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Chat log from R1 of 2022: Carlton vs Richmond

Chat log for Carlton vs Richmond, R1 of 2022

Gotigres: Start Durdin, N Martin or Baldwin. I guess it’s the toss of a 3 sided coin
Wahab_18: Jake Lloyd not selected this week for anyone who doesn’t know yet
snake_p: @gotigers Martin looked good in preseason game 55 in less than a half of footy
snake_p: it was only against the Saints…
Rage_Trade: So it seems that sicily having covid was a rumour, can anyone confirm?
exatekk: No Darcy either for any unlucky owners
PJ39301965: Evening all
exatekk: Sicily named Rage
Crippa9: All i heard was mcevoy and breust to miss for hawks
exatekk: Evening all. SC bending us all over already! Took out Lloyd for Ryan for a few weeks
wadaramus: Speaking of Crippa, let’s go mate!
pjw1234: cripps hewitt pretia martin and rioli so big one
Rage_Trade: Thanks, I saw he was named, but was thinking it might be a stitch up
Ash777: anyone else annoyed there’s only 6 rookie options in defense?
Crippa9: Be good to have metres gained and inside 50’s on stats table
robbieg: let’s go hewett, short, gibcus & prestia for draft
Gotigres: Thanks snake. I started Durdin, so will probably regret it.
The Hawker: Durdin on it early
Ash777: Also looks like curnow has forced gibcus to play forward 🙁
exatekk: Yep Ash. Had no choice but to dump Lloyd
NewFreoFan: MG is metres gained Crippa9
NewFreoFan: oh you meant in team stats I’m guessing
zadolinnyj: Lads and ladies
duckky: Each year I get sucked in and pick Dusty the butcher. Stockholm syndrome really.
Crippa9: Sorry I meant in team stats table on right of screen
duckky: Isn’t it amazing how stars from other clubs go to Carlton and become spuds
exatekk: me too Ducky LOL
MrWalrus: Dusty’s score is complete rubbish, the cd drone tonight must hate him
NewFreoFan: Dusty 2 clangers, 50% efficiency and a free against Walrus
Silz90: You’re right Duckky… Shiel and Smith are guns
Silz90: Smith had 1 good year*
wadaramus: Can you shank it any worse Cripps?!
duckky: Ahhh… I forgot the rule – never criticise Carlton.
arbel: gee cripps … try hitting a target for once
MrWalrus: The 2 clangers is the point, who decides what a clanger is?
wadaramus: Stick to handballs!
NewFreoFan: why do umps need to say play on, just don’t blow the whistle
thommoae: Left yer flank exposed there, Duckky.
MrWalrus: Rioli off half back works
NewFreoFan: CD definition of clanger: kick or handball that directly turns the ball over to the opposition
MrWalrus: Because umps love to feel in control
Gotigres: I’m so stupid. Crippa is Crappa
Hazza09: Anyone seen Gibcus?
Silz90: Does Vlaustin repalce Gibcus next week?
Ash777: Most likely silz
zadolinnyj: Feel ya gotigers
pcaman2003: I’m confused! Is Cripps playing for the Blues or the Tigers? Terrible start from him.
hinsch: Gibcus is doing OK compared to Cotchin
bhg26: Jesus Christ Pittonet
MrWalrus: Yep Freo but a team mate dropping a mark is not the kickers fault but they often decide to call it a clanger
duckky: Damn – I should have gone Doc
mattmac24: The fumbling from Carlton is woeful! If they fix that, they would look much better.
pcaman2003: Durdin looking like a good pickup for the Blues.
arbel: durdin looks a good player … gibcus hasn’t had much to do so far hope gets involved
duckky: A dropped uncontested mark is counted against the guy who dropped it
Silz90: agree matt – fumbles, missed marks, poor kicking
NewFreoFan: Who knows Walrus, footy’s a pretty dynamic game, always gonna be contentious moments with so much going on
dezlav: I should have posted that I had Martin in my team hours ahead to give everyone a chance to dump him. I have the curse.
exatekk: McLovin taking kick ins, wtf? HMM
Tangent: Why isn’t LLoyd playing for Syd? injury?
beerent11: Just took xerri out for McNuggets this arvy
arbel: so glad i trusted my gut and went doch … is a good player and user most times
NewFreoFan: If you look up the stat glossary on the afl website, all sorts of interesting stuff
dabombers: Anyone know that McGovern was designated kick-out.
thommoae: Monty, can we sanction the ‘Jesus Christ’ please? Offensive in this context to more than a few, I’d suggest.
mattmac24: Tangent, I heard some Sydney players and staff have been affected by Covid protocols. I’m assuming Lloyd was included
Ash777: covid protocols Tangent.
arbel: @dez … eh when going at 42%, 22 frees against and clangers can only get better
dabombers: Or kick-ins. Sounds like I’m from Sweden.
navy_blues: dropped marks killing us
navy_blues: riewoldt academy award
Tangent: All good! Ridley to replace a bit bullish on Lloyd this yr anyway
MrWalrus: I know Freo, it’s just a bit subjective sometimes, one mans clanger is another mans contested possession to advantage
NewFreoFan: jesus christ? Where? He’s early it isn’t easter yet
zadolinnyj: Agree walrus
bhg26: Cripps owners happy with Durdin there
PJ39301965: I?ve got both bhg. Lol
MrWalrus: Crippaaaaa! I love him in my team again
zadolinnyj: Correct
NewFreoFan: why was that 50, he was standing on the mark
bhg26: McGovern looking the goods
wadaramus: How is that 50?
zadolinnyj: Not sure that?s 50
Tangent: Cripps!
Gotigres: Crippa is a Ripper
pcaman2003: Go Crippa. The Blues need you to fire.
bhg26: Cripps owners happy with the umpires there
bhg26: And now way Prestia is injured again
Ash777: man’d the mark too late wada.
bhg26: *no
bones351: Ump clearly said to stay out as he wasn?t on the mark quick enough. Keep the game moving.
mattmac24: As a Cripps and McGov owner, very happy with those last two goals
bhg26: Hey there?s Gibcus!
MrWalrus: Nope terrible call, he went straight to it, still my team liked the result
StuL: Cripps is bavk
bhg26: Oh my days Pittonet is woeful
zadolinnyj: Prestia is a man of glass
wadaramus: Since when is getting to the mark too late a 50?!
Ash777: Non-durdin owners kicking themselves now.
wadaramus: There was no infringement, did not obstruct.
bhg26: Tiges are rattled
Ash777: Since the ump can call a stand or outside 5 went the latter.
Silz90: durdin looks good, great js too
NewFreoFan: Maybe the ump had already called another player as outside 5 Wada?
NewFreoFan: Ralphsmith is a shocker of a name
pcaman2003: This turnaround is similar to last night’s game
SofR: Learn the rules boys. There is a timee limit to get on the mark. The ump called to stay out? and Soldo kept going.
bhg26: His first name is also Hugo NewFreoFan
mattmac24: Kicking myself for dropping Doc 5 minutes wrote the bounce
bhg26: Everyone like that
Silz90: doch what a legend <3
navy_blues: go bluessssss
pcaman2003: Doc is back! Get on him everyone.
Gandhi: Onya Doch
robbieg: so good
wadaramus: Learn the rules? I’ve been watching Aussie Rules for 40 years, fuck the AFL’s “rules”.
MrWalrus: The ump called stay out as he got there, was a joke, doesn’t matter now, go Tiges!
bhg26: Oh Grimey
exatekk: Good onya Doc!!
Silz90: muppet from grimes
zadolinnyj: Correct wada
SofR: I didn?t say I liked the rules but professional players need to learn them
SofR: Yje umps call was way before he got there.
mattmac24: Wada. The 50 was given and rightfully so. Sokdo took too long and the Uno said stay out but he still went in.
MrWalrus: You can’t learn the rule when it depends on an umpires imagination
duckky: The record for the most 50m in a game is 8. I expect the Tiges to beak that today
bhg26: Bunch of sharpshooters tonight
wadaramus: The AFL has taken every defensive option away, why not just stand idle while players run past?
Gandhi: Time to move past it lads
wadaramus: Oh hang on, that is the AFL’s genius “stand” rule!
SofR: Thanks mattmac.
wadaramus: The umpiring sucks Gandhi.
zadolinnyj: Would move on Gandhi but we can only stand
wadaramus: Nice zado 🙂
blonde0na: adelaide supporters still getting over 2017?
Tangent: So glad i’ve got Short in my team
duckky: Gibcus looking good this quarter. Docherty looking better.
exatekk: Me too Tan
wadaramus: Good one blonde, do you write your own material?
PAFC4eva: whats 2017 got to do with this game
pcaman2003: Someone put grease on the ball
MrWalrus: Adelaide supporters supporters saying tigees ripped offf
wadaramus: Pretty good first half all up.
exatekk: get some new material blonde, maybe bring up the camp, or the tigers theme song? we’ve heard it all you twat
fruity: Humidity is making the ball slippery
Ash777: first round jibbers.
MrWalrus: Also CD guy definitely a blues supporter, Dochs score proof, been good but please
RooBoyStu: What a spud Tarrant is lol and glad I didn’t get Curnow
wadaramus: Doch is killing SC MrWalrus!
NewFreoFan: 15 @ 100% and a goal, seems fair enough
PAFC4eva: cripps short hewett durdin keep it up boys
JButcher: Never should’ve taken Fisher’s pre-season game as gospel, tried to grab a unique and got burnt
zadolinnyj: Although Cripps came back he is going for tracca next week.
pjw1234: looks like prestia gamble was a bomb. At least it frees up a spot for one of the rookies
wadaramus: Good picks PAFC, just Cripps & Short for me.
wadaramus: You got a spare 200K zado?
MrWalrus: 100% my hairy butt hole, sprayed a few
mattmac24: Walrus. Stats say he’s going at 100% he’s playing very well. The 50m penalty/goal helps too
NewFreoFan: Not sure SC is the game for you Walrus 🙂
PAFC4eva: think i need to get petracca in hmmm
Manowar: Got the C on M. Kennedy tonight!
Crippa9: Doc pciking up in SC where he left off it seems.
zadolinnyj: Yes wada
kascadev8: Dusty the fakest mid going around
Ash777: I got 273k in the sc bank for a bad day.
wadaramus: OK, Petracca upgrade on the cards then, but don’t get caught chasing last weeks points!
Oddsy5: GOD has the C on Docherty tonight! good to be backs lads how is everyone
wadaramus: He’s still a chance to ton up kasca!
PAFC4eva: anybody thinking preuss r2 take a hit this week
MrWalrus: Subjective stupid scoring
kascadev8: wada writing him off and just fixing to get Short next week, can work it in
Ash777: I dont trust preuss’s body at all or his lack of brains.
wadaramus: I’ll reserve my judgement until end of Q4!
zadolinnyj: I?m an expert at chasing last weeks points wada
MrWalrus: You know freo, fantasy is almost becoming my favourite game because of this randomness after many years
ryan: back to the footy fellas
PAFC4eva: ruckmen and brains?
mattmac24: PAFC, yeah I’ve gone Preuss R2 and have Hayes to cover him.
MrWalrus: The rules these days are starting to annoy also, it’s like they’re trying to go from Test to T20
zadolinnyj: Baker was an interesting back cheapy
PAFC4eva: wait to see what hayes gets first would like better cover on bench
Ash777: Hayes is emergency though this rnd.
zadolinnyj: Shove them goal
PAFC4eva: hayes from stkilda
Ash777: oh yeah, nvm
mattmac24: Ash, Hayes from St Kilda. Named on bench
navy_blues: upstairs are keeping tigs in yhis
navy_blues: umps
2Ph0nes: you’ve been saying that in rd1 every year for the last 10 years lol
duckky: Just noticed that SC has given us 35 trades this year
zadolinnyj: What a kick my durdin
zadolinnyj: How many
frenzy: you’ll need every one of them duckky
JButcher: If it wasn’t for Richmond’s outside movement they’d be gone, inside mids are getting cooked at the stoppage
duckky: And I still won’t make the finals 😀
pjw1234: Durdin looks great but small forward consistency is always hard will need to wait for week 3 for me.
kascadev8: get in the guts dusty
exatekk: 3 or 4 weeks might be enough to upgrade pj
wadaramus: Nice shank Hugo Ralph Smith.
PAFC4eva: glad hugo didnt start dodged a bullett
DrSeuss: So annoying how much Rioli is ignored when he gets into space
Ash777: Durdin has JS compared to others pjw
Hazza09: What score is a pass for Hewitt?
JohnHoward: 85+ is a pass for hewitt
dabombers: Hewitt pass mark. Bout 88 SC i reckon.
Ninty: Nothing less than 145 Hazza.
mattmac24: Hewett will be fine this match but worries me when Walsh comes back
wadaramus: Dustbin a complete let down 🙁
kascadev8: dusty.. if u get outscored by heeney…
wadaramus: Or Taranto!
zadolinnyj: Enter Dusty?s mate the umpire
Tangent: Dustbin on que!
beerent11: Never would have I?d be happy to Mitch bloody McGovern in my sc side
MrWalrus: I feel like Dusty will be just fine if he can stay on the park, can play a bit
bones351: Liking Shorts score but haven’t even noticed him which is unusual
pjw1234: Dusty stretching his hammy
beerent11: *have
pcaman2003: Durdin has flat lined.
kascadev8: dusty gets +30 for goals right?
mattmac24: Same here Beerent. I have been so unsure about that selection but he’s thriving in a new defence roll
MrWalrus: Got…. Nothing?
duckky: Will Gibcus outscore Durdin?
kascadev8: Dusty +16 for the goal, heh
Silz90: Short is taking the bulk of the kick outs. Playing alright without dominating
MrWalrus: I struggle to understand where they find short’s stats too
kascadev8: great to see Doch having a good game
Oddsy5: 18 touches 16 kicks yeh fairo but 100SC and 58DT? happy to have him in SC i guess!
mattmac24: Will Ed Curnow also come back in? That’ll cause more issues for Hewett
zadolinnyj: Common martin. One more goal for 150
Yelse: whats docherty worth?
zadolinnyj: 533k yelse
duckky: $533K for supercoach Yelse.
hinsch: Docherty $534K
MrWalrus: Lots Yelse, like 2k more than Lloyd
duckky: But I’d give Doc another week before trading him in
Yelse: didn’t think he was that much lol
MrWalrus: Or was that fantasy…
duckky: Geez Dusty jumped 35 SC points in 5 minutes
Yelse: how short drop to 95 from 104
Tangent: Short dropping as time goes on
pcaman2003: Nice work Hewey. Keep that up.
RooBoyStu: The first 2 matches at the MCG a lot of scoring to the right of screen and no wind both nights
Silz90: I don’t think curnow will impact George. I don’t think he will get cbas if named
MrWalrus: Below the knees!
pcaman2003: Game on!
duckky: Hewett tons up
Raspel31: Short’s points disappearing every second.
pcaman2003: Hewey,Cripps and Durdin. Look at my smug!
dipstick: lets go baggers
m0nty: Saad has been sensational
phivee: this is where dusty needs to turn up and he just never does
kascadev8: heeney turns up in these moments, where is dusty?
PAFC4eva: on the bench
wadaramus: Dusty should still ton up, all good yeah?
StuL: Don’t pick Hewett they said
pcaman2003: Voss must have a magic wand in his kit.
Migz: lads, is there a reason seagull lloyd isnt selected in the swans side
Gotigres: Like the tigers of old
beerent11: You gotta start thinking for yourself stul
Tangent: Covid protocols Migz
Ash777: Cerra made martin a bitch and martin went off to cry 😛
zadolinnyj: Covid migz
StuL: Covid I think migz
MrWalrus: Umps been handy this 1/4… Plenty of time
Migz: thanks
beerent11: Fuck dusty can kick a footy
Wahab_18: Is McGovern injured?
Hazza09: Who said Hewitt 145?
SofR: Very undisciplined Tigers there
JButcher: Graham Kermit
pcaman2003: Tiges love giving away the 50’s
mattmac24: Hardly Walrus. Tigers are playing dumb football
duckky: Oh come on – It’s a new season… Time to unspud Wahib
Social: Wait what… I step away for a few minutes
wadaramus: Happy Carlton are winning, but the umpiring is atrocious.
poolboybob: Nice one Graham you idiot
Gotigres: Well done Jack Graham
duckky: Graham 3 x 50m today
Migz: @wah he tried to take a speccy and fell hard
PAFC4eva: richmond sups leaving early
Silz90: What a spud cerra lmao
zadolinnyj: Looks like red rooster doing a special for tigers fans. They are all rushing out there seats
dipstick: DESTROYATION in the last 10 minutes by the Blues.
Yelse: huge scores by the blues
beerent11: Imagine being that sad just because your team is losing a game of footy
Yelse: whats the disposal count this quarter seems like tigers hardly touched ball
duckky: Time to microwave the membership
MrWalrus: I think you mean the fluro yellows dipstick
Social: Horhay Hewett he’s our man
Ash777: Microwave sales on the up!
beerent11: Not like tiger supporters to blame the umps
mattmac24: Having trouble accepting that Carlton are winning? They’ve clearly been the better team with or without the umps.
Oddsy5: picked hewett + berry over lloyd and hinge. hopefully pays off!
exatekk: da da da da daaaa
kascadev8: cripps with the skull? lmao
DrSeuss: Where is Rioli – haven’t seen him this qtr – done nothing at all. Not my best pick
pcaman2003: Fat lady is warming up and about to sing loudly.
zadolinnyj: I just couldn?t do berry
MrWalrus: Please, this last quarter has been borderline cheating
Ninty: Has any team ever lost because of their own players? Blaming umpires for paying what we all see – is getting boring.
dipstick: fat lady started eating donuts 5 mins ago
duckky: Tiges have looked unfit and disinterested this quarter.
bhg26: How about tell your mob to lift walrus
exatekk: Happy with Durdin, Short and Dusty
mattmac24: Please. This quarter tigers have just been appalling. Umpires don’t help a 7 to 1 goal quarter.
Oddsy5: 60 extra disposals, 9 more tackles, 20 more cont possies, 19 clearances. bloody umps?
beerent11: I admire your single mindedness walrus
dipstick: how is dusty score within 30% of cripps?
Oddsy5: also 22 extra clangers, these umps have single handedly won the game for carlton i say
beerent11: Little concerned about McGovern
Social: If this is the star of umps standing up to the bullies I’m all for it
PAFC4eva: voss is boss
SofR: 5 posters by Blues too so could have wonby more.
Ninty: Maybe just give credit the other team has been far better tonight. And about time after 10 years in R1
Yelse: bit worried about gibcus… potential drop
dipstick: all bet on teams with a new coach 😉
wadaramus: Well played Blue Baggers, enjoy!
MrWalrus: 10-2, that not even kicking in danger +50 completely changed momentum
pcaman2003: Tigers lucky Blues didn’t kick straighter and win by a lot more.
MrWalrus: Well done blues but this is BS
Social: hehe they gotta put the words up
Ninty: Lol
blonde0na: richmond lost all key stats and carlton double their clearances yet it’s a “umpires win”?
beerent11: Yep you were robbed walrus. Should?ve won. Umps cheating again.
NewFreoFan: Back to the Tigers of old
Manowar: C on M. Kennedy paid off, big win for ManOwar
Yelse: Nice for Voss to get a victory round 1.
Olli32019: Woo well done blues
Social: Cook would be doing a lot of straightening up behind the scenes
Social: And Nank’s gonna need an extra plasterer

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