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Chat log from R2 of 2021: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R2 of 2021

PJ39301965: Daniel and Dunks for me
Ooost: Dunkley and J mac here
CozzieCan: If we get thru this game and next with no injuries … Phillips is a gonna
Baldfrog: Bont C daniels and Scott
original: get around it macrae
bhg26: I very much agree Cozzie
exatekk: Nice Bald. Thought i was the only one with Bont
Raspel31: Hmm, Bont, Macrae and Dunks in this- think I may have capped the wringun.
Ash777: Oh I see they dropped witherden n duggan has took his old spot.
bhg26: Just Macrae, Dunks and Daniel with Scott on the bench
brano: Witherden has not played for us yet @Ash77
Ash777: ohh
TheFlagger: Bont with 5 cls already
brano: Duggan is spending more mid time covering for Shuey/ Yeo
hinsch: WCE for some reason don’t like Gaff anymore I would have though with Shuey & Yeo he would get more ball
bhg26: What’s everyone projected?
original: matt flynn projected 140
Thomas1234: On 2044 with daniel and dunkley left
Raspel31: I’m thinking 170 more accurate original.
Baldfrog: Cloudy with cool days here bhg
CozzieCan: On 2012 with Fyfe Taranto and Dunkley
Apachecats: Hate my SC team ,fair few of them need a heart transplant.
GOATdusty: projection 2287 for me
Raspel31: I’m projected to live forever bhg- so far, so good.
original: starting rowe did not bode well for my team
Apachecats: Bont ,Dunk and Macrae please get me out of the brown.
PJ39301965: 2343 atm bhg
CozzieCan: Who are the medical subs in this game ?? Can’t see
Ooost: Well done PJ
Baldfrog: That’s nothing original I took off Rowe for Ess Jones
bhg26: JJ and Ah Chee Cozzie
Ben_Gogos: @CozzieCan having an issue with the med subs. It’s JJ & Ah Chee
original: baldfrog sheesh i left jones on the bench but he’ll be out this week!
Baldfrog: Same original Jones gone
Raspel31: Gulden gone for me next week.
PJ39301965: Thanks Ooost that’s with Flynn of course
Ooost: Gulden is defs this years let down
Ooost: Flynn will be interesting to see this week, hes on my bench making cash
bhg26: I’m on 2009 with Daniel, Dunkley and Macrae to go
original: lift capt macrae
Hazza09: Anyone seen Smith?
Napper: What yall projected
PJ39301965: It’s not so much this week it’s the following two when he has Gawn and Grundy
Raspel31: Which one Hazza- unusual name?
Apachecats: Limping my way to 1969 Napper.
Hazza09: B Smith @Raspel lol
exatekk: First year in 6 i havent started Hurn
CozzieCan: Cheers Ben Gogos
exatekk: what a play!
CozzieCan: Doggies vs Richmond game of the year can’t wait
bhg26: You means Swans vs Richmond Cozzie
Baldfrog: Who will the umps favour in that one Cozzie. WC getting reamed here
PJ39301965: Next weeks is interesting @Cozzie, swans Richmond
Beast_Mode: actually isn’t much interesting about it
Raspel31: Leg oop mother Macrae- family be waiting for you to bring home the bacon.
Ash777: Treloar doing much better this week.
TheFlagger: going to upgrade rowe to tex
Snarfy: Just my luck. Put the ‘C’ on Macrae when Bont brings his own footy to play with!
devize: Gaff not doing anything again
TheFlagger: Bont double ton?
Baldfrog: Tex must have a huge price rise next week
original: won’t trade rowe yet
Raspel31: God is proud to say he capped Bont.
Baldfrog: I have Caldwell and jones first to trade
original: if Tex scores 110 think he goes up 70k
Baldfrog: I did to Raspel
Beast_Mode: ppl with sharp in sc trading? or holding for now, obv wont play nextt week
Raspel31: Not even a wee bit tempted by Campbell original?
Baldfrog: Holding have no loophole atm
navy_blues: tex has gc then north could kick a few more goals yet
Raspel31: Lol- thanks Bald- in training now.
beerent11: Afternoon all. Jobs done, kids beached, couch time.
Apachecats: Sharp has about 6 in frontof him to get out of my team ,Draper ,Caldwell ,HJones ,J Rowe
original: Jones>Warner, i’ll miss out on mcdonald
CozzieCan: Can’t keep up this year with the doggies mids .. only Dunkley up forward . Unpredictable
original: sharp..probably hold i guess
original: rowe will still go up in price lads
Baldfrog: Apache yours sounds like my team lol except Draper
Apachecats: *N Cox ,O henry ,I could go on.Not shaping as a vintage year for Apache.
beerent11: Gee there’s some short term memory loss happening around James Rowe.
Baldfrog: Rowe will be better at AO
Apachecats: Yeah BF ,absolute Barry Crocker.
beerent11: Small forwards in shit teams are gonna be inconsistent. Will still make money.
Apachecats: At least getting some joy out of my doggies Bont ,Macrae and Dunks.
BigChief: sc prices change after 3 games I believe
Raspel31: Do you see Jones’ ptice going up much next week Apache- only 5 points but a very tidy 5 points?
PAFC4eva: mmm got some trading to do before i meet beer next week
CozzieCan: Gawn into S.Martin looks good
Baldfrog: Raspel he shouldn’t be in the team was shocking yesterday
original: if jones scores 48 sc next week he goes up a whole $10k
beerent11: Yeah league games start next week don’t they
Pies20: Hi all i now know why i haven’t played sc before this year because I’m shower at it!!
Baldfrog: Yeah Beer dunno who I’ve got yet
beerent11: McNeill might be the only rookie correction for me I think.
Raspel31: That’s $10,000 I could do with original. Is it like bitcoin- can I cash it in?
CozzieCan: Any room for me to join the FanFooty Sc League ??
beerent11: What’s your team called bald?
PAFC4eva: fell for stepenson trap yesterday caldwell as well may as well concede now
Raspel31: For $20,000 my place is yours cozzie.Is it full lads?
beerent11: Sorry coz filled up quick. Will run two leagues next year if enough numbers
Baldfrog: Willywonkersfc
CozzieCan: No worries lads .. should of paid more attention last year instead of whinging lol
brano: What to do with Gaff…2 games now where he is barely sighted.
Raspel31: Least you can watch me come last Cozzie.
Hazza09: Worth trading Loophole Fyfe for a missed rookie?
Baldfrog: Brano you either keep and hope he improves or sideway trade to another premo
beerent11: Pearls girls baldfrog
Raspel31: Only have Gaff in my draft brano but yep, he’s gone missing big time.
Baldfrog: Pearls girls? Ok wonder who that is
Phasir: I’ll need to jump onto a FF SC league next season I reckon
beerent11: Gaffs a strange one Expected the normal quarters and new rules to help him.
PAFC4eva: how did you find your AO experience last week wiyh all these stupid rules
navy_blues: go bont go
Ash777: Looks like Bont looking for that brownlow
PAFC4eva: baldy that is
Baldfrog: Good PAFC was more shocked at us lol
Ben_Gogos: Special game from el Bont
Baldfrog: Bont u Italian Stallion
PAFC4eva: didnt like it baldy went to qeens head in third no rules there
beerent11: I can’t create any more leagues but you could set one up cozzie or phasir. Need 18 teams.
Water: this bulldogs dominates SC points every game its ridiculous
TheFlagger: a key forward could kick 100 this year
Raspel31: If anyone is still speaking- a beer at the end of the fanfooty league might be interesting- or, perhaps not.
PJ39301965: That sounds interesting Rasp
AuroraBore: It’d be weird tearing down the facade of anonymity wouldn’t it rasp
Baldfrog: Long way to go to Victoria Raspel but who knows
PJ39301965: Maybe you could zoom in Bald
Baldfrog: Too old to zoom
Raspel31: Agree Aurorara- that image of you in the pink tights lingers. And yep Bald.
Baldfrog: Still haven’t figured out how to put videos on pornhub 🙂
beerent11: Just created a group. ffsupercoach group. 321802. All welcome.
AuroraBore: i’ll jump in beer, cheers. Missed out on joining a FF league
Apachecats: I’d be in that Raspel ,Young and Jacksons after last H/A game.
bhg26: I’ll join as well Beer
AlsoGmax: Poor Caleb.
beerent11: Think you can just join with that number.
AuroraBore: Love Young and Jacksons, great location too
Apachecats: Well done Beerent ,14 in already including moi -TAC
TheFlagger: cheers beer
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Daniel gifts possession to Jones in the goal square, the Eagle takes full advantage!
Snarfy: Hi beer, I’m in SnarfStas.
PJ39301965: I’m in beer
PJ39301965: Sounds good Apache
Baldfrog: Save a space for Cozzie
bhg26: I’m in
Baldfrog: I cant beer in 10 leagues already
Raspel31: Good call Apache- but only Dons supporters.
original: mon caleb
Baldfrog: Lol Raspel very expensive night
CozzieCan: Cheers @Beer appreciate it .. I’m in legend
beerent11: Is it working?
Raspel31: Cheeky Bald.
Phasir: McGovern is a garbage defender
Raspel31: Yep beer.
beerent11: I’ll dink to that
Pies20: I’m in for showers and giggles cheers beers
Phasir: Umps almost as good in this match as they were for in the Geelong/Bris game…
beerent11: *drink
TheFlagger: does jarrod cameron get a game this year?
Apachecats: Baldfrog you can go in it ,its an unlimited group not a league.
navy_blues: 52 ppl in it beerent lol
Raspel31: Phew- I don’t dink anymore. C’mon Doggies.
Baldfrog: Oh ok thanks Apache but 10″s enough
beerent11: Dunks
Pies20: Is there 50 people in it already @beer?
Baldfrog: Bonts gone to sleep
StarvyJ: Picked up B Smith this week after he looked amazing last week, go son
Baldfrog: Another of lurkers here
Baldfrog: Alot *
cmperrfect: Finally picked the right captain. Yay.
Beast_Mode: treloar playing like a spud at the doggies
beerent11: How did that happen?
Raspel31: 11,000 now beer- makes it tough to win.
Baldfrog: Beer next year our teams names should reflect our ff name I rekon
Apachecats: Highest ranked team shouts the rest of us at the end of the year.I’m safe.
original: Cmon macrae
Raspel31: Lol Apache and wake up Doggies.
Kingy12: Hi guys. I forgot login details but I’m back
Pies20: Sounds good @Apache
CozzieCan: Welcome back Kingy !!
Kingy12: So yup, I’m guilty of lurking last week and half 🙂
bhg26: Oh no Apache, I may be in strife
Baldfrog: Thought doggies would win easily
yablettt: nic nat is clearly the best ruck in the game
beerent11: Agree bf
Apachecats: Just tank if you look likely bhg.
Baldfrog: Welcome back kingy12
Apachecats: Is that you ranked 72 after round 1 bhg?
Kingy12: Thanks coz…. but after Easter Monday’s game, I might regret coming back haha
beerent11: What’s your team name bhg?
Apachecats: Cheers kingy12
Ooost: Dunkley and J Mac about to take over Bont
bhg26: Bennys All Stars beer
bhg26: I’m not that good Apache
beerent11: I’m beeraclockers
cmperrfect: Just saw the Caleb Daniel muppet. What a shocker. Haha.
Kingy12: Kingys Klowns here… but what’s Daniel done to score so low?
bhg26: He’s had better moments cmperrfect
Apachecats: Bet no one can guess my team name.
Ash777: muppet razer
beerent11: Any more muppets left Ben?
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert! Cripps set shot from the top of the square is missed!
Pies20: I wouldn’t know Terry?
navy_blues: or mine
Raspel31: Lady of The Night Apache?
Water: How the fuck do u kick in into the man on the mark 10 metres out god damn
Apachecats: Very funny guys.
beerent11: 5852 days? Apache?
Ash777: that was serious footy karma there
Baldfrog: I wish I’d never supported Essendon Apache?
bhg26: Daniel is trying to stop me from a 2350
Apachecats: Sticking there through thick and thin BF like most diehards.
Spifflicat: Whatever it takes?
amigaman: No free to Allen. That umpire is an idiot
Raspel31: You are rather obsessed by the size of your …bhg-early days yet.
Baldfrog: Lol i know just wanted to join in
bhg26: I’m only 17 Rasp, I find that predatory
Baldfrog: Ying yang for Bont
beerent11: Poorly disguised bhg;)
Pies20: Join in beer’s point comp @baldy and others that say abit on this site will be good banter on how everyone is doing this
Apachecats: More like a yang ying.for Bont.
Baldfrog: Don’t need to Apache and Beer can tell you how I’m going
Apachecats: Bont just yinged his yang.
Raspel31: Ah Macrae, you’ve done it again. Saved my bacon.
Pies20: Geez you are a typical crows supporter @bald stubborn
bhg26: All praise the doggies mids
beerent11: Daniels had7 turnovers. Explains that I guess.
Baldfrog: Lol pies20
Raspel31: You should be in bed bhg. Only 3 in this- Bont, Mac and Dunk- phew
Apachecats: Pi55 weak umpiring ,he deagged that back in ,holding the ball every day of the week.
Ooost: Dunkley Jmac and Bont are having a race!
CozzieCan: Should of been holding the ball a little like Brisbane’s one
Pies20: Good game who wins?
beerent11: Gee the footys been good thus far
bhg26: It is a school night Rasp
kascadev8: hello all 🙂
navy_blues: woof woof woof
Water: hyekasca
Apachecats: Good afternoon kaska
Raspel31: Very rude to interrupt ksaca- hello.
kascadev8: caleb daniel, any danger of scoring some points?
kascadev8: im a bit late apache, my bad, had some footy on and only just got back
PJ39301965: Hey Kas
beerent11: Group code 321802 latecomers welcomed
Apachecats: We have a ff group thing going thanks to beerent the number is
navy_blues: 1st draw of the year?
bhg26: Onya Beer
Hazza09: Cheers Beer
Pies20: What’s your score at the moment @Apache?
Ooost: Thanks beer
bhg26: Jason Dunstall not going to be happy with Naughtons effort there
Baldfrog: Nick Nat 137 off 70% game time
beerent11: No worries
Yelse: just got home where has caleb dangiel been playing, why so low
kascadev8: i just joined beer, thanks. could get interesting
Water: geez if macrae would tackle he would be on 150
beerent11: Butchered it yelse.
Spifflicat: Thanks Beer!
Hazza09: Smith has gone MIA this half
Raspel31: Thank you Macrae. You may sleep withmy sister. I wouldn;t recommend it however.
Pies20: Anyone else struggling with playing the right rookies on the ground? Hard work so far
Ooost: Daniel has been butchering the ball
Baldfrog: How can Darcy commentate a dogs game
Spifflicat: I sucked rnd 1 Pies, but nailed it this week
Apachecats: Pies 20 looking at 2000 tops for SC this round -currently on 1650.
kascadev8: @Apache im looking at 2114 as an end score, only got fyfe taranto and young left
exatekk: 50 point kick coming for bont lol
Ooost: 2200 ish for me better than last week thats for sure
Apachecats: Doggies thoroughly deserve this.
AlsoGmax: omg
Beast_Mode: good game tho
CozzieCan: What a game
Raspel31: Might hit 2200 plus after this game Apache- but the Neale question lingers.
Ben_Gogos: Bonty!
kascadev8: sons of the west!
bhg26: I lost count of how many times the commentators have mentioned Libba has play 150 games
wadaramus: Fantastic game of footy 🙂

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