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Chat log from R1 of 2021: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R1 of 2021

duckky: I thought that late replacements were “supposed” to be for injury or illness. The medical emergency is doing my head in
Raspel31: And the rookie rucks off and running. Having been concussed 7 times playing rugby I like the rule Diccky.
Pokerface: think he is talking about wood/mckenzie rasp
Pokerface: and go hunter/flynn 🙂
kascadev8: have a feeling that highmore is gonna be the 1 big score that i was never able to get onto my field this week
Ash777: got flynn at R2 and hunter R3
MercAm: Dam, had kosi on field and highmore on bench
Raspel31: Indeed Poker- got concussed on the way to the loo. All my rookies firing- except the 2 I fielded.
Stephen001: got Highmore on bench but also Gould on field who didn’t play..
srj2409: Tom Green you shit truck
MercAm: Aight so we going either gawn or grundy to flynn next week, what is everybody saying?
kascadev8: gonna be fun rearranging the team so we can start highmore, guess a fyfe stays now smh
bhg26: Thank you Steele
kascadev8: interesting choices next week, field grawndy or field gawn + flynn and bench grundy
bhg26: Starting to think that expensive rucks arent the way to go, less kicks to contests so they arent as dominate in the air
kascadev8: de boar go sit on jack steele, no more points for him
Ash777: Kasca The reason Grundy didn’t ton was his work rate and his hit outs to advantage.
Raspel31: bhg- of course. Just look at Flynn and Hunter- buy a perfect midfield if that is possible.
bhg26: Its hard to get hitouts to advantage when your going against that midfield
Ash777: He looked lazy/unfit.
bhg26: Ill give grundy one more week against pittonet and ill reassess
Ash777: And If he’s spending time forward he isn’t as good as other rucks.
kascadev8: yeh will be giving grundy another week, hopefully he looks like he wants it more next week
bhg26: Surprised the only ones that dissapointed me this week were Gawn and Grundy
Baldfrog: Keep grundy these rookies wont be able to keep going all year and thats if you’ve got the right one
bhg26: And lloyd
wolfheart: it was a bad match up for Grundy. Martin was psyched to shut him down
Raspel31: Meek didn’t shine- but nor did Gawn. Have all cheap rucks and can’t spend my money- and Grunty just looked plain bored.
Pokerface: you dont buy rookies for the whole year…
kascadev8: how come wood has gone from starting 22 to medical sub? im so confused
Pokerface: trades for the first 2 rounds are to get the right cash cows in, not keepers
Baldfrog: So people waste 2 trades to end back up at square one poker?
Raspel31: Exactly Poker- cheap rucks are a cash cow.
Pokerface: ill be ‘wasting’ a trade to get the cash generation in another line i stuffed
Baldfrog: How’s Fullerton and meek going for you poker?
Pokerface: fullerton is r3, he is fine, position is fine. dont have meek
boondock: hahahaha what a shank from the poker
Pokerface: shank?
Baldfrog: You been talking up meek all Thursday and Friday lol
Raspel31: If Flynn and Hunter stop now they’ve broken even- but I rather doubt they’ll stop
bhg26: why fullerton poker
Pokerface: i never ever talked up meek? i talked up the 3 rookie ruck strategy but not meek specifically
boondock: lol, don’t I look an idiot now… I was talking about the set shot Poker
Pokerface: fullerton has mcstays spot and he is out for a few weeks yet. also has nice dpp to use
bhg26: The set shots today have been ordinary
Pokerface: lol boondock
bhg26: Fair enough
biggs2dujj: Bruuuuhn straight to the scrap heap. Couldn’t find a knock in a brothel
wolfheart: Bruhn is the sub? fuck off giants. Way to completely fuck his debut.
Pokerface: wont be fielding fullarton, he stays at r3
Raspel31: Hey Poker- no need to justify. Your philosophy already paid dividends.
Trade Bait: Bruhn isn’t the sub, he simply hasn’t touched the pill
kascadev8: wolf it says o’halloran, bruhn just hasnt touched the pill yet, passed on him
Pokerface: raspel 🙂
bhg26: How are the scores looking this week boys
Pokerface: atta boy joshy
kascadev8: im looking at just under 2100 once rowell plays, didnt think id get there with grundy/gawn/neale
Silz90: Has bruhn got close to touching the ball. Straight swap to jordan at this stage
bhg26: Who did you captain kasca
navy_blues: finished with 2116 thats with rowe jordan and highmore on bench so coulda been good r1 score
wolfheart: my bad. Norf did it to Lazarro. C-mon Bruhn, get yr first touch
kascadev8: gawn was the captain
Pokerface: hawks did it to downie too
bhg26: did the same kasca, if steele continues to plays well ill be looking at 2150
Yelse: wheres tarrant been playing
Ash777: Cogs looks injured
kascadev8: im expecting rowell to go beyond, waiting to get scotts score in for a fyfe too
bhg26: So is it under 2100 plus scott or plus rowell as well
Raspel31: Rowell a late out under new rules- sigh. Joking of course.
benzammit: Gee this sub rule coupled with the late team selection is killing Fantasy games
boondock: Was it Cogs who got the bump 1st qtr?
Pokerface: but he is back in as sub raspel
kascadev8: sorry, itll be about 2100 when im given both scores
bhg26: alright
kascadev8: assuming rowell goes like he did against west coast
Raspel31: I have an 11 inch salami but I don’t boast about it.
bhg26: Ordinary first round raspel?
kascadev8: rasp, im gonna need proof
Napper: Is around 2100 a good score?
bhg26: Dont know raspel, a lot of blokes in my comps are around 2000, few are at 2100 so i think its a fairly good score
bhg26: Sorry, meant to type napper, not raspel
Raspel31: bhg- how could you tell?
vartic: gonna be around 1800 for me. PODs all failed, Rowe and Gulden stuck on bench
jbjimmyjb: steele you gun
Apachecats: Hopefully a 3 point game coming up for JSteele.
Raspel31: Same vartic- but next week???
Apachecats: *3 votes I mean
bhg26: i had a feeling raspel
Ben_Gogos: Giants well needed that one!
Ben_Gogos: Did anyone go Perryman here? The man is all class
vartic: I’m happy enough with my teams structure Raspel, confident i’ll bounce back. Dom Tyson goes tho
Apachecats: Perryman is the biggest hot/cold player going around .more cold than hot.
bhg26: On 2081 now, just need Steele to keep going
bhg26: Guess whos 1817 overall in fantasy
wolfheart: Tyson was terrible today. That might be his swan song.
biggs2dujj: Gee donuts Bruhn is terrible
navy_blues: danger officially off to tribunal
navy_blues: lookig at missing 3
CozzieCan: Dangerfield 3 weeks
kascadev8: danger looking at 2-3 weeks, love him but think thatll be fair. now its decision time
Ash777: new rule this year 3 weeks minimium now
CozzieCan: Dangerfield into , Titch or Boak
kascadev8: im probably going danger to dusty, need to fix fyfe, treacy will be in anyway so makes sense to change a fyfe
Ash777: Either way danger will play forward more until Cameron comes back.
Pokerface: danger to zac williams via laird dpp? 🙂
Ash777: kasca Treacy cant play til round 4-5
kascadev8: Ash the way its looking danger will be back the same week as cameron
kascadev8: Ash, trust me, ill run out of trades thru injuries, will need to keep them where i can, just gonna use as the loop
Raspel31: I’m looking at Danger to Dane Swan. The pig has slept enough.
Yelse: is he really out for 3 weeks?
Yelse: i understand he choice to bump but thats a clash of head
Pokerface: it took a guy out of the game. impact will be rated high/severe or whatever its called. and if u bump u r responsible
Raspel31: And didn’t pull out- no pun intended. Regarded as intentional.
Ash777: The Tribunal is only reserved for servere cases now and 3 weeks minimum is the new rule
Pokerface: isaac cumming.. the ugly duckling of the 3 200-300k backline trio. Underrated
Ash777: I think he’ll get 5 weeks.
bhg26: no way that was a dangerous tackle
Ash777: Finally Taranto is moving up
Raspel31: Who knows- it was definitely calculated, Go young Mr Flynn.
kascadev8: the geelong engine room shall be in major trouble without the danger man. hope kelly can recover well
bhg26: Flynn looks very good
Pokerface: we didnt go hard enough with our strategy raspel
Pokerface: we should have captained Flynn
Raspel31: Lol Poker.
Pokerface: but he isn’t in the engine room now kascadev
duckky: @Ash. reportable offensesare referreddiectly to the tribunal by the MRO if there are more than 3 activation points.
duckky: Doesn’t have to be especially serious. eg High and moderateget 4 activation points
duckky: even if unintentional
Raspel31: Danger apparently head butted my grannie while surfing- he has priors.
MercAm: So Gawn/Grundy to Flynn?
kascadev8: wont be for few weeks, maybe constable does get a game now
Yelse: flynn prob doing well coz its also the wet and getting more throw ups
Pokerface: good to hear he got up for at least one grannie then.
duckky: Boom Tish! @poker
duckky: Sorry- I was wrong. 9 activation points.
Jukes82: for those with meek instead of flynn or hunter, are you making that trade?
Pokerface: 9 activation points to go MRO? wow. youd have to think itll be 4 down to 3 with plea then
duckky: Flynn also doing well against a first game ruck
Pokerface: *for tribunal instead of MRO
Ash777: there is no plea with tribunal isn’t there?
Pokerface: unlike grundy, flynn has a nice midfield at his feet..
Raspel31: Even Hunter is doing better than a certain O’reilly chap. Does make you question.
Pokerface: yeah sorry ash, i think you are right
duckky: You can plea and you can try to talk them out of it… but good luck
duckky: No early plea for reduction
kascadev8: flynn -500k on grundy, tasty
navy_blues: flynn injured
duckky: Pity Flynn isn’t eligible for Rising Star
Jukes82: flynn tombstone
Pokerface: noooo… get up flynn
kascadev8: now what just happened to him, my apologies to all with him and myself
PJ39301965: And he’s just done his ankle
Raspel31: Damn- I just traded out Flynn for Gawn.
Pokerface: not tombstone
boondock: rolled ankle for Flynn?
Pokerface: rolled ankle in wet
Ash777: should be right next week or week after
duckky: I was about to trade out Gawn for Flynn
Ben_Gogos: He couldn’t place any weight on the ankle, wait and see on the severity.
Ben_Gogos: Flynn ankle restrapped.
Pokerface: youd think briggs starts to get selected on dry grounds with him..
kascadev8: flynn is coming back, lets go big man
Ben_Gogos: He is running well! Flynn will be back
feralmong: He’s running the boundary
silksmooth: what happened to steele this quarter? de boer tag?
Pokerface: he’s fine. he’ll be back
srj2409: Flynn is alive!
m0nty: back in like Flynn
PJ39301965: Whenever Flynn’s off the ground saints score
Ash777: zombie flynn
rupertmarn: Flynnsanity
Pokerface: Based on the available evidence, the incident was assessed as Careless Conduct, Severe Impact and High Contact
Pokerface: lol rupert
Pokerface: cox and daniher can take fines with early pleas
Raspel31: M0nty Flynn’s flying circus.
m0nty: like Himmelberg, Flynn is a bit Thor
kascadev8: really tempted to run gawn and flynn as R1 and R2 with grundy as emergency, anyone wanna join me?
Pokerface: more like Ivor at the moment
Pokerface: jermaine Jones and the Hole Man subs
kascadev8: forgot bruhn was even playing
Raspel31: No one in these 2 teams are actually screaming buy me next week. Back to the shop.
hokkien34: Gws have three extra players with these umpires
Pokerface: cummings has a raspy voice is all raspel
Gotigres: Flynn wow
kascadev8: @hokkien if u just stick to the 6-6-6 it wont be so bad
Raspel31: Gave up Cummings- he was late.
navy_blues: good goal grass hopper
Pokerface: get mckernan out of the ruck
Rilian: Yin-Yang for Hunter at this rate.
Monfries96: Flynn heart, he has mine already
kascadev8: flynn has my r2 spot
Raspel31: Before I go out to meet the 21 year old Swedish bikini model of my dreams- full marks to Poker’s game plan.
m0nty: Flynn deserves a heart icon
Pokerface: have fun raspel. please tell her to rug up, its chilly.
kascadev8: Poker is just a bigbrain, probs why his name has poker in it
Stu7: Good old Saints still don’t know how to win
boondock: wow zowee
kascadev8: highmore looks very good i must say
Ash777: just need hunter to get to 70 and job done.
gIMX7: What’s with SJ Reid’s icon?
Ash777: oh was looking at highmore’s score
Pokerface: oooh. clutch points up for grabs here
boondock: Membrey!!!
Baldfrog: Clark,Steele Flynn and highmore happy enough
Pokerface: great pick going Clark Baldy
kascadev8: gee whiz, grundy have a look at flynn, look what he does, and do the same
feralmong: got Idun on ground instead of highmore. couple more from Idun and its ok with me.
feralmong: monty i keep getting login and content errors with Chrome. Edge seems fine.
Ash777: got flynn & taranto on field n hunter n highmore bench
StuL: Got Idun for no reason other than Briggs wasnt picked
kascadev8: coulda been a cheeky 2200 if i had of played flynn over grundy, lmao the sadness continues
Gotigres: omg Flynn
feralmong: I spent 60 minutes on AFL Fantasy and SC. So expecting lots of poor decisions lol
Raspel31: Shooting out the door feral- chrome no longer supports site. G
Pokerface: and saints supporters complaining abou tthe umpiring..
Pokerface: doesnt get any more deliberate
feralmong: the cross site tracking changes gonna burn a lotta sites like this.
kascadev8: grundy in the mud, all crown master flynn, the only ruckman you will ever need
Raspel31: Go Opera- easy to download.
beerent11: Greetings
feralmong: wait till flynn plays a recognisable ruckman.
kascadev8: he bumped him… how is that a free?
feralmong: never thought i’d say it but liking a Microsoft Browser again.
boondock: BUTLER with the dagger
Raspel31: And they are precisely who Feral?
Pokerface: doesnt bode well for hunter – mckernans been preferred in this half
feralmong: the butler did it again.
amigaman: Chrome working fine for me
kascadev8: buttler just got 32 for that?? wtf
Baldfrog: Was a great game until that call
feralmong: Conner Idun Know.
beerent11: Anyone else notice Bruhn with 40 point half?
Ash777: Yeah just hope he doesn’t get dropped and improves next round.
feralmong: How much better are the Saints with Richmond players in there lol.
kascadev8: thats a horrible free i must say
Stu7: Yes – beerent11
PJ39301965: Yeah I needed him to kick a goal beer
feralmong: Steele went missing big time.
beerent11: Showed good signs, think he’ll be ok
Monfries96: Heart Flynn

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