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Chat log from R1 of 2022: Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs, R1 of 2022

Yelse: who is everyone using for loophole?
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Max now Stef is out
boxy36: Evening all, any leagues got open spots?
Thomas1234: can’t wait boys
navy_blues: be at mcg tomorrow night cant wait!
upweydons: Ugly Hagen in
Yelse: macca or gawn Vc
FLAG: macrae easing into steele
exatekk: Hey all!! How good is this?!!
m0nty: Hunter with a bit of the old in and out
exatekk: 272604 Thomas 12 team league
exatekk: oops Boxy i mean
PAFC4eva: 2 spots to fill 802323 please join
frenzy: howdy
BigChief: Good luck for the season everyone.
Gotigres: Let’s hope a few of our leagues go really well.
TheLegend6: Good luck everyone!
navy_blues: remember no umpire abuse guys lolol
bhg26: Good luck lads
BigChief: Fitzroy for the flag hehehe
upweydons: We are off , good luck.
rupertmarn: Bowey to do well
MercAm: Lets go guys!!!
bhg26: Looking like a good game tonight
bhg26: Red hot footy
MrWalrus: Foooooooootttyyyyyy!
pricey: we are back!’
Water: sc scores?
Yelse: No SC scores?
m0nty: working on it
pricey: Good @exatekk
Wahab_18: Welcome back everyone!
lenny20: Not to go too early, but if you don’t have macrae and treloar, your season is literally already over
Raspel31: And so the pain begins again
BigChief: hahah I see a spud icon still.
casey22: feels like footy was a couple of years ago!
Gotigres: I thought Macrae got a fee, not gave one away.
pcaman2003: Gr8 to see so many familiar names.Good luck everyone. Also VODDOO doll for hire.
Yelse: Gawn needs to lift
bhg26: That voodoo doll caused me a lot of grief last season pcaman
MrWalrus: McCrae yeah, Treloar probably optional
Pav300: good luck all, jeez Lenny?
thommoae: Great to be back, people. Monty is there a BestCoast round planned?
TheLegend6: No more live SC?
pcaman2003: bhg26. You didn’t take up my special!
Baldfrog: 100pt drubbing coming up the way its going
J.Worrall: Go Dees
biggs2dujj: Dees going back to back
BigChief: I think CD is watching the test cricket.
Ooost: Treloar, J-Mac, Dunkley and Gawn.. Good times WB everyone.
StuL: So Melbourne’s won the flag already
Raspel31: Indeed thommoae- a BestCoast round would be great.
MrWalrus: Should have enforced the follow on….
TheLegend6: Dees look scary
navy_blues: think dogs still in shed
pcaman2003: BigChief. CD went to wrong ground.
BigChief: Maybe so pcaman
Tangent: Dale you flog
Tig-Train: @MrWalrus tell me about it? stupid
biggs2dujj: Dees a well oiled machine.
BigChief: Salem not looking good.
arbel: cmon dunkley get in the game
frenzy: get off the pine Macrae
pcaman2003: Macca still off
cusch1: No SC scores lads?
NewFreoFan: Bloody Salem, seasons over already
Manowar: SC scores urgently required please!
BigChief: Dunkley being tagged by Harmes?
biggs2dujj: SC on Herald Sun site is not working too
TheLegend6: Nothing better than some round 1 technical issues haha
zadolinnyj: How r we lads. Good to be back
cmperrfect: Live scores working in SC App
DrSeuss: Dunkley dropping marks like Steve Smith in the slips
MrWalrus: Muppet Bowey, totally threw that away, got 50.
Ash777: This was over before first bounce’
mattmac24: I’m getting live SC scores on the app and don’t even have a subscription…
pcaman2003: Live scores also on SC gameday h2h.
wadaramus: Missed the start watching the cricket.
Baldfrog: Noticed Dunks hasnt chased a couple of opponents so far hope he doesnt have a niggle
BigChief: That’s new this year pcaman.
wadaramus: Lift Max!
pcaman2003: No Chief. I’ve used it in the past.
zadolinnyj: Feel like Gawn going to share ruck a lot
BRAZZERS: thats temp, they usually give you access to that at the start of the season
Baldfrog: Remember max and grundys last years 1st round scores? Dont panic yet
DrSeuss: Yeah Dunks looking just a tad off Baldy – improving as the game goes on though
BigChief: What was that free for?
bhg26: He missed him lmao
upweydons: Shocker to weightman
Moona: Not like weightman to fake for a free….
colin wood: Hey lads another season is upon us!
Baldfrog: Umps have improved I see
Raspel31: Game on. Step up Max. Good work Macrae.
pcaman2003: Frees are a dime a dozen.
MrWalrus: Evened up the not even 50 one
Roksta: Lol dons boys still salty
BigChief: #freekickbulldogs
Roksta: Weightman living rent free in essendon heads
mattmac24: Makes up for the Bowey 50 penalty
Tangent: Gotta make the first match interesting somehow…
J.Worrall: @minto, English is not tandem ruck with Martin …
Wahab_18: Anyone got an update on Salem?
Lofty9: What’s the App called to get live SC score?
wadaramus: The spud returns!
zadolinnyj: Salem subbed
thommoae: Good start to the season, Wahab. A question – not a whiney, whingey post. You’ll be off the spud if you keep it up.
MrWalrus: I don’t think Jackson has much impact on Gawn, they he’ll be fine
J.Worrall: Salem and spud. Yum!
BigChief: Not subbed yet is he @Zado?
Baldfrog: I like the look of the spud actually
Ash777: I think flea got the free because the melb player didn’t look at the ball
zadolinnyj: Agree baldy
FlyinRyan2: why is there no supercoach scores?
wadaramus: Definitely a spunta.
beerent11: Pretty useless site if there?s not gonna be any sc scores.
zadolinnyj: BT said he is subbed @BigChief
wadaramus: Not enough people use this site to make it financially viable for m0nty to pay for it?
FlyinRyan2: no one is going to use it if there isn’t
BigChief: Can we trust BT though? LOL
biggs2dujj: what a turnaround!
zadolinnyj: Easy @Beerent. Same thing happens at start of each year with sc
FlyinRyan2: what’s changed from this year to previous years they’ve always had it
zadolinnyj: Probably not Chief
exatekk: Give it time. Usually get SC scores during RND 1
Pav300: settle fellas – mOntys working on it
Tangent: bullshit deliberate?
Pav300: great game, just like the GF so far
Baldfrog: M0ntys buying the monkey some bananas as we speak
pcaman2003: What a turnaround. Go Treloar!
zadolinnyj: Let?s all chip in and get sc
wadaramus: I will be in on that zado.
biggs2dujj: my chat is broke
duckky: Must be blowing a gale down one end
biggs2dujj: Yes, still broken
StuL: Premiership hangover. Melbourne is no good any more
exatekk: anyone getting is this still broken error?
Baldfrog: Same Biggs
Baldfrog: yup 403 frorbidden im getting
J.Worrall: ignoring it
wadaramus: Yes
Tangent: Yep!
navy_blues: yes
BigChief: Yep I am exatekk
duckky: 403 – that’s what I get from my porn site
zadolinnyj: Good lad wada
exatekk: Monty, are you broken?
zadolinnyj: Good lad wada
exatekk: might go have a nap while Brown takes his run-up
DrSeuss: Gawn is a necessity they said?lol
Yelse: lift ollieee please brought u in with 2 mins to spare
Tangent: Weightman goes to ground so easily… everytime
MrWalrus: I think we can wait longer than 1.5 1/4’s before writing Gawn off for the season Suess
duckky: GAwn was crap the first few games last year too…
mattmac24: Gawn will most likely still end up no.1 ruck by season’s end. Wouldn’t stress about Round 1
exatekk: jeez. going early Seuss
DrSeuss: Haha possibly Walrus – maybe
navy_blues: naughton looking good
cusch1: 3 goals in a quarter, no cape for Naighton?
bhg26: People still doubt Gawn lol
Pokerface: i thought they said don’t go Gawn, his time will be chopped by Jackson
PJ39301965: Evening all
duckky: Gawn is 93% TOG Poker. He kicks a goal or 2 a game so should be OK
Pokerface: oh he’ll be ok. don’t think he’s worth top dollar though. especially early
Yelse: Gawn to english ? first trade
PJ39301965: I took English so happy atm
Pokerface: same PJ. rounds 2-8 for him are a goldmine
wadaramus: Gawn sucking big time
mattmac24: At this stage I’m glad I didn’t start with Gawn but I’ll want him in my team at some point.
beerent11: Same reactionary sooks different year.
pcaman2003: Gawn on 28 SC points now. Oh dear!
PJ39301965: Exactly poker and the ddp is also gold
Pokerface: what other ruckmen were taken here?
2Ph0nes: muppets in fine form in the chat first game of the season
mattmac24: Would be nice if Gawn playing enough forward minutes that he gets Ruc/Fwd status!
Pokerface: PJ absolutely. he’s doing it as a ruck for me rd 1 while pruess is holidaying, but forward after that
biggs2dujj: Max Gawn going to be 400k in a few weeks
MrWalrus: I imagine anyone not starting Gawn will want him on their team before long, unless injury occurs I’m content
Pokerface: anyone go Witts? seriously considered him with GC early draw too
wadaramus: Reactionary sooks..muppets..whatever man!
MrWalrus: Me too poker, happy so far except he replaced Dunks for me
pcaman2003: Poker. I did. Think he has gr8 upside if injury free.
wadaramus: Yes, I went Gawn/Witts.
mattmac24: Definitely considered hun Poker but decided on the riskier option of Preuss.
Pokerface: i imagine any uber prems i didn’t start i will on my team before long
Pokerface: nice pic pcaman.
bhg26: All of a sudden gawn 45
Yelse: Gawn made a move 43SC now
J.Worrall: Petracca going bananas
biggs2dujj: Gawn getting some late pecker kissing
zadolinnyj: I went witts
2Ph0nes: gawn 45sc, its really not that bad.
Pokerface: think preuss worth the risk. if he doesnt measure up early, theres heaps of forwards you can transfer at price point
2Ph0nes: 46 sorry
wadaramus: Thanks 2ph0nes.
Yelse: They don’t like ollie the umps! so many FA
biggs2dujj: Gawn was 28SC about 30 seconds ago
Pokerface: anyone go Darcy?
Baldfrog: Gawn gets points for breathing he eill be fine
pcaman2003: Gawny picked up a few late points last few minutes.
Pokerface: dunks 67, english 63, macrae 62, daniel 49, treloar 43
MrWalrus: Loving my Gawn/Preuss/JHayes English Fwd as cover plan so far
Pokerface: petracca 78, ollie 46, gawn 46, jackson 37, bowey 30
wadaramus: Thanks Poker.
Yelse: what does everyone think of Gibcus?
Tangent: Captain loophole still working?
pcaman2003: Yelse. On my bench and hopefully make some quick $$.
Pokerface: not for me yelse. think theres enough cheaper rooks there than we thought there would be
MrWalrus: Reckon he’ll be a cracker Yelse, solid sage rook.
Yelse: not that many cheap def rooks unless they surprise us with being named
mattmac24: I’ve gone with Gibcus on the bench. I don’t think there is enough def rookies to pick from. It’s him or Hinge for me
MrWalrus: *safe
Pokerface: anyone on Marshall?
Gotigres: Dunkley 68, Macrae 63
wadaramus: I went with Joel Smith at D7 with the E 🙁
MrWalrus: Anyone have Salem?
Baldfrog: Only if my battery goes flat Poker
Ash777: atleast he’ll play more than gibcus wada I reckon
zadolinnyj: I took gibcus
Pokerface: haha baldy
beerent11: In draft walrus
MrWalrus: Marshall tempting, would have if F too
Pokerface: i think boyd will play
J.Worrall: I see live SC scores on the “My team” page. Is that new?
Baldfrog: Couldnt fit Gibcus in with Hinge and McCartin
zadolinnyj: English 70
Gotigres: Hang on. Scores just changed. Gawn 40, Macrae 62 and Dunkley 67
MrWalrus: Smith is basically full price, will play but stink your team up terribly
Ash777: Petty out and tomlison playing shit means Jsmith will get games.
biggs2dujj: Gibcus D6/7 looping with SDK.
MrWalrus: Hows that poker? not even emergency this week
mattmac24: Not new Worrall. They give that to everyone for R1 I believe but after that, only available for those with a Herald Sun
Pokerface: does gibcus hold his spot when grimes is back? he nearly made round 1
J.Worrall: Thx @mattmac
Pokerface: oh oops. i forgot to check carlton’s announced team
duckky: I went Sinn depennding on selection
mattmac24: Poker. Grimes is playing. No issues there
zadolinnyj: Oliver 39
J.Worrall: Don’t forget Houli retired, Pface
MrWalrus: Grimes is back, Boyd not even emergency
Ash777: gibcus is on the bench so I think he was lucky to get in.
Pokerface: yeah i think you are right matt. the hook and switch
biggs2dujj: Poker, Dimma loves giving kids a go. He really backs them in. Gibcus will play alot
Pokerface: ok. i went deep in def, hewett d5, sinn d6
Pokerface: ok cool, sounds like his js is ok for those who go him then
Gotigres: Durdin named on field
MrWalrus: Sinn won’t play, hope he does but not confident
duckky: Houli will still get 50 from Champion Dat
2Ph0nes: lol he was never in doubt to get a game, bailey smith was named on the bench tongight. was he lucky to get a game too? l
Pokerface: lol ducky
bhg26: Hey theres the sc scores
duckky: Tempted to go Doc in defense
bones351: Where they are named is irrelevant unfortunately. I wish they were forced to play them where they are named but they ar.
wadaramus: Disappointed I went for Oliver over Miller or Steele 🙁
amigaman: We have SC yay!
m0nty: that was painful, sorry for the delay
wadaramus: SC scores are up. all hail our god m0nty!
m0nty: always a bit going on in game 1 of 198
MrWalrus: Def rooks are a nightmare, there’s only like 4 likely to play
bones351: *Aren?t
mattmac24: Me too Duckky. Think too much of a risk to start with but I’d love to bring him in later.
duckky: Great work Monty
wadaramus: Dunks going massive in SC.
duckky: English – 5 FF helps his score
MrWalrus: Hail m0nty, hail the great man!
biggs2dujj: Cheers Monte
mattmac24: Appreciate the effort Monty.
PJ39301965: Anyone looking for a fanfooty SuperCoach league have a few spots left in one
Pokerface: so do his 9 contested possies though. equal with Clarry
kascadev8: evening legends, footys finaly back
Pokerface: my boy
PJ39301965: Nice work M0nty, we know it?s hard.
PJ39301965: Hey Kasc
Pokerface: thinking who might come in for Sicily if the rumours are true.. Hawks like to play their kids
duckky: Fair point Poker. Seems to be dropping into CHB once he does the centre bounce
wadaramus: What’s the sitch with Sicily?
Baldfrog: Only bought in Sicily tonight whats up with him Poker?
Tangent: Will be more than happy to join PJ
Baldfrog: Hate this drip feeding of teams in R1
Pokerface: covids hit hawthorn, rumours are sicily is one of them. yeah i had to rejig my team from that one too
BigChief: Sicily possibly covid
duckky: Would be interested PJ
mattmac24: Was said that Sicily was involved with he health and safety issue. Currently only McEvoy and Breast won’t play
Baldfrog: Ok Short gets a gig by the looks
wadaramus: Fuck covid.
MrWalrus: Dropping behind the ball is where Gawn gets a lot of points too duckky
Raspel31: I’d bank on Short MrWalrus.
m0nty: Richards building after a slow start
PJ39301965: Hey ducky it?s 562918. Only 4 spots left
zadolinnyj: Really @ Bigchief
bhg26: Bont gone down to the rooms
biggs2dujj: Bont going to be real juicy soon
Pokerface: will be nicely priced in SC too
Yelse: if sicily out for a week might still keep him if def rookies play well
BigChief: Just what i heard @Zado
BurtCocain: please lift gawny
Pokerface: fair call Yelse. Who’s your emergency?
duckky: Thanks PJ
Baldfrog: Not premo enough for me to keep him Yelse
duckky: Says it is full PJ
duckky: Gotta be quick 😉
kascadev8: stay down clarry and gawn 🙂
PJ39301965: It is now. It doesn?t take long to fill the spots ducky. Sorry mate.
duckky: Serves me right for making pizza
Tangent: Thoughts on Steele?
Pokerface: making pizza isn’t something that deserves punishment
Baldfrog: Cant go wrong Tangent
zadolinnyj: Steele no for me
Baldfrog: Only decent Saints Mid
Pokerface: chose him over Macrae. will only get better with the new interpretations
italz: Steele a must have I rekon
Tangent: Is Hannebery still playing? what’s up with him
zadolinnyj: That makes sense
beerent11: Same goes for touk poker
Pokerface: steele and touk are my two ubers. totally agree beer
mattmac24: Only went with the two premo mids. Decided in Macrae and Touk Miller. Thought Miller would be better than Steele.
bhg26: Cant really go wrong with any of the top 3 mids
Pokerface: honestly, picking between them is just personal preference. theyll all be top 5 mids come end of year
Olli32019: Schache is the worst player
Pokerface: lol, some of these easy FF for english 🙂
wadaramus: Carn Bowey, get to 80SC!
bhg26: Surely JUH gets a game over Schache
StuL: God has the C on Macca. Screw him. I do.
fruity: Time to let Oliver off the leash and stop him from a tagging role..
mattmac24: In my opinion. Macrae was the one and only must have player for SC. He’s just a safe Captain option every week.
dipstick: is that all bont and gawn? thats all you got?
Pokerface: did bont come back from the rooms?
mattmac24: Bont has an ankle injury and was off the ground for a bit. Not going to get much from him this game.
Baldfrog: Haha see Scott got a new deal Matt
wadaramus: Gawn 24 HO’s, not many to advantage?
frenzy: rest up Bont, games shot
BigChief: @wada the 5 FA hurts him.
Pokerface: seen a few sharked. has 5 FA which doesnt help either
Baldfrog: Just need Hinkley to extend and my life is complete lol
StuL: Hopefully Scott’s contract has an early exit clause
dipstick: gawn, 10 touches and 8 clangers. thanks big fella
Baldfrog: They only payout 6 months now Stul dont they
JButcher: 6 rounds until Nicks gets sacked @Baldfrog or is that overs?
bhg26: The clangers have all be bs holding frees against english
Baldfrog: wasnt expecting you Butcher was expecting PAFC LOL
BigChief: @dipstick 5 clangers are FA
mattmac24: Not surprising Bald.. wouldn’t mind a bit of an awful season just to see him moved on.
zadolinnyj: Nicks in development role. No chance JButcher. Hinkley more likely
Baldfrog: Clarko is free Matt at end of season
Hazza09: Now watch Darcy go 150
_Wang_: Hi lads another year
Baldfrog: Jumped off the Tiges already Wang?
mattmac24: Would love that Bald! Always been a big fan of Clarko. He’d do something with the team we have
wadaramus: In Ken we trust?
bhg26: Cant wait for it hazza
_Wang_: Haha baldfrog
PAFC4eva: just lurking baldy ps clarko 4 hinkley
wadaramus: Macca on the bench since start of quarter?
zadolinnyj: Clarkson back to Adelaide where it all began with might central districts
Baldfrog: Clarko already knows where he is going
_Wang_: Had to do the team log out thing
Baldfrog: You might be right has history with you guys
Baldfrog: All good Wang
mattmac24: I wouldn’t mind seeing Clarko be in charge of developing a team in Tassie
frenzy: Clarry muppets tonite
Pokerface: Hunter hasn’t really played himself back into the good books
zadolinnyj: Is luke beverage the lead role in chopper the musical with that face hair
Baldfrog: Tassie couldnt come in till 20 teams doubt afl wants a bye every week
bhg26: From way downtown!
Yelse: wtf ollie and FA this is ridiculous
dipstick: why isnt hunter a late replacement for himself?
PAFC4eva: looks like i need a loop for macrae
Baldfrog: Think most of us do PAFC
wadaramus: Contact below the knees, are you fucking kidding me?
wadaramus: The umpires have got absolutely no fucking idea.
Social: That’s the problem with R1, everyone’s playing
mattmac24: I kept Preuss for Round 1. Easy loophole option.
Pokerface: loop macrae and youll regret not captaining Touk
StuL: I hate that stupid rule. FA for going for the ball!?
mattmac24: 135+ is the score I will always take for a VC. Not worth the risk of someone else going lower.
exatekk: you gotta look at 130 as well.
Pokerface: Sundays midfield will be Touk+Rowell v Shuey+ … Hough?
MrWalrus: Agree StuL, it’s not there for someone to walk up, kick you then get the free.
bhg26: That is 8 frees to English
exatekk: west poker
mattmac24: Yeah it’s tempting Poker
beerent11: Touk vs Claremont midfield
Baldfrog: Thats why I took Rowell poker half the price twice the fun
MrWalrus: 125 will do, take 250 every week
wadaramus: Zacly StuL.
Pokerface: yup same Bald
Olli32019: Schache is the worst player in the league
bhg26: Hard to argue there olli
J.Worrall: Petracca beyond bananas
pcaman2003: Treloar very poor effort 2nd half. Not attacking the ball like usual.
kascadev8: Tracs the real deal now, no more petrappa
duckky: So how the hell is SC going to cope when the clubs use the top ups like WC looks like doing this week?
Pokerface: no more petrasha
frenzy: Kayne Turner says Hi Olli
MrWalrus: Gawn dominant last 5, going backwards
dipstick: @kasca its always taken tractors a while to get up to full speed
mattmac24: Guess they’ll just add them in like they did mid year draft players last couple of seasons
Yelse: whats the record for FA?
kascadev8: very true dip, maybe hes that maniac tractor top gear mentioned
thommoae: Not sure Yelse but I think the name ‘Mumford’ might be close by …
wadaramus: Great to be back, see y’all tomorrow 🙂
MrWalrus: English, Gawn, Clarry…. Happy with that lads
wadaramus: Macca VC lock it in 🙂
duckky: MArk Williams – 13 against Carlton 1983
duckky: Followed by Max “Tangles” Walker 12 against STKilda in 1969
zadolinnyj: Night lads
J.Worrall: Macrae, English, Dunkley – thx guys. Maxxy, we don’t mind waiting, mate.
dipstick: @ducky not suprised with Tangles considering he had three arms 😉
J.Worrall: quite a few points yet to be shared
Fatbar5tad: Gawn ok in the end but Jackson gobbling up his points. Maybe a corrective for me if I escape major issues.
J.Worrall: I think the points are already shared – totals not yet updated here ..

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