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Chat log from R1 of 2021: Brisbane vs Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Sydney, R1 of 2021

duckky: I don’t think Aliir Aliir is playing tonight
kascadev8: neale get a move on, you were saved by me having to go back cos danger will cop weeks
srj2409: Warner and McDonald need l plates
exatekk: Warner doesnt
m0nty: Warner has plaed two
kascadev8: daniher will get a fine, nothing to worry about. precedent already set with astbury
srj2409: Ok didn’t realised that
Silz90: Campbell needs his learner plates. Logan is a star
Yelse: neale struggling tonight, been a bad start all games with premiums
kascadev8: lets go Neale, back2back brownlow come on
Raspel31: Knew Neale would fudge tonight- Swams love tagging him but long term?
kascadev8: Daniher was reported btw m0nty, not sure if the tag has updated
Pokerface: fullarton > gawn
srj2409: Stay down Neale
Pokerface: thats it, cement your spot harry
m0nty: gold from Gulden!
Pokerface: mcdonald needs Ls
ReggieOz: L disappears when you are on fire
ReggieOz: *replaced
thommoae: So I says to meself, “This season I’m not gonna be the one without Neale & Gawn …
Pies20: Would love neale to start moving
Baldfrog: Nice too see pies20 has come out of hiding
penguins00: All the Gulden hype is real
vartic: Took Gulden off to take Jordon’s score lmao
Pies20: I’m here mate good win today @baldy bet you booking tickets to Melbourne for September
Baldfrog: Na to Hackham West to visit you lol
Pies20: Haha further south Muppet
Raspel31: Gulden benched of course- wow- rookies all over primos round 1. The insanity continues.
Baldfrog: Haha
Baldfrog: I have Guiden on bench to sadly
srj2409: Good boy Lachie. Stay down.
Pies20: Neale c great start
faisca7: What happens if you have a sub on field and he doesnt play?
faisca7: Surely they score a zero and your e gets counted right
Pies20: Doubt it
srj2409: Same as normal. You get the emergency score
Grimes Jr: get a move on c neale
Grimes Jr: this is piss weak neale
Pies20: Actually im hoping the same fa if they don’t play surly we get the emergency
Raspel31: Swans always tag Neale out- negative tactics but they do Grimes.
faisca7: Im hoping Downie doesnt get on and I get Gulden’s score!
Pies20: Same @Grimes move it
srj2409: You get the emergency score unless the sub actually gets subbed on. Confirmed by SC
kascadev8: well, next year does anyone wanna join me in a full rookie team round 1?
Baldfrog: Problem is they get on for a 1/4 and do stuff all
faisca7: Cool, thanks srj!
Grimes Jr: A shame with c neale. have started really well this year apart from that
zadolinnyj: will be hard for gawn and neale to make up the required 3 week sc score
Raspel31: Well zado, we knew Swans would be negative and kill Neale but Gawn- wow.
pcaman2003: Luckily I had neither. Gave Gawn and Neale away before the round started.
zadolinnyj: yep i missed that bris were playing swans. silly mistake
zadolinnyj: looking like a genius pc
Pokerface: you shouldve sold them instead and pocketed 1.5m
Raspel31: Pcaman isnot a genius but a very naughty boy. After losing Gawn I had to bring in Neale- but knew a dud week.
Pies20: Should have vc dusty now lucky to get 100 for my c first year sc to keep in the lingo with you blokes
kascadev8: neale, lets get that ball ay
Raspel31: They kept Neale to 58 last year?Negative tactics which I don’t admire but it is what it is.
boondock: lol. Is it finally the year Mills becomes a bonafide premo?
kascadev8: gulden the captain lock next week??
Ash777: So who fell for Daniher?
Raspel31: Gulden is an anagram of L. Nudge- a very untrustworthy chap I knew years ago.
Pokerface: was that the same Nudge on hey dad?
Baldfrog: A few egos in Bris Vegas will need a reality check after tonight
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet Bald.
zadolinnyj: What ever happened to Nudge
Baldfrog: Getting close Raspel
Baldfrog: Wink wink Zad say no more
Raspel31: Wink wink- say no more Zado- just gone.
Pokerface: everyone winking at zad.. did he press his shirt this morning or something
Raspel31: Perhaps leaving E. L Nudge on the bench was not my finest move- but the year is young.
Yelse: gulden better than rowell
kascadev8: gee whiz hickey, -400k from grundy = value. why didnt i think of that
Baldfrog: Start singing Raspel
Raspel31: Give me a key Bald.
Baldfrog: Front door key ok?
zadolinnyj: how bout a B flat becoz Brisbane is flat
kascadev8: campbell do something, dropped dusty so i could fit you in. pain
boondock: can’t believe this match turned out to be the stinker lol
Raspel31: A B-flat it is lads. Nessum Dorma.
kascadev8: gulden and rowe have made me look respectable this week, good work boys keep going
Ash777: Mills finally a midfielder
Yelse: Loyd neal Gawn disaster today
Raspel31: And I benched them both kasca- but nice signs.
Yelse: add danger to that as well and the most expensive player each line stunk it uo
V@lks: Mills, Rowe and Gulden only pleasing parts. Premos and rucks have been abysmal
Raspel31: Gawn but not forgotten. Dumped.
pcaman2003: I benched Gulden too,but I do see $$ signs coming soon.
zadolinnyj: bailey too undisciplined to be a midfielder
srj2409: Sixty percent have gulden. $ irrelevant. Everyone gets them
Ash777: I got a non-player to take Rowe’s score then will turn that player to gulden
Raspel31: Dear Santa, can I sub my rookies for my primos.? Thank you.
Pokerface: as do the 40% who trade him in over the next 2 weeks
Raspel31: Love your command of the English language Ash.
Hazza09: Anyone fall for Fullarton?
pcaman2003: srj2409. He’s very relevant,especially with other performing rookies in my team. All dollars count.
srj2409: 40% of teams are fake auto fills to boost advertising revenue
boondock: Everyone loves a cashcow
srj2409: I’d rather fall for Fullerton that Campbell
Pokerface: a playing rookie with that score isnt a fail hazza. i have him on bench and im happy with that
ElstyBoy: anyone else have Gulden and Rowe on the pine
Hazza09: I have him on the field and Rowe on the bench Poker
Pokerface: i see
Raspel31: Where’s my cut srj?
kascadev8: ill be looking to bring in sam berry next week, not sure how thatll happen with minimal cash left
MercAm: Legit only good thing I have done this round is have rowe and gulden on ground
PJ39301965: I do elsty
Raspel31: Yep Elsty, sigh.
Pokerface: campbell worth the cash?
Baldfrog: Have Campbell in 4wd line so no biggy atm
pcaman2003: Poker. Time will tell. Hard to tell after just 1 game.
Raspel31: It’s not as if one regrets $700.000 spent for a lousy score and yet $230,00 for 2 gets a bomb. But, strangely I do.
MercAm: Haha rasp feeling the same atm
Pokerface: pcaman thing is with rookies you dont have time to tell.. have to get them right by rd 3
MercAm: Neale and Lloyd did not to junk it up at the end at least…
pcaman2003: Very true Poker. Can be difficult. Remember Ronke 7 goals aginst Hawks in 3rd game? Done nothing since
Raspel31: I’d take Gulden’s on round 1 thanks Poker
Pokerface: so would i if i didnt ‘upgrade’ him to neale.
kascadev8: very happy with gulden, little disappointed with campbell and neale

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