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Chat log from R21 of 2020: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R21 of 2020

PJ39301965: Good luck Circle
PAFC4eva: went to last nights game disappointed with result but was a cracker hopefully tonights is as good er
PAFC4eva: go brissy
Baldfrog: Go Lions can’t stand c7 commentary already
zadolinnyj: Umpire told to stay quiet i think
zadolinnyj: That was two rotation tackle so good call
original: Gee danger flops
PAFC4eva: agree baldy watched replay and had to mute every time daisy spoke
Avarax: Clear jumper pull original
PJ39301965: How many times does Hawkins go to play on takes two or three steps of the line then goes back. The umps should call play
PAFC4eva: sounds sexist but cannot stand her
Baldfrog: Na PAFC I can’t stand her either
Baldfrog: Ava pity to hear about shaw bit hard when ur given a crap list to start with
PJ39301965: C7 has to have a token female, especially with the crap commentary team they have.
Avarax: Yeah, I don’t think anyone knows the full story though.
Baldfrog: But a woman impersonating a 10yo?
Avarax: That’s a flowering shower call by the ump there
Baldfrog: Yeah agree Ava
PAFC4eva: ha ha sounds like it baldy
zadolinnyj: Umpired Angle would have looked like a push
PAFC4eva: whos your choice to replace shaw ava if needed
Avarax: He’s confirmed not head coach next year
Yelse: need danger to kick a goal for FFS
Avarax: John Blakey will take 2021, and north will target visa for 2022 and beyond
PJ39301965: What about Voss?
Baldfrog: He won’t be back at Norf
Avarax: Visa = voss
PAFC4eva: woulnt like to lose voss but deserves second chance
Baldfrog: You’d wanna be tough to trust the current norf board lol
Avarax: I’m not fussed mate. I just support my team, win lose or draw. Doesn’t really matter to me
PJ39301965: You’d want to be appointed before the trade period. But I don’t see that happening.
Baldfrog: Is frustrating tho Ava I had it last year
Yelse: whens trade period?
Avarax: Ntp on Neale, avatar goes 144
PJ39301965: 3 weeks away
Baldfrog: Wow neale didn’t even have a possie 1/2 way thru 1st qtr
Baldfrog: 165 Neale for me Ava
PAFC4eva: 138 thanx ava
zadolinnyj: 150 thanks ava
zadolinnyj: Is a risk for voss to go to north
Avarax: Closes end of half time
PJ39301965: 132 thanks Avarax
SofR: 133 please
zadolinnyj: Fantasia and hately nominated crows for trade and number 1 pick. Looking good
zadolinnyj: Fantasia can replace murphy
Avarax: Ntp closed
Baldfrog: Fat lady starting to sing now
kano: when exactly did fantasia nominate the crows ??
PAFC4eva: i like hately zado not so sure about fantasia
zadolinnyj: Need danger goal
zadolinnyj: Injury prone for sure but good player
Gotigres: Is o’Connor Irish as well as Tuohy?
Baldfrog: Muppet for Hipwood
zadolinnyj: Yup
Gotigres: Thanks Zado
Yelse: need danger to win my multi $1400
Yelse: goal
zadolinnyj: I’m with ya yelse
Avarax: I also need Lyons 15+ for 850
Avarax: How about all that Victorian bias guys? Seems home ground means shower!
zadolinnyj: Yep Ava but all teams got to play here regularly vs once a year at g
Yelse: cmon danger ffs stop letting others get the goals
Baldfrog: That Bias was last night Ava
Avarax: They also didn’t get to sleep at home etc. many disadvantages too
Gotigres: Pathetic by Lester
Avarax: Shocking tigres
Baldfrog: Poor vics Ava interstate teams do it every second week
Avarax: Not for 200+ days bro
Baldfrog: Lol if you guys followed the rules you could have had games in Melbourne
Baldfrog: 200 + days? Think you need a recount
Avarax: Haha don’t even get me started 😉
Avarax: We’ve had the most intense lockdowns in the World for 90+ days, and we’ve saved the rest of the country.
Gotigres: Completely Daniel Andrews fault Baldfrog
Baldfrog: Wont be back to normal next year either I rekon
Avarax: You should be thanking Vic, not victimising it
bhg26: Only Ashley McGrath can save the Lions now 🙁
PAFC4eva: hardwick said the hub was good for them they connected better sounds like more like home than vic
Baldfrog: Rubbish gotigres Andrews isn’t responsible for horny security guards
Gotigres: He should have used police and ADF Baldfrog
Gotigres: like every other state
bhg26: Is all of Australia except the Richmond supporters going for Geelong next week?
Woodie22: Richmond supporters wouldn’t care either way.
zadolinnyj: Did i win closest to pin
zadolinnyj: Other states are using security bhg. Qld changed after vic outbreak and nsw still use them
kano: lol avarax.
kano: dribbling absolute shit
zadolinnyj: I was 150 on ntp. Got to be close for my forth win

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