the past with high / low score first up and the opposite the following week. No need to rage.
pcaman2003: Dukky. You sure? I was concerned that it was his knee.
duckky: And plenty of rookies that have one great score at the start and then drop down and down…after everyone traded them in
original: Please wingard kick 4 goals. My draft team needs u
duckky: DeKoning was concussed
Jukes82: only newbs rage trade after 1 round.
banta: why has worpel got such terrible game time? wtf?
dabombers: Hall looking like a must own seagul. Berry may need to be dealt with as well as De Koning.
dabombers: 5 extra trades = 5 corrections trades right.
duckky: Actually Pca – Match report says hip injury
duckky: No – The Age says “De Koning (concussion)” … Apologies
Ash777: cant really trade dekoning even if injured.
kascadev8: sdk concussion
Ninty: Cameron had the hip injury. SDK concussion
Baldfrog: DeKonings problem is Scott not concussion
BigChief: Only players to trade are injured 1’s
Ninty: Hilarious Baldfrog
mattmac24: SDK doesn’t play once Bews and O’Connor are fit.
dabombers: De Koning looked like he didnt like the hard contact needed down back. Maybe 12 months of boxing.
pcaman2003: In that case I’ll hold if only out a week. Thanks!
Raspel31: Can;t really gauge Ward as so much time on the pine.
BigChief: mattmac so you are replacing the fullback with a small defender?
zadolinnyj: sicily a mistake maybe
Baldfrog: Na Zado had 1 game in 12 months will get better
Ash777: sicily is doing fine first game back.
pcaman2003: Ridiculous amount of useless HB’s.No wonder we can’t kick properly
duckky: It will be down the Hawks backline a bit this year
Hutto: Thomas got a -3 for holding but not +4 for the tackle before it?
Migz: am i crazy or does sicily look like the guy that got his knob shot off in ozarks
pcaman2003: dukky. A bit? I’d say more like a lot.
zadolinnyj: yep but his break even is still high and with rookie situation in Defence it is crucial to get the on field right
zadolinnyj: when is walsh due back?
duckky: That’s why Carlton’s defenders used to score well…
zadolinnyj: ozark good Migz and yes
dabombers: Phew Ward just made his BE. Chose him onfield over JHF
mattmac24: Walsh out for the first 2-4 rounds was the last I heard
Crippa9: Walsh is actually a chance for thursday night. Trained on friday
dabombers: Nope Ward not at BE yet.
zadolinnyj: thanks Mattmac
Wahab_18: What’s wards Disposal Efficiency?
Migz: sicily. 22 touches. lots of meters. once he cleans his disposal he will be right. worth it for 450k
pcaman2003: Dabombers. He’s 4 under still
Baldfrog: Anyone think Rowell could beat McCraes score think of putting C on him
duckky: Scaling a 3/4 time… beudaiful!
pcaman2003: Haha1 Now he’s 3 over.
dabombers: Yep pcaman. Your reply must be in the refresh loop.
zadolinnyj: potentially Baldfrog but not likely
pcaman2003: Get to 60 Ward. You’re capable.
dabombers: If anyone has or plans to have Hall do you pan for 2 hammy trades aswell.
zadolinnyj: i?ll keep the faith migz
mattmac24: I don’t think Rowell will go that hard. Possibly but I wouldn’t think so.
Migz: risky business to put hte C on rowell.
Baldfrog: Cheers Zado
pcaman2003: Should rename Wingard Frog. Lots of leaping and nothing else.
Baldfrog: True Migz but you guys have a shallow midfield
StuL: Ward an overpriced bench player. Doh
Migz: i wish rowell played for the eagles :p
Fatbar5tad: Goalstein
Ash777: The C is on Miller for me
Fatbar5tad: Yep Ash gotta be Touk Touk
Baldfrog: Don’t have Touk cant have them all
duckky: Get my Hawthorn off the bench!
Migz: bit of a bugger i had maginess on field. get his DE% up to 70 and his score probably a bit closer to 60. oh well
sMiles: Goldy scored … nothing for that goal? REally? lol
sMiles: oops – updated now
Tangent: Go Wingard!
pcaman2003: I put Wingard down, then he performs like he should. Sooner would’ve been better.
Jukes82: cool your jets knackers, CD taking a while to update
bhg26: Ward has been disappointing
PJ39301965: It?s a shame that Luke Mac is so unreliable now
Baldfrog: Not according to Huddo BHG
duckky: Ward was on the bench from the 25 minute mark of the 3rd quarter
valkorum: sur
pcaman2003: This is just crazy.
valkorum: surely thats a muppet for stephenson. 35m out and kicks around the body for no score
feralmong: CCJ what a star. lol.
Jukes82: still salty huh lol
pcaman2003: Thank goodness we have Jiath in the backline.
Jukes82: muppets in the forward line dont happen
TheFlagger: far out ward ankle
Ooost: junk it up sicily, cheap possies please
Migz: maginness had a contested mark, long kick then a snap to goal and his score went down lol. i love SC
Social: The horne’s gone a bit flaccid
duckky: Blink and Sicily is on 995 SC…
zadolinnyj: in my face. sicily may ton
pcaman2003: Fat lady starting to sing. Dodged a bullet it we win this.
Migz: hey there we go thank you SC, mag jumped up to 57. bet they heard me whining
pcaman2003: Ton up Sissy
Social: 995 would put Sicily in top 10 all-time SC easily
duckky: Yeah well … excitable typing finger
Ash777: the nukem show.
pjw1234: Newcombe should get 2 points for that. Hit both posts
Migz: juke nukem
duckky: And Sicily tons up
bhg26: A lot of scaling to come
Ooost: Sicily 😀
zadolinnyj: wingate has a lot of look at me with that hair but useless really
Migz: 250 points for scaling?
TheFlagger: never tip against a team with a new coach
pcaman2003: Hawks win and Sicily tons, so happy enough.

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