Chat log from P1 of 2021: Carlton vs St Kilda

m0nty: new year, same old FanFooty
AuroraBore: something i never want to change
ReggieOz: Footy is back!
SofR: we’re all glad that footy is back, and doubly glad that monty is back
navy_blues: hi all
navy_blues: what a stupid on the mark rule look like statues
wadaramus: In hindsight, 2020 sucked, hello 2021 🙂
wadaramus: Z.Williams looks the goods.
wadaramus: Paddy Dow?
BOMBRBLITZ: What’s wrong with the site m0nty? Text all aver the screen in Chrome and Firefox..
wadaramus: Oh yeah, thanks as always m0nty 🙂
Trindacut: The new rule is opening these games up big time.
Trindacut: @monty What’s the go with Higgins
navy_blues: jack higgins 1 point lol
m0nty: HIggins is actually 51SC, chasing up that bug
m0nty: ah turns out it’s their bug not mine 😀
Gotigres: Finally got on. Hi all.
kascadev8: hope everyone had a good new years 🙂 good to see footy is finally back
RoughRed: Glass of Red, Footy, umpires, goals, just loving it!
PAFC4eva: bring back zac

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