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Chat log from R6 of 2024: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R6 of 2024

TimT14: Need Comben to beat DAmbrosio in draft
Beast_Mode: maginness will go to sheez
royboy16: do you really tag Sheez? or do you be a bit more aressive and win the game?
navy_blues: big game this 1
thommoae: Sheez is everywhere this season. Subdue him – goes a long way to winning hey?
Pavs: You win the game by tagging Sheez royboy
Beast_Mode: you tag sheez which will help you win the game, been the best player at the club by a mile
soup: Hoping for a dawson-esque performance from LDU, surely this is his bounceback game
Ash777: with how bad hawks are going if they dont tag him they’ll probably lose XD
Troglodyte: I’m going for the draw
Troglodyte: Good to see RooBoyStu out on the field flipping the coin…
Ash777: It’s a draw both the teams are even
JezEdwards: I’ve taken a big risk and gone C on Sheezel…
navy_blues: how many names will be called wrong in this game…
UncleSniff: Over/under is 15.5 incorrect name calls Navy
navy_blues: lol
Ash777: I know it’s the spoonbowl but atleast they could have had some better commentators
UncleSniff: You keeping track mate? I’m going to go to SEN sync
UncleSniff: Umpires just cheat when it comes to Ginni. There’s no way around it.
EvilMonk: Ginni needs to actually play the ball for once in his career and he may earn a free.
StuL: Sheezel good start
FoopyTime: pretty sure he has been playing the ball all year
UncleSniff: Joel Selwood discussion board Monk, why is one a champion and the other a ducker?
SCECOREY: How goods some Ginni hate
Ash777: selwood did it before it became uncool. Like smoking.
EvilMonk: Because Joel Selwood could actually play football @UncleSniff
FoopyTime: comparing selwoods career to ginies is a bit of a stretch atm mate
soup: Massimo the games started mate
bhg26: Called phillips powell, thats one
The Hawker: Kelli: Powell first game of the year
UncleSniff: Kelli screw-up count: 1
J_Herer: on the petrol again (I lol’d yesterday when someone said that)
soup: Have a shot every time kelli stuffs up a call
Ash777: anyone else bring in comben?
FoopyTime: let kelly cook
GinniFan: That’s a deadly game soup
UncleSniff: Soup, I’ve got meetings in the morning. I don’t want to still be blind at 8am
Gelly: bigwa
thommoae: Keep it funny Foopy.
TimT14: Keep going Comben prove Calvin wrong
UncleSniff: I like Comben, just didn’t work for my team at his price and injury history. Hope he goes well.
slydon: comben and xerri scoring big goes very well for me
slydon: plus a fwd/def dpp on comben could be huge
Raspel31: How can these 2 teams be propping up the comp- amazing talent?
LionBoy: Scoring Best 18 doing my head in. Got no idea if I?m winning my matches.
TheNuff: Easy Rasp. Got some tank drivers there
UncleSniff: Mullets are huge at Hawthorn hey?
Raspel31: Lol Buff.
StuL: be low massimo. although i think its lost
Ash777: I miss the huge scraps of norf & hawks
StuL: sheezel tag is interesting
Dondeal: Don’t think that’s a tag on Sheezel
Pavs: Nyuon injured?
Beast_Mode: there is no tag, sheez on his own all the time
StuL: Nyuon limping. better be nothing . not another one
Troglodyte: Lift Powell
StuL: hes in the rooms
Beast_Mode: he wont be scoring much anyway
StuL: band aid so he can maybe go on
soup: He’s been band-aid since going off Stu, start of quarter will be a better indicator
RooBoyStu: Sheezel is the new Gary Ablett Jnr of SC days where you set him as C and forget, easy choice every week.
StuL: interesting theory stu
Ash777: GAJ wasn’t a SC beast in his first year.
StuL: Nyuon just lost 3 pts
pcaman2003: A score review for that.? b
soup: Yes he gave away a free stu
Manowar: GAJ didn’t get soft possessions off the HBF
LionBoy: Was a waiting for LDU to bottom out. Bottom getting bigger.
StuL: im not watching soup
soup: Don’t even bother waiting for him lion
LionBoy: Of that opinion Soup
Manowar: B. Nyuon very slow burn!
Raspel31: I’m eating soup.
StuL: i swapped a dead rookie for another probably
SonOfAGun.: omg come on goal umpire
StuL: hes moved to 10. he can score
original: Flower off fisher
soup: Feel like it would be a hearty chicken soup kinda night for you raspel
beerent11: Is mckercher crook?
RooBoyStu: Manowar I wasn’t saying how they get possessions, i meant scoring. GAJ got a lot of one twos though.
StuL: do you like soup soup?
Manowar: McKercher the next JHF, would no blame him
Beast_Mode: gaj didnt gett half his kicks from kick ins tho
StuL: Go biggie
UncleSniff: Horror watch for North fans
pcaman2003: Keep it up Hawks.
StuL: i need D Ambro to stay down. of course hes not.
navy_blues: 1st 5mins norf were flying then the engines cut out
StuL: Cant see who North can beat.
UncleSniff: I feel your pain StuL, the junk from Errol killed me in my cash league. Of course they also had Dawson LOL
Beast_Mode: keep going D-Ambro, good lad
soup: Powell role looking very bad
soup: As I say that he finally gets a CBA
Beast_Mode: this will be a long 1/4
StuL: wearing a north jumper is a bad role
Manowar: Nyuon not good
soup: very true and i’ve got four of the nuffies
bhg26: Fucking hell Tom Powell are you actually out there?
Manowar: Clarkson make some moves, ya Donkey!
LionBoy: Xerri keeping me in it. 120 big fella
StuL: get a kick Nyuon
Beast_Mode: of course Nyuon is no good, richmond delisted him lol, prime example dont bring a bloke in after one game
soup: meek owners salivating
bhg26: Indeed i am soup
bhg26: Brought in clohesy after one week beast
Kidult: Yeh Meek getting pantsed in the ruck
bhg26: Hes had a 30 plus point quarter kid so building
GinniFan: Glad I traded out Kercher
Beast_Mode: me too bhg lol, but he was only 102k and made a ton, was making plenty regardless
soup: Very stiff clanger for Comben there
soup: HAHA no one on the goal line for that, what a rabble of a club
circle52: bhg Think Clohessy was brought in by a large number of us after 1 game. One against the general rule.
StuL: Go Nyuon. pls just do enough to survive
bhg26: We had to, helped there were no other good rookies on the bubble that week either
dibba23: nyoun another dud anyone who went early i dont feel bad
Aldraliz: this is some of the worst footy ive ever seen and im loving it
PigeonPies: typical collingwood fans
StuL: clark had to go out because he was going to lose more but should have copped it perhaps
GinniFan: Big second half please Sheez
ralfsmiff4: On track for around 2150 incl mistake of not doing the E loophole with Darcy, Sexton and Combden
keitho: wheres that flowering pcaman2003? imbecile he is
ralfsmiff4: Been pleasing not having to watch gawn run around this w/e. Not owning him is ruining my szn
BigChief: keitho with the insults again. Just fuck off will you. You are not wanted here.
JezEdwards: C’mon Xerri. Need you to go big here!
Pavs: I think that is his wife Chief. Pcaman down the pub watching the game 🙂
Troglodyte: lol Pavs
soup: Mckercher second best kick on NM, Dwayne smoking crack
royboy16: geez i enjoy listening to you regulars banter
StuL: Go biggie
royboy16: I’m trying to foolow the sc strategies, but Imalo learning latin, drinking lika a fish and cooking dinner
StuL: How do north win a game? can actually see them not winning a game
Pavs: Whats for dinner royboy?
Troglodyte: They’re a chance against the Crows StuL, ump decisions and all
soup: people were saying that about wet toast a couple weeks ago stu
keitho: here he is bigchief no balls
royboy16: chicken, with stuff thats in the cupboard Pavs
soup: nuffie icon for keitho please monty
Beast_Mode: comben forward ffs
royboy16: Roos will beat a rising team like the Suns or Dons
Pavs: Nice royboy. He will be home soon Mr’s Pcaman (Keitho) just put it in the oven
soup: yeah its rough beast
keitho: Soup mate, you’re the crack smoker here bud. Your icon is the burger mate and that won’t ever change.
BigChief: And more personal insult from keitho. Please ban the child m0nty. And he/she does is insult others.
soup: keithos got the sunday evening blues by the looks of it
GinniFan: Do something Sheezel
Troglodyte: I love burgers, would bother me having that as an icon – just saying…
Troglodyte: wouldn’t*
soup: I agree trog, that was meant to insult me but all its done is made me a bit peckish
Troglodyte: Is there a Parmi icon? I’d take that every day of the week and then some…
Beast_Mode: looks like comben is in backline
StuL: Nyuon not subbed at least.
original: We were right to take a punt on Powell but he?s a bigger fraud than Tom green
nbartos: more valuable to not have an icon Trog,
royboy16: chicken paprika icon – that was the one thing in the cupbaord… kids will be excited
Beast_Mode: im sure nyuon’s 12 more points will be handy
OffaStep: Powell averaging high 90s before today. Good for the price and should bounce back. Green will definitely come good.
slydon: will biggy still be worth bringing in?
soup: sounds like an elite feed roy, i’d be stoked with that
StuL: that many beast?
slydon: so far sheezel and xerri are the only worth keeping atm
Beast_Mode: lol
slydon: comben will make a bit of money and i guess so will biggie but you wont be fielding them
Manowar: if you want to waste a trade, then yes
soup: mass subbed….
GinniFan: Massimo subbed ffs
soup: Seriously does he have fitness issues? His TOG against Collingwood was a joke too
FoopyTime: kelly calling ginnivan newcombe
BigChief: Comben deff playing fwd this qtr.
TheLegend6: Sub rule needs to go
Manowar: suppose u all want Mitchell sacked now?
FoopyTime: do we have a live count on incorrect player names for the over unders
original: Once they start getting subbed it?s time to trade them
StuL: lets go sheez. with mas subbed i can win if you get about 80 more
Troglodyte: Come on Powell – need you to knock off Rozee’s score
OffaStep: Mass shy of his BE, too. At least he’s a common. I’d settle for roundly abused, Manowar.
soup: nah foopy but I’ve had a shot for every call she’s screwed up and I called the ambulance before quarter time
StuL: nyuon beating mckercher. hes not all bad
original: Oh found a DT player . Sorry
Getup: I’m with you stul did that trade got 400k for next week
laneymate: why has Clarko put Comben forward, fml
FoopyTime: lol soup, im just happy that we didnt have kelly for any good matches this weekend. ill take the little wins
OffaStep: Strike that. Just shy of his projected. Phew.
soup: Very scary when she’s yet to commentate a game for the weekend and your teams game is still coming up..
soup: looks like cadman, dempsey and mass out this week
StuL: glad im not the only one getup
Getup: 2k score at the moment others??
StuL: need another boost soup. sanders and zwill too
soup: I’ve only used two boosts so far so happy to spend one here
soup: sanders was out last week and I back Zwill to hang on for a bit
Cotts: man being a north supporter sucks 🙁
Birdman18: All these rookies capping out. Anyone would have thought it was upgrade season
nbartos: is Stewart a Hold or Trade?
Bulky: Bet Briwny
Getup: Glad berry from gc has lifted last 2 games
Bulky: Bet Browny thought about pulling a sickie when he saw he was doing commentary with KU.
Pavs: Hold for me nbartos
lana2146: Yea so many rooks to be traded out this week ya need 2 boosts for 1 wk
nbartos: Hmm Houston is a must & I dont have
lana2146: People saying powells a keeper ummmm
GinniFan: Sanders, Zwilliams and maybe Ambrosio gotta go for me now
Pavs: Agree Houston is a must but not at the expense of Stewart imo 🙂
soup: houston has been such a good starting pick for me, st kilda next week too at home, might chuck the VC on him
StuL: Stewart should only miss a week
Gotigres: Yes, after I traded him out Getup
Getup: Sanders went this week when seen he was starting sun ginni
StuL: 130 Sheezel. keep going
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Paul Curtis to pull a Ginnivan on Sam Frost for a cheap goal.
Getup: Sub
original: 1880 classic. Please don?t talk to me
youthuck: turn it up ducky
nbartos: anyone hold Kerch?
Getup: Nope
Getup: Unlucky go tiges i had to many other under performing rookies had to keep him
soup: clarko please get comben back to defence you bozo
StuL: keep going Sheezel. i can win my game after all
Getup: Totally agree soup 🍲
OffaStep: I held him, bartos. And Sanders. Had other trade/set up plans to prioritise. Will hurt.
J.Worrall: Cheezel, Comben, Powell, get off your rear ends and give us something serious.
soup: worrall coming in throwing punches
naicosfan: how is powells score so low? his stats are not that bad
Manowar: Nyuon doing as good as Comden, lol Condem owners wasted a trade & money
TheLegend6: Biggie is horrible, Comben shafted playing forward, was doing well in defence
TimT14: That free wasn’t against Comben
Birdman18: Biggie just needs to make 100k, don’t really need anything special from him
dibba23: comben owners can just get nyuon this week if they like
J.Worrall: righton, leg end.
soup: how is that a clanger for powell
Manowar: yeah, waste another trade!
Silz90: is biggie guaranteed a game next week
Silz90: dawson is back soon right?
TheLegend6: I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop him
Gelly: sellers should make some good coin
Silz90: comben projected to make around 60-70k manowar
beerent11: Xerri has been such a good pick so far
soup: haha what a cash cow gelly
StuL: biggie looks dropable but hes not been the worst
jezzas-cow: Biggie out, Pink in?, haha
Pavs: Also glad that Hustwaite is taking his chance. Poor Mass
Silz90: garcia the only good rook next week? i havent had a proper look
J.Worrall: I want a point a minute from here, Mr Cheezel!
soup: imagine being so poo that you get omitted in favour of pink
ShrexySean: what does the pumpkin next to magginess mean
J.Worrall: Thought Garcia was a fair option.
soup: aaand hes benched worrall, unfortunate
IcedNippys: aye why did ambrossio get subbed?
soup: apparently it was tactical nippys
StuL: i cant see pink coming back ever
Birdman18: D’ambrosio has done well scoring 5 points with the sub vest
naicosfan: this weeks trades are going to be difficult with dpp, so many good options
Pavs: Finn has had a good run but is back to his normal crap. Shrexy
IcedNippys: thanks, some low scores on some cash cows this week.
OffaStep: Pink was in and out for me. Gosh, that sounded smutty.
J.Worrall: Nips, same problem last week. This is upgrae season, dammit!
TheLegend6: McAuliffe on the bubble this week too
Silz90: good shout legend, good js without prestia etc?
Silz90: xerri what a starting pick
StuL: good job sheezel. thanks to the ambro vest i won. albeit minus 100
TheLegend6: Not sure tbh, I think we’re so bad that we’ll play him regardless just to blood him, gonna be a good player
Gelly: sellers +1 go you good thing
Troglodyte: Grundy should go massive next week against hawks if Xerri’s score is and indication
Jack SC: Someone gonna go 2200 this week and some good teams gonna do 1800
soup: 1966 this week, not happy
JezEdwards: Wowee. Had been around 2100 all year, and fell to 1810 this week. OUCH
Beast_Mode: 2123, grundy saved me phew
Manowar: Well done North, you won spoon Sunday!

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