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Chat log from R2 of 2021: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R2 of 2021

PJ39301965: Ziebell with Powell on the bench for me here
Yelse: Lol Tyson u are hopeless and will be dropped
coda1214: blockbuster sat night games.
Ash777: Tyson is so hopeless he makes Dow look good.
J.Worrall: Ziebell, Power, Young all on field
J.Worrall: *Powell
DrSeuss: Stephenson been on the bench for a good 15 minutes
scboy123: got jabaited by stephenson round 1
original: Walker moved to defence? Great..pfft there goes my goal lol
coda1214: my god norf are horrible
GOATdusty: hope the contract is worth it polec
DrSeuss: Had Stephenson in Rd1 – maybe he is tired after 1 big week
coda1214: How is Aaron Hall as the medsub, he’s a walk in starter in most teams.
bhg26: Any chance of getting 1 disposal Powell
Ash777: stephenson was always going to be moved around when more of their mids returned.
obione05: mmm, Lukosius at 430k is tempting next week
bhg26: Dont forget his run home last year obione
scboy123: they did better last week without their mids Ash
bc__: 2 of the worst games ever tydon
bc__: Seriously tyson f’en do something. Get to 50 ffs
original: How bad are north my god
obione05: glad im not the only one who got sucked in by Tysons preseason
Ash777: get going LDU
coda1214: LDU is up there with Watts as the worst top 10 draft picks ever.
Ash777: You’re joking.
DrSeuss: Stephenson has been freaking horrific – what changed this week – get involved
Pokerface: the clock struck midnight
Ash777: Was moved out of a inside mid role drseuss in favour of anderson.
DrSeuss: Cheers Ash. Seems to be a decision that has worked well for them. If it stays this way – he will need to leave my team
scboy123: gets 30+ disposals playing inside mid and they move him – no wonder they getting flogged
GOATdusty: lol coda, tambling wants you to hold his beer
Catatafish: Can’t forget Mitch Thorp
CozzieCan: Cmon Powell
coda1214: said he’s up there, not that he is the worst.
Pokerface: paddy dow says hi
GOATdusty: lol you literally said he’s up there as the worst t10 picks ever
Pokerface: random comment – ty vickery was taken with pick 8.
coda1214: yeah I did. he’s in the top 10 of worst top 10 picks.
bc__: Tyson even on the field?
Catatafish: Not sure North is on the field, useless muppets
DrSeuss: Stephenson at Full Forward now – another top notch coaching decision
Catatafish: Not sure I roped myself into that bloke. Round 4 out.
Catatafish: Actually think I’ll bench the flog next week.
Baldfrog: Bowes another 100point game

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