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Chat log from R1 of 2022: St Kilda vs Collingwood

Chat log for St Kilda vs Collingwood, R1 of 2022

Pav300: Hi mOnty i seem to have lost my premium status somehow in the last week tks to check
Nurfed: Hello!
zadolinnyj: Gents
navy_blues: what a great game last night was there
kascadev8: evening all, hope we r all well
exatekk: crowd was loud when doc kicked that goal on teh TV how was it at the ground navy?
m0nty: onya nb, long sufferer you are!
navy_blues: unreal fans were def up n about
navy_blues: ump copped a hiding got no voice today lol
Growlers: had to win after 10 years of trying
navy_blues: very muggy night and train ride was packed after game was so hottttttt
zadolinnyj: I have Owen?s and daicos. Could not get my head around Steele this early. So my pleasure to whoever has him
Cottees: Richmond supporters only comeback from losing last night is saying we’ve won the last 10 years lol. Thats in the past
exatekk: richmond fans live in the past
frenzy: last nite is already in the past
navy_blues: to see cerra hewett and durdin all get 1st goals for club then docs goal was great to see
Ash777: Carlton going to be everyones 2nd team this season I think.
Growlers: All worried about the Mighty Tigers again then.
Ooost: Daicos and Crisp go big fellors.
Growlers: Watching with interest Dougal Howard tonight, didn’t pull the trigger on him but looking just the same.
PJ39301965: Evening all
Pokerface: uuh.. no they won’t Ash!
Raspel31: At the 11th hour downgraded Steele to Cripps and Hewett. No complaints but hope Steele has a shocker.
Baldfrog: Who has a 2nd team so 2015
Raspel31: Same Ooost.
zadolinnyj: Nothing wrong with that raspel
Pokerface: if Tassie get in i’ll have a 2nd team
kascadev8: rasp, thought u left me 🙁
circle52: game has started m0nty.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Nick Daicos coughed up the first goal, oh dear.
Raspel31: Always here for you kasca.
Pokerface: Lipinksi is in the guts m0nty
Baldfrog: Ur older now Kasca
circle52: sorry m0nty my PC must be lagging as data appeared just as i posted,
kascadev8: that good or bad Bald? hmm
MrWalrus: How did Degoey not get games for his preseason shenanigans? What a disgrace
Pokerface: nice Crisp
rupertmarn: Mason Cox looks like a freak
Raspel31: Not quite the beginning we wished for Mr Crisp.
navy_blues: wonder wether cox has a pair of sunnies with wipers on for wet games
Wends: Evening all… grundy (C) Naicos & Hayes on the pine
Ooost: Daicos and The Pin come out firing. Good stuff
DEESareSAD: Stuff this terrible start.
Pokerface: anyone else go midprice madness with Lipinski?
Ash777: I learned never to captain a ruck in the first round.
Raspel31: No Poker- but Hewett paid off.
Pokerface: yep Hewett good.. had him too
Pokerface: probably should have applied the theory to the backline. Mr Crisp is not my friend right now
zadolinnyj: Just went madness poker
Wends: Didn’t get to team in time Ash, hoping it’s not going to burn too hard
Raspel31: Good work Poker- Cripps and Hewett racked em up.
Pokerface: lol zad
mattmac24: something!
Baldfrog: Crisp had burnt us too many times b4
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Grundy gifts Kent a goal with a clanger handball!
SwaggyP: Crisp leaving a lot to be desired atm
kascadev8: dropped Steele today… Hall came in. very scared
Pokerface: yeah but he’s meant to be almost exclusively midfield this year
Raspel31: Crisp will come good- early days- look at last night.
bhg26: Hang on, Crisp is on 6, he?s up and running
zadolinnyj: Very risky kasca
zadolinnyj: Loving Kermit return
SwaggyP: Nicky D about 2 seasons off a Charlie. What a player
Nurfed: crisp seems to be tagging steele
StuL: So the answer so far is Lipinski, tracca, cripps, Hewett. Not even close
Tangent: How was that not HTB on Elliot?
zadolinnyj: Not sure about that swaggy few years of body development before that
Silz90: Get going owens
m0nty: Lipinski olied up
mattmac24: Good game of footy so far
ajconodie: Nice little one handed handball there Tay.
The Hawker: Gee Lipinski is on fire
zadolinnyj: Did Owen?s go to wrong ground
ajconodie: Hayes looks like he’s straight out of Dr Frankenstein’s lab.
Pokerface: did hayes’ mum still a bowl on his head and cut around?
Raspel31: So far no regrets for dumping Steele for Cripps and Hewett.
Wends: We’ve all had bad haircuts over the last two years poker – came v close to giving myself a mullet last winter
Ash777: ffs mic’d up razor
Pokerface: well if i knew you got an extra player for it i would have done it too Rasp!
Gotigres: I need proof that Owens is alive
Pokerface: Wends. False info has been known to get people banned.
Fatbar5tad: Do something Owens. Anything.
Fatbar5tad: Good call @Ash777
Raspel31: Crisp finding it hard to score from the bench- hmm.
zadolinnyj: Had hill in for 3 seconds earlier then slapped myself and removed him
Ash777: I switched from mead to owens last minute because of promise of JS.
Gotigres: I started Dixon ahead of Hayes
Hazza09: Horrible crisp
Wends: Heh… except it’s true – ended up with a fringe
Pies20: Hi all glad footy is back go pies
Gotigres: I started Crisp instead of Gibcus
Fatbar5tad: 0wens
Pokerface: I hope Gil is practicing Patrick’s pronounciation come September
zadolinnyj: Lol gotigres
Pokerface: lol Gotigres
Pokerface: pics or it didn’t happen
Ooost: The Pin getting it done.
MrWalrus: Hayes is my R2, can play a bit.
Pokerface: gutsy walrus
Wends: Ha Fatbar…. Doughnuts for 0wens
phivee: i swapped owens for soligo last minute so hoping that pays off
pjw1234: Marshall hayes and Daicos am happy with not so much Gresham. interested if Lipinski body holds up as full time insidemid
biggs2dujj: Crisp will come good. It’s a marathon
NewFreoFan: are the pies forward stocks that bad they need to keep playing Cox?
ajconodie: Walrus – You know as soon as Ryder is fit Hayes is out right?
MrWalrus: Worst case I can get him to Preuss, i watched the SANFL granny Poker, can play
Silz90: ryder might come back next week via vfl
Raspel31: Agree Biggs- Cripps was on 9 at qtr time and woosh.
biggs2dujj: Ryder guaranteed to break down a few more times this year
AlsoGmax: Already trying to figure out how to get Lippa in next week.
Pokerface: don’t doubt he can play.. its more the JS that concerns me. i certainly have him, but not as R2
MrWalrus: Ryder will never be “fit” again, reckon he’ll hold his spot
Ash777: They may make Ryder a fulltime forward because Wood can play wing.
DrSeuss: Where was Crisp playing in the first quarter?
ajconodie: MrW – You make a good point lol
NewFreoFan: agreed, Ryder is cooked
Pokerface: he was in the mids Seuss
MrWalrus: Got English fwd as a contingency for JS and Dixon R3
Gotigres: ‘Crisp has been a star’ apparently according BT
DrSeuss: Cheers Poker, like he is playing forward now? What?s going on there?
zadolinnyj: Smart walrus
MrWalrus: So far so good
Gandhi: Ryan Brynes jumper number is 13 not 31, as listed
Raspel31: Love the commentary- Crisp has been a star. Well, no he hasn’t.
wadaramus: Crisp on holiday.
ajconodie: There was no prior there.
Tangent: Can’t trust a clean-shaved Grundy…
Seb78: Steele’s last 10 minutes of football has been absolute pedestrian
navy_blues: tom morris sacked
mattmac24: He does look very different Tangent
Nurfed: 100% crisp is tagging steele
MrWalrus: I didn’t think so either aj
Silz90: crisp is a safe pick because he doesnt miss games and he is dpp
Torz: Steele starting to get cooking
Ash777: good news navy
pcaman2003: Evening all! Gresham having fear of the ball?
Wends: When did grundy lose the man bun?
ajconodie: For every one good thing De Goey does, he stuffs up 5 times. On and Off field.
wadaramus: Safe pick that scores fuck all is no good.
mattmac24: Safe pick job security wise but he still needs to score well
Pies20: Crisp will ton up
Silz90: he averaged 104.5 last year i think we are jumping the gun
Pokerface: he has a different role this year silz, whole new ball game
Pies20: Good to see howe back
DEESareSAD: Oh crisp?. At least get too 35 by the half mate
Tangent: One of those matches for King…
Pies20: With the weight he’s dropped wends
NewFreoFan: King the next Daniher. Got a mustache and kicking behinds
original: Crisp any danger cmon man
navy_blues: stay low crispy
DrSeuss: Crisp just running around looking a little lost at times
StuL: “Ripper” Owen’s looks like ripping a hole in the rookie list
Grimes Jr: good boy crispy
beerent11: Crispy Kung POW no worries. Will come good.
kascadev8: if dusty can do not much and still ton, crisp will be fine
original: StuL he was in my team until 5 mins before bounce. Yuck
Ash777: wish owens was the medi-sub
Wends: Half was prob hair Pies 🙂 Here’s hoping his manbun wasn’t the source of his scoring powers
pcaman2003: I wish Gresham would stop bludging. Not going near the ball. Doh!
hinsch: What does N Daicos need to loophole him for Ward or JHF
Pies20: How many of you have a full team including bench? Looked at Owen’s passed
Silz90: i went owens over hough and soglio, its a flip of a coin sometimes
m0nty: Owens, get the boy off
beerent11: Gresham was a trap if ever I saw one
Tangent: How is Cox a professional footballer?
navy_blues: have 1 not playing
Pies20: Haha wends same got him should ton
StuL: I got Owen’s figuring soligo might get the vest
Gotigres: I go and get a beer and Crisp has caught Steele
Raspel31: Why, why on earth would you have Cox unless you were looking to improve Transatlantic relationships.
Ash777: Crisp jumping up!
Pies20: Dodge that bullet beer, got milera tho see how that goes
ajconodie: Gresham was hit and miss before his injury. I don’t know where the improvement was supposed to be coming from.
beerent11: Only non player is wilmot. Expect him to play next week.
zadolinnyj: Milers a sub chance as they will watch game time
beerent11: Good luck pies.
MrWalrus: Full team here, not dixon r3 Preuss, id forgotten
Silz90: surely cameron comes in next week for mr usa
Grimes Jr: how sure are u beer that he plays
Pokerface: get back on field Pin. 66% TOG!
Pies20: Cheers beer
Gotigres: At least Owens is on the bench and not Emergency
MrWalrus: They need to find Hayes more, they score every time he touches it
Pokerface: who do you see him replacing beer?
frenzy: get another beer gotiges
Pies20: Struggled with the backs zads hopefully he plays out the game
beerent11: I think Cox is related to the emirates airlines ceo
Ash777: never say that again BT
Manowar: ManOwar you idiot! Grundy, Crisp delete your team NOW!
Wends: I go and make a herbal tea and Grundy still on turdysix and a turd
Gotigres: Going to the pub in a few minutes frenzy. Maybe that will help Crisp
beerent11: Think they really like him grimes. Looked good in the praccy. Coleman being out helps a lot.
dezlav: Cmon Crisp. Get moving
Gotigres: Nice half Nick
kascadev8: tigres, just compare him to heeney and watch him rise
beerent11: Pies for the flag
Gotigres: ok kasca
Ooost: Good turn around from Crisp 😀
Tangent: Fuck Cox
DrSeuss: Crisp looking very average when he isn?t at the centre bounces
Gotigres: Great half Owens
Raspel31: A luttle mre next half pleez Muster Crusp.
Fatbar5tad: 0wens great pic ffs
Manowar: What’s up with the sunnies on the American dude?can guy
exatekk: did people bring in Owens?
Pokerface: all those Darcy owners whinging that Gawn was locked and they have to get Marshall instead
navy_blues: crisp needs to be used as a play maker not tagger
Pokerface: double donuts Owen
Fatbar5tad: puts hand up sheepishly….
Gotigres: Ok, off to the pub. Enjoy the game everyone
mattmac24: Crisp and Grundy a bit average. Hopefully they can have a better second half. Happy with Hayes
Manowar: Owens rising star this week!
pjw1234: Crisp and Lipinski play same role so rotate in mid. Crisp down back when Lipinski on the ground
Silz90: marshall smashing grundy matt imo
Pav300: Hey mOnty love the site but joined for the full stats ? dont seem to work? be great to clean up the main menus too pls
Wends: Manowar – he had eye surgeries over offseason – blind for a couple of weeks after one surgery I think? Light sensitive.
Cottees: Loving Marshall in my team! So happy I took the gamble. Thank God Owens on my bench oooft
DrSeuss: Lipinski playing a lot more on ball pjw – Crisp playing back and even a little forward.
Raspel31: Bumped into my neighbour Damien Hardwick this morning. We politely discussed EPL. He is a gentleman.
Pies20: Crazy wends was going to say the same, he probably wished he stuck with basketball, never seen anything like it in afl
Pies20: Good work coxi keep going
beerent11: Reiwoldt, Buckley Lyon. Fox. Zero premierships.
Pokerface: glad i didn’t activate bench boost this round Owens!
Pies20: And how was he rasp?? Who’s he follow?
beerent11: You move in sophisticated circles raspel
beerent11: What?s that poker?
Raspel31: No Beer- I live in a dingy apartment and he lives in a sexy townhouse.
Pokerface: its an epl joke beer
travo: Changed
travo: Changed from Marshall to Grundy last minute in SC 🙁
MrWalrus: So young Daicos is a bit rubbish…. So smooth you barely notice him, should have been number 1
beerent11: Over my head apparently poker
Wends: @Pies – why’d he have to have surgery – injuries?
beerent11: The game is better when j Howe is going strong
Pokerface: bench boost is a chip you can use once in the season where you get the scores of everyone on your bench as well
MrWalrus: Still a half to go travo
Raspel31: No beer- he lives directly opposite and we became chums as I didn’t recognise him. Good fellow.
Tangent: How many people here do DT compared to SC?
beerent11: Aahh
kascadev8: why did i choose u rasp 🙂
travo: SC and ultimate footy for me
MrWalrus: I do both because I love frustration and losing in all it’s flavours
frenzy: being a chum is fun, that is why I’m one
vamos77: Daicos is a chipscab playing in the easiest position in modern football, get him in the pivot
Raspel31: Mr Walrus- mankind has developed no greater excitement of the senses than getting your arse kicked every week.
exatekk: its his 1st game vamos. how mny afl game did you play?
circle52: @Tangent I do both
MrWalrus: It’s why we have dungeons Rasp… Or so I’m told
Pies20: The eye poke flowered him wends obviously more serious than the normal eye poke
beerent11: So fuckin weird seeing a bloke with arse hole sunnies on the field
circle52: Foreward thinking what are we diung when Daicos gets D as well in Rd 6.
Tangent: Found the draft quite fun to do with some mates…
navy_blues: fat lady warming up vocal chords
vamos77: 18 if you must ask, but nothing do do with what I said
Gotigres: Back again. Pub was just closing
wadaramus: How is that a free kick to Grundy?
beerent11: Draft is the best game I reckon
exatekk: you think they’re gonna throw a green horn into the coal face? maybe if the games dead he will go in the guts. 18 my RS
Pies20: That it is beer, he’d be hating it, good on him for getting out there i say
Wends: @Tangent I quit SC when private league died & went to RDT. AFLF atm but prefer RDT
vamos77: Ever heard of Rowell and Walsh exa
Pies20: Should of joined the ff sc league for shits and giggles wends
Tangent: That’s the multi gone
Raspel31: Well, all was looking good till Crisp-sigh-but on the bright side I didn’t pick Owens.
exatekk: both teams had no other choice but to throw their (number 1) picks in the guts, look how it turned out for Rowell
beerent11: Oops everyone just had a heap of clambers and frees against
beerent11: 1?s all round
Gotigres: Owens an effective handball
Ash777: Owens got a touch!
beerent11: *clangers
Cottees: Owens is alive!
beerent11: Saints still soft as butter
95 Percent: lets go grundyyy
StuL: Owen’s could be the first entry level player to lose money
95 Percent: whos best on so far
Pies20: Pies up and about keep it up
original: Saints are awful
kascadev8: Stul i think balta did it?
DrSeuss: Crisp needs to stop pointing at everyone else and get a touch.
Gotigres: I’m sure others have lost money Stul
Tangent: Good one Moore!
Fatbar5tad: Relton Owens
Gotigres: Poor effort by Moore
Raspel31: Point for point and dollar for dollar I’m rather preferring Daicos to Steele.
sMiles: The hatred I feel for Darcy and Lloyd right now – I changed my team for so much worse =- last second
wadaramus: Crisp premium dollars for rookie score.
Gotigres: Wow Hayes, nice pass
Raspel31: Sadly so wada- unseen and useless so far.
StuL: I’m not sure anyone at 117k would have lost money? Those others cost more I think?
Wends: Whoever it was with Hayes as R2 not looking so cray cray
Tangent: Game on! Carn the mighty Sainters!
Gotigres: Crisp to Hewett for me
beerent11: Hayes looks a goer
Grimes Jr: lift crisp
TheLegend6: Crisp will be okay
StuL: Must have crisp. Last year’s winner does they said. Nuts to that
95 Percent: go hayes go
PAFC4eva: late to the show marshall n daics and hayes in for preuss 🙂
beerent11: Steele about to impose himself on the game rasp. Here we go.
Raspel31: Wasted trade early on Gotigres.
st_steve: Crisp is looking like being my D6 this year. Shame I picked him as D2!
original: Crisp has vanished
mattmac24: Can’t see Hewett keeping it up once Walsh is back
beerent11: There you go again stul. You listen to they too much.
MrWalrus: It’s me, watch the SANFL granny from last year and you’ll see why
95 Percent: hayes is a gun
vamos77: Howe another chipscab is affecting Crisps output, no surprise.
st_steve: Hayes was insane in that GF
Cottees: man, Hayes in on my bench 🙁
pjw1234: Hayes going to outscore daicos lol
Olli32019: He really is 95
Yelse: when Ryder comes back will affect marshall and hayes
Hazza09: Wow crisp
DEESareSAD: I have Owens and Crisp with no Hayes. 3 correction trades already
exatekk: can you loophole Cottees?
exatekk: ryder wont come back lol
Raspel31: Well we all have Hayes on the pine and Daicos out there- but good work lad.
MrWalrus: Every touch will be a contested mark and always hit the target in a scoring chain he’s just one of those guys
Ooost: Brodie out and loopholed to Hayes at the current rate.
DrSeuss: Might have to trade Draper down to Preuss so Hayes comes on field. Might make up for Crisp?s trash
Cottees: na, didn’t put him as emergency for some reason 🙁
m0nty: knew it, should have started Hayes over Grundy
exatekk: i loopholed Baldwin with Mead to grab Hayes score
95 Percent: crisp is a hack
frenzy: extract the digit Crisp
TheLegend6: Hayes! hahaha
original: That?s great crisp just great
Wends: Damn Mr Walrus… can I subscribe to your preseason 2023 newsletter pls 🙂
Gotigres: Hayes going mental
beerent11: It?s round 1
StuL: Go Hayes! What a gun
dipstick: @walrus yep, and he got 27 out of possible 27 votes in the GF
Raspel31: Hmm- lose Gawn for Hayes and buy every centre primo- tempting.
beerent11: Can?t possibly fail raspel
exatekk: use up all those bonus trades hey Rasp?
Ash777: steady on it’s round 1 lol
95 Percent: lift grundy youre getting ripped by hayes lmao
pcaman2003: And Hayes only $102k. Bargain! Glad I had him,but pity he’s benched.
biggs2dujj: Benched Hayes at R3. Cash generation will have to do
Grimes Jr: Crisp nowhere
MrWalrus: Old school big bloke more a ruck rover than ruck, big mid size plays huge, top skills
Tangent: This guy is unbelievable
biggs2dujj: Ryder might as well retire
Gotigres: Hayes is my R3 as well
Cottees: hayes best on ground
Wends: Lenny exploding
Social: oh crispit
beerent11: We may have another Michael Barlow on our hands
Crippa9: managed to loophole hayes..yay
Yelse: got hayes on ground for durdin
Gotigres: Nice tap by Crisp to a saints player
DrSeuss: Crisp giving away frees and being ignored by team mates – good times
Raspel31: As did everyone pcaman- sigh. Give you a Crisp for anyone.
Yelse: pies need to lift ffs
MrWalrus: Hope they set him loose as a drifting utility, will dominate
PAFC4eva: 9 players 8 tons your letting side down daics
exatekk: me too Crippa. No way baldwin will get anywhere near that
m0nty: geez it’s painful watching Hill as a POD
dezlav: And I left Hayes on the Bench and put Dixon (WCE) on the ground. Damn rookies
wadaramus: Bloody hell, may need to swap Witts at R2 to a non player to get Hayes score!
95 Percent: higgins nightmare
dabombers: Crisp to seagul Lloyd when back.
Dondeal: Just did that Wada
beerent11: There will be work out into Hayes next week. Secret is out.
Wends: youch m0nty
exatekk: you didnt m0nty?
Baldfrog: Has Crisp come good yet?
Ooost: Hayes officially loop’d
monkebuket: +1 wad thinking to drop ROB and put in preuss
Fatbar5tad: Crisp will be cheap as chips if he keeps going like this. Howe do you like that?
PJ39301965: It?s missy Higgins time again. Lol
beerent11: * put into
Gotigres: Crisp to Presti
Jolles: As a WWT supporter I could have told you how good Hayes is.
fruity: just looped Hayes
Ash777: give higgins the mare
exatekk: surely you had Hayes and Dixon in swappable spots dez?
biggs2dujj: Looking like i’ll need to get that spud Dixon in to get Hayes up FWD
Social: mmm zucchini linguini
Pokerface: who did you use to loophole to get hayes on?
zadolinnyj: I?m looping Hayes. Awesome
hinsch: What would J Hayes js be now,
Wahab_18: Gonna Trade WItts to Preuss to grab Hayes score
upweydons: So glad I started with Hayes
wadaramus: Great idea Wahab!
Pokerface: aah i thought you had him forward
Pokerface: Presti was solid though. Didn’t miss games
kascadev8: filthy that my E disappeared on Hayes.. lot for baldwin to do tomorrow
StuL: Hayes on the Park. One good call so far
2Ph0nes: was no secret, the was the only obvious choice as a forward bench option
exatekk: be good as a utility at least hinsch
Raspel31: Please explain how anyone can loop Hayes in? Of course we’d all love to. Crisp- you suck but no rage trades.
Ash777: I’m not going to make the change because I think the trades are going to be vital as the season goes on.
Pokerface: any new covid cases yet? particularly cheap forwards?
dezlav: @Raspel. Plenty of people I think have him in the Forward line with a non playing bencher available
wadaramus: Hayes R3 with E. Witts R2, trade to Preuss.
Ash777: Blues being hit by covid poker so might see a few there.
mattmac24: Had every intention of holding Preuss through his suspension and used Hayes as a cover. Didn’t expect this though
amigaman: I might sack Witts to get Hayes in
pcaman2003: Raspel. Agreed! Might have buyers remorse with Crisp. I’ll give him one more go.
beerent11: The voice of reason ash. Round 1.
Pokerface: yeah easy if you have him in ruck line. as forward E its more tricky 🙂
m0nty: Grundy handballing to himself, good DTing
Pokerface: blues doesnt help ash.. theyve played!
Gotigres: Meanwhile, Owens
circle52: Same wada Had a fleeting thought but then thought no.
bhg26: Maybe crisp should do that monty, if he can actually get the ball
amigaman: Don’t have to, I have hayesin fwds
dezlav: @Pacman2003. Dont be a me and pull the trigger to early. Ha Ha
AlsoGmax: Come on, let Steele touch the ball please.
Raspel31: But pcaman-does beg the question. Crisp has been invisible.
hinsch: I have Steele and Crisp on the field with Hayes and Daicos on the bench cannot help bad luck I suppose
Pies20: About time lift pies!!!
Pokerface: points for the lipinski assist
Gotigres: Wow, Owens
MrWalrus: Crisp will be fine, it’s just one game and he’s having a stinker
wadaramus: Do something Crisp you hack!
Gotigres: Owens just lost 10 points on the bench
pcaman2003: Early days Raspel,so long way to go.
beerent11: Over the season crisp will be a good pick. Others may get him cheaper. No big deal.
Pies20: On que wada
Fatbar5tad: How does Owens drop 10 on the bench??
beerent11: Swings and
original: Crisp to recover to 85 boys don?t worry
Pokerface: wonder how many only went Crisp after Lloyd was out
beerent11: Swings and rounda?. Somethings
wadaramus: My timing is impeccable Pies20 🙂
Pies20: Great goal keep going pies!!
Pokerface: he said it again Ash
italz: Yeah only got Crisp because no Lloyd :/
wadaramus: I went Crisp to save some money.
Pies20: Grundy big this quarter
original: Owens lost points on the bench as he never got stung for the 50m penalty
wadaramus: You get what you pay for.
Social: We might have to pay a bit to get Henry home
DrSeuss: Hayes, Daicos and Crisp in this game – this is not how I thought the scoring would play out
StuL: I don’t think Cox can see
MrWalrus: Same, Lloyd to Crisp
Seb78: Wtf Steele??
Yelse: grundy just went bang
exatekk: lol stul
Yelse: steele a baragin in 4 weeks
pcaman2003: Good comeback from Gresham since 1st qtr.
MrWalrus: Adams injured? But he’s so durable
beerent11: Got the c on Kent. Damn it
StuL: Owen’s is going back to the twos for the rest of his career
Raspel31: Is Lloyd out- had no idea?
Fatbar5tad: Yep. Owens is gawnski.
Pokerface: raspel yeah – covid. wasnt selected in initial team
Pies20: Covid rasp
Yelse: might have to get degoey
StuL: That’s why some of us have crisp rasp. Lloyd covid stuff
Crowls: owens my loophole next week by the look of it. Ratt doesnt even want him on the field
beerent11: Haha Gresham outscoring steele. That?s bullshit if ever I saw it
bhg26: I dislike you greatly Crisp
dipstick: only the smart fantasy players took degoey nd sidey. everyone took all the paper cup players made out of balsa wood
Raspel31: Well, Ridley or Whitfield for me.
SwaggyP: Lol I had the C on Steele. Maybe next year.
Nurfed: whats the icon on howe?
pcaman2003: Hey Beer. May not be a trap after all. Time will tell.
DEESareSAD: Imagine having C on Steele. Imagine not having Steele like me 🤟
Ash777: dw on steele
original: Crisp just went backwards smh
MrWalrus: Whitfield Rasp
exatekk: aarggh everyone is on 1
navy_blues: sc scores?
original: 1sc he sucks
Social: SC scores just showered itself?
exatekk: yeah i dont have Steele either DEES
Raspel31: Thank you for hidind SC scores M0nty-lessens the pain.
DEESareSAD: I?d be worrying on Steele. Won?t average 125 this year
Ash777: phew owens positive score again
StuL: 3 kicks owens. All straight to pies.
Grimes Jr: Get to 75 crispy
original: Steele looks miles off it. Going to be a long year for saints fans..maybe pies too
Gotigres: I’m glad so far that I changed Steele to Miller a few days ago
wadaramus: Hayes needs a few touches to put the cherries on top.
Ash777: Steele will kill you next rnd
wadaramus: Fucking umpires and the deliberate rule.
banta: Umpiring utterly disgraceful these days. How on earth is that deliberate. Ruining the game!
Social: Corey Mitchell Hart is a Canadian singer, musician and Collingwood forward.
original: Gresham lol. He no good
Pokerface: jim henson-steele
sMiles: Owens! Go you good thing!
Raspel31: Trading Steele gave me Hewett and Cripps- no complaints.
frenzy: this week raspel
Tangent: Don’t really understand umpiring these days…
MrWalrus: Umps loving the pies this quarter
Wends: Good recovery C grundy… & good lesson to take a 120 C score next time
dabombers: Are we allowed to criticise razor here monty?
Ash777: Sinclair has become a midfielder
Pokerface: you want your videos leaked dabombers?
Tangent: Gresham has been very good!
MrWalrus: No dabombers, but he is a cheat
dabombers: Free download on Phub.
pcaman2003: Who else has Gresham in their team?
Social: Who waxes those eyebrows? They’re spectacular
Raspel31: Not happy with Crisp but over the moon I dodged the Steele bullet.
Tangent: This is a disgrace
95 Percent: that is dreadful razor
banta: Match fixing should be investigated with these umpires that?s crook
Social: Razor for the win
circle52: Shpuld have been a free to Saints umps really favouring Pies this quarter
Ash777: saints getting stiched up
MrWalrus: Wow, worse than last night
DrSeuss: How is that not a free to Hayes – clear as day
exatekk: will Daicos ton up?
Pies20: Yeah agree walrus a couple of gone our way this quarter
dabombers: Need to start following razor?s betting tips
Gandhi: @Social you should have seen them a couple of seasons ago, he’s had a few brow looks
duckky: So they don’t pay a blatent free that was there (last 5 min of a game rule) – but they take it for “dissent”
Pies20: Well done pies!!!
vaficarra: This game has been completely ruined by the umpires. In particular the saints have been ridiculously ripped off
PAFC4eva: thanks daics 9 for 9
exatekk: here we go…..
TheFlagger: Darcy going down was a blessing in disguise. Held him, looped macrae and hayes emergency
pjw1234: They are chanting Razorwood
Wends: Cox is like the daggy dad you ask to pick you up from school round the corner from the front gate
dabombers: Umps needed to make sure they started the season well with a win.
pcaman2003: Gresham was 92,kicks a goal and another mark and kick,but now 91. WTF?
Social: hollow pies, ray flowers up again
wadaramus: AFL = ridiculously over officious. Paying free kicks that aren’t there. Looking for every minor discretion.
StuL: I don’t like Collingwood
Jolles: Well done umpires … usual one sided calls.
MrWalrus: Crisp came back ok
navy_blues: riewoldt got soft frees last night and cost goals too
Ash777: Ling said it best “you just lost us the game”
TheFlagger: love the pies playing more attacking under macrae.
StuL: Bingo wada. We want to see football not umpire ball
DEESareSAD: Crisp 70. If he pulls a 110 next week then he will have average of 90 and it?s not all that bad
Raspel31: I don’t like Collingwood- and hate Crisp- but to call that on bad calls? Deserved win.
MrWalrus: 9 for 965, great start so far averaging over the ton
duckky: Any scaling to come?
Wends: Grundy with the 4 FA 😐
travo: Booo had the C on Steele in SC
Cr1cketeer: Great debuts for Hayes, Daicos, Owens and Lipinski (club)
duckky: Rucks wil be the players with most FA this year I recon
Tangent: 950 off 9, Mundy as Captain to come
TheFlagger: glad i picked touk over steele. long season though
dabombers: Does razor get kickbacks from social media account payments like the kardashians?
PAFC4eva: 1202 from 9 downhill from here
MrWalrus: Some duckk
Tangent: Gresham on 90 after a goal and multiple kicks, lol get stuffed
TheFlagger: scaling?
Ninty: Should I loophole Owens (2) [E] in??
Gotigres: Yes Ninty

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