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Chat log from R2 of 2021: Port Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Essendon, R2 of 2021

Yelse: do i take dow score or hope powel gets it. thinking of risking C on gawn over grundy’s 135 lol
kascadev8: just take grundy bro, i risked it a couple years ago when grundy got 158 or something and gawn (c) luckily got to 212
yablettt: its going to be shame what port does to essendon this game
PJ39301965: Butters and Fantasia here
CozzieCan: Boak , Aliir only for me
kascadev8: zerrett and bergman for me, jones on the bench. just score less than Rowe please jones
Baldfrog: Butters, Zerrett and Jones
Yelse: yeah @kascadev shouldn’t risk it, just know my opponent going gawn coz he stuffed up with neal
kascadev8: yeh @Yelse, i got really lucky, woulda copped it if Gawn stuffed it up
CozzieCan: @mOnty pedal slower , fox footy can’t keep up lol
Baldfrog: Zerrett up 4wd sheesh
kascadev8: zak slow down, i want you in my team now
beerent11: Go zakky boy!
CozzieCan: Boak and Aliir !! Cheer cheer cheer
beerent11: Same here pj
Apachecats: Rowell to McGrath was an inspired trade.
navy_blues: oh my this is gonna be a slaughter
Baldfrog: Will Rutten last the season
cmperrfect: Time to mow the lawn. Nothing to see here. Same old Essendon.
kascadev8: can i just have 22 guldens every week?
SwaggyP: This has 100+ margin written all over
CozzieCan: Gee might change the channel after the 1st qtr
Baldfrog: Already scared Jones will score less than Rowe
kascadev8: merrett get out of FF you silly boy
beerent11: Zak’s so good he’s just gone up 5 on the pine
cmperrfect: Where is Boak playing?
Hazza09: First Rowe now got to deal with Bergman
beerent11: Double ton is on for butters
Stu7: @Apachecats – whoops!
2Ph0nes: glad i started warner not burgers
kascadev8: i thought that 50 was against Butters
2Ph0nes: cant believe its not butters
Yelse: fantasia why why why… usually players play better against their old team
Hazza09: FFS Burgman
2Ph0nes: good stuff houston
wadaramus: Why is Merret’s SC so poor?
beerent11: Yelse I get the feeling there will be plenty of cheapies for Orazio in this game
beerent11: 6 uncontested possies and only 69 m gained wadaramus. Classic zerret
DrSeuss: So was I the only genius that picked up McGrath
beerent11: Guess this will be the end of butters being a pod.
kascadev8: @Seuss nah, my mate did, i brought in titch, so i may join the club tomorrow
navy_blues: cmon boak vc on ya
Apachecats: Port were the big shorteners for the flag this week ,into $6.
PJ39301965: @Apache Sydney went from 81 to 21 now that’s a decent drop
Badgerbadg: Love you butter
Apachecats: Very true PJ
Badgerbadg: Butters only in 9% of team, I reckon that’ll jump around 10% this week
kascadev8: @Badg, a lot of cripps to butters this week??
pharace: Cant believe it’s not Butters
PJ39301965: Call me mad but I put 20 on the and @10 for the 8
Yelse: whats butters worth and is he only a mid?
rupertmarn: Butters wouldn’t melt in his girlfriend’s mouth.
pharace: Willem who? goes alright too
StarvyJ: Zerret, thanks for being my captain. Don’t get used to it
Badgerbadg: Butter is a fwd in SC
Yelse: georgie that should have been a hb to fantasia
pharace: Houston on track for 1000m gained
Hazza09: Thanks Bergman
kascadev8: a lot of people will have phillips, dusty or dunkley so can move it to pick up butters
original: Why did I pick Jones as a rookie smh
Apachecats: $10 for the 8 is a nice bet PJ.I took multi of PA into Steele Brownlow $1000 to $10.
beerent11: Orazio should have two
Apachecats: Search party just gone out for H Jones.
Yelse: poor essendon spoon ???
Ooost: The Bummer need witches hats
beerent11: Stay away from butters. He’s a trap.
Yelse: so if are sub and it counts as a game even if you don’t play does it drop your career average??
CozzieCan: Agree with beer , once Rozzee comes back his score gets influenced
PJ39301965: @ Apache nice
beerent11: I was only joking cozzie. Started with him and don’t want everyone else to have him.;)
scboy123: Not the best start from Zerrett
beerent11: His scores will go down a bit but still think he’ll be top 6
2Ph0nes: burgers!!! lmao
PJ39301965: Butters already at his projected. Lovin it
kascadev8: merrett wake up
AuroraBore: I think Butters won’t be too badly affected by Rozee, I think Rozee stays more forward
teachrtony: They also had SP Pepper to come back in.
Baldfrog: Harry ur alive!
oc16: yeah i can see butters actually playing more midfield time with rozee returning
Ooost: Butters = trap
beerent11: Agree oc16. SPP will be forward too. The big loser when rozzee returns will be Fantasia I reckon.
kascadev8: bumping = trap
beerent11: Got a bit of mongrel in him too
Ooost: Dan Houston also setting a trap
kascadev8: atkins = trap?
Ooost: Every POD is a trap
beerent11: Any more oost?
Ooost: Plenty
CozzieCan: Raspels=trap
Baldfrog: Yeah Beer Brisbane fc = trap
beerent11: Be pretty boring if we all had the same team.
Ooost: LOL @ Baldfrog indeed
beerent11: Haha bald frog.
CozzieCan: If we all had the same team we would all win in SC ? = Mind Blown
Baldfrog: It would but a bit of banter is good to
Badgerbadg: Essendon bottom 4 this year I’m afraid, can’t see them winning too many
beerent11: Seems the bombers might have their fair share too bald.
rupertmarn: Cripps to Jordan , Rowe to Butters
Baldfrog: Badger I’m worried about Crows getting no.1 pick now
Baldfrog: Worry for Ess is their group is mature not kids based
Ooost: Was it Parish people were going nuts over last week? Regardless Parish = trap
beerent11: Norf in the box seat baldfrog. You’ll have to be shitter than us. Good luck.
Baldfrog: Good draft pool this year we all need to tank Beer
Ooost: North have one of the best traps in the game in Simpkin
Badgerbadg: Agreed ooost Simpkin= trap
Badgerbadg: Nbut I think the crom will finish above the bombers
pharace: Melb has set up the ol Tom McDonald trap again
beerent11: All we have are traps oost. Simpkin, cunners, Stephenson, Ldu, dumont, I could go on….
Baldfrog: Lucky I speak alien Badger
CozzieCan: Simpkin never again list
Baldfrog: Hope Young isn’t beer have him
Ooost: LOL @ beerent11 indeed
Badgerbadg: Stephenson needs some serious gym time
beerent11: Although Simpkin won me a couple of leagues last year with 140+ in the last game.
PJ39301965: Let’s go orazzzzio
kascadev8: merrett wtf are you doing?!?
beerent11: Riccuito might have butters in his sc team too
Ooost: Georgiades taking this opportunity
2Ph0nes: didnt think drew would be this good, considering his parents couldnt spell his name right
beerent11: Oooorrrraaazzziiiooooooo
kascadev8: harrison jones making rowe look good
Baldfrog: Sadly yes Kasca wish I had Rowe onfield now
pharace: 2 cigars to 2Phones
GOATdusty: bergs massive 1/4
Baldfrog: Jones isn’t AFL ready
Ooost: Nikolas Cox keeping my bench warm
beerent11: Had zerret in my team all preseason waiting on titch’s fitness. Dodged a bullet thanks Tom.
CozzieCan: Caldwell hamstring
Yelse: you think this year we can get 100 goal player??
Yelse: noooo caldwellllll nooooooo theres another trade
kascadev8: go bergs
bones351: Well damn, there goes Caldwell. Jordon and Berry will likely join my team this week for him and Tyson. $ in the bank.
CozzieCan: Draper injured
beerent11: My kikuyu needs a haircut. Catchya’s
bones351: Please finish the game strong Captain Boak
Badgerbadg: What do we think gang? Are port that good or are essendon that bad?
CozzieCan: Essendon are that bad , I’ve seen under 15’s play better than today
Hazza09: Horrible Merrett
Coutzy: I logged in just so I could say Essendon are that bad
bones351: Essendon are very poor unfortunately.
bones351: Port are very good though
Ooost: Port = very good. Essendon = very bad.
CozzieCan: Matthew Lloyd and James Hird would be turning in his grave
PJ39301965: So how’s the hawks looking then
GOATdusty: pretty sure hirdy and lloyd are not dead
PJ39301965: Hind at 331 forward looks a good pod
amigaman: What a stupid bloody rule. Stupid AFL.
pharace: Is this game still going – wave the white flag please Bombers!
CozzieCan: Everyone jump on merret , next few weeks gonna go huge
Ooost: Draper down
Badgerbadg: Moment of silence for everyone who jumped on McGrath last week..
Ooost: heh
Silz90: Dam had a 5 leg multi – needed dylan shiel to hit 20 to win:(
CozzieCan: McGrath has done alright given the circumstances
GOATdusty: give berman yingyang 14dt 10sc at half time
Baldfrog: Least McGrath will win his own ball unlike Merrett
GOATdusty: bergman*
scboy123: damn had houston all of last year and he didnt get near 150
pharace: Agree GOAT – been good after a shaky start
Hazza09: I hope this is a one off for Merrett
GOATdusty: or the bin for bergs, the game was over at half time tbh
pharace: Bank the points GOAT – a few $$ increase is better than nothing
GOATdusty: fax
Napper: The holding the ball at the end for Merrett was clutch I’ll take it

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