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Chat log from R2 of 2021: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R2 of 2021

Baldfrog: Rohan gets 2 weeks
exatekk: Lucky for him Neale isnt the MRO
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Baldfrog: Long time no see Reggie
PJ39301965: Let’s go c gawn
ReggieOz: I’m always lurking around lol
Wo0lfee: Plz put on some Gawnography Max!
Ash777: I have the C on Dusty this week. I hope he doesn’t end up deciding to cruise through the game
Badgerbadg: Let’s go clarry you sexy ranga
beerent11: Did max start fwd?
GOATdusty: my dees pick in my 6 leg multi is my risky pick, hope they get up
Baldfrog: Htb doesn’t apply tonight it seems
Hazza09: Jackson taking the ruck
Raspel31: Vy aie big man mit zer beard- die Grawn doink nuffink?
sMiles: go gawn
Malaka: Rasp, Gawn iss mein commandant, so he better do somefink.
PJ39301965: Oliver and C Gawn for me
Napper: Just wondering do you receive points for spoils?
pharace: Same Ash
PJ39301965: Oh and highmore
Baldfrog: VC on Steele
beerent11: How bored did Ed whatshisname look
PJ39301965: Muppet for steel after that
thommoae: Dusty hasn’t starred v Hawks in recent history.
beerent11: Solid start maxi
GOATdusty: in sc traded danger for oliver, pretty happy
Badgerbadg: Hope Dee’s win and booper goes quiet tonight
beerent11: What’s our tipple of choice this evening? Coopers xpa bullets here.
CozzieCan: Highmore looks good to generate some cash this year
Ben_Gogos: Worthwhile starting candidate? @CozzieCan
pharace: Didn’t play Hawks in 2020 @ Thomo – hard to star when not playing
pharace: @ Thommo sorry
PJ39301965: VB here beerent
Apachecats: Hopefully captain Steele can undo some of the carnage from the previous game.
thommoae: Looking at career stats, Pharace – he has played them one or two times in recent history!
Apachecats: Dry night here Beerent ,nursing hangover from last night.
original: Gawns arms pulled down in marking contest again. Play on
Yelse: gawn scaring me for choosing grundy
feralmong: A Lagavulin on ice beerent.
bones351: Not watching. Has Viney killed Jordons scoring?
pharace: You said recent historyThommo. None in 2020, 2019 once for 37 touches – that’s OK in my book
J.Worrall: Go Sainters!
J.Worrall: something has, Bones
feralmong: managed to loop Campbells score fortunately. Got all 4 swan rookies scores.
beerent11: Nice feral I’ve got a johnnie 18yr old scotch coming my way soon.
thommoae: Hmmm … first set to you, Pharace.
beerent11: Anyone switching over to the blockbuster norf Suns game?
Raspel31: There’s an instant loss of advertising revenue beer.
Baldfrog: Your funnier than Dave Hughes Beer
Badgerbadg: Kozzie Pickett looks like a young flash Davey
bones351: Looks like he found some life J.Worrall
GOATdusty: jordon going nutz!
Torz: Jordon has had a huge few minutes
beerent11: He’s quality
beerent11: Same number too badgerbadg?
J.Worrall: How bout that, still a capable kid!
pharace: Like last week @GOAT, he got busier as the game went longer
J.Worrall: A good diss in FF always seems to do the job!
Badgerbadg: Are the Jones brothers genetically bald?
pharace: No biggie Thommo, I just researched it before putting the C on him this week
CozzieCan: @Badger I hear the whole family is bald top and bottom …
J.Worrall: Male Pattern Baldness
cmperrfect: Can someone start bagging Gawn to get his butt into gear
Crippa9: Probably good they are bald that way. Better than needing a comb over top and bottom!
J.Worrall: Both Jones boys have combs, given to them by their mother. They just can’t part with them!
J.Worrall: Max is spending it well, but Brodie had a great night Thursday!
StarvyJ: In SC at Gawn’s price, do you bail out this week if he scores 90 or below?
pharace: Is that like Male Patton Stupidness @ Worrall
Pokerface: evening lads
Pokerface: starvy same conundrum neale owners have
J.Worrall: Like Male Dutton Stupidness!
pharace: Think that’s Male Dutton Beligerance – same but worse
beerent11: Bad signs for the sainters letting Melbourne do this
beerent11: Here we go max. 120+
J.Worrall: Belligerence only makes enemies
pharace: Zoom Jordon!
bhg26: Get on the ground steele
J.Worrall: Go Kosi Pickett
DrSeuss: Ok Steele get involved – less time on the pine
J.Worrall: Highmore just quietly getting the job done
tolerant16: Gawn clanger
J.Worrall: Go Sainters!
scboy123: Steele you beauty
Hooks: You were saying about Steele?
beerent11: Momentum swings are huge so far his year.
J.Worrall: Petracca! Get yourself in the game, darnit!
beerent11: Can you please bag out Gawn dr suess? Need him to fire up.
J.Worrall: Max, Unit! Poke it to Trac!
bhg26: Steele, Clarry, Gawn, Highmore and Jordan on the bench, you bloody beauty
GOATdusty: lol at the flogs that were suicidal and traded gawn and grundy after one game
pharace: Nice work on Steele @ bhg26!
cmperrfect: A 40pt last qtr would be nice thanks Max.
beerent11: Here we go max. Close game. High scaling. Time to take over.
beerent11: 2956 traded out grundy, 677 traded out gawn
CozzieCan: Cmon Melbourne bring her home
beerent11: Great crop of rookies so far this year
Pokerface: what should those.. flogs.. do about Neale Goat?
GOATdusty: hmmm hold him in sc, but tradable in af.
sMiles: Keep feeding Max, Saints – Keep feeding the beard
beerent11: Yes max
beerent11: They should trade him out for 3 weeks trade him back in and have no trades by rd 13
Badgerbadg: Dees all over them, this game is over
beerent11: Maybe rd 16
Ash777: I still think while grrundy was better this week I still think his ability to monster games and get 140+ is past him.
Pokerface: you dont think he will be taken out each week now?
Pokerface: its not the price drop, its more is he a top 8 mid or does he now get all the attention particularly zorko got
J.Worrall: Max is still the Man
Pies20: Finally maybe will get a good c score go gawn
beerent11: He got tagged last year and got through it.needs a bit more help from his teammates. I think they’ll figure it out.
GOATdusty: he’s too good a player to average 75, he’ll come good.
GOATdusty: sc trades are gold, its worth the risk to hold for a week. i know he’ll lose a heap if yo wait another week tho
Pokerface: i gotta admit, i couldnt keep up last year with games every day and rounds starting midweek
Pokerface: im more going by 2019 and earlier 🙂
beerent11: Still think he’s comfortably top 8. Will bleed cash but will end up ok in the long term. Just my opinion.
Pies20: I’ve got O’Brien he’s been shower 2games in but I’ll hold got neale as well
beerent11: Yeah last season was a shitfight
Pokerface: Ben does m0nty pick which game to put you on? did he voluntarily choose to watch suns nd north over these 2?
Ash777: go jordy
Pies20: @poker are you the 1 with rookie rucks?
Pokerface: that is me.
beerent11: Look out poker here they come again.
Pies20: Rekn you were really close 1rookie and gawn or grundy would have worked at this stage
Pokerface: im more than happy with this strategy
beerent11: Sorry mr Highmore I’ve learnt my lesson. You’ll be on field from now on.
Pokerface: the only reason it isnt working is i picked the wrong mids!
Baldfrog: My are people taking sides poker and I had a robust discussion about rucks that all lol
Pokerface: i didnt expect much from hunter against gawn this week. the strategy isnt a 1 week thing
Baldfrog: That’s what I did pies20 grundy and Flynn
Raspel31: I chose to go without rucks.
Pokerface: its all about cash gen with rookies. and the ruck rookies have some of the safest spots.
Pokerface: its just i assumed neale was still a valid captaincy option
Baldfrog: No wonder ur suffering Raspel
beerent11: 2 blue moons in one game for the saints
CozzieCan: How about big maxy , get around it woop woop
Pokerface: dougal isnt blue moon material. he’s an intercept king, has always been a good sc scorer
Ben_Gogos: Who has been best on today lads?
Pokerface: clarry
PJ39301965: Oliver @Ben
beerent11: Clarry for mine Ben. 4 qtrs.
Raspel31: I’d go Clarry.
Pokerface: move the gun to steele
beerent11: Seems clear cut.
Ben_Gogos: Good call fellas!
J.Worrall: Thx Maxy!
beerent11: Set and mutha flipping forget

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