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Chat log from R1 of 2021: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Chat log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R1 of 2021

kascadev8: he has returned.
navy_blues: lets see how nic nat does
Baldfrog: Only Rowell in this
feralmong: Go Oleg
kascadev8: go rowell
Pokerface: the markov moustache is offensive.
Baldfrog: This could get ugly fast
kascadev8: i picked gold coast in this, give me a masterclass rowell, teach me
beerent11: No one in classic for me in this gaff and Cripps and Ryan in draft
benzammit: Stayed away from Rowell got some insider news he will be used as an outside mid half forward for a few rounds ?
benzammit: Not watching where did he start?
Baldfrog: Middle Ben
Pokerface: couldnt tell, the camera was already in west coast square within 5 seconds
kascadev8: @ben right in the guts, just where we want him
benzammit: Cheers Balldfrog
Phasir: Duggan has shaved off the mullet!
Baldfrog: Ben last bounce he wasn’t there maybe swappingwith someone
m0nty: Rowell on Kelly in that passage
PJ39301965: 2044 with Rowe and gulden on the pine
Thomas1234: Finished on 2105
Baldfrog: 2100 with Rowell to go
beerent11: 2097 with Flynn on the bench with jordan
beerent11: Giving the two big rucks another week to see what happens.
PJ39301965: Rowell not looking good
navy_blues: rowell going to rooms
cmperrfect: Rowell looking rather proppy
feralmong: got lukosius in defence. happy so far. Rowell oh dear.
kascadev8: rowell nooooo
Baldfrog: 2108 by the looks lol
srj2409: Rowell died. My season is done.
PJ39301965: You forgot he’ll drop points if he’s put on ice bald.
beerent11: Hope he’s ok but that’s the risk with cheap mids. If they get injured you have to find another
Baldfrog: Pj ur depressing me, agree Beer
SneakySC: Probably just a straight Rowell for Caldwell swap tbh
penguins00: Finished with 2193
beerent11: Tarantula’s ownership will go through the roof if Rowell is cooked.
amigaman: I’m thinking LDU
Baldfrog: Have Caldwell but have 400k in kitty so premo mid probs
benzammit: 2055 done with plenty of upside content.
beerent11: Nice penguins
scboy123: Rowell done for the day
Baldfrog: Tombstone for Rowell
boondock: tombstone for Rowell?
beerent11: Poor bugger
amigaman: At least it’s not the shoulder
Baldfrog: Snooze u lose boondock lol
kascadev8: rowell done for the game, there go my trades for this week
boondock: lol
PJ39301965: So who’s got danger and rowell
kascadev8: no rising star for rowell either, there goes the $$ too
kascadev8: i do pj, might delete team
Baldfrog: Now that’s a crap start to the season PJ
beerent11: Got danger gonna use him as an expensive captain loophole
Baldfrog: Sorry Kasca to hear
ElstyBoy: Rowell out for Taranto, LDU, Sholl or H Clarke (move Laird to mid for now)
Wahab_18: I am on 2135 and Had Rowell left.. was looking at close to 2250 if he didn’t go down
kascadev8: i shall now finish under 2100. 🙁
benzammit: Nice Wahab should be top 1%
Baldfrog: Not a bad score Kasca
beerent11: 2100 about average?
PJ39301965: Nic Nat looking good so far
Malaka: WTF is Gaff doing? Sitting in the crowd?
kascadev8: @Bald i think ill be lucky to get to 2k, real yikes. gonna go cry, have a good sunday night everyone
PJ39301965: Nope he’s holding Orwell’s hand Malaka
beerent11: Round 1 kasca
feralmong: i had 8 tons in the first half this round. only added one more. Crumbling.
Yelse: omg just turned on tv to hear rowel injured… wtf is this season getting worse than last
Baldfrog: Jack Bowes is flying
feralmong: Petrucelle cautiously guarding his donut. Stewy Dew is ready to pounce on it.
beerent11: Had a good preseason game too bald
arbel: Can umps put the whistle away 18 frees already??? Let them play a bit
beerent11: Gee the footys been good this round.
feralmong: i’m thinking rowell to bailey smith. if he’s gone for long.
Phasir: Can’t wait to gut my SC team after this match ends.
CozzieCan: Should be a restart button after round 1 .. flowered ? Press the restart button for $22.99
PJ39301965: We need a new icon for a double donut monty
m0nty: lovely kick by Miller, didn’t think he had that in him
DrSeuss: So glad I put the C on Gaff
kascadev8: petruccelle deserves a goat icon, how often does this happen?
PJ39301965: He’s going for the three peat Kas
beerent11: SuperCoach wouldn’t be fun if it was easy
Bulky: Wish they had a medical sub option in Dream Team.
PJ39301965: Purtridcelle sub off at 3/4 time. He won’t play next week.
hinsch: Gaff should be OK for next week done nothing this week needed 100 from him for 2000
boondock: Markov’s mo should be on broom
beerent11: Back both these teams opponents next week. Gonna be tough to recover from this heat.
kascadev8: petruccelle got 2 touches? im actually disappointed by that, sounds mental
bhg26: Just halved petrucelles disposals
DrSeuss: It actually looks like the WEagles are ignoring Gaff. Has been open 5+ times and they kick away from him.
beerent11: Rowell handles himself like a champ. Gotta be shattered. All class.
Pies20: Looks like a interesting year with results so far this round
Raspel31: Just homeand Rowell and Danger gone in round 1 – hmm? Think I’ll take up religion.
beerent11: Which one raspel?
Pies20: Thought you were more committed to the grandkids this year @rasp
bhg26: Smart move raspel
Hazza09: Danger and Rowell to be traded, stuck with Fullarton and Bhrun and a floating A Fyfe at M11, can’t believe it
Raspel31: The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster I think Beer.
boondock: I hear Vodou is good for fantasy
beerent11: I’m holding danger, need a loophole with all my rookies playing anyway.
beerent11: Don’t have Rowell
Hazza09: Well done Beerent on not having Rowell
navy_blues: glad i didnt take gaff
beerent11: Beginners luck haz
boondock: Petruccelle sighting!!
bhg26: I also don’t have Rowell, 8 of the 10 people in one of my leagues have him
Pies20: First year playing sc still playing rdt whats a good score this round sc?
beerent11: Plenty of good cash cow rookies so far surprisingly.
beerent11: Think around 2100 is about average pies20
Pies20: Ok so i suck at sc got 2k cheers
Raspel31: That’s generous beer.
Pies20: Ok so im shite got 2k cheers @beer
Pies20: @beer
beerent11: Just going by what others were saying earlier
boondock: gg
bhg26: Reckon the average is only 2000 since everyone had Rowell apparently
beerent11: Maybe.. remember it’s only round 1. 22 to go.
Pies20: Got interrupted by a add on this site would have been a 1reply not 3@beer
boondock: If only GC could’ve avoided that shocking start
beerent11: Managed to put it all together pies:)
boondock: still a glorious round 1! Footy is back!!
Raspel31: My gran says it’s my bed time but she sends her love to all.
amigaman: SC gone belly up
beerent11: Here here boondock
beerent11: Goodnight gran
Raspel31: Or in fact hear, hear Beer.
beerent11: Ear ear raspel

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