Chat log from P1 of 2021: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

kascadev8: watching Mead, Jones and Bergs today
PAFC4eva: watching all port hopefully go one better this year maybe 2
Raspel31: Watching Laird, Couch,Jones and my bellyfluff.
kascadev8: might watch jordan butts too now, only 180k probably worth a look for defence
Raspel31: Think the Crows got this one sewn up.
PAFC4eva: wtf
kano: tex has been good
PAFC4eva: oraziooo the goals are the 2 big sticks
kano: gun
srj2409: really need the L plates
PAFC4eva: looks like raz and allir add a bit to this team
Raspel31: Port looking very soft.
PAFC4eva: again wtf
Monfries96: Hopefully tongue in cheek Raspel
Raspel31: Just a tad Monfries.
kascadev8: didnt even realise that Duursma had changed his number
hinsch: not many SC choices in this game
PAFC4eva: you dont like butters hinsch another breakout year
PAFC4eva: jones should get a game just for his mullet
kascadev8: ahh houston. remember when he baited us with scores last year
kano: he averaged 90, wasnt that horrible
exatekk: seeing plenty of teams with Houston in Kas :/
PAFC4eva: maybe bergman for round 1
kascadev8: ive already put bergs in my team haha, looked good again today

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