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Chat log from R1 of 2021: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R1 of 2021

Yelse: how many ppl got stuck with L jones port
Yelse: any late changes?
Yelse: hate the new Afl website
PAFC4eva: hopefully no upset today
navy_blues: mcdonald out
Yelse: only option i got is L jones for fantasia but to i bother?
m0nty: Iseem to have a lot of North players in my fantasy teams, worrisome
a1trader: Got the C on Amon – 130 would be good
PAFC4eva: rolling wiyh powell tyson and smokey allir
Baldfrog: Just young, powell and Ziebel here
Baldfrog: And butters
PJ39301965: Butters Fantasia Ziebell and Powell bench for me
Foxman69: Just the raz now took out powell to get Guldens score
Raspel31: Well, off to a shocking start but hundreds left on the bench and the year is young. Afternoon all.
navy_blues: boak ziebell powelland fant for me
Ash777: got LDU n Young.
Baldfrog: Who was reported?
wolfheart: dropped Laz coz it looked like he had the green vest. Hope he doesn’t burn me
Baldfrog: Turner ok
Ash777: Turner
Raspel31: Bergman for rising star?
Ash777: forgot I had butters too
a1trader: Good start Amon, should be in more than 1% of teams
HelloJack: circlework
Monfries96: Amon will be AA this year I think
Monfries96: No one taking Rising Star off Gulden this round
Baldfrog: Lol ok monfries after 10 mins
Monfries96: Baldfrog called it all preseason chief
Raspel31: Call me crazy but I actually bet on Norff winning one game this year. Looking a poor bet.
Pokerface: matt rowell says hi monfries
Monfries96: Sorry Poker – I said this round
wolfheart: LDU – this looks like the year he breaks out. Had him the last 2.
Pokerface: argh yeah. sorry, misread that
Raspel31: Fair call Monfries- he looked great but of course on my bench.
Baldfrog: Next week we all field Gulden he’ll get 20 lol
Pokerface: good to see port injecting pace into a fatigued game with their sub..
The Hawker: Put the bloody whistle away refs!!!
Baldfrog: Treloar and Stephenson both loving out of pies toxic culture
duckky: Goldstein looks the premo ruck this year
Ash777: what a start LDU
Stephen001: need wine and fantasia to have a go this 2nd quarter
duckky: Methinks the wrong person was pushed out at the pies @Baldfrog
Stephen001: the pies didn;t look flash against the dogs
Apachecats: I think I’ve worked it out ,it allows one post then it locks you out.
CozzieCan: Anyone jump on aliir ?
Baldfrog: Yep duckky couldn’t agree more
Napper: What are yall’s projected
Baldfrog: Hey Apache and Cozzie
Baldfrog: Sorry about yesterday Cozzie:)
Raspel31: That I will meet a 19 year old swimwear model Napper.
Baldfrog: Last night you were a fat lady that sings Raspel I’m confused
duckky: Who is a multi-millionare Raspel
m0nty: Turner is heading for a mare icon at this rate
CozzieCan: Gday Bald , how about that win from Adelaide !! Top notch
Snarfy: Do you have Turner M0nty?
Napper: Wow 55 game time for powell thats not good
Monfries96: If he keeps doing stuff like that they’ll keep him out there Napper
m0nty: no one has Turner
zadolinnyj: lol Raspel.
zadolinnyj: correction Monty, Turner would have turner
Raspel31: Cheers zado- the brainn trust has entered.
Ash777: Dixon is having a real mare atm
Baldfrog: Farrell is having a mare
wolfheart: push in the back ump
Apachecats: Just trying Edge to see if that works.
Apachecats: Yeah could be back in business.
Raspel31: All other sites work Apache- just not Chrome?/?
Pokerface: opera is working
Ash777: yeah Chrome is broken for FF. I get a msg I’m logged out after a couple of minutes
Apachecats: Thanks Rasp ,I see our fanfooty SC league got filled ,any one here on board.
Raspel31: Ah, good question Apache. Shall check.
Baldfrog: I am Apache
Ash777: or not logged in rather
PJ39301965: I am Apache
Apachecats: The one I’m in is called Freefanfooty1 ,I think Beerent set it up.
PAFC4eva: in apache sitting 2nd before todqy
Baldfrog: Dunno what it’s called Apache but im willywonkafc
Raspel31: Only prob with Beerent’s comp is that there are 15 Apaches.
PJ39301965: Iโ€™m one below you Apache
Apachecats: Yes BF ,I see you there ,look forward to taking you on.
Silz90: Im in the freefanfooty1 and ryanwashere. Who runs the ryan one lol
Apachecats: Theres only one true Apache Rasp ,the rest are cheap imitations.
Raspel31: I would be above you Apache if I had a better team.
Stephen001: fantasia.. yeah..
PAFC4eva: pafc on the move
Monfries96: Boak playing will considering he’s got Chaz hanging off his neck
PAFC4eva: no upset today
Gotigres: I’m in Freefanfooty1 as well. Hillbillies.
Baldfrog: Who is trevs bogie train lol
Silz90: Im cripps and bloods btw
Baldfrog: See you silz90
cmperrfect: Give the gun to Boak now
Baldfrog: And Gotigres
wolfheart: Boak having a blinder. Age shall not weary him.
MONEY TALK: whats freefanfooty1
Raspel31: So, a few of us lads. Don’t let my position of 11th fool you. I’ll be 14th next week
Apachecats: MONEY its a SC league started by beerent for FF people ,the invites went out last season at the end.
wolfheart: Tyson looks like a dud selection. fml.
Manowar: Bergman bad
Raspel31: Boak alone killing me in the draft Wolf. Sigh.
Silz90: Raspel im going for the spoon. Ive got gawn, neale, grundy ๐Ÿ™
Baldfrog: Silz prices don’t change till round 3 so still time to rage trade
Raspel31: I sahre a third of your pain Silz.
Raspel31: Hmm- share.
Silz90: True baldfrog but might need to bring fantasia n jordan
Baldfrog: Ralph says figjam(Danger) to go to tribunal 3 weeks min
Baldfrog: I had Fant till Thursday night but dumped him silly me
navy_blues: well i will trade danger he going on holiday
Ash777: So far my team is going ok. Only have Gawn and cripps as disappointing but atleast the rest have tonned or done enough.
Raspel31: Jordan was good yeah. Have him, dowe and Gulden- all benched of course.
Silz90: I had gulden n rowe on field. Passed on bergman. But have kosi n brockman .. cant win them all
Pokerface: st kilda: late change Wood replaced by McKenzie. Also st kila: medical sub: Wood. How does that work??
Baldfrog: Had to read that twice Poker no idea how that works
Thomas1234: what’s all of your projections?
Raspel31: Ah good question Poker- read yesterday’s Age. General concensus amongst coaches . Interesting.
Ash777: Boak going for the double ton
lukefield9: @Poker I think initially Mckenzie was an emergency and Wood was an interchange, they’ve switched and Wood is the med sub
PAFC4eva: powell and aliir above projections
PAFC4eva: projected 2180
Pokerface: i see.. i thought you needed to have a medical reason to replace, not sure why i thought that. The term ’emergency’.
Raspel31: It’s to protect players Poker- you can bring in even a non emergency at the last minute- good call. Only Beveridge -no.
Baldfrog: Like to see Powell more involved PAFC
Apachecats: Ziebell buy on the year ,out Danaher in Ziebel.
kascadev8: go bergs
Raspel31: I’m leaning towards the pig on current form.
PAFC4eva: yes not as good as rowe and gulden who i had on field
kascadev8: stephenson midfield?? assuming its only because cunnington is out?
Raspel31: Tell me you’re joking about Ziebell- like buying an aged femme de la nuit with a broken French letter.
pharace: Houston, we have a problem – get scoring
Pokerface: i saw the first part of the sentence raspel and assumed you meant everyone should already have him…
Apachecats: The femme de nuit would not get 20 touches.
Pokerface: he has that lucrative half back role
kascadev8: the seagull role?
Harambe: Most of North’s midfield is out. Cunnington, Anderson, Dumont.
Yelse: is dom tyson really on 21 lol
srj2409: North doesnโ€™t have a midfield
Yelse: can’t be right
Ash777: yep lol what you expect
GOATdusty: yea his score should be lower
Apachecats: 4 kermits yelse
amigaman: Tyson not treated any worse than Bergman
kascadev8: what are you all doing with dangerfield? if you r dropping him who r u lookin at?
m0nty: it’s actually difficult to have 11 touches in the AFL with zero contested, well done Dom
Ash777: Burton is the 1 you want not Houston. Has the long kicking that SC likes.
Yelse: any changes for next game? who the subs
wolfheart: JZ will score alright, but he’s not that cheap. I think Joe will make more cash.
Apachecats: Danger in Dunkley or Dusty and pick up some cash
PJ39301965: Maybe Williams with shifts I can make Kas
wolfheart: how many metres gained for Dom Tyson? -3 or thereabouts?
Apachecats: * or Zorko ,all dual position.
wolfheart: this game got dull very quick
Ash777: Joe has continued his poor scoring of recent years. His accuracy at goal awful.
navy_blues: drop danger in dunkley id say
kascadev8: ill probably look to go danger to dusty then a fyfe to sam berry, couldnt fit him this week, 2 trades early tho
pharace: Burton not a good injury history though Ash777
Apachecats: If the coach keeps playing Danger up forward he’ll turn into a 400k player in no time.
Raspel31: So is the concensus the Danger def out?
kascadev8: @Apache as soon as i saw Danger walk off to the forward line i wanted to change, but then it locked out ๐Ÿ™
Yelse: they should have somewhere on website who is on the bench
wolfheart: TT showing us all how good he will be
kascadev8: @rasp i think danger gets 1-2, puts us in more trouble but should mean clark stays in for a while
Baldfrog: Raspel Jon Ralph said at 1/2 time danger straight to tribunal 3 weeks min
Apachecats: If he only gets one I’ll keep him.@Rasp
feralmong: hey all. i went cheap with Nank and Draper. so far seems not a bad choice
kascadev8: last time danger got suspended he had a massive year for scoring, wonder if it happens again now that he’ll go
wolfheart: wtf were north thinking naming Laz and then making him the sub? Cruel.
Ash777: Nope but aslong as he is fit and not playing a close defence role he’ll take points off houston.
Apachecats: Just backed J steele for the Brownlow on Neds $21 ,unreal.
Raspel31: Dodgy pick anyway Bald- overpriced and looking bored. But begs the question… Cheers.
Monfries96: Corr is on the field and they’re talking about the sub replacing him. Ridiculous
PJ39301965: Tyson on a run Yelse
Baldfrog: Tough if you have Lazzaro low score incoming
Raspel31: Lazarro looking promising though.
kascadev8: somehow about to move to a projection of 2100, hows everyone else looking?
Pokerface: @apache i just loaded on jelly at 51, really really like him under the new rules
feralmong: yeah around 2k to 2100 kasca
Yelse: steno playing purely mid?
Apachecats: Nice bet Poker ,Steele into $17 now ,I must have put the wind up them.
Raspel31: None of your business kasca-how very rude.
navy_blues: ruck scoring sux with new rule
Pokerface: lol.. apache packer
jbjimmyjb: hopefully ziebell makes 100k+ before they get fed up with him as a liability
Ash777: Just need butters to ton and I’m happy.
kascadev8: ๐Ÿ™ sorry Rasp
Raspel31: Forgiven kasca .
kascadev8: duursma needs the long hair back, will say that, looked better with it
bhg26: onya ziebell

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