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Chat log from P1 of 2021: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, P1 of 2021

exatekk: Hey all
Cottees: Hey. Really want to see how Rowell does
Raspel31: Guess most of us watching Neale and Rowell. And hello Exa.
exatekk: i was here to watch Ely Smith, but it appears not so!
Trindacut: And danniher
Raspel31: Ely Smith’s gran’s birthday so busy today.
m0nty: Sweet day for granny Smith
PAFC4eva: anybody going rookie r2 considering rs premos scores
Raspel31: Well, the most expensive mid by a country mile is rather failing to impress.
kascadev8: go Rowell 🙂
exatekk: Hell no PAFC. Granwdy for me.
Raspel31: Is there still time to trade Neale for Coleman?
exatekk: Careful Rasp. Dont wanna use too many unlimited trades..
Raspel31: Hmm- only $120,000 per touch to Neale at the mo. Good investment?
bhg26: We say that Raspel but then hes probably going to average 40 for the rest of the year
Raspel31: First game Sydneybhg and they tagged him to 54 or 56 .
bhg26: I know, thats why im not going him, but im just waiting for him to average 140 for the rest of the year
Raspel31: Just can’t handle a tag bhg and that’s my biggest concern
bhg26: Calf too Raspel, too expensive for me
amigaman: Sad for Rayner
Raspel31: But who to replace with bhg- gotBont and Macrae and Zerrett- Steele/
bhg26: I already have Steele, Clarry and Zerret so Macrae?
Crowls: rowell forcing me to reconsider
Cottees: NEALE! what is happening
wadaramus: Got to be the hardest season ever to pick a team!
wadaramus: I keep saving and clearing, no idea what to do.
Cottees: yeah ive changed my team like 10000 times more than last year. so hard
bhg26: Im in the same boat wada
Cottees: 10k* more
mattmac24: It’s a pre season game. Neale still a definite start in my team.
exatekk: Ive been pretty settled last 2 weeks even through this AAMI series. I couldnt decide on Merrett or Bont, so i took both
Raspel31: My team has had every player in the league except from Norff- difficult indeed wada.
wadaramus: Norf have plenty of value Raspel, Simpkin, Tyson, Powell, my midfield could be stacked with Roos!
Cottees: do it Wada
wadaramus: Plenty of injuries have also somewhat reduced options.
Raspel31: See you at the bottom of the league wada- and of course you’d have Zerrett and Bont Exa
wadaramus: Not sure on Cunnington since he did not play.
wadaramus: Hahaha, thanks for the vote of confidence Raspel 🙂
exatekk: After Bonts 60 odd rnd 1 last year, i traded him, and i wont make that mistake this year
wadaramus: Everyone still loading up with Rowell?
bhg26: Kept him last year exa, dont ever trade premos early
m0nty: Fullarton an interesting early play with McStay out
wadaramus: Lloyd, Danger? SO many injury what ifs!
wadaramus: Bont looks prime, plenty of Dogs candidates though.
Raspel31: You could play the whole Doggies midfield on form- but I think not.
bhg26: Im still very unsure about Dunkley, whats going to happen to him when treloar comes back
wadaramus: Daniel in DEF, Dunkley up FWD, Bont and Macrae in MIDS.
wadaramus: Worry about that when Treloar returns bhg 🙂
kascadev8: rowell looks a complete lock to me, neale seems to be coming to the party now
Raspel31: Neale will be tagged out of existence by Sydney and BE too high- wait till price drops- a lot.
wadaramus: Rowell complete lock? Might be better ways to spend 500k? SO hard to call on 1 game sample size.
wadaramus: I reckon Neale is jut idling. When 4 points are on the line, he’ll do what he does best, go 150.
kascadev8: tbf i did say to me he looks it. kid is playing reduced minutes and still tearing it up
m0nty: Rowell’s spread is a bit of a worry, might be a SC special
wadaramus: Buggered shoulders can go at any time, not sure it is worth the risk?
wadaramus: I hope he goes well though, I hate shoulder injuries.
Raspel31: And Monty’s humour is back.
m0nty: Ablett took a year to get over his shoulder, it was more mental than physical
wadaramus: Definitely mental, but physically one awkward tacke from disaster too.
Raspel31: I was first buggered at boarding school in 1983. But my shoulder is fine.
wadaramus: Your dry wit is tasteless Raspel. But I still laughed!
kascadev8: what happened to rayner?? completely missed it
wadaramus: Buggered knee kasca.
Raspel31: Lol wada
m0nty: Should I give Rayner the tombstone? It looked very bad.
Dogs5416: Raspel I appreciate it. On another note, Rowell’s contested ball is crazy
wadaramus: TV said likely knee recon m0nty.
exatekk: go all Undertaker on him m0nty
wadaramus: Tombstone Piledriver!
Raspel31: Pretty happy with Rowell’s ball control- just lacking penetration. He’s a stayer for my money.
Dogs5416: wonder what the rising star/brownlow is paying
wadaramus: I reckon he’s protecting his suspect shoulder. Not sure he’s going full tilt?
kascadev8: not doing any predictions but gonna guess that Neale hits 115 by the end
Raspel31: Ta any idiot that comes across as a prediction kasca- I doubt it.
kascadev8: Rasp i meant official ones like we normally do during the year, or what we at least did last year
Dogs5416: Suns won almost every stat line, except clangers and the score board. Good to see things haven’t changed.
Raspel31: Unofficially kasca I predict I will be leader of the free world by May. But no 115 for Neale.
kascadev8: so ur taking over the free world after me are ya?? interesting
Raspel31: Sh- it’s not official yet.

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