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Chat log from P1 of 2021: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, P1 of 2021

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Raspel31: Ironically given how badly Port whipped their poor cousin’s butt, there’s still not a Port player I want.
Raspel31: Oliver strangely quiet.
Vich: you serious rasp?
Raspel31: Never Vich
Raspel31: Good golly gosh- Macrae’s ownership going to shoot through the roof. Already had him- damn.
boxy36: Bont rewarding my faith… though I wish he saved it for season proper!
kascadev8: wonder how these doggies mids will score when treloar is available. no clarry either? injury or did he play 2s?
Raspel31: Is he what boxy- hate to double up but have him and Macrae- aswill everyone elseoon.
PAFC4eva: yeah i havent got a port player either
Raspel31: Houston maybe PAF- great time but no real stand outs.
Raspel31: team- not time.
kascadev8: bont ownership going up to the max.
boxy36: Bont double ton incoming
Vich: when do we find out about zilliams??
Phasir: Its interesting that Dunkley has been lining up as the ruck at centre bounces when Tenglish is playing FF
m0nty: Zilliams out for 1 match

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