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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, P2 of 2022

Karlpov: Let’s go Chol!
PAFC4eva: okay rowell show me why you should stay m5
hinsch: anybody else having trouble withtheir SC backline or is it just me
navy_blues: game chat and gamd blog swapped positions?
navy_blues: cant see kicks hb or tackles
PAFC4eva: no rooks in starting defense but stiil no one to cover bench:(
circle52: think we are all having troble sorting it hinsch
StuL: Try and move it faster. Now we’re clangerlong
kascadev8: lock zac guthrie into ur team
StuL: So we’re having tons of 50s this year? How is that an improvement?
Gelly: more freekicks for selwood please
DrSeuss: Cats getting the rub of the green already lol
DEESareSAD: De Kooning showing he might get a half decent score every now and then
rupertmarn: Where did it all go wrong with Rankine?
Fatbar5tad: You’d pick 10 cats if you got points for dropping marks.
beerent11: It?s the same every preseason. There?s always plenty of rookies rnd1
Hazza09: Anyone keen on Miller over Clarry?
beerent11: Touk first picked for me
DEESareSAD: Yep Hazza, I only have Miller and macrae of the big 4 atm but will add Steele in the next couple days most likely.
beerent11: Steele and touk big winners with the tighter htb rules
cmperrfect: DeKoning won’t touch it once Stewart is back.
circle52: Suns gaolkicking patheric. Should be 3 goals up.
mattmac24: DeKoning an instant replacement for Hendo though.. he should at least play as long as Geelong allows it.
Napper: Why aren’t supercoach score up?
mattmac24: No live scores for the AAMI matches. Scores are given after the games
Fatbar5tad: We’ve got more passengers than British Airways
Ash777: Looks like everyone is going to to get rowell
StuL: Looks like we’re rubbish this year.
frenzy: how long is Ceglar out
Ash777: Cats need a rubbish year to get scott sacked.
Tig-Train: Said it last year and will say it again? Cats are to old? will be competitive, but nothing special
mattmac24: We will make finals but we’ll fall short once again.. Scott getting us to the finals keeps getting him lifelines
PAFC4eva: scott reminds me of hinkley not quite a prem coach
RooBoyStu: Casboult lol magnifying glass, hardly seen
StuL: Waste of a decade. Scott cost us the 2013 flag. Been downhill ever since
StuL: Reminds me of Nathan Buckley. Got rid of a premiership team to make “his” team.
hinsch: AFL MRO has a few missing a week
mattmac24: Definitely, have loved the team we have but we have a coach that can’t do well in finals nor does he have back up plans
bones351: Oh damn my Kayo has died
Gandhi: Ah thought it was just my Kayo
m0nty: that Rowell chase on Dangerfield was his most impressive play of the night
beerent11: No Rowell for me
bones351: It?s back!
2Ph0nes: shame that constable is injured, be good to see him run around tonight
beerent11: Could also be bad salary
beerent11: Could also be unbalanced age and salary allocations on your list cats fans
beerent11: That?s your whole football department not entirely the coach
mattmac24: What is Constable’s injury? I haven’t heard anything about it.
beerent11: Too heavy and old. Like me.
beerent11: *top heavy
mattmac24: Definitely not just the Coach but his game plan gets outdone in finals and he has no back up plans for when he gets undo
circle52: isf still there Constable has a gtroin injury and certain to miss first 2 rounds

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