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Chat log from R1 of 2021: Richmond vs Carlton

Chat log for Richmond vs Carlton, R1 of 2021

m0nty: come on the footy
kascadev8: never been this excited for footy, lets gooo
MarksMen: How good is having footy back
AuroraBore: so happy its back
brano: Carrrrnn Footy!
PJ39301965: Woo hoo here we go. Evening all.
brano: Carrnnn Footy!
MrGmax: Heya lads. <3
GOATdusty: lock it in boys, 3peat.
88360: No surprise dusty gets first free kick of the season
MD25: How do i get the full stats instead of the mobile version? i’m using a laptop so bit confused.
thommoae: Evening lads. Back with full quarters and a full head of steam!
exatekk: Hey all!! Yay! Footy!
casey22: we’re back!!!!
kascadev8: lets go Jayden Short
FinlaySON: couple of bottom 4 teams battling it out in this one
nbartos: surely Marlon proved he is a starter in this team last season nearly pinching the normy
Yelse: need short to lift, keep going cripps and dow
Ash777: did anyone else fell for outside players again?
Yelse: how is casbolt on 23 with one posi
Dogs5416: Was so tempted on Crippa, his Aami game scared me off. Regrets. Go short
DidgiePie: @Ash777, like who?
J.Worrall: MD25 … hold the ctrl key and use the mouse wheel.
m0nty: classic Cripps, two metres per disposal
nbartos: Nath Broad doing well SC wise with donut stats
kascadev8: jayden short lets go buddy, get a move on
Ash777: go cripps go
duckky: Is Saad taking some of Doc’s role?
Yelse: just realised i forgot to put dow on the field FML
wadaramus: Got the FWD E on Dow, will need Treacy now.
Ash777: Same here Yelse
Ash777: Get a non-scoring rookie in quick and save some cash
kascadev8: i couldnt even afford dow. ooft
wadaramus: Bought the Short hype too…
ElstyBoy: Gibbons is tagging Short by the looks
Ash777: muppet curnow
DrSeuss: Yep Short was going well – then they put a forward tag on him
hinsch: wadaramus Treacy is suspended until Rd 5
wadaramus: Yep, need a loophole.
kascadev8: why is treacy missing 5 weeks? i thought it was just 2
wadaramus: That was so deliberate…not.
PJ39301965: It’s 3 weeks now and starts when the WAFL starts Kas
hinsch: kascade correct two week in the WAFL which does not start for two weeks
Ash777: Throw in zwilliams
Ash777: Take Dow’s score
BigChief: WAFL don’t start for 3 weeks, so can’t plat until after his 3 week WAFL susp
Ash777: oops nvm
wadaramus: WTF is Short doing?
benzammit: The drunk is back, missed O’Brien welcome all to 2021
Cottees: destroying my team WADA. that is what he is doing lol
benzammit: I look forward to the debates and conjecture 😉
Chelskiman: The penalty for that is too harsh imo.
Jolles: This new on the mark rule is crap!!!
BigChief: That is a stupid rule.
wadaramus: That’s AFL Chelski, don’t think many like it.
wadaramus: Why even have a goal square any more?
wadaramus: Why have a player on the mark?!
Jolles: A(V)FL office want to be’s messing the game up … AGAIN.
kascadev8: more behinds please carlton, only way short is gonna score at this rate
SneakySC: Happy with Short getting above 50 – that quarter was looking dodgy
wadaramus: I second that sentiment kasca!
davywap: I swear Dusty gets 5 points every time he looks at the ball
wadaramus: Yes, will take that Sneaky.
wadaramus: Hes entitled to every point davy πŸ™‚
Raspel31: Hello, hello?
wadaramus: Who is it?
wadaramus: Oh it’s you Raspel, what’s up?!
amigaman: Is Liam Baker broken?
Raspel31: Blocked wada?
wadaramus: Understandable!
kascadev8: short on 55?? idk how but im not complaining
wadaramus: 10 kicks 90% DE, can’t say I noticed kasca!
Chelskiman: If Doch could junk it up a bit in the second half I’d appreciate that. Dow and Walsh are going along nicely!
wadaramus: Oh here we go, first medical sub, nice job AFL, four subs aren’t enough.
Raspel31: How rude wada- put on some extra computer security- took me an hour to get in. Ouch. Evening ladies.
PJ39301965: Super sub in for Carlton already
BigChief: Really happy with 52 from a 202k Dow. $$$
wadaramus: Apologies for perceived rudeness πŸ™‚
sammyo7: test
BigChief: What happened to Silvagni?
kascadev8: how is that not deliberate…
88360: Is Apache here this year?
PJ39301965: Done a shoulder chief
wadaramus: Absolute fukn joke kasca.
BigChief: Thanks PJ
Yelse: he has to miss next week right?
wadaramus: Done a shoulder πŸ˜‰ wink wink
PJ39301965: Not necessarily Yelse.
wadaramus: Manipulation of the new rule? Surely not!
Ash777: Subs are going to kill rookies πŸ™
duckky: Unless he gets a note from the club doctor Yelse
duckky: Or his mum I think
GOATdusty: they’ve had had 124 free kicks, not end of the world if they miss one
Yelse: has cripps gone to sleep this qrt
BigChief: Have a holiday Astbury.
Ash777: Dow has stopped πŸ™
wadaramus: Lift Crippa!
wadaramus: Dow and Cripps, thought they did enough in the first half!
pcaman2003: Holiday for Astbury and bonus goal for the Blues. Nice!
wadaramus: MIght not need the loop for Dow,
Raspel31: Wow- go you Blues-doesn’t help mt team but good stuff.
Dogs5416: Astbury is fine. But suck it Dow and cripps. C’mon short
kascadev8: wonder how bans work with med sub. if astbury subs out injured will his ban activate after the 12 days or not
wadaramus: Vlaustin got a sore knee, activate medical sub!
BigChief: Kas it’s Vlastuin being looked at.
wadaramus: Sorry, was it Astbury?
kascadev8: @BigChief yeh saw that, just used it as a hypothetical given astbury is first reported this year
Yelse: be happy with 70 dow and 100s cripps and short
BigChief: @kas I think the 12 days is only for concussion not injury. I could be wrong though.
SneakySC: It is that the doctor has to believe the player won’t play in 12 days
SneakySC: within*
wadaramus: WTF is Dow doing, where is he?!
kascadev8: yeh could be right, could be an interesting one, interested to see how the afl goes about that
GOATdusty: lol muppets
Yelse: so there will be plenty of quick recoveries i see… so much manipulation
pcaman2003: Keep going Walsh. Crack the ton soon champ
Ash777: only concussion not injury that is 12 days
wadaramus: Someone wil get injered every game, just so the medical sub can be deployed.
SneakySC: As per AFL website “Club doctors will be able to subsitute a player if they believe the player needs 12 days to recover”
duckky: It will be 2 medical subs per team by Round 12 Wada
Monfries96: Yep, looks like we won’t be seeing the heart icon. Any niggles will be subbbed. Joke
BigChief: Medical sub is crap. Should have been for cuncussion only.
wadaramus: I feel sorry for the players that have to sit on the pine in the hope of an injury.
wadaramus: The AFL know what is best!
benzammit: Shorts a ripper, Dows a dud
wadaramus: Isn’t four subs enough?
Malaka: Subbed players shouldn’t be allowed to play the next match whether they’re fit or not.
duckky: The AFL are putting in bottom covering for the expected increase in injuries from the cut in interchanges
Yelse: there should be no sub. no diff concussion from another injury. 4 interchange plenty
wadaramus: You get an injury, you have cover.
BigChief: @Wada hahaha now that’s funny.
wadaramus: Which one BC?!
PJ39301965: We are the only professional league in the world that constantly changes the rules of the game.
navy_blues: well i think carl should be in front umps are keeping rich in this
navy_blues: what about deliberate walking ball over line pay it 1 way not tne other
wadaramus: I agree navy blues!
Dogs5416: Injury sub for a knock. Better not play next week or this is a joke
BigChief: So Vlastuin just got a knock on the knee and is fine. Rich should be punished for that BS
wadaramus: Yeah…but I am injured Dogs5416, truly!
exatekk: Lets see in 12 years time if theres an injury sub thats played 300 games and never set foot on the park!
wadaramus: I’m injured, I promise!
wadaramus: Don’t begrudge me legend status just because I never played a full game!
wadaramus: I played 350 games off the sub bench!
m0nty: Doc winding up
kascadev8: crippa lets go buddy, anyone that has dusty you’re welcome, i dropped him today
Gotigres: Cripps to Dusty next week I think.
wadaramus: Great second half Dow and Cripps…
exatekk: surely you arent trading a premo in one week Gotigres?
Dogs5416: Haha wada I believe you’re injured πŸ˜‰ I just wish afl would fine them and make him miss a week. A knock, joke
Yelse: how much has cripps played fwd this half
Raspel31: I wouldn’t touch Dusty with a barge pole. Oh whoops-I have him. And Dow done just fine.
wadaramus: I’ll be OK for nest week though!
Dogs5416: Wouldn’t mind some short junk here, cripps and dow to stay quiet and I’m happy. Big game tomorrow
Gotigres: Cripps looks cooked exatek
kascadev8: dusty 130 πŸ™ my feelings… setting the benchmark for Clark +Phillips it seems
Pokerface: Yelse concusion is different as it takes away that incentive to put concussed players back on the ground
Dogs5416: Raspel, dow has done fine yeah. But for 202k and 60pt game, way better value beneath him
Chelskiman: Carlton don’t know how to die.
kascadev8: carlton should be winning at this point, what a game of footy
GOATdusty: umpired evenly, tiges by 80 at this point
BigChief: 2 huge errors from Jones right there
Haydo: Dusty star
kascadev8: dusty gonna finish on 150+… i shall cry myself to sleep tnight
Haydo: Richmond on top of the ladder, Dusty leading the Brownlow, Reiwoldt winning the Coleman. I shall sleep well tonight
duckky: LoL @Haydo
Gotigres: Not going to Vegas was good for Dusty
kascadev8: @Haydo enjoy while it lasts, will be geelong, dangerfield for brownlow, hawkins for coleman after saturday
GOATdusty: probably, loves th ebrownlow. meanwhile the goat will win his 4 norm smith and flag lmao
NickR9: grim
GOATdusty: catters wont make the 8, garbage club. How good was the 2020 granny mate! lmao
benzammit: Garbage GOAT

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