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Chat log from R2 of 2021: Geelong vs Brisbane

Chat log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R2 of 2021

J.Worrall: GoLions
CozzieCan: Evening ladies & gents ..Raspels . What a showdown for Friday night , get around it ! Neale 170
kascadev8: neale to get to 160, gonna be huge tonight
Ooost: Neale, Clark and Stewart here. Any Grundy rage traders about?
CozzieCan: Zorko , Neale , Rich , Stewart here
J.Worrall: Berry out
J.Worrall: JBerry, that is
kascadev8: jarrod or tom berry?
PJ39301965: Evening everyone. VC Neale and Clarke for me
kascadev8: boak titch dusty or ridley, who would be the best dangerfield replacement?
amigaman: Just Clarke & Daniher for me
Ooost: I did Tom Mitchell
Thomas1234: Stewart, Clarke and big Joe for me
Baldfrog: Only Sharp and Clark oh fark
Cottees: Neale, Stewart and Clark
PJ39301965: I went a POD Heeney Buddy back so is now the fourth tall down forward and should rotate through mid more.
Baldfrog: How long u think buddy will last PJ before getting injured?
PJ39301965: That’s the risk but reward could be significant. Longmire has said buddy won’t play every week.
Raspel31: Buddy late out- joking.
Pies20: Neale vc sharp daniher and Clarke for me tonight
beerent11: Can’t wait for this one. 2 cracking sides coming off a loss. Let’s go
exatekk: half a Q Bald
kascadev8: got vc neale and clark, only the 2 from this game
Raspel31: Same kasca.
kascadev8: love clark’s hair
Baldfrog: Lions look lost
beerent11: Big o injured get Fullerton on the ball
duckky: Stewart, Clark and … Fullarton
Catatafish: Stewart did well to be on 101% TOG
kascadev8: gee whiz if constable could hold a spot he’d be a very solid pick id think
Raspel31: Hmm- Neale off to a flying start- groan.
Yelse: kept danger as i am going for league win not total. and he be a top 6 mid
kascadev8: went with danger to titch in the end, danger will continue to drop for a while
beerent11: He’ll come good rasp
Raspel31: Hope so beer- only another 120 to go.
Pies20: I tipped lion’s hmm
beerent11: Took danger down to Walsh put 70k in the bank. Wanted Walsh preseason but couldn’t squeeze him in
navy_blues: is bris on the field?
kascadev8: would anyone else have a look at constable if his security wasnt so bad?
Yelse: its a waste of two trades to get him back
beerent11: Lions are lucky to be only down 4 goals.
PJ39301965: With 38 disposals in 22 mins I’d say no navy
navy_blues: i would kasca looked at him pre season
kascadev8: treacy eligible for selection next week, apparently the AFL will allow it, thats very helpful for $$
navy_blues: that dirty selwood get him mitch
Ooost: Clark butcher
a1trader: Joe killing it tonight!
rupertmarn: 3 weeks Rohan
Badgerbadg: Cats playing better without danger.. something in that
kascadev8: what even happened to neale? i cant see him being hit in the rohan contest
Catatafish: Come on Clark and Sharp, need something
exatekk: How’s it a waste of trades Yelse? You would be trading another premo in at the point you want Danger anyway?!
Baldfrog: Sharp is killing it to
Pies20: Ok got both happy days
kascadev8: theres a week for rohan, idiot.
Rilian: Rohan obviously had Easter holidays booked in..
beerent11: Same old joe
Raspel31: As something of a master strategist, so proud I benched Hawkins in the draft.He’s laearned his lesson.
cmperrfect: Sharp looking rather blunt so far.
Pies20: Nothing @kaska hopefully he realises he looked stupid and gets moving
Badgerbadg: Chris Scott looks like Russell Crowe
navy_blues: like to know what hipwoods fgoal kicking stats are gee he misses easy one as a full forward
a1trader: maybe timekeeper has gone to sleep
a1trader: “Sharp looking rather blunt so far. ” – lol 🙂
CozzieCan: Put Daniher on the bench , might field brockman instead at this rate
Raspel31: Not into rage trades- especially after Rowell and Danger last week- but Neale into..simply anyone?
PJ39301965: Ok Rohan concussion out for 1 week gets 1 week for hitting Neale. 1 week or two weeks out?
duckky: Daniherwas alazysodatEssendon,who always thought he deserved more
navy_blues: thats bs higgins threw 1st punch
duckky: Damn space bar
beerent11: He’ll come good rasp
Baldfrog: You talking about Sharp Beer?
berch: O’connor is tagging neale
beerent11: Can’t speak to sharp bald but I have faith in the Neale
navy_blues: big o cant kick wanting to handball off
StuL: Thanks Neale you over priced flog
Badgerbadg: What’s this covid issue they’re talking about?
Yelse: if everyone seems to be going home to isolate.. i wonder home many lions players should be as well
kascadev8: anyone think that maybe the jarrod berry late out has something to do with this quarantine thing they are talking about?
Baldfrog: Good too see the umps have improved in the off season
PJ39301965: 1 unknown case in Brissy Badger
hinsch: Neale keeps this standard up surely he gets omitted next week
beerent11: We’re pretty bloody lucky when one case is big news.
Yelse: neale juice pick up in 4 weeks
kascadev8: selwood histroically hasnt been a big scorer has he? could be a look for cripps too at this rate
duckky: Somebody was walking around Brisbane for aweekwhile infectious
hinsch: yelse he should be at least $200k cheaper by Rd 6
PJ39301965: @Beer it’s because they don’t know how they got it. No-one in QLD does
duckky: Pendles looks good this year
Raspel31: Wait 10 weeks Yelse- and then you might be able to afford Coleman.
beerent11: Nope kasca. No danger and very inconsistent scoring over the last few seasons.
a1trader: Lions can’t play much worse and only 20 points behind
Baldfrog: In Queensland anything is possible
Raspel31: Is he playing ducky?
PJ39301965: Come on VC Neale and Clark lift ffs
navy_blues: see hipwood misses another easy one
poolboybob: Hipwood muppet
berch: m0nty, O’Connor is tagging neale
kascadev8: someone show clark and neale what colour the footy is, might be purple im not sure
VodkaHawk: Don’t worry about Toby or whoever… Rohan is by far the biggest flog in the AFL
Baldfrog: Cotchin isn’t far behind Vodka
PJ39301965: @kas clearly it’s green so there losing it in the rough
navy_blues: nearl half time and neale on 16 lol
kascadev8: green you think? may as well be purple, he isnt getting it
Raspel31: Let’s be honest- Neale’s 3 touches in half a game have been pure class- groan.
navy_blues: the policeman is doing well kasca
PJ39301965: Yeah it’s getting camouflaged by the ground so they cant find it
beerent11: Only 2 goals in it
a1trader: Brisbane will win this
kascadev8: im a big fan of the policeman, wish his job security was better, bargain for his price
beerent11: Not 2 goals in it now
Catatafish: Clark you smooth brain, kick it.
jbjimmyjb: ffs clark is having a shocker
beerent11: He’ll come good rasp
kascadev8: clark his a target, neale stop fighting everyone. gawn get a big captain score for me tomorrow
a1trader: If you got told Clark would be double Neale’s score you would be pretty happy normally
Baldfrog: He will Raspel in 2024
Raspel31: Confident Neale will have an 18 point 2nd half.
navy_blues: evans looks ok
GOATdusty: lol rohan you flog lmao
PJ39301965: That was a zero qtr by Neale
Yelse: ommmmggg needed rohan goal
beerent11: Neale can’t be right. Gotta be carrying something.
kascadev8: can we just let neale run for a few minutes, his score is very sad. his eyes look sad
Badgerbadg: Brisbane to win by under a goal, imagine that
bones351: Clark would have a good score if it wasn’t for stupid frees against
navy_blues: neale might even go for staging lol
kascadev8: if neale gets done he might think about going for the pill instead of the player
Cottees: id be okay if Neale did something to get suspended to make it easier to trade him lol. thats sounds so bad
cmperrfect: Neale still can’t shake a tag.
Pies20: Same kasca gone gawn c neale what a let down so far
Pies20: What did neale do missed it
kascadev8: thankfully treacy can play next week, means i can move campbell to cover for neale next week, potentially
davywap: Jesus even Daniher has more touches than Neale
navy_blues: might not happen tho just a point that was raised at half time
Baldfrog: Sharp improved his score by 900% that qtr
PJ39301965: Every cats player is equal or grater than Neale
hinsch: I think its time to free up $721K SC dollars before it goes wayward
Baldfrog: Your rich hinsch
davywap: my SC team is going about as well as a pick-pocketer in a nudist camp
navy_blues: neale gone frwd that doesnt help if ball in gee frwd line lol
MONEY TALK: niceeee clarkey boi
Baldfrog: Noice Clarky
Pies20: Neale starting forward showers me if he’s good enough to break a tag get him in the guts
kascadev8: wouldnt neale at halfback make more sense? i just want him to touch the pill 🙁
Baldfrog: It’s the cracks where the best goods are found davy
Pies20: If he’s not let him have a bad game
davywap: tru dat baldy, that’s where i stash my cash
davywap: why does this site always tell me i’m not logged in when i literally am?
kascadev8: constable only 266k, price changes next week but his security is so poor. it hurts my head
Pies20: A true gun can break a tag let’s see
Silz90: Hey all. Neale to come out and score 100 in the second half?
navy_blues: dream on
beerent11: When do prices change this season? After this round or next?
kascadev8: wow neale is going fast, already got 5 more points, huge
Monfries96: Gee, it was high but Selwood really threw the head back
GOATdusty: after 3 rounds, like it has always been ya know
thommoae: Having the same problem davy
davywap: you seem surprised monfries
kascadev8: neale 2 touches in 8 minutes, this is incredible
beerent11: Glad I put the vc on sharp
beerent11: Not missing him yet bombrblitz?
Migz: this is the shittest game
navy_blues: how wasnt that htb???
Pies20: How is that not holding the ball flower me
Ash777: the umpires in this have been horrible
kascadev8: that was a throw lmaoo
Oddsy5: wow 2 throws in a row, feel for brissy
Badgerbadg: Selwoods made a career out of getting away with it. What a grub
StuL: Ok
Pies20: Really shower tonight @ash
StuL: I.hope i dont get sharp as e
PJ39301965: For anyone wanting to know the lines on the grass are 10m wide
Pies20: Like my fantasy team haha
Badgerbadg: You reckon Brisbane win it from here
Raspel31: Neale on fire- 4 touches this quarter.
StuL: At this rate you will get Neale for under 500k. Migjt be worth tje reverse cash build?
cmperrfect: Down arrow for Neale m0nty
kascadev8: whos had more impact this quarter, neale 4 touches or selwood 2 throws + a goal
StuL: Nice goimg Clark. Future Jimmy type
Baldfrog: Selwood had a throw receive as well Kasca
Pies20: Great kick rich
beerent11: Can we waste two trades in two weeks on guys we want back in by the end of the season? 4 trades gone. If you had danger
Raspel31: Cab we waste another week on Neale?
StuL: If we picked all the right rooks, i think yes beerent.
kascadev8: regretting starting neale, dont wanna trade tho, ran out from injuries last year
Yelse: do i take danihers score or play warner
dezlav: No 1 Most traded out this week …… L Neale
beerent11: Was that grundy last week Dezlav?
beerent11: There’s 4 quarters in footy yelse
kascadev8: effectively that means neale will score huge next week if he is most traded out? man like grundy
Baldfrog: Neale will come good but will bleed some cash
Raspel31: The difference is beer you don’t tag a ruck and everyone now knows Neale can’t deal with a tag- no Dusty.
beerent11: So trade him raspel
Raspel31: Just mooting the point.
kascadev8: neale is touching the ball, and im very confused as to how he is doing this
beerent11: I’ll be holding
cmperrfect: Bombers must be spewing they lost Daniher
navy_blues: wont be trading neale havent got him lol
kascadev8: im too scared to sell neale. and im too scared to buy constable. has anyone got cripps and gonna keep him?
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, how’s that new App of yours going?
StuL: Would never trade grundy or gswn
dezlav: @Berent11. Some may have pulled the trigger early on that, but not I.
beerent11: What a weird start to the season
CozzieCan: Don’t get constable @Kas
GOATdusty: lol this is why you had no trad elast season, dont blame it on injuries lmao
MONEY TALK: i cant send messages now
StuL: Everyone will tag neale now. Jump off and buy back for 450. If he is any good by then
kascadev8: goat, i genuinely would trade in a gun who would get injured within 2 weeks, happened every week, some times even 2 play
StuL: This game is a battle of cash v points. Ita matter of knowing when to jump. As if i have the answers. Im guessing like e
beerent11: Had no help from his teammates
CozzieCan: Rich doing wonders in D6 , almost didn’t pick him this year
PJ39301965: Game on
dezlav: Neale’s price is $721,000. He was given a BE for next 2 weeks straight of 192, with 4% chance of getting it.
dezlav: If Neale ton’s up next week he’ll still drop $150,000+ in value
kano: gryan miers is trash
beerent11: Rich at d6 coz….. must be nice backline
kascadev8: neale on the bench with an injury issue, is this what we all needed?
CozzieCan: My F1 is Ziebell @Beer not so great
The39Steps: Miers has become Target.
a1trader: Geelong have 100 more disposals
beerent11: Bad night for the beeraclockers. Neale Stewart and sharp on field
beerent11: You’re a pioneer coz. Like it
otis: Hello Neale? 🙁
kascadev8: daniher with the cherry picker goal. garbage.
Badgerbadg: Can you believe it BT? Saw this coming from the first quarter…
Pies20: Go lions
beerent11: League games start next week?
Baldfrog: Wow Geelong will have riots tonight if they lose
kascadev8: 10 team comps started this week, 18 team comps start next week
beerent11: I’ve got port4eva round 1
Raspel31: Might trade Neale for Danger or Rowell- whoops, had them last week. Aaargh!
PJ39301965: Ive got marksmenfolk rd1 and Apache rd2
Baldfrog: I can lend you sharp Raspel
Badgerbadg: If you have Neale just trade him for boak and pocket some cash. Simples
kascadev8: neale to dusty, cripps to moore. that looks alright
The39Steps: Not enough people in Geelong to riot. Weekend detention.
kascadev8: gary rohan muppet? that play on siren may have cost geelong lmao
beerent11: What do we take for vc Neale? 55 60?
blonde0na: stewart low TOG for a geelong defender
exatekk: Umps lost the plot
beerent11: Geelong are fucked if they drop this game.
PJ39301965: Bullshit
AlsoGmax: This is why you tip with your head, not your heart.
crazzzed: Zorko went down20 points for that 50m. seems stiff
barra17: Is there not a rule that if you take posession of the ball out of the ruck and you get touched its a free or is that gon
PAFC4eva: looking forward to next week beer best of luck
kascadev8: barra that changed years ago
Struda: lost them the game, -20 is fine
GOATdusty: neale woke up
kascadev8: how is neale on 71 wtaf is happening
cmperrfect: Gone Barra.
navy_blues: he was on 51
beerent11: You too port, should be good
AlsoGmax: omg umps. Bloody Geelong.
GOATdusty: robbery
crazzzed: so if Brisbane win then does Zorko get the point back 🙂
kano: cheats
J.Worrall: Boo Boo Boo Cats
cmperrfect: Lions robbed
AlsoGmax: Literally robbed.
Ash777: Cats saved by the umps lol
navy_blues: gee very lucky shoulda been htb
Apachecats: Gutless umpiring in front of Brisbane goal ,well done umpires .Cost Brisbane the game.
MONEY TALK: worst umpiring ive ever seen
upthetiges: that was a drop from blicavs
painkilla: Umps made sure their team got up disgraceful
cobrakai00: Lions flopped all night, we should have won by 4 at least.. eat it
kascadev8: that was horrific, geelong got lucky, they evened the frees up so much at the end, terrible
Phasir: Disgusting match from the umps… Gifted win to GFC
duckky: Why the heck are the Cats fans booing the umps?
CozzieCan: Umpires ruined that game from start to finish .. if your a Geelong supporter and say we deserve it ? Not the slightest
navy_blues: and cats supporters know they were gifted that by umps omg that ump be back to d grade
exatekk: Friday night robbery
beerent11: Won’t be umpiring next week
pharace: Lions robbed – what a heist!
coda1214: absolutely awful umpiring all night.
navy_blues: imagine if that was a grand final umps wouldnt get off the ground alive
VodkaHawk: Typical Filthy Geelong umps
Pies20: Absolutely bulkshower umpires tonight hang your heads in shame muppets
kascadev8: brisbane really stiff there, that was garbage
navy_blues: how neale got to 76 points was a joke to
painkilla: Selwoods a protected speices again this year
aussie59: Rubbish
aussie59: LoL…umps….no scrutiny….all game,

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