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Chat log from R22 of 2020: Richmond vs Geelong

Chat log for Richmond vs Geelong, R22 of 2020

Gotigres: Go Tigers
zadolinnyj: Evening Monty
zadolinnyj: Gotigs
Gotigres: Hi Zado. Just you and me it seems.
Catatafish: Most possessions/most goals bet and now fucking Duncan does something. Prick.
zadolinnyj: Good game
Badgerbadg: Maybe I’m a traditionalist but night gf still doesn’t sit well with me
zadolinnyj: It’s poo at night. It’s all about the lead up and was bad
zadolinnyj: Ablett hands
Badgerbadg: Also, could be my traditional ways again.. but gf at the gabba also doesn’t sit will with me
Avarax: Gryan goat ay lads
zadolinnyj: Av
zadolinnyj: Dirty elbow
zadolinnyj: Norm right there
GOATdusty: Soak it up lads, you’re witnessing the greatest of all time.
zadolinnyj: Well done tigers supporters
zadolinnyj: Thanks for fanfooty again Monty
zadolinnyj: Dusty
Gotigres: Thanks Monty. Looking forward to next season.

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