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Chat log from P1 of 2021: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, P1 of 2021

boxy36: Evening all
amigaman: Howdy
Baldfrog: Still wanna know how Geelong fits all these players under the salary cap without rorting
m0nty: the reappearance of the green vest!
Baldfrog: M0nty what’s wrong with Titch?
amigaman: What a load of garbage
Raspel31: Hmm, burp- rather jolly after a 9-2 victory on the soccer pitch. Go Dons-and Danger and Zerrett looking the goods.
Raspel31: Hmm burp- evening all.Carn Dons- Danger and Zerrett looking the goods.
Raspel31: Sorry for repeated message- burp. Site was unresponsive. Have Cameron but damn he’s looking comfortable.
boxy36: May have to find some cash to turn dusty into danger at this rate
kascadev8: go danger <3. cameron and merrett gonna be interesting here
exatekk: far out Cahill & Cox not doing it for me…
Raspel31: Golly- why would you have one Norff player?. Even at this stage looking wooden sooners.
kascadev8: merrett oh boy, wow. hoping clark can play well
Baldfrog: Some of these bombers haircuts are very boganish
Raspel31: Kind of annoying these early rounds- everyone will jump on the Zerrett bandwagon. He’s mine- all mine.
boxy36: rasp sorry mate I’m thinking I’ll jump on the wagon – enables me to turn dusty into danger
amigaman: @Raspel31 surely you don’t expect Dons supporters to leave him out
kascadev8: jordan clark lookin like a cheeky little get at this rate
Raspel31: I’d already turned Dusty into Danger- but I had Zerrett first nyahh.
Raspel31: Have a couple of social beers a week with Hardwick and he says you can’t get Dusty to take these games seriously. But he
exatekk: Its between Bont and Merret for me at M2
AuroraBore: whats your local rasp?
Baldfrog: Zerrett has no one to compete with Bont does
Raspel31: Go Bont exatekk.
boxy36: exatekk I’ve got oliver at m2 and merret at m3 at this point
Raspel31: Tiny pubin Elwood Aurora- Hardwick and I became palsasI didn’t recognise him.
kascadev8: my first 3 mids are also neale clarry merrett. probs the same as most
exatekk: Haha Rasp ;). Im a Bont tragic.
exatekk: Haha Rasp 😉
Raspel31: Clarry starts slowly and Swans will tag Neale out of the game- so I doubt the same kasca.
Avarax: i have those 3 as my m1,2,3
exatekk: I like to cover all 18 teams in my squad, but this year i doubt i can.
Raspel31: remember what the Swans did to Neale last year Avarax- not great with a tag- 54 points?
exatekk: Swans will have enough problems without tagging Neale 😛
navy_blues: is neale gonna play tho?
exatekk: why wouldnt he navy?
oc16: dumb question but who is clarry?
kascadev8: clarry = clayton oliver
Raspel31: My 3 Primo mids are- aw shucks, I’ve come over all shy
kascadev8: atkins is teasing me. and i dont like that. sub 300k and doing this. stop it
boxy36: Is Atkins worth looking at for $290k (SC)?
navy_blues: thought neale had calf injury but he is named for monday
exatekk: just put Ziebell in Atkins spot kas, and be done with it LOL
Raspel31: I had a player from Norff once- knew itwas a mistake and I’m still suffering emotionally.
boxy36: Someone tell me I’m crazy. Currently looking to start 6 premo mids…
exatekk: must be VERY thin in other lines boxy. i dont wanna even ask who’s in the ruck?
Baldfrog: Thought supporting Tottenham was more emotionally suffering Raspel
Raspel31: Not at all boxy- I’m starting with 10 premo mids.
Raspel31: Thank you Baldfrog- your love and care is apreciated.
boxy36: exatekk Grawndy… Defense is 3 deep. Don’t ask about forwards

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