Chat log from R2 of 2021: Carlton vs Collingwood

Ooost: Stewert, Clark and VC Grundy
PJ39301965: Evening everyone
navy_blues: traded grundy lets see if i was right
Baldfrog: Hey guys Clark, Dow and Grundies here
Baldfrog: Only after 1 round navy blues? Good luck tho
navy_blues: yes bald im thinking grundy and gawn wont dominate as much with new rules less stoppages etc
amigaman: Kept Grundy but have VC on a mid
Ooost: Heads not right tonight. Grundy VC, Cripps, Dow
navy_blues: maybe in a wet game rucks will dominate more ball ups
Oddsy5: cripps dow and vc grundy, fingers crossed
Water: just grundy and dow for me, bounce back game for Grund tonight
Baldfrog: Lol ooost i said Clark to. Just grundies and Dow
exatekk: Evening lads!
Baldfrog: Hey exa
PJ39301965: Dow on bench and Cripps for me
Apachecats: Evening all ,Blues by 27.
Apachecats: Mine are Crippa ,Saad and Grundles.
exatekk: Hey Apache!
Apachecats: Cheers exatekk.
Apachecats: Looks like our freefanfooty1 SCleague is in the top 10% ,what good judges we are.
Baldfrog: Yep done well so far Apache.
Ash777: pittonet going good against grundy.
Schillaci: Traded Grundy to Walsh
PJ39301965: Let’s see how it looks after this weekend
Apachecats: Hope you’re not one trade short at the end of the season Scillaci (good horse name there by the way)
Baldfrog: Exactly PJ
PJ39301965: Who traded dangerfield out?
Yelse: Grundy FFS lift VC
Raspel31: A few vinos on the way home- evening ladies and carn Blues.
Schillaci: Flynn’s a keeper didn’t you know GM
PJ39301965: Will Dow play 4 quarters toninght
Raspel31: Well, you simply had to PJ- and Rowell too- very unwanted.
Apachecats: I did PJ ,can’t have $640K sitting on the bench for 3 weeks.
thommoae: Danger out Dusty in for me
Baldfrog: Rowell to titch wasn’t painful
CozzieCan: Howe ,Grundy and Dow great start
mace485: jez howe still got it, surely most people will look to get him in
AlsoGmax: Grundy looks like a sherrinphobe.. Rushing away from the contest after every hitout to wash his hand.
Raspel31: Traded Flynn for Grundy this week- joking of course.
CozzieCan: Have faith in Grundy this game ,
Napper: All Grundy’s hitouts r too advantage why isnt he much higher can someone explain?
AlsoGmax: Got no bloody choice here, Cozzie. 🙂
Ash777: I have Cripps & Dow.
Baldfrog: Grundies waking up now
CozzieCan: Any1 seen ohsorozee or beastcoast lately ?
Raspel31: I have Worms and something worse.
GOATdusty: lol 3 of 8 have been to advantage. dont exaggerate
kano: lol napper. real goggles
Ash777: Grundy probably ton tonight but his days of 140+ are over.
Apachecats: Haven’t seen BC on here since around round 8 last year.
navy_blues: thats dropping the ball
cmperrfect: Evening all.
Ooost: Grundy 😀
Apachecats: exactly navy blue ,incorrect disposal and they got a goal from it. and
CozzieCan: Grundys best qtr in the last 15 games lol
Apachecats: Grundy looking good for 140+
Raspel31: Okay- Blues a tad disappointing to date. But who did we VC and Cap ladies?
Apachecats: Grundy was unfit for purpose for the last 8 games last year.
davywap: Still better than whoever the fuck Geelong’s Ruckman is
m0nty: Brodie’s back, back again
PAFC4eva: baldy did you go to the game last week
Napper: Grundy played one bad game last week so everyone just needs to calm down
Pies20: Evening all go pies promising start
StarvyJ: Changed my vc from Adams to Walsh last minute :/
vartic: Adams (VC) and Grundy in this game, keep it up
Apachecats: C on Steele ,VC Boak
StarvyJ: Anyone sell De Goey after last week?
wadaramus: Lift Cripps!
CozzieCan: VC Grundy , C on dusty
GOATdusty: agree napper, trading a prem after 1 game in general is muppet behavior
cmperrfect: Who did everyone go with who had to trade Rowell?
Raspel31: Wary of Boak- went Zerrett to Macrae.
beerent11: Vc Neale c McRae
cmperrfect: Boak will tear up Essendon
Napper: @cmperrfect I went to Cerra wanted a pod and he looked good
PJ39301965: Vc Neale c Gawn at this stage
Yelse: VC grundy into Gawn
StarvyJ: I had Danger, only trade so far went to Dusty. C on Zerret
Apachecats: cm went Rowall to McGrath
Raspel31: Hmm Napper- was either Cerra or Brayshaw for me.
StarvyJ: Bloody glad I have De Goey though, actually a jet
CozzieCan: Doggies Mids to hard to pickem this year .. all going so well
Pies20: Vc neale who’s traded out danger and to who?
cmperrfect: McGrath looks good this year Apache
CozzieCan: @Pies danger and Rowell to Boak and Zorko
Badgerbadg: don’t get the hype around the blues, they’re average
Apachecats: Breakout year cm
Raspel31: Titch and Brayshaw for me Cozzie.
PJ39301965: Cripps looks not intrested again
CozzieCan: Brayshaw for freo @Raspel ?
Baldfrog: Atm bont vc and steele c but will change I think
Raspel31: Yep Cozzie- sorry.
cmperrfect: Was actually thinking of looping in Laird and getting Mills
Pies20: I’m thinking danger to steele or titch
navy_blues: what a goal!!!!!!
StarvyJ: Bloody good goal
CozzieCan: @Raspel , reckon he continues from last year in great form aye .. especially Fyfe playing more forward. Need to get him
Raspel31: Was him or Cerra Cozzie- time will tell.
cmperrfect: If Dow could find the gym and put on some kgs, he wouldn’t get rag dolled every week
Apachecats: Go Steele Pies20
Baldfrog: Grrr my chat is playing up. PAFC yes I went m8
Pies20: Think i might @Apache cheers mate
Raspel31: Baldfrog- no longer supported by Chrome- go to another site.
BeastMode: how does sier get a game?
Baldfrog: Dow to Jordon maybe my only rookie change
Baldfrog: No raspel on samsung browser usually fautless not tonight tho
Badgerbadg: what does mason cox bring that darcy cameron does not?
Baldfrog: M0nty needs an apprentice peddlar to help out
PJ39301965: Anyone tempted with Buddy
Spifflicat: Couldn’t get chat working last week, but finally!
Baldfrog: Badger think only Bucks thinks Cox is a good player
Spifflicat: No luck last week with chat, but this week!
CozzieCan: Man Elliot was back from bummer
Apachecats: Not in classic PJ ,but picked him up in a few draft leagues.
Raspel31: My nephew is in the pump room for M0nty and the conditions are horrendous. Buddy? Eeek.
navy_blues: another crap decision
PAFC4eva: season ticket holder baldy
Apachecats: Poor Newnes takes mark of the year contender and his mate gives the free away,lol.
Water: dow fading….
Baldfrog: Have been since 1991 m8
Gryan goat: Gryans the best in AFL
StarvyJ: Beast mode are you watching the game or just the stats? Sier been brilliant
Apachecats: Fading from what?
Gryan goat: Remember me boys
PAFC4eva: did you use your ticket to get in or that ticketec bullsquirt
GOATdusty: we know who the goat is and he ain’t it kid
CozzieCan: VC Grundy looking good so far , keep going big fella !! Love it
Spifflicat: Our teams Apache
Yelse: elliot a big loss FFS
Water: fading from the game
Gryan goat: Shut up Gryan could beat up dusty in one blow
CozzieCan: Dusty Martin hands down best in the comp . Freak
Baldfrog: Seats have been realocated this year cause of covid restrictions PAFC
Gryan goat: Your a Geelong supporter cozzie you should be backing Gryan up
Apachecats: yeah water ,I get what you mean now.
PAFC4eva: going tomorrow but not sure ticket will get me in
Baldfrog: Cozzie is respected unlike you Gyran
wadaramus: Still had my regular seat boys.
Yelse: geez grundy hold a mark ffs
Baldfrog: You should be fine as you guys have less members m8
wadaramus: Crows were a farce with ticket issues.
Baldfrog: Lucky you wada
Gryan goat: Why isn’t Gryan respected
beerent11: Set and forget
CozzieCan: We had Ablett mate .. Judd and Dusty .. top 3 players in modern footy ..
PAFC4eva: thanx ps had tickets to crows 91 92 and 93 SHHH
CozzieCan: She’s apples Baldfrog , thanks legend
Nurfed: De Goaty
Gryan goat: Can’t you squeeze Gryan in their
Apachecats: That pass to DeGoey went 6 metres tops.
Baldfrog: We had Modra better than all them
wadaramus: Barely lucky, didn’t find out until Thursday I even had a seat!
wadaramus: As I said, Crows a rabble!
Raspel31: I wouldn’t trust Caozzie as far as I could throw him/her? Dow?
Apachecats: Cripps heading for another 80-90 game.
StarvyJ: Darcy Moore is the best defender in the comp
bones351: Cripps is so bloody slow moving
beerent11: That was a great era of footy when modra was running around
Baldfrog: Starry you’d be stuffed without him
zadolinnyj: godra
CozzieCan: @Raspel id start rolling with a push lol
Gryan goat: Who is the best small forward with dreadlocks in the league
Baldfrog: Yeah beer Modra Ablett snr, dunstall, lockett
CozzieCan: Cyril Rioli @Gryan lol
marls: Had Z Williams on bench last week. Thought I was clever…
Baldfrog: Even Mark Jacko Jackson lol
Pies20: Since 91 good work @baldy followed a shower team for so long that’s commitment
PAFC4eva: is zac even out there
Gryan goat: That plays for Geelong with the number 32 that has the letter g in his name
Ash777: gyran goat, the dustygoat copycat.
beerent11: Crows modra. Freo modra not so much.
shaker: The funny thing is he thinks his dreadlocks look good
Gryan goat: Gryan goat has been her since 2020
wadaramus: Abeltt Snr, best opposition I saw at Footy Park!
Gryan goat: Only cozzie could remember that
beerent11: Zac = trap
kascadev8: hello legends, how are we all tonight?
beerent11: Gday kasca
Baldfrog: Modra did a knee before going to freo tho beer
cmperrfect: How have you seen Caldwell so far Apache?
wadaramus: Those were the days when the full forwards were the guns, now it’s the mids, all 36 of them!
Spifflicat: Everyone who traded Grundy will be feeling sick!
kascadev8: missed the first half, whats going on with cripps and howe? scores starting to concern me
Oddsy5: surely not many traded grundy
Baldfrog: Looks like Dow to Jordan if he goes alright
beerent11: True bald frog. That bloke would have a season worth of highlights for most blokes in a game.
Gryan goat: Gryan
Spifflicat: 2960 coaches Oddsy
Gryan goat: Gryan
Baldfrog: They were good days beer now a bit soft for me
Cottees: I was like 1 minute away from trading grundy. Thankfully I did not phew
wadaramus: Mods was the Crwos drawcard, then Blight traded him!
wadaramus: THose were the best days Baldfrog!
Baldfrog: Never forgiven blighty for that lol
Pies20: Nah really hype around town your boys are back!! After 1game of course
gIMX7: Please Cripper, just get back into brownlow form. Not enough to win or anything, but just enough to get over 110
Baldfrog: Pies20 I’m not biting m8
PAFC4eva: rumour was he liked other players wifes
wadaramus: Yep, that soured the back to back, Blight ruined his legacy for mine.
wadaramus: m0nty, every time I try to post it says I am not logged in, I have to log out and in every minute!
Pies20: Romanoe negri was your draw card @wada and @baldy don’t forget the rucks
kascadev8: howe do something, sat grundy on bench as punishment, put him back on today and its paying off, may need 2 do it to u 2
Baldfrog: I would have had Mods kids
Pies20: Ok early in the season I’ll leave it for later @baldy
PAFC4eva: scud weed and klugy DRAWCARDS
Baldfrog: Hmm. You sure m8 you guys aren’t looking like champions
Apachecats: I had that too Wada ,switched to Edge and no problems ,although it is rated as Not secure by Edge and Chrome.
wadaramus: Thanks Apache.
Pies20: No we not but surely I’ll have the upper hand like usual with the pies crows smack talk
kascadev8: howe do you touch the ball? im not sure
Baldfrog: Considering we both have only won 2x premierships since 1990 don’t think you do?
CozzieCan: Let’s go Howe Dow and Grundy !!
Apachecats: mOnty needs to google Security certificate ,not having one is probably the root of all this sites problems.
StarvyJ: Surely a goal, umpires call
Pies20: @baldy I’m not biting my haha
Baldfrog: Where’s snicko?
beerent11: Reckon mods might have a few kids running round he doesn’t know bout bald
Pies20: I have Nigerians hacking my bank account as we speak @Apache
Baldfrog: Haha no doubt Beer
m0nty: Taylor’s back, back again
Yelse: Grundy get 135 plz to captain you
Baldfrog: Can he stay healthy tho M0nty?
m0nty: there are some issues because I have a cert for the www server but not for live yet, working on it
teachrtony: I think my round 4 Zac Williams plan needs a rethink.
Apachecats: lol pies20 ,very funny.
Pies20: @Monty have you been watching 8mile lately or playing slim shadey to your kid?
beerent11: Good sign for gawndy that rucks scoring ok in a quick game.
shaker: Kmart Dusty having a good game
beerent11: Gee Walsh is a gun
GOATdusty: lolz
Baldfrog: Haven’t seen pokerface tonight talking about his ruck strategy?
CozzieCan: Blues players deserve a pardon this week in SC .. no love
beerent11: Hehe Kmart dusty
kascadev8: would have to agree shaker
Yelse: crips gotta go from my team this is hopeless
Raspel31: Has Dow touched the ball in 2 quarter’s
kascadev8: is williams starting to hurt cripps’ scoring? this is really yuck from him
CozzieCan: Grundy with a huuugeee mark
beerent11: Grundy is proving a point.
Pies20: They are both doing shower @kasca don’t think so
kascadev8: cripps and howe both doing shower for me, very sad i am
coda1214: Will Cox get into double digets this game?
Raspel31: Game still on- long way to go.
beerent11: Cripps isn’t the Lone Ranger anymore.
Pies20: Got dokas and dow so shower for me 2 @kasca
Baldfrog: Why would any team play their best mid in the 4wd I can’t work that out
kascadev8: howe you goose, why did u drop that, same with u cripps. grrr
Baldfrog: Dow has sucked alot of us in pies20
GOATdusty: cripps isnt relevant amymore, was rubbish last season
CozzieCan: Dow is only 10 or so points behind Cripps
Dogs5416: VC on grundy keep going
Pies20: Yeah it’s weird @baldy but it’s more the big bodied mids that go up forward still frustrating
Apachecats: Dow was definitely the hype man this year.Dodged him.
Oddsy5: cripps is the worst mid going forward, dusty danger bont fyfe all better unfortunately
Pies20: 1st time sc @baldy this year don’t have him rdt
Raspel31: Dow not Gawn yet ladies- early days.
kascadev8: moore looks real good for scoring this year, held danger for a week to test out his score again
Baldfrog: You finished crying then Kasca lol
Apachecats: Moore will be very low BE for next week ,might have to consider.Much improved player.
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog lmao .. Bipolar or what lol
kascadev8: which bit was i crying about Bald? probably done a lot of it
Stu7: Collywobbles yet again
beerent11: Cracking game
user_five: What the hell is going on with Maynard?
Baldfrog: Last week you said I have to go and cry after Rowell went down
Pies20: Settle @stu not just yet
Oddsy5: yep @beerent this is the most enjoyable game ive watched in a while
kascadev8: oh yeh, haha, nah still crying about it, watched last years highlights to make me feel better
Apachecats: Softest of frees to big Cox.
Pies20: Last week is Last week move on
wadaramus: Soft Cox, no free!
beerent11: Dow’s fine. Basically a high priced rookie. 60 to 80 is great. Will have a one off big game.
Raspel31: And people actually have Cox? Really? I used to till my rugby career got in the way.
kascadev8: if cripps and howe do more ill be a bit happier frog
Baldfrog: Chill numbnuts
crazzzed: good game pity umpires are so poor
duckky: Does the ump get a score assist for that one?
Apachecats: Nice early ton to Grundles ,140+ looking good.
thesilentl: Made up for the cox free by missing a clear one on moore
Yelse: what percentage of ppl got rid of grundy?
Apachecats: Those that sacked Grundy would be crying blood.
kascadev8: i kept grundy, just no vc for him :/
Spifflicat: Can the big man get to 150?
beerent11: 2956 legends traded out grundy this week. Well done.
Dogs5416: Yep apache and I’m loving the VC on Grundy. 150 please
wadaramus: How good are these coaches that put their best player at FF?!
Raspel31: I didn’t get Grundy as he was more expensive than Meek.
duckky: Moore looks a must have this year
kascadev8: think itll be danger to moore next week, swings laird to midfield
rupertmarn: Cripps has been overrated for 2 years now.
Pies20: Maybe they don’t feel like legends now @beers
Baldfrog: Reckon Cripps is up 4wd cause he is going at years end
Pies20: Haha @rasp
CozzieCan: Cripps come to Geelong mate , the nursing home is waiting lol
beerent11: He’ll probably be most traded in next week pies.
Pies20: Or he isn’t 100% fit @baldy
Apachecats: Fly your colours Dogs5416.Hover on your name at the top and click on options.
Baldfrog: You kept Maxy didn’t you Raspel or did you do pokers ruck strategy
cmperrfect: Grundy still gonna bleed coin tonight. Huge BE.
Baldfrog: Premos money doesn’t matter if they are keepers
CozzieCan: @Cmp , he only needs another 58 lol
AlsoGmax: I forgive you, Grundy. Let’s never fight again.
wadaramus: Big last qtr, carn Carlton!
N-train4: need a bit more from walsh
Raspel31: I would have to kill you if I answered that question honestly Bald.
Spifflicat: Not really CM, the 75 drops out first. Another 110 next week and he won’t change at all
Baldfrog: Could be pies20
wadaramus: Ton up Howe, Cripps and…Dow!
CozzieCan: I’m more concerned about Gawn and Neale bleeding cash .. tough price for premos
Pies20: Wow we agree on something @baldy never trade a premo on 1game
BeastMode: you pick grundy as a set and forget… his value becomes irellevent
Baldfrog: Lol Raspel nudge nudge wink wink
Baldfrog: Come on dude we aren’t that bad are we?
Pies20: Maybe we aren’t time will tell
Ash777: only grundy 2nd game against a average ruck.
Pies20: Would love dokas and dow to move
Baldfrog: Yes Ash77 he may improve more
CozzieCan: Howe and Dow .. bleeding like a cash cow ! Wow o wow Grundy take a bow .. 2021 rap of the year
Raspel31: Same too as me Cozzie- feel the pain.
Pies20: That was a bad miss by pendles
beerent11: Walsh is the inside mid version of gaff. Never stops running. Gun.
Baldfrog: Someone tugged cox
wadaramus: Hardly holding the Cox.
Apachecats: No argument with that free, had him in a half nelson.
Yelse: can cripps get to 100?
wadaramus: Cox puts his arm back to hold off the defender, and the defender holds the arm.
PJ39301965: With all the hype around Williams he’s done nothing much since 1/4 time
wadaramus: Again the defender has no recourse.
Cotchin8or: Umpiring has ruined this game. They were so good in rnd 1
wadaramus: Hope so Yelse!
Raspel31: Cox holding his own after being blown off at 3 quarter time.
CozzieCan: Legit question , anyone here keep Williams ??
Pies20: Finally cox
thesilentl: @wadaramus that was clearly a free
Pokerface: geez, headlines that cripps is back to his 2019 weight, he’s back..
Stu7: Go big Grundies
thesilentl: Rules are rules, can’t hold the arm. Cox has position and its upto the defender to get through without holding
Pokerface: just wish he’d told us the weight gain wasnt muscle
wadaramus: Of course it was.
wadaramus: Players grapple to hold each other at bay, defender always loses out.
Apachecats: Hi Poker ,did yiou just log on or been lurking all night.
Pies20: didn’t have him to start with @cozi thank flower
zadolinnyj: That one was a free for sure. But some other average calls
Pokerface: just got on
Pies20: Dow is shower should of got ziebell
cmperrfect: Adams shafted by CD. If they were Fyfe stats he’d be on 140 plus
Olli32019: Same old Carlton
Apachecats: PF ,your ruck stragegy has been widely discussed earlier on.
Baldfrog: You don’t have Ziebel pies?
kascadev8: yeh how is that ruck lineup going now?
thesilentl: @wadaramus defenders lose out because the league wants more goals. Goals = ads
Baldfrog: Yes myself and poker had a big discussion last week Apache about it
Apachecats: Is that a hamburger on Cripps m0nty? He has lost weight hasn’t he.
Pokerface: um, they havent played this round yet kas
Raspel31: Getting Ziebel is kike jumping on Tex- suicidal.
Pokerface: im very happy with my ruck strategy apache.
wadaramus: How the fuck does that make it right??!!
Pies20: Unfortunately not @baldy like i said 1st year of sc still on l plates
Pokerface: you base your structure around rookies not premos.
Yelse: where is sidebum need 20 disposals to win multi
Baldfrog: Yeah but price was too sexy Raspel
Spifflicat: Williams use of the footy is shite
Raspel31: Kike totally unintentional- whoops.
duckky: Not as suicidal as having Dow
Gotigres: 140 please Grundy and I will take your score. Danger might come in useful after all.
Stu7: So glad I looped Grundies
beerent11: Be a boring game if we all picked the same strategy fellas
kascadev8: tbf it wasnt a bad idea poker.. would be lovely if cripps and howe get me cheeky 100s
CozzieCan: So far I’ve seen crisp , Moore and Howe sharing kick outs .. not helpful
Apachecats: I don’t know your ruck stategy PF ,it just seems to be a topic of interest for a few of the lads.
Pokerface: 3 rookies apache.
kascadev8: what does the hamburger mean? i cant find it. is he hungry or something?
Pies20: Me neither what have you gone with @poker
Yelse: what score do we take grundy as C
Napper: It means he’s a fat fuck
CozzieCan: @Yelse 135 + this week
beerent11: Enough now yelse lock it in
Apachecats: Ah hah PF well that would give you extra premiums in the mid field ,could be good.
Baldfrog: 125+ is fine as C Yelse
Pies20: Howe is moving now what about dow move
Pokerface: yeah based on last week throwing away a 125 was a bad move!
Apachecats: He’ll get 140 .so no debate.
beerent11: Remember last week . Gawn , Neale. 127 is good.
PJ39301965: Gawn plays hunter
AlsoGmax: I’m taking Grundy’s 117+, as my only other C option is probably Max. 🙁
exatekk: You trade Grundy Poker?
beerent11: Walsh crawling to a ton maybe.
Pokerface: i started 3 rookies exatekk
Pies20: Good work pies speak to all again soon Collingwood!!!
coda1214: good old Jordan NoShowey. 78 at H/T, added 18 second half.
kascadev8: happy with howe, got there eventually. cripps to moore is looking good for next week
CozzieCan: We love Grundy !! What a ledge
Raspel31: A grundy in your hand is better than a de goey in the bush.
CozzieCan: Called 6 minutes in for Grundy
GOATdusty: brodie GOATy
beerent11: Night all. Might catch y’all tomorrow night.
Apachecats: Maynard to Moore next week.
kascadev8: will take a 95 from howe, very happy given he only scored 8 in the 2nd quarter. cripps is concerning
StarvyJ: If you had the vc on Grundy you have to take it at this stage of the season
Pokerface: surely word will filter out to cripps he got burgered. thatll get him into it.
Stu7: Might beerent11
Olli32019: Have a salad cripps
Pokerface: Howe Dow Brown cripps you fat Cow
bones351: Cripps doesn’t even look good enough for M8 unfortunately
AlsoGmax: Taking 122 for sure. Now to decide which rookie gets traded out if it comes to that.
kascadev8: mills ridley or ryan decisions decisions

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