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Chat log from R1 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R1 of 2022

Yelse: who to tip in this game bloody tough
PAFC4eva: YAWN hope this game is better than last
frenzy: howdy
duckky: Are we doing Nearest the Pin this year?
Ooost: Kelly, Whitfield, Cogs and McCartin.. Hopefully some big points here
duckky: Heeney – you are a frustration. Pick you and yoiu play like a dog. Don’t pick you and you’re a star
pcaman2003: McCartin,Kelly, Cogs. Good luck all.
pjw1234: whitfiel cogs on ground and mccartin as E
MrWalrus: Heeney Whitfield, Cogs, McCartin here
Fatbar5tad: What are you talking about Port last game was a bewdy. 🙂
PJ39301965: Three of the last five matches have been by less than a goal between us
PAFC4eva: missed half of it had a nanna nap lol
MrWalrus: Is McCartin in Grundy’s old number? Nice touch that
duckky: I’d love to pick TT – but he butchers the ball.
PJ39301965: Yes it is MrWalrus
circle52: Whitfield, Cogs and McCartin for me.
duckky: Ditto Circle
valkorum: @circle52 same for me, plus Heeney
MrWalrus: True Duckk but as a Fwd he’ll still be around top 6
duckky: Damn – I missed that one MrWalrus
DrSeuss: Cogs and Whitfield for me. Let?s go lads
MrWalrus: Idun’s English apparently, will have to get him a flag m0nty
pjw1234: Brander No.31
2Ph0nes: good game of footy so far
Yelse: whitfield Mccartin and cogs not a great start 🙁
circle52: I also have Stephens at M9 so hope that does not bite me like Hayes.
DrSeuss: Good start from Whitfield – 1 handball – before heading to the bench for a rest
Hazza09: Here we go Lachie Shitfield
Raspel31: Can Cogs have some time on the ground pleez? Ah good.
MrWalrus: Did Cogs get clangered for that kick that actually found a target before?
frenzy: paddy mccartin should to with no E on him
MrWalrus: Ugly but effective should still score
DrSeuss: Crisp, Rioli and now Whitfield – defenders struggling so far for me
navy_blues: tom green on fireeee
MrWalrus: Long way to go and Whitfield can go bang like few others
pcaman2003: Green has a spectacular start.
frenzy: said no gws players, lol. spank me
biggs2dujj: McInerney conned me 🙁
mattmac24: McInerney looks like a trap already.
navy_blues: whitfield and sicily were no goes for me
valkorum: @biggs but he was in the footy record 🙂
PAFC4eva: me too matt
Gotigres: Will need to dump *hitfield
sMiles: I need a mulligan for SC
pcaman2003: Cogs,Kelly, McCartin….happy so far.
frenzy: lift shizenfield, lift
thommoae: Tommy’s been threatening this form for a while; no luck with injuries.
thommoae: Swans haven’t been in Giants
biggs2dujj: @valko CD might love him but he can’t get near the ball 🙁
MrWalrus: Cogs, Heeney McCartin good, Whitfield just waiting for the game to open up, happy enough so far
thommoae: Swans haven’t been in Giants’ defensive third too often other than bombing it in; therefore Whitfield idle.
thommoae: defensive third other than bombing it in; therefore Whitfield idle.
MrWalrus: Crazy scaling in the earlier game, Parish 99
thommoae: And I’m a bit rusty too.
mattmac24: Anyone think Buddy will actually get the 5 goals he needs today?
frenzy: breathe thomoae
2Ph0nes: days of the big bud kicking bags are gone.
thommoae: Paper bag utilised, frenzy.
StuL: Buddy’s 45 years old. It’s not the same Buddy
frenzy: summit like that
PJ39301965: Buddy will still kick 5 goals or more in at least 3 games this year
pcaman2003: Be nice to see Buddy get there ,but will be tough.
thommoae: Davis has had Buddy’s number for some time though
MrWalrus: Agree PJ but not today I think
PAFC4eva: umps will gift buddy goals like they always do hey pj
DrSeuss: Whitfield getting tagged or just allergic to the footy today?
MrWalrus: Heeney through the mids is real
frenzy: dont remember every one of pluggers goals replayed
bhg26: Not as many as your mate Dixon gets PAFC
PAFC4eva: ha ha
The39Steps: Gee, the commentators, umpires and all and sundry look after Buddy.
pcaman2003: There’s the first
sMiles: good kick
MrWalrus: C’mon Bud, nice work Heeney looking after him too
DEESareSAD: Buddy vs Giants according to the commentators
PAFC4eva: thats 1 for the umps bhg
biggs2dujj: McInerney a pure dud. Gee whiz i should remove my entry
bhg26: Got legged before and not paid and got absolutely manhandled for that goal so I says we are about even
Gotigres: *hitfield making Crisp look good
frenzy: can we request a little rocken horse for shizenfield, mInty
pcaman2003: bhg26. I think so too.
pcaman2003: bhg26. I think so too. Jumper held before and no free given
2Ph0nes: not whitfields kinda game
Gotigres: kermit for paddy
pcaman2003: McCartin! Why!
MrWalrus: Great game so far, like the way both these teams go about it
Pav300: Syd only kicked one behind has hurt whitfields numbers
bhg26: Think that?s will go down as a clanger Paddy
DrSeuss: Can Shipfield at least beat McCartin – get in the game
Fatbar5tad: Come on McInerney. Get a kick son.
bhg26: Surely 50
bhg26: He could have used it
Fatbar5tad: Sheldrick, PCartin, McInerney….having a cracking game in this one boyos
DrSeuss: Cogs could get involved as well – would be nice
PAFC4eva: great game this ps should that had been a buddy free
Yelse: Shocking game for SC really screwing my team up
biggs2dujj: McInerney on wrong side of field
pcaman2003: Tom Green….wowee!
bhg26: That was class
mattmac24: McInerney, McCartin, Cogs, Whitfield and Kelly in this game. 1 of 5 doing well is not great
pjw1234: Healy out for 72 so no long shot today
Hazza09: Same old Whitfield
MrWalrus: SC be damned, I’m loving this, 2 pretty good teams really going hard
biggs2dujj: Tom Green > Matt Rowell. Change my mind
pcaman2003: C’mon Cogs,Kelly and Paddy. Fire up boys. and
mattmac24: Haven’t seen enough of Rowell to have an opinion on that
bhg26: Green can you not, thanks
BigChief: Who else fell for the Coniglio and McInerney hype? 🙁
biggs2dujj: Right wing is a dead zone for McInerney
PAFC4eva: yes chief and *hitfield
bhg26: Blakey is so good
thommoae: Hand up here, Chief but I’m not totally off ’em yet.
pjw1234: just need syd to kick 10 more points so whitfield can ton up
Migz: cong is cheap enough that he can throw a few stinkers in knowing you can keep him for a while
MercAm: Need to change Wicks number from 45 to 15 btw
hinsch: Cogs BE 48 so on track for that at least.
thommoae: Taranto and Hopper not exactly on fire either … but no-one’s on their back
bhg26: Our backline has not been impressive at actually defending
DrSeuss: Whitfield moving at least – Cogs has stopped completely
frenzy: lets go harry, get after Tom
MercAm: Dam, nice goal
BigChief: Whitfield will still ton up
bhg26: Why is Kennedy a half back
bhg26: He isn?t Pendlebury
biggs2dujj: Here comes Whitfield ooh ooh aah aah sexy eyes
frenzy: late chance for showers bigchief
bhg26: Actually fucking stupid
MrWalrus: Cogs will be fine, Whitfield on fire
2Ph0nes: whitfield is fine,its okay, whitfield is fine. you can hang up suicide hotline
RooBoyStu: Luke Parker continues to be the most underrated player in sc unbelievable
biggs2dujj: Stephens doing well.
RooBoyStu: Everyone said get McInerney bla bla bla, an absolute spud
bhg26: Continues to be the most underrated player period RooBoyStu
SydneyRox: yeah, letting the kids play mid is all good, but JPK isnt a defender
SydneyRox: i am on mcinerny, he will come good.
bhg26: Purely an inside midfielder SydneyRox
RooBoyStu: Bhg26 yep, hopefully wins a brownlow, so close so many times, a guy that came from my area Langwarrin
bhg26: Bloody good half of footy though
PAFC4eva: didnt want him roo boy lack of def rooks forced my hand
mattmac24: I’m guilty of that Rooboy
RooBoyStu: Boys Night Raid now trained in QLD by Tony Gollan will win more races, resumes in 4 to 5 weeks
DEESareSAD: Phew, Blakey did well to get up to 53 from 13 at qtr time.
bhg26: Always near the top, but nobody has acknowledged him
RooBoyStu: Have a good evening off to a mates 60th lol getting old attending thess.
bhg26: If you spoke to me about lack of defenders PAFC I would have told you to go Blakey
PAFC4eva: now you tell me
MrWalrus: Plenty of defenders, McCartin, Gibcus, Hinge and SDK
PAFC4eva: might be my first trade
PAFC4eva: got mccartin and sdk
biggs2dujj: My concern with Mcinerney is i wanted a jump from 75 to 90+. Not gonna get that now
beerent11: Don?t need to trade till before end 3 when prices change. I advise giving everyone another week.
beerent11: *round 3 not end 3
biggs2dujj: @beerent Exactly. It’s not like there is a plethora of options. Wait it out
bhg26: That?s why I said if you spoke to me beforehand
MrWalrus: Yep, what beer said
TheFlagger: Kiddy coleman going down screwed a lot of us over. Those mcinerney/chapman/blakey picks are hard to nail
AlsoGmax: Some of these DEFs may be lucky to make it to round three.
DEESareSAD: Blakey looking alright for me so far though
frenzy: give me sumfin cogs
beerent11: Luke Parker is so good
bhg26: Very well done from you Dees, I have no balls so I didn?t do it
TheFlagger: yep blakey will be good.
bhg26: Amen beer
DEESareSAD: Yea thx Bhg, rest of my team doing average so I?m lucky it looks like he should be an okay pick
Arpod23: @monty did Parker get any on his boot?
Tangent: @frenzy on que
beerent11: Blakey playing seagull?s role will be interesting next week.
J.Worrall: @frenzy … he heard you!
TheFlagger: love how tough the giants are
MrWalrus: Happy frenzy?
frenzy: on cue
bhg26: Honestly for now Coniglios score doesn?t matter, everyone has him
frenzy: fercan oath mr walrus
Hazza09: Havnt seen much of D Stephens, what?s the go
beerent11: 76pc bhg
mattmac24: Frenzy can you bag McInerney now too?
biggs2dujj: McCartin2McInerney: New Username
frenzy: didnt bag cogs, did I
RooBoyStu: Put the spud on McInerney as sc relevant. R.I.P never again
beerent11: It?s round 1
bhg26: Hey he?s on a decent qt score rooboy
MrWalrus: Cogs is back turned an easy possession into a contested, atta boy
frenzy: get off the pine Harry, you’l get splinters
biggs2dujj: Must admit, this has been a great game
MrWalrus: Buddy is actually getting mugged by Davis, he’ll end up having to walk home
biggs2dujj: Buddy is playing for frees. PLAY THE BALL
BigChief: Davis playing Franklin perfectly.
pcaman2003: Keep going Kelly. You too Cogs and Paddy
frenzy: c’mon cogs ya might need to the score board again
bhg26: Mills caught high 3 times there and HTB against
PAFC4eva: buddy doesnt play for frees NOT
DrSeuss: Cogs?Whitfield – to
J.Worrall: f u cogs, do the damn job.
bhg26: You know what I?m going to say PAFC
DrSeuss: Whitfield, Cogs – big finish to the 3rd and the 4th please.
Raspel31: Where you be at Cogs.?
MrWalrus: Heeney is like supercoach porn, everything is intercept/contested/effective, so good
bhg26: Omg I love Luke Parker
pcaman2003: Parker still a class act.
Tangent: You guys acting as if you paid top dollar for cogs… already past his BE
bhg26: On track for 80+ too tangent
J.Worrall: He’s supposed to be top dollar talent though, @Tangent
2Ph0nes: mate all ppl want to do here is complain, thats what makes them happy.
BigChief: If you are happy with 54 Tangent then good for you.
frenzy: going overall tangent and she starts rnd 1
MrWalrus: Cogs may ton yet, complaining is unwarranted at this point
bhg26: Everyone who will
thommoae: Giant bashing’s a bit of a thing too, one suspects
bhg26: Everyone has Coniglio frenzy, his score doesn?t matter
J.Worrall: Oh @2Ph0nes, too true!
J.Worrall: It just doesn’t matter if it doesn’t matter, @bhg
Fatbar5tad: Complaining about fucking McInerney makes me happy
MrWalrus: Not me 2phones, unless it’s about umpires,hate those guy!
J.Worrall: Parker! Go baby!
frenzy: uny asked said he might have to hit the score board fellas, but ok
pcaman2003: What a game. Who wins from here?
bhg26: Absolute superstar
Fatbar5tad: Sydney wins if the concentrate on goals for the team
MrWalrus: Though, gotta say the proper HTB interpretation they have gone back to this year is pleasing me
bhg26: If it doesn?t matter then the thing that doesn?t matter, doesn?t matter
J.Worrall: Swans from here, imo.
MrWalrus: Agree bhg, he’s like Selwood but better
J.Worrall: Right with you there, @Walrus
Pav300: cracker game! does anyones full stats option (with tacklers) work?
J.Worrall: Quite correct, @bhg.
pcaman2003: Giddyup Paddy
bhg26: My family calls Parker, Mr Perfect, because he is perfect
original: It?s the year of Heeney lads
MrWalrus: Heeney, Cogs, Whitfield, McCartin, no complaints here
MrWalrus: Dunno original but if so he could win the Brownlow
PAFC4eva: wish all games were like this ripsnorter
J.Worrall: Big call on Heeney. Will he keep playing on the wing?
PJ39301965: Let?s go Heeney a big last qtr
PAFC4eva: only way this game could be better if buddy kicks his 5th to win game after siren
J.Worrall: does that make you in your 50s, PJ?
MrWalrus: You ok bhg?
bhg26: I?m in love boys
Gandhi: Parker having a blinder
J.Worrall: Move it Cogs, Grow a muscle …
MrWalrus: Not on a wing Worrall, high half forward and right in the guts about 50:50
frenzy: let me guess bhg26, callum mills
J.Worrall: Heeeney!
Tangent: lol
J.Worrall: Hmmm, sounds promising @Walrus.
bhg26: No Callum Sinclair frenzy
bhg26: But Parker is a fucking awesome footballer
Legix: massive effort from Parker. Love it
MrWalrus: Lol frenzy
Hazza09: Whitfield has gone home, standard
MrWalrus: Heeney got nothing for the spoil then goal before
bhg26: Heeney is also pretty good
MrWalrus: Ahhh there it is plus some gravy
PJ39301965: Keep going son. Loving it
frenzy: that was me next guess
MrWalrus: Oh yeah 2phones, I sometimes also complain about the random scoring sometimes
navy_blues: heeney will go missing next week not consistent
bhg26: Ruckmen.
DrSeuss: McCartin about to overtake you Whitfield – get a touch
J.Worrall: Flynn slamming Hickey, SC wise
Yelse: whitfield looks injured?
bhg26: Just missed McInerney
Torz: Whitfield looked sore and went to the bench?
Hazza09: Whitfield standard, looked sore
Yelse: thinking hamstring the way he pulled up and walking
J.Worrall: Rowbottom playing out of his skin!
bhg26: Lace out there McLean
Jukes82: preuss straight back into this team
mattmac24: If players go to handball and don’t go through with it. It should be play on. Otherwise, get rid of the stand rule.
bhg26: Umps pulling frees out of their alps now
frenzy: fingers crossed jukes
beerent11: That?s why I never pick Whitfield
Tangent: If Toby Greene was playing he would have at least 5
RooBoyStu: I work in food produce McInerney needs a carrot where the sun don’t shine lazy
J.Worrall: “go to handball” = fake, astandard skill.
navy_blues: agree beer or sicily
beerent11: Nice game cogs and pmac
Fatbar5tad: Not real happy with McInterney
Yelse: hopper TOG very low
J.Worrall: so, play on makes sense to me
Fatbar5tad: I’d say I’m with you Rooboy but not if carrots are involved
beerent11: Mcinerny will be ok. Found the footy just hade a dirty day
DrSeuss: Whitfield back on it seems?
J.Worrall: unless it was a stoppage. Not paly on after a fake there
Fatbar5tad: That’s what I want to hear beer
BigChief: If I had the winning lotto numbers I would be rich Tangent.
Pav300: very wise as always Beer – do u think we need to jump on Green?
J.Worrall: me too, @BigChief
frenzy: one day i’ll pick errol
beerent11: Wait another week with everyone I reckon pav. Depends what you?re playing for. Leagues or o/all.
Pav300: cheers Beer
bones351: Get off the bench Cogs. Need another 10-15 points
hinsch: SC prices don’t normally change until Rd 3
Hazza09: If Whitfield pulls another 70 next week he can go
BigChief: Only trade long injuries round 1
pjw1234: Has whitfield done a groin?
MrWalrus: Agree with beer but Green is in if he goes again next week, media says he’s killed preseason & I can sure see it
Fatbar5tad: And McInerney hurt
mattmac24: Mcinerney hurt. Time to go
bones351: Think Whitfield is cramping bad
mattmac24: Buddy to fall short next week and only kick 3
bhg26: Go swom
Gandhi: Mcinerney is fine, just a knee knock
MrWalrus: Whitfield fine and will be fine, always going to struggle in contested tough games
Tangent: Looks like Franklin kicking his 1000th against the dogs.
bhg26: that works for me as a supported in Melbourne tangent
MrWalrus: 14/1432, pretty happy so far
Tangent: Same, from Melbourne myself… Can’t wait to run on the field and cause some havoc!

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