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Chat log from R2 of 2021: Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Adelaide, R2 of 2021

CozzieCan: Afternoon ladies & gents Raspels. Big day of footy , let’s hope the umpiring has improved.
Yelse: hi everyone, would you play cambel or warner
Yelse: or powel and berry
m0nty: Warner over Campbell, Powell over Berry
CozzieCan: Can’t wait to see buddy play , highlight of the weekend
Yelse: thats what i was thinking monty, cambel over powel?
CozzieCan: @Yelse Campbell for me in F6
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone Laird, Lloyd, heeney, gulden, Campbell, Warner,
PJ39301965: Rowe on the bench
PJ39301965: Let’s go swannies
Baldfrog: Think swans win but go Crows
PJ39301965: And butts on the bench
PJ39301965: @ bald I think it will be close either way
exatekk: Hi all. Go Crows!
PJ39301965: Buddy for 5 goals
exatekk: Buddy to tweak a string in Q2
CozzieCan: @PJ rowe on the bench ?? Huge call mate
PJ39301965: It was either Rowe or Warner
Yelse: you taking danihers score?
Baldfrog: Anyone else’s Android SC app won’t open?
PJ39301965: @exatekk heart strings of Adelaide
exatekk: Nah Bald, all good here.
exatekk: haha. smooth!
PJ39301965: I don’t have him Yelse
Baldfrog: Thanks exa mine keeps force closing
navy_blues: rowe laird gulden and campbell for me
PAFC4eva: mills laird rowe warner gulden in this one
exatekk: try saving the desktop link as an icon on your phone
a1trader: does anyone not have Rowe, Laird Gulden?
rupertmarn: Looking for Lloyd to go massive and Butts to be firm in defence.
wadaramus: Firm Butts?
Baldfrog: Rupert has been waiting all day to say that
rupertmarn: Yes firm Butts
Ooost: Laird, Sloane, Gulden, Campbell, Rowe here.
a1trader: Rowe -11 lol
rupertmarn: I like the look of Butts.
Ooost: Damn lol
Baldfrog: Well you are a Richmond supporter rupert
rupertmarn: Rowe struggling to make his breakeven of minus 5
m0nty: I like big Butts and I can not lie
a1trader: got Hickey again, cheap ruck option
Baldfrog: Showing ur age m0nty
rupertmarn: Butts has gone missing. Call a proctologist.
Snarfy: Do you carry one around with you m0nty?
Baldfrog: Should’ve E on Berry by the looks
Hazza09: Berry loophole looking good so far
Raspel31: Gulden may struggle to hit 139 from here.
Yelse: berry on my bench on E blood Dow has it
Baldfrog: I have E on Dow to Yelse
CozzieCan: Tex walker most traded in this week
Baldfrog: Lol Cozzie seriously?
Yelse: where is lairddddd he getting tagged?
CozzieCan: @Bald seems to be the year of the forwards in sc
GOATdusty: calm down, laird isnt getting tagged. will ton 100%
rupertmarn: Campbell looks a player
a1trader: Mills gone from Hero to zero
PAFC4eva: wtf mills
zadolinnyj: lads
brano: Swans youngsters are real good.
CozzieCan: @Yelse did you take my advice and field campbell
Silz90: I’ve got Lloyd, Gulden, Warner, Berry and Rowe in this one
Yelse: @cozzieee yeah i ended up fielding campbell. but got berry on bench and rowe playing 🙁
CozzieCan: @Yelse also fielded Rowe , I hear ya m8
Hazza09: Is Murray a downgrade option for Sharp?
Baldfrog: Even I’m not sure about Murray Hazza
CozzieCan: Alright Rowe come on mate , let’s get a move on now
Baldfrog: Glad I benched Rowe
Yelse: didn’t take McDonald coz i thought too many swan players boy was i wrong
Raspel31: If Rowe finishes negative can we pretend he didn’t play?
kascadev8: rowe where r u?
navy_blues: think gulden will win rising star this year
Baldfrog: Wishing I’d VC Gulden now
kascadev8: gulden campbell laird rowe in this for me, come on boys lift
pharace: Think he’s gone for a row Kasc!
HappyDEZ: Dammit I didnt learn. Gulden on bench again.
Snarfy: Is Mills in the mid-field or has horse slotted him elsewhere?
HappyDEZ: Berry is a tackling machine.
rupertmarn: Inspired choice to take Campbell instead of Powell.
kascadev8: at least campbell is doing good this week, making up for rowe
arbel: Geez the Sydney kids look good.. Rowe disappointing this week
navy_blues: think gulden will be close to that 139
Stephen001: Gulden better then Franklin..!!
Raspel31: Gulden wow- slow start but wow. Now for Rowe.
rupertmarn: Gulden looks a keeper
Hazza09: Rowe on the bench last week…. knew this would happen
kascadev8: come on adelaide, u players making everyones team worse
rupertmarn: Get off your arse Butts and do something.
_Wang_: Rowe wow
kascadev8: rowe do something useful ffs
wadaramus: Soft Butts.
zadolinnyj: everyone must have rowe. no biggy and plenty of game left
rupertmarn: Rowe is too immature for AFL
wadaramus: Crows DE is terrible.
Raspel31: Rowe must be sitting on his Butts.
zadolinnyj: frampton not afl level. rather see himmers
kascadev8: this weeks james rowe is making last weeks oliver henry look good
Snarfy: Is Mills in the mid-field or has horse slotted him elsewhere?
wadaramus: Horrible forward entries and good Sydney defence, making it hard for all forwards.
HappyDEZ: 21 seems a bit generous for Lance
Baldfrog: I was shocked Frampton was preferred over Himmel Zad
Bulky: O’Brien you absolute spud. Lumbering around the ground like a baby giraffe.
navy_blues: geez crows just stayed off mcdonald there
bhg26: Mills is mid Snarf
kascadev8: gee i dont have berry, probably should be getting him in next week b4 price changes
wadaramus: Crows getting pantsed by three P Platers.
Yelse: guilden greater than rowell
Hazza09: Rowe to McDonald next week
Snarfy: Thanks bhg26
GOATdusty: syndey has some good kids, future looks very bright
navy_blues: berry trying to lift crows
bhg26: Getting Errol on the back of my guernsey
Silz90: Lift Rowe and Laird
sfenda1: gulden campbell and mcdonald all in 1 draft
a1trader: The swans recruiters have blitzed the rest of the AFL
Dogs5416: Sorry if it’s been said, but surely Rowe is looking at a miraculous injury
Raspel31: Just tackle someone Rowe- even one of your own players.
CozzieCan: Who said gulden wouldn’t get 139 this week ? Lmao
beerent11: Bloody hell gulden might be keeper
navy_blues: rowe injured? dont think he was on that whole qtr
Raspel31: That would be me Cozzie- but hardly complaining.
ReggieOz: 2004 draft Buddy,Roughie and Lewis
HappyDEZ: GOD has Gulden (C) lol
pharace: Ohhh Errol I would give everything just to be like him
Yelse: is the colour game still on this year?
Hazza09: I saw him running around Navy, looked ok to me
PAFC4eva: jeez rowe is a spud father like son
Baldfrog: Haven’t seen GOD in ages
CozzieCan: @Bald he was here Thursday night
kascadev8: how many people gonna field treacy over rowe next week?
pharace: Rowe 82% game time, 72% not near the ball time
navy_blues: rowe on bench last week 104 on field this week -2 grrrrr
Raspel31: Spoke to me in my dreams last night Bald- said captain Rowe.
Baldfrog: I benched Rowe for ESS jones he couldn’t do worse could he?
navy_blues: im liking young berry he might come into my side
beerent11: Rowes a small fwd in a shit team what do we expect?
navy_blues: 8 tackles in a half of footy
CozzieCan: @Beer they bet Geelong last week .. far from shower this year
Baldfrog: Fighting words Beer. Hows Norf going m8?
Wahab_18: Imagine benching Campbell for Rowe 🙁
Baldfrog: We have 15 kids in today and probably none have played at the scg before
CozzieCan: Oh ERowel I would do anything not to be him at half time .
HappyDEZ: Yep Navy. 15 in 6 quarters = elite.
navy_blues: any1 know what berry scored last week off hand? besides points lol
kascadev8: campbell over projected already, lovely, because him and gulden have to make up for rowe
navy_blues: afl admits bris shoulda got htb decision last night
Baldfrog: Too late now Navy lol
kascadev8: navy it was pretty obvious, horror show with decisions last night
navy_blues: yes doesnt help bris
PJ39301965: Happy with Gulde, Lloyd, Campbell, Heeney and Warner lift laird and bench player Rowe and butts
teachrtony: Navy, 6k, 2h, 1m, 7tackles
CozzieCan: 99% of AFL fans agree also , that 1% is made up of Karen’s and Raspels
navy_blues: ty
Baldfrog: Lol Cozzie
Raspel31: Moi?
kascadev8: come on raspel, ur better than that
kascadev8: what does campbell even look like? ive got no idea
boondock: geewiz Swans looking very slick with the ball
Baldfrog: What price swans for flag?
CozzieCan: Campbell’s soup @Kas
PAFC4eva: off to the footy go the pear
boondock: did anyone see Tex Walkers revenge camping this year?
kascadev8: campbells soup?? any good Coz?
boondock: revenge tour*
Baldfrog: Should win easy PAFC
CozzieCan: Don’t think I’ve seen a non playing medical sub have more points , than a player on field @Rowe lmao
Haydo: Goulden to beat his projection?
CozzieCan: @Kas highly recommend for a first date . She’s apples
kascadev8: @Coz ill have to write that down and remember it
Yelse: need laird to seriously lift
CozzieCan: They need to put Laird in defence and move Rowe to midfield .
rupertmarn: This could be Rowe’s last ever game.
CozzieCan: Rowe got a handball !!! Read all about it
HappyDEZ: Laird & Berry low tog
Raspel31: And there it is ladies and gentlemen.
kascadev8: whats the difference between neale and rowe besides price? nothing, both barely touching it but we love it when they do
GOATdusty: from tonning one game to being -1 the next, biggest differential of all time
Ooost: V on Gulden next week anyone?
kascadev8: goat that sounds like neales price next week, one week very high, the next very low
original: so glad i went zorko instead of someone else when trading danger. heeney grr
Hazza09: Does Rowe need to be traded next week?
kascadev8: @original, i got titch for danger
bhg26: vc Gulden c Flynn ooost
pharace: 2 disposals at 50% efficiency for Rowe – flip of the coin which….
BC__: Gulden m1 Campbell f1. It’s that kind of year
CozzieCan: Bye bye mr Rowe pie , drove my up your ass and kicked ya cause your flower
Ooost: bhg26 agreed
Wahab_18: Would be nice if Rowe can beat Rowells round 1 score but that looks unlikely too
kascadev8: rowe is on 3?? hahaha no way
Hazza09: Wow Rowe on 3
pharace: Purple patch for Rowe
CozzieCan: Lmao @pharace
bhg26: I love you Chad
cmperrfect: Yes winding back the clock this year. Geezus.
Hazza09: Rowe & Fullarton will be my correction trades next week, both can go
cmperrfect: *Tex
kascadev8: anyone dropping cripps next week?
original: already had the common trades and wanted to keep a fwd. had dusty, dunkley, titch etc
original: having trouble with chat/logged in on chrome. who would think chrome buggy
cmperrfect: I’m in that camp kasca I think. Too many better options.
original: will correct rookies and bring in warner. berry a maybe.. would mean i hold neale and cripps. happy to hold them i guess
PJ39301965: @ Kas yeah to dusty for me. He can’t run
Hazza09: Warner for who @Original?
kascadev8: yeh ay, gone from what i thought was a value pick to a terrible pick, options id look r moore, heeney, sloane dusty
Raspel31: Rowe to Dusty for me.
CozzieCan: I don’t have Cripps .. but I’d suggest Campbell
boondock: junk time?
PJ39301965: I brought in Heeney for danger this week
kascadev8: even daniel rich could be a look at
kascadev8: yeh campbell is good, happy i already have him, flynn, highmore, koszi, gulden
navy_blues: gee gulden creates goals
cmperrfect: The Signets looking very good this year. Like Essendon of 93.
pharace: Campbell the emergency you have when hope a player is not selected Sunday
navy_blues: watchout 139 on 120 at 3qtr time what a start to his career
cmperrfect: *cygnets
kascadev8: rowe making henry look good lmao
Crippa9: 6 brownlow votes for gulden already??
pharace: Heppell is out for anyone who cares
original: lol kascadev
Raspel31: Gulden only made 28 that quarter. Worth keeping?
original: if warner put in a strong last qtr will have no dramas swapping rookies to him (jones or the hwks guy)
pharace: Rowe a big drifter in the Coleman betting
CozzieCan: Gee thanks @Pharace didn’t realise
kascadev8: gulden had a sleep that quarter, deserves one too, now him and campbell gotta go big to help out rowe
pharace: tips hat @ Cozzie
Stu7: Gulden is a gun
m0nty: Butts all over Buddy then, bit dirty
kascadev8: rory sloane. is he back?.
CozzieCan: Lots of sc points for last qtr to dish out
Raspel31: And Buddy a new dad too, sigh.
pharace: Can you be an old dad Rasp?
_Wang_: Cmon Rowe scab a 40
Raspel31: Okay, who’s going to win this one?
gIMX7: Has anyone ever won the brownlow in their first season> Or should we just rename the award after Errol right now?
PJ39301965: Stop putting the mozzarella on him. Remember Rowell last year guys
boondock: Tex’s revenge tour continues for another round
m0nty: Haydn Bunton Snr won Brownlows in his first two years
kascadev8: waiting for tex to go back to the scores of 30s. may be a while at this rate
GOATdusty: goat walker
scboy123: can someone explain why Rowe has 37 DT but only 19 SC? has he murdered someone ?
kascadev8: campbell and gulden, come back, we want your scores
Raspel31: Many frees given away early on.
GOATdusty: its pretty obvious isnt it, a few clangers and effiency not great
thommoae: Settle down, gIMX.
original: imagine if heeney got 25+ touches a game
scboy123: AFL App says 0 frees against
Buddy: Who are they dropping for Rowbottom?
PJ39301965: Two weeks ago I put $20 on sydney @81 for gf and10 for the 8 pretty happy with what I’m seeing so far
Raspel31: My bad scboy- clangers,
GOATdusty: he’s had 2 clangers
scboy123: where do u see clangers
arbel: @scboy yeah he murderd the ball… and now junk time doesn’t get effect on the game so just simple stats
kascadev8: gulden campbell where are you?
pharace: Rookies have slowed up a bit
kascadev8: except for rowe that is pharace
navy_blues: think they on bench
boondock: its junk time, why risk injuring the young boys
Hazza09: Do you loophole Berry for Powell / Bruhn?
PJ39301965: ROB another ruck gone backwards
pharace: Rowe finishing hard compared to 1st half Kasca
GOATdusty: good boy laird, good game
Stu7: Come on Rowe do something
kascadev8: yeh ahah, rowe on fire, wish neale took kickins, only way he’d get to 80 this year
Stu7: I bought Conigilio over Laird whoops
bones351: Berry has managed to score 69 so far off only 6 disposals. 4 of those being kicks resulting in points.
bhg26: I love you Chad
Yelse: happy with gulden campbell loyd laird warner, i ll forgive rowe, berry on bench
GOATdusty: you need to get over it
navy_blues: 381 points with 3 players then theres rowe grrrr
Stu7: Nice @ Yelse
arbel: @bones it’s all the tackles they are SC good
arbel: *gold
Hazza09: Loophole Berry?
kascadev8: rowe got to 20, what a day
PJ39301965: 6 player 694 with Rowe and butts on bench
GOATdusty: 20 was about what danger scored in the granny
pcaman2003: Confusing! Warner 91pts ,kicks goal gets to 94 pts. How does thgt work?
ElstyBoy: Gulden, Campbell, Lloyd, Warner, Laird and Berry – might be the best game I get all year
kascadev8: GOAT it wouldnt surprise me haha, dusty destroyed us that day

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