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Chat log from R2 of 2021: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, R2 of 2021

Ooost: Mitchell, Koschizke, Short Martin and Brockman on bench.
bhg26: Short, Phillips, Impey with Koz and Brockman on bench
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone Short, Phillips, iImpey and Day with Btrockman on the bench for me
CozzieCan: Bolton looks good when dusty rolls forward
bhg26: Play the Benny Hill music every time Hawthorn goes forward
Hazza09: Dustys efficiency off?
CozzieCan: This Richmond side is unbelievably good
bhg26: That and Hawthorns unbelievably showerhouse
PJ39301965: It’s just the pressure and run they apply all over the ground
m0nty: Jiath looking great
Tig-Train: Choo Choo
cmperrfect: Dusty C every week this year.
Ooost: Took the VC on Grundy this week.
Hazza09: Had to go Dusty C cause stuffed my loophole with Gawn
Ooost: Could be worse Hazza09
original: in draft league the timer was buggy and i auto selected matt crouch over dusty ffs
CozzieCan: Phillips rage trade if he doesn’t get over 50
WCE18: I had Goulden as my Capt.
Raspel31: Must say Jiath is indeed looking the goods M0nty.
WCE18: Yeah Cozzie, i am the same. and Cripps might be going as well
Catatafish: Phillips butchering the ball as much as his own hair
Badgerbadg: I need to try get Martin and Bowes into my team
Catatafish: Jesus, Phillips is a rubbish disposal.
Ooost: Bowes a trap? Or his role has changed?
CozzieCan: Heppell has done his lower back .. bummer
Wo0lfee: Cozzie, is that further to the spasms?
CozzieCan: @Woolfee I don’t believe so at this point , had scans done 2 days ago .. but doesn’t look promising from Ben Ratton
duckky: How the hell did he do his back? On the plane? That guy is made of glass
Silz90: Clarko stop playing a 38 year old in the middle. Chuck phillips in there
duckky: These umps drew the “below the knees” chance card from the “free of the week” game.
wadaramus: Is Phillips wearing number 21?
GOATdusty: he is wearing 21, he was wearing it last week too
wadaramus: Team list says 16, was slightly confused.
pharace: 2nd best 21 on the ground atm
Hazza09: Brockman to Jordon?
Raspel31: Cross trade rookies Hazza? Dangerous tactics.
Hazza09: Need to bring in Jordon and Warner Raspel
Ooost: Wouldnt be trading Brockman to Jordan
bhg26: Come on Phillips at least get around 60-70
Ooost: bhg26 what are your plans for Phillips? Hold or fold?
bhg26: Don’t know, he’s capable of 100 when he plays inside mid, I’ll see what he ends on
Ooost: His SC score seems low for his stats.. Perhaps the clangers hurting him.
Schillaci: Phillips to Butters for me is as good as done.
Phasir: Is there a reason why Richmond players don’t have to follow the “stand” rule?
bhg26: Disposal efficiency as well ooost, at least I have Impey and Short making up for him
Raspel31: Butters was pretty impressive- yep.
Ooost: Schillaci, thats a great idea.
Badgerbadg: Butters is a trap.. don’t do it
bhg26: Heeney also not a bad idea, until he gets injured
Ooost: Haha I was saying Butters is a trap last night but he was impressive to say the least
bhg26: Love ya work Impey
Schillaci: Big finish to the quarter by Impey. He exploded! Butters looks the go. Butchering the footy is hurting Phillips too much
bhg26: I mean if Phillips could kick, he could easily be on 70 or 80
Badgerbadg: Need kossi to get to 50 and Phillips to get to 70
Schillaci: Yeah, he should be. Suited to Fantasy and not SC for that reason… I got sucked in.
Hazza09: Fullarton to Jordon is as good as done @Ooosttt
GOATdusty: phillips effiency at 1/4 time was 16%, since then hasnt been too bad.
Schillaci: Titch, Impey and Short making up for him
bhg26: Still only 30 odd since then
Catatafish: It was the early turnovers that did the damage.
GOATdusty: agree, to many handballs and not enough marks hurts
original: Ess Jones > Warner my rookie correction
Hazza09: Like the look of Jiath, has to be considered now
Ooost: Hazza09 thats a good trade.
bhg26: You’re really pissing me off now Phillips
Ooost: Agreed bhg26 Phillips has to go
happytimes: Phillips disposal is putrid
bhg26: Phillips as a whole is putrid
cmperrfect: In Jiath, loop and out Cripps
Catatafish: 9 turnovers? Are you kidding?
Ooost: Mitchell, Martin and Short are helping me to a respectable score
Yelse: mitchel with the amount of possessions he gets you would expect higher scores
Raspel31: You would no doubt have Neale Ooost- thoughts there?
original: gotta hold neale and cripps imo
Ooost: I’m keeping Neale.. I have faith in him for some reason
bhg26: Come on Phillips, junk it up
Ooost: agreed original
Ash777: Why did I bench impey for Rowe 🙁
Raspel31: Well, thank god I don’t have Cripps.
GOATdusty: cripps was ordinary last season, terribel decision to get him in the first place
Ooost: Cripps wasn’t the best pick, retrospect is awesome
AuroraBore: still 200 odd points to scale?
kano: prestia star ??? LOL
kano: dusty best on by a street

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