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Chat log from R21 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R21 of 2020

Baldfrog: So who wins the Whinging Finger Ringers or the 1820 Powa?
zadolinnyj: Don’t want either to win. Draw
Baldfrog: Lol same Zad
PJ39301965: As much as I hate to say it go Port
PJ39301965: At least that way Lynch gets a week. Lol
Baldfrog: Nice to see umps in neutral colours
zadolinnyj: Lol
circle52: Evening all
circle52: Peeved the site does not allow chat on phone as it goes wierd when I type something
Baldfrog: Hey Circle
circle52: So no commentary from the Gabba tomorrow night
circle52: better than the ytellow and black combo 2 weeks ago
Baldfrog: We’ll be cheering for ya circle
zadolinnyj: Circle
PJ39301965: I’m sure there’ll be a few of us cheering for ya mate.
Baldfrog: The Viccos doing overtime on job keeper tonight none around
Gotigres: I’m here Baldfrog.
Gotigres: 99% Port crowd should help them
Baldfrog: Hey gotigres pretty tight so far
circle52: Love the intent so far from both sides
WizMan: Lol baldfrog
Catatafish: @PJ yep, same for me..
Gotigres: Yes Baldfrog. Will probably be a low scoring game.
Baldfrog: What a joke of a report
PJ39301965: @baldfrog, it’s because he doesn’t play for Richmond. Lol
amigaman: Floppers gonna flop
original: Lads
Baldfrog: Hey original
Pies20: go tigers!!
Moona: Not a bad game considering the conditions
zadolinnyj: Hate port but love gray
Pies20: wow I hate Port because of gray @zads haha
circle52: another 3 quarters like this one would be great.
original: If Byrne jones could get a few touches gee I’d be happy
Baldfrog: Richmond get lucky with those kicks to nowhere
original: Please don’t tell me Byrne Jones was AA
original: Westhoff in for ladhams if they make it
zadolinnyj: Umpire best shepherd for game just there
zadolinnyj: Liking the part time weather commentary there Monty
Baldfrog: Lol yeah been raining since 3pm
original: Bolton is something else
PJ39301965: Is anyone doing SuperCoach racing?
Baldfrog: Thinking about it pj.
PJ39301965: Crap free then missed another port one.
PJ39301965: It’s already up to round three Bald
amigaman: Bruce is so annoying with his useless stats
Baldfrog: Ok probably not then lol
zadolinnyj: I liked it mid season when they were paying holding the ball properly
Gotigres: That boundary umpire won’t be umpiring the gf
amigaman: Seriously umpire!
Baldfrog: Gee Gil must have rung at 1/2 time
PJ39301965: This is crap umpiring. Bring back Razor. Lol
circle52: Umpiring gone down hill and obvious frees missed unless you are wearing yellow and black
original: Rozee gotta stop exaggerating
zadolinnyj: Don’t get sucked in by crowd PJ. The umpires have missed a few on both sides but yes more port
circle52: Ironic that Port Players not getting frees by exagerating. Tigers masters at it.
circle52: Typical pay that one against Gray but not Rozee before
Woodie22: lol
Baldfrog: Well they had a good teacher Alex France
circle52: and to show not biased that should have been paid to Castagna
original: Disagree, castag never controlled it imo
PJ39301965: Like I said Circle crap umpiring
PJ39301965: Bruce the fortune teller. Lol
MercAm: This is by far the worst umpiring I have ever seen
MercAm: Considering this is a finals game, these umpires need to learn better they are just ruining the game!
Baldfrog: MercAm seen much worse
Baldfrog: Remember AFL need to recover lots of money would Port or tigs help more with that?
MercAm: Ok, worse ever in a finals game…
Gotigres: Tigers have been lucky with some frees for and some frees not paid against. I think the umps will give Port the rub of
circle52: With Covid and Qld quarantine a Port Lions GF would probably be most beneficial
circle52: Pressure being mounted as well to lift the capacity from the 30k to 35 0r 40k.
Gotigres: the green and walk off safely to no boos
Baldfrog: Im cynical as the AFL have said many times that it’s a business
circle52: Will be close to 30k tomorrow night with only a few single tickets left
Gotigres: I mean home town umpiring in the last qtr
original: Some of these delib calls are shockin. The one v prestia off the ground was disgusting
Baldfrog: I actually wish the they got rid of deliberate
circle52: Gee deliverate coping a hiding here – did not pay similar all sesaon and now pay in finals.
PJ39301965: At least you guys know what’s coming tomorrow Circle.
zadolinnyj: Should have been free to boak
original: Can’t be faking for a free like that at this stage boak
original: That was a high one then tho lol
PJ39301965: Wtf
zadolinnyj: Muppet rioli
Gotigres: you stupid idiot Rioli
Gotigres: Ebert gone for the night
circle52: And that was propabaly more deliberate than any and not paid.
zadolinnyj: Big flop by rievolt
GOATdusty: flog hartlett is quiet now
GOATdusty: port ga5bage club, weak as piss. but hry you finished on top of ladder well done lmao
circle52: Great game though
Woodie22: see ya later port👌 Well played. go tigers
kano: haha this cunt has been too scared to say a word all game. weak maggot
Woodie22: Wonder what Kane Cornes will say…

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