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Chat log from P1 of 2021: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, P1 of 2021

jfitty: Haha Hickey
jfitty: Haha Hickey
cwall66: Is there a total disposal collum?
navy_blues: lol surely u can add
PAFC4eva: where is flynn
Raspel31: No Flynn and no Lloyd- hmm?
shaker: Lloyd has a knee problem
oc16: i guess briggs is a lock then
boxy36: oc16 I don’t trust any GWS rookies…
Raspel31: Yep Shaker- hopefully just being rested and good to go.
PAFC4eva: was thinking flynn r2 oops
Raspel31: Tiltthorpe another option PAF.
kascadev8: could put treacy in the ruck and move briggs into either the fwd/def. works ok.
PAFC4eva: wont be first ruck have to stick with gawn
kascadev8: ive gone grundy gawn with flynn at r3 and treacy at f7. lookin alright so far. excited for the port game
shaker: Young Gulden seems to have booked himself a R1 start
PAFC4eva: me too pity we havnt got better competition
PAFC4eva: warner looks alright mills not living up to hype
Raspel31: Plenty of rookie mids and forwards shining- but defence?
kascadev8: defence rookies we are in trouble, DGB, wehr, gould havent played, hoping on Jones (port) and highmore it seems
Raspel31: Ditto kasca
bhg26: Im starting no defender rookies on field, have koschitzke and highmore on the bench
PAFC4eva: easier to pick melbourne cup winner than a good rookie
bhg26: Flower me Logan McDonald looks good
Raspel31: Connor Idun perhaps- bit exxy but looking okay?
bhg26: Not a bad shout raspel, dont think we’ve seen enough of him though
Raspel31: But a nice bench warmer perhaps bhg?
kascadev8: briggs could be one at this rate, would be nice given players like Idun and Clark are 200k +
Raspel31: The question is will Lloyd play- so much one can do with that dosh.
bhg26: hes 214k so no
Raspel31: I can lend you 20 grand bhg.
bhg26: hayden young also an option kasca, hearing he might be taking kickouts with luke ryan
Raspel31: ButBriggs has touched the pill4times kasca- apart from goal, hardly encouraging.
bhg26: Rucks usually tend to score well Raspel, a few decent hitouts and that could be an easy 60 points
kascadev8: ah well, defence gonna be real difficult, hoped that at least 1 of Worrel and Gould would have played by now
Raspel31: And the eternal question kasca- will Jake Lloyd play?
boxy36: How many of these Sydney rookies can we realistically pick? How many will play enough do we think?
kascadev8: rasp yeh 100%, frees up almost 100k by changing to the next best, which i think may be laird or ryan? would be handy
Raspel31: Bruhn for GWS and Gulden for Swans look likely.
bhg26: Gulden and thats probably it boxy, maybe Campbell

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