Chat log from R1 of 2022: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

zadolinnyj: Go lions
BigChief: Neale, Berry, Raynor and Butters in this 1
PAFC4eva: same chief
Tangent: Butters and Zorko
Cottees: Neale, Rich and Butters for me
circle52: Neale Rich Butterz and Berrry for me
kascadev8: neale berry butters
Silz90: Berry and butters for me
pjw1234: Neale (c) and Berry
thommoae: Is this the Fanfooty site or the Allowrie site?!
Silz90: i rate the rich pick circle i have crips ridley whitfield and short 🙁
feralmong: 8 tons from 13 so far. ok start. with sfa effort again. lol.
Tangent: Projected for 2200, don’t let me down Butters!
feralmong: just got butters in this.
original: Butters injured or already ginger great
MrWalrus: Neale & Butters here, 14/1432 so far, nice and happy
feralmong: 1354 from 13. macrae VC looped. so another 130 on top.
pcaman2003: Same as you Mf Walrus
mattmac24: Butters still on field or is he done for the day?
zadolinnyj: Butters on. 3 tackles not counted since the scare
Silz90: i think season is over if butters goes off
Fatbar5tad: Why did the pick Gray? Clearly injured last week.
feralmong: probably rayner dodged a bullet there too then.
Ash777: got berry, wines & neale in this.
m0nty: Butters looks fine
MrWalrus: Ahhh, there he is, Butters looks fine
AlsoGmax: feral, he would need to dodge more than a couple if Butters has to go off.
pcaman2003: Butters to get 100+
DEESareSAD: Neale berry butters for me
_Wang_: Butters the Muppet
Fatbar5tad: Fort is killing me. Why didn’t we give him a go. ACK
Silz90: fort is under 30? sorry someone had to say it lol
Fatbar5tad: Massive squib Bonner. Here comes Robbo
Fatbar5tad: Sad but true Silz
pcaman2003: Fatbar. Because you have Scott as a coach
The Hawker: How goods Berry’s intensity!
Fatbar5tad: Scruffy ol game so far from two top four sides
Gotigres: Great kick by Georgiades
MrWalrus: The best bit Fat is you don’t even have a decent ruckman
StuL: Fort isn’t 31 and from Hawthorn so we didn’t want him
Ash777: looks like fort has ruined bigmac
Fatbar5tad: Tell me about it Walrus. It’s a fucking mystery to this old cat
MrWalrus: Doubt they’ll be top 4 this year, certainly not both
Gotigres: Thought about getting Rozee in. Glad I didn’t so far.
Silz90: some players just move to a new club and have a new lease of life
Raspel31: Hmm- missed the Berry bandwagon- was not a true believer.
Hazza09: Same here Raspel
Fatbar5tad: No Rosey! Ultimate trap
Jukes82: why not tho? he averaged 97 in 2020 lmao
BigChief: Rozee is better than Walsh, just ask Cornes.
Ninty: Yeah settle down.. Fort isn?t better than Stanley. And Ceglar is an upgrade too.
zadolinnyj: Cornes does not deserve air
sMiles: These umpires are getting it wrong half the time…
sMiles: so better than usual I suppose
DrSeuss: Houston putting forward his trap game I see. Not sucking me in this year
MrWalrus: Stanley is the worst ruck in the comp, gets monstered every week
MrWalrus: So long as they get it wrong half the time evenly I’m happy
pcaman2003: Fort on 34 sc points and Ceglar injured knee and not playing. Upgrade? We’ll see.
BigChief: Fort on 50 sc now @pcaman
Ninty: He?s better than lanky dumb Oscar and Fort.
pcaman2003: Chief. His score jumped right after my comment. He’s doing very well.
BigChief: here fishy fishy fishy. You caught a big 1 tonight @pcaman
pcaman2003: How so Chief?
Ninty: Cute. He?ll be lucky to finish on 70
BigChief: Ninty biting very well 🙂
Ninty: Feed me
pcaman2003: Chief. Lol! I see now what you mean.
DrSeuss: Get involved Neale and Butters
Raspel31: Mr Neale- we are collectively not impressed.
pcaman2003: Ninty. What’s your preferred bait my man?
BigChief: 70 more than Ceglar scored.
original: Was sure rozee had a handball
MrWalrus: This 50m penalty stuff is out of control, either swallow the whistle or make it a kick ie 15m & go your hardest
Gotigres: Nice intercept mark Butters
MrWalrus: Seriously though, Geelong has a ruck problem, probably what is holding them back, not age
The Hawker: Oh no not Rich…
pcaman2003: Butters travelling nicely. C’mon Lachie.
Gotigres: Rich in a bit of trouble
MrWalrus: Suddenly going Crisp over Rich for Lloyd feels so much better
Cottees: look if Rich is done. Hewet is my best defender lol
BigChief: Rich would be a huge loss for Bris.
Ninty: ?I could have coached Geelong 2011? is tasty bait
Fatbar5tad: Where would you Brion flogs be without your ex Catters three out of three!
Fatbar5tad: @Ninty…we did lose one GAblett that year. 😉
Ash777: 2011 geelong had Ottens still ditten they?
MrWalrus: I believe he was pivotal Ash
kascadev8: ottens was indeed still there
frenzy: who got roped by connor?
DrSeuss: Neale with no marks and 1 kick halfway through the 2nd. Not ideal
Ninty: Ottens?? Surely not. Always injured and a Tiger reject
MrWalrus: Not me this year frenzy
pcaman2003: Zorko and Lyons well down. They need to pick it up a bit.
MrWalrus: But still 36 Seuss, glass half full
DrSeuss: Walrus – Lions and Neale are playing like trash – my glass needs to be filled quickly!
PAFC4eva: rozee looks like hes got mascara on surely not
AlsoGmax: What are these players doing.
Ninty: 70 was optimistic from me
sMiles: Lions not looking so flash in this practice game, hey?
m0nty: Houston H2H with Berry off a wing is a lucrative fantasy matchup
MrWalrus: My, my, Rich lives
mattmac24: Is Bonner taking kick-ins?
sMiles: Let it Joe! Let it Joooooooooe!
Tig-Train: @PAFC4eva this is 2022? wouldn?t surprise me lol
Fatbar5tad: Come on Neale.
Raspel31: Might as well have stayed on the bench Butters
DrSeuss: Neale and Butters with SC numbers I won’t complain about – not exactly sure how though
mattmac24: 50 not that bad Raspel
Fatbar5tad: Say it isn’t so Joe!
Cottees: hashaha classic
pcaman2003: Daniher! Lol!
navy_blues: lolol joe
Fatbar5tad: What a brainfart!
Ash777: lmao daniher
DrSeuss: Daniher you f***ing muppet
The Hawker: Oh no Joe hahahha
valkorum: If Lions lose by less than a goal, Danniher is in trouble
Ninty: Lol classic Joe blow
Karlpov: Surely muppet
italz: what have I just seen…
MrWalrus: Permanent Muppet for that
zadolinnyj: Bring out Kermit @Monty
m0nty: I don’t tend to give muppets for forward clangers
DrSeuss: Why is he smiling after that. Faygan needs to smack that smile off his face
Fatbar5tad: Surely a muppet there Mr Monty
Fatbar5tad: Doc, Fages will be dark as
PAFC4eva: ill buy joe a beer if we win by a goal
MrWalrus: Handballed after the siren from a set shot right in front, you’re right m0nty, that needs it’s own new icon
PAFC4eva: no positives for blues hewett and cripps right for next week
monkebuket: is there a reason afl doesn’t have a visible countdown clock?
circle52: Can I just say a pathetic game by both sides
zadolinnyj: Players could still test positive in next
zadolinnyj: Positive in next few days for Covid a chance at Carlton @PAFC
Crippa9: Players are being tested daily
DrSeuss: Brisbane need to hit some targets – can’t even handball to a teammate
JButcher: I think Zorko’s adds a lot more value to Brisbane’s game through midfield, rich is a better rebounder
RooBoyStu: Port as useful as a vegetarian holding the BBQ tongs, if you have them in a multi they lose, if you don’t they win
pcaman2003: Butters and Neale making me feel warm and fuzzy.
Hazza09: Hopefully Sinn can get a look in
Fatbar5tad: Been good this quarter pacman
zadolinnyj: Same pc
pcaman2003: Fatbar. They’ve picked up the pace a bit. I like it.
Fatbar5tad: Wish Brions would do the same. Horrendous tipping this round.
JButcher: Umps way to hot on the whistle, let it flow
MrWalrus: Warm and fuzzy? I’m hard as a diamond!
Fatbar5tad: Georgardies got a bit of talent. Gets overlooked a bit when Port’s young guns are discussed.
PAFC4eva: port looking better this quarter keep it up butters neale and berry
pcaman2003: Whistles should be outlawed. Then,let the fun begin.
Fatbar5tad: lmao @Walrus
PAFC4eva: oh and rayner
kascadev8: Berry disappeared
Fatbar5tad: Typical Hawk Thug suggestion 😀
RooBoyStu: Fat lady is in the building
pcaman2003: Walrus. Just keep it in your pants.
DrSeuss: Lions playing as if its the finals. Getting nothing from our forwards
The39Steps: After this weekend Alistair Clarkson will have a few more coaching options.
JButcher: Gotta be holding the ball there, Lions very stiff
PAFC4eva: dont jinx them roo boy
pcaman2003: Fatbar. Just from the old school. Not into today’s soft footy.
MrWalrus: Not wearing any… Thank goodness
Fatbar5tad: I’m an old dude and I reckon today’s footy isn’t soft. Just a different type of hardness.
Raspel31: Any chance Neale back on this qtr or that Butters gets a touch?
zadolinnyj: Port rotations will favour Brisbane in last
Fatbar5tad: Brions turnovers!
The39Steps: My prediction. Dimma to Port. Clarko to Tiges. Hird to GWS.
DrSeuss: Same old – Same old – Lions turnovers killing them
The39Steps: Rutten is gone. Fagan is gone.
PAFC4eva: big call 39
The39Steps: Heroan? Fagan is gone.
Jukes82: lol Dimma is contracted until the end of 2024
MrWalrus: That Butters kick while on all fours then was incredible, shoveled out my hairy walrus whiskers
Gotigres: Zorko subbed out
Fatbar5tad: McLuggage misses. Shocked to be sitting here.
pcaman2003: Wasn’t expecting Fort to outscore McInerney
Torz: McLuggage is the worst shot at goal in the league
DrSeuss: Oh..and goal kicking
Tig-Train: Why would dimma leave or tigers get rid of him, makes no sense
Silz90: no chance rutten gets the boot. he over achieved last year but needs some key fwds
The39Steps: Dimma and Tiges will amicably agree to part ways. Contracts mean FA.
The39Steps: Tiges, Board and Dimma agree to roll the dice for one year but every knows Tiges should have gone the full rebuild.
OllieC: @39steps get off the pipe bud
Ash777: lol why go clarko when they have dimma
MrWalrus: Fort past 70
The39Steps: New President coming in. All makes sense. Get rid of Dimma, older guys and get set for 2027.
BigChief: That was poor from Joe.
JButcher: These umps are flowered i’d be ropable if I was a Lions man
DrSeuss: About 3 HTB missed there and then Daniher tries to be a hero
pcaman2003: Daniher selfish as then.
m0nty: Joe thought he was Buddy. He is not Buddy.
MrWalrus: Lol m0nty
Olli32019: Joe still a dipsh$t
The39Steps: Dimma has been there over ten years. None of you will have a had a ceo, md or manager above u for that long.
Ash777: It’s Joe killing the lions butcher
MrWalrus: McKenzie not HTB, not tackled when he dropped it
The39Steps: Organisations need refreshing.
Crippa9: No poor disposal is killing the lions
Jukes82: glad i didn’t get rayner
Olli32019: And what the hell is Rayner doing
Ash777: First real game back for rayner. Going to take a few for him to get back to his best
frenzy: raynor career best numbers
Fatbar5tad: Charlie having a dirty night
StuL: Berry being “must have” would be inconvenient. Better he is not
frenzy: ran outta puff Stul
mattmac24: For only $268k. He’s doing well. Still a chance for 90+
MrWalrus: Rayner is the pooest number 1 non KPP I can think of for a long time
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Jukes82: salty
StuL: If you started him his worth it but no need to slit wrists if you didn’t
zadolinnyj: Correct Stul
Grimes Jr: Who is this spud commentator
frenzy: ugle hagen says hi mrwalrus
mattmac24: I agree Stul
Jukes82: fair call, berry is cooked since 1/2 time
frenzy: sorry non kpp, my bad
Ash777: JUH has another year to show his worth.
JButcher: If we hold on I’m shouting everyone here a beer
BigChief: Uh oh hope that is not a bad knee for the cannon
Jukes82: lol grimes, his high-pitch voice is annoying af
zadolinnyj: Since quarter time
DrSeuss: Mckenzie looks gone
frenzy: fatten him up for trade Ash777
MrWalrus: Ugleblugleflugle still has a couple more seasons to show his wares
Silz90: If berry avgs 80 its a win surely. just a steeping stone
Gotigres: McKenzie down. Good for Skinner or Sinn?
StuL: Marshall has stormed off in a huff.
JButcher: Skinner @Gotigres, but Clurey would be ahead of him
Cottees: Danihers goal gonna matter. Probably lol
zadolinnyj: Richard Tambling says hi
PAFC4eva: or maybe clurey
MrWalrus: Even McCartin may turn out alright yet, Rayner has been pure poo since the beginning
pjw1234: and butters has dropped o his knees
pcaman2003: Hate it when players do a knee.
BigChief: Tambling wasn’t a # 1 pick though.
MrWalrus: Silz, if they’re not keepers they should be rooks in my book
StuL: Premier Mala. The mighty south Aussie. Note my use of footy terms
zadolinnyj: True but number 2 wasn?t he before buddy
pjw1234: its just habit for butters
zadolinnyj: Good rest for port players. Could be the difference
MrWalrus: Let’s not talk about Richard “should have been Buddy” Tambling
Gotigres: Thanks JButcher
Raspel31: Neale and Butters- you have rather made up for Crisp and Ridley- cheers lads.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Raise your glass for a toast to Butters and Neale.
Fatbar5tad: Hard ball o be won…Rosey flops
kascadev8: i banned rasp from having any more glasses tonight
zadolinnyj: On track for 2400. Happy with that
StuL: Butters and Neale saving a poor start
Gotigres: and pafc
TheOnyas: onya boaky
mattmac24: Bonner has quietly had a good game.
JButcher: flower
Fatbar5tad: Port choking at both ends
PAFC4eva: omg your a spud allir
zadolinnyj: Would assume most have Neale but happy with butters
Ash777: oh dear aliir
DrSeuss: Lucky for the Lions because that deliberate call was a joke.
Ninty: Fort, Cocky and Zelda. You?re welcome Lions
kascadev8: just realised duursma still outscoring rozee
Jukes82: lol he tried to pretend he got injured lolol
MrWalrus: How many played Zado?
Raspel31: Neale- your bottom getting too warm on the bench?
Ash777: This game has it all
Ninty: Not as bad as the deliberate last night. The shank deserved to be out on the full
zadolinnyj: 18 after this mate. Butters and neale in this and hit the rookie jackpot
frenzy: i got the wrong mcinerney
original: Mcclugage going backwards smh
Fatbar5tad: Houston having a great game
Ash777: Houston we have liftoff
Gotigres: Duursma injury could be good for who?
pcaman2003: Do these commentators know the diff between Butters and Rozee? FFS!
zadolinnyj: Someone remind me later this week to not be sucked in by houston
Torz: Houston going to burn some people next week
MrWalrus: I’m about 1wp behind ya, 16 played, Squids in FanFooty1
Ash777: good for sinn gotiges
DrSeuss: Don’t do it Zado – you know what will happen
MrWalrus: Been calling Butters Rozee all night
Gotigres: Thanks Ash
zadolinnyj: Nice MrWalrus. Need Brodie and Rowell to play well
pcaman2003: Only wish Commetti was back calling the games.
zadolinnyj: I have a team in this and one not. Zadolinnyj in fanfooty and collywobbles
95 Percent: who you boys giving the 3 2 1 to?
DrSeuss: So Port kick it out – no call. Brisbane handball out in a tackle = deliberate
zadolinnyj: Think 2500 for someone possible this week.
MrWalrus: I’m risking no Rowell but Brodi could be pick of the year, Freo seem to want him playing centre desperately
Gotigres: I’m Hillbillies if anyone cares in fanfooty
zadolinnyj: Worried when Fyfe back but will see
mattmac24: Will be fine with Fyfe back. They still need to fill the hole from Cerra
zadolinnyj: Will care a lot when we are matched up @Gotigers
The Hawker: If Houston kicks that…
MrWalrus: Of course I care Tiges, always good to know who you’re curbstomping ;P
zadolinnyj: Lol
italz: never in doubt boys, wasn’t worried at all haha
95 Percent: who gets the votes in this one
MrWalrus: Fort, Joe the Muppet, L Jones
StuL: Nice butchered Fitzroy song
pcaman2003: Thank you Butters and Neale. Will add you to my tons list.
BigChief: Rozee 3, Duursma 2, Zorko 1.
Ninty: Fort 3 McCarthy 2 Cocky 1
pcaman2003: Plenty of scaling to come yet.
MrWalrus: Apologies Ninty, I forgot about Lycett in the worst ruck competition
pcaman2003: My mistake on scaling. Looking at wrong line. Duh!

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