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Chat log from R20 of 2020: Geelong vs Collingwood

Chat log for Geelong vs Collingwood, R20 of 2020

CozzieCan: Gonna be a great game , Geelong by 15 points ! Let’s go Geelong
navy_blues: go colliwobbles
Avarax: yeah geelong by 20
navy_blues: your last game for the year cozzie lol
zadolinnyj: Gents
Avarax: agree cozzie. geelong for the win
Pies20: Pies go you good thing!!
shaker: pies by a bit
navy_blues: test
navy_blues: grrr
navy_blues: go collingwood
PJ39301965: Evening
Pies20: Go pies
hinsch: Mason Cox to kick at least 6 goals tonight
navy_blues: at last
CozzieCan: @Navy blues if we beat Collingwood we will beat Brisbane & than lose to Richmond or port Adelaide
navy_blues: dont tink u beat brissy unless they kick themselves out of it
Woodie22: Evening all. Go pies plzzz
CozzieCan: Go the mighty cats !!!
navy_blues: geez if cats get next 2 it will be fat lady time
Baldfrog: Is Cox off with Hooker? Unsighted
CozzieCan: Eddie Maguire just sent the umpires 1 million dollars . What a joke
zadolinnyj: Looks like a break=k for Adams. Done something similar
Yelse: adams out broken forearm i heard huge loss sums up our season
Cr1cketeer: @Cozzie I’m glad you’re joking. Otherwise, that would truly be a joke
goat_19: adams coming back on
CozzieCan: @cricketeer was a joke m8 although both of those deliberates where bull shower
navy_blues: goal to umps
Yelse: seriously umps wtf is going on
Baldfrog: Hawkins really does have a face you’d love to punch
navy_blues: game over id say
Baldfrog: This w/e major disappointment compared to last w/e
Pies20: Yay we get a free
Pies20: oh sorry shouldn’t talk about the umps we always get favoured
Yelse: we haven’t put two possessions together yet
Avarax: Microsoft edge stopped working for me, back on the mobile
original: Odd free for Moore there on replay
Pies20: Wow so disappointing think it’s game over flower me
Avarax: Game over. Geelong by 40+
Cr1cketeer: Does hawkins always have a hand in his opponent’s back when he marks or?
Beast_Mode: pathetic effort, jeez
zadolinnyj: Should ntp be Collingwood total score
pcaman2003: Can’t remember the last time I saw the Pies play this poorly. Totally outclassed
SofR: Pies have hoisted the white flag
Avarax: No zado typically you want something with atleast 3 figures
navy_blues: wish i could see joffa and eddies face right now lol
zadolinnyj: Lol
Baldfrog: Lol didn’t use the edge last night
Apachecats: Can’t get through on any device at the moment.
Cr1cketeer: We’re playing like carlton bloody hell
Baldfrog: I can see some cones comin
SofR: I want Pies to lose but this is disappointing
Avarax: Lol. 3 kicks inside 50 no contest
CozzieCan: Thanks for coming Collingwood , gg
Avarax: Carlton would be 30 points up against this collingwood side.
zadolinnyj: I’m calling a draw now.
navy_blues: um carlton didnt get flogged like this
circle52: Witches hats m0nty after that pathetic effort with 3 unconteted marks
Yelse: worst half by any side this year i reckon
navy_blues: carl beat geelong this year in fact
Beast_Mode: no because they’ve been garbage for a decade to even make finals
Apachecats: On borrowed computer ,see you all next season ,hope this site can sort its technical issues m0nty.
CozzieCan: How the fruit did Collingwood beat west coast hahaha wtf
bhg26: Even the swannies played better against Geelong than the colliewobbles
Baldfrog: Why Zado u think a sink hole will form?
Beast_Mode: lol you lost to adelaide tho lmao
navy_blues: lowest score at half time in a prelim lolol
CozzieCan: Reminds me of last years grand final . About as bad as gws
Bomber_288: Yelse – try Cats v Bombers at HT was 75-16
zadolinnyj: Just trying to come up with a reason to keep watching
Pies20: Haha funny to all the flogs that didn’t make 8 great comments to the cats fan’s good luck next week
zadolinnyj: See you apache. Thanks for running the ntp
Baldfrog: Tissues on special at woolies this week
Baldfrog: Rather not make the 8 if we’d dish up this crap
Pies20: You sure there’s any left after the crows season @baldy,
shaker: Finally got through on Fire fox
Pies20: Typical flog comment @baldy enjoy the spoon mate
zadolinnyj: If you r a crows fan I’m sure you were happy with the first year of rebuild. No tissues required
zadolinnyj: Spoon is for serving up number 1 draft pick
CozzieCan: Collingwood needs to find some momentum for next qtr , hopefully they make it a stronger contest for the last half ..
Woodie22: Pies20 seems to be coming from Crows supporter’s and how good have they been since they got their bums owned in 2017
Pies20: you dished up plenty of this shwer during the season
Baldfrog: Nope very happy zado
shaker: What’s going on m0nty Chrome , Edge , don’t work just a page full of nunbers same on my mobile ?
zadolinnyj: Next weeks games are interesting now with a fired up geelong and Richmond. Technically another half of footy here so not
Woodie22: Pies20 you guys will be be fine next year anyways barring mass injuries.
Pies20: @zads 1st year with plenty more to come
bhg26: At least we accept that our teams were no good this year, we’ll take the draft, at least we actually gained something
zadolinnyj: We have 3 first round draft picks this year and maybe a forth so happy enough. Won’t be too long. Also hately nominated
bhg26: draft pick is what I meant to say
Baldfrog: First bottom 3 in 30 years of being in league no wonder ur to gutless to have a team woodie
SofR: I’m using Edge and no problems
CozzieCan: Brisbane is no chance if Geelong play like this next week , go the mighty cats
Woodie22: Cute baldfrog
Baldfrog: Easy potting from the cheap seats Woodie
Beast_Mode: lol cozzie
navy_blues: pendles on bench grundy on bench lol white flag raised
Woodie22: But it’s ok to for these blokes to pot the pies right??
navy_blues: i wanted coll to win
Baldfrog: Yep least pies can have a comeback as he knows which team we barrack for
circle52: Reckon we can match you Cozzie even if you play like this.
Avarax: How can you defend this performance?
navy_blues: i didnt say boo til cricketeer a pies fan btw started
circle52: But will be a great game. Preferred to play Pies though
Baldfrog: Poor scrotum gone down to the rooms
Pies20: @baldy thought you’d be at the ark obviously didn’t work last week for you
Pies20: @woodie all good mate not sure why i get suckd into replying to the flogs
Baldfrog: Na having a week off
pcaman2003: I’m watching a side3 that even a AFLW team could beat. I’m tuning out lads. Nighty night.
Baldfrog: Woodie sounds a bit like BigChief
Woodie22: I got you Pies20. You’re good bloke.
Baldfrog: Seeya pcaman
bhg26: Collingwood fans are a different breed. they think they’re better than anyone else team while being down 55 in a final
Baldfrog: We need more crows here woodie
Baldfrog: No teeth no education bhg26 does things to the mind
Woodie22: Seems to be a few already Baldfrog
SofR: Boring stuff. Cats just killing the clock now
Woodie22: Btw Baldfrog I would add my team to my name if I knew how
bhg26: lol baldfrog, Also I got to say, round 15-17 crows were better than the 3-peat hawks
Woodie22: Uh appears I have
Pies20: No just better than the flogs that didn’t make the 8 @bhg dah
Baldfrog: We are,still a way off bhg but I can admit that
navy_blues: pies could break 1898 record here lol
bhg26: Don’t think you can say your team is better than anyone at the moment, not even an AFLW side
Baldfrog: Mum always told me never to talk to people who name themselves after toy story movies
Woodie22: That’s cute Baldfrog. pity I was born them.
Woodie22: Before then
Pies20: Ok @bhg geez great season for you aswell Muppet
CozzieCan: Don’t need to play the 4th qtr , gg go cats
amigaman: This has turned into a snorefest
Woodie22: Failing on the grammar. Not helping my cause here
Baldfrog: Haha woodie
Baldfrog: AFL should refund all money tonight not worth the what $40-50 a ticket
bhg26: At least we get something out of this year, you’re defending your team who is dishing out this shower
Pies20: That’s fair @baldy heard they refunded the crows memberships this season
SofR: At least we can be thankful this aint the Grand Final
CozzieCan: Woah easy , Collingwood are exhausted . Quarantine & then play the eagles .. tough run for finals bullshit in all honest
bhg26: Flag pies aint looking so good now is it Pies?
Pies20: we made the 8 1 first final we are going to loose tonight but we made the finals @bhg what part don’t you get?
Baldfrog: Let’s hope it doesn’t rain GF day SofR ur gunna be disappointed
SofR: I have been at most GFs in past 50 years and nothing worse than a blowout then
circle52: Prices ranged from $45 – $93 Baldie.
Woodie22: Spot on Cozzie.
Baldfrog: Pies ur starting to sound like a hairy lemon now
SofR: Only 3 games left this year. Hope they are good ones
CozzieCan: Lol @ bald frog hahaha “Hairy lemon “ pissa
Baldfrog: Gee that high Circle for a footy match
Pies20: yeah i know write @baldy talking to people who’s team’s didn’t do anything childish on behalf
circle52: 2;1 for third quarter
bhg26: Whats the point of making the eight, you weren’t really a flag contender anyway and you get nothing from this season
circle52: Final prices Baldie go up next week. I paid $78 for mine last week.
bhg26: At least the swans can score more than seven points in three quarters
CozzieCan: Ablett jnr needs to retire .. looks old and frail past his time .. let some younger kids thru ya hog
Baldfrog: Knew ud like that Cozzie
Baldfrog: Circle u think it’s value for money?
circle52: Same ticket for next week rises to $148 and then $381 for GF
Baldfrog: Been to every ground except Gabba
circle52: Was same price last year but enjoyed it more this year and great game. I am a Lions member
Woodie22: 381 for a covid flag wow
circle52: AFL said same as last year whether that is value do not know but personally for me value for once in a lifetime in Bris
Baldfrog: Yeah definitely is Circle
Woodie22: Circle52 least you don’t have to pay for crazy plane prices
PAFC4eva: rumour the crows using top 2 picks on brown
SofR: I guess Cropws would have loved to keep Danger. Can play a bit !!
CozzieCan: God has the C on Dangerfield that’s for certain
SofR: Crows. not Cropws !!!!
circle52: Looking forwrad to getting to the revamped Adelaide oval sometime as well Baldfrog
bhg26: Collingwood fans have gone real quiet
Baldfrog: Heard port sups gunna ask centrelink for an advancement if they make GF
Beast_Mode: lol! look at eddie the flog lmao
SofR: Finals prices are value if your team wins. Not so good if they lose
CozzieCan: Eddie Maguire looks happy up in the stands hahaha
Pies20: @bhg no point talking to you Muppet
circle52: Personally will love a Lions Port GF
Baldfrog: AO is nice now and glad they kept the old scoreboard Circle
bhg26: does your vocabulary go beyond muppet and flog? Your team is down 73 points, just take the L
circle52: @sofr can concur straight sets last year
bhg26: Sorry, 67 now
PAFC4eva: crows askink for several priorty picks to compete next season
Baldfrog: Think Port will struggle with smaller ground against Lions or tigers
Pies20: @bhg that stand for big hairy guy?
Baldfrog: why not pafc every other club has had them
Baldfrog: SofR we were never gunna keep danger AFL saw to that
bhg26: Well done sir, you have achieved comedy. Geez, is there a 4 year old behind Pies20’s keyboard?
bhg26: Because if it is, its definitely past his bedtime
navy_blues: pies comeback?
Baldfrog: Here comes the Pies
PAFC4eva: thats because no one wants to stay their r
Pies20: Haha thought that about you bhg after the shower that has come out your mouth tonight
CozzieCan: Pies need a goal a minute to win
SofR: Junk time goals will flatter score but why are Pies fans so excited on the TV
Baldfrog: Im surprised Pafc you seen Port Adelaide lately?
bhg26: Just take the L Pies20, and I haven’t even said anything incorrect, you just can’t accept defeat even when youre down 60
PAFC4eva: yes i have enjoying every moment
Woodie22: She’s testy here tonight
PAFC4eva: think crows due for another gold coast camp
Baldfrog: Enjoy it we know it won’t last long just hope Kenny gets an extension
PAFC4eva: could lose another dozen players
Baldfrog: Think Port need another ports dating service did u find ur misses that way m8?
Baldfrog: Too many Victorians on the gold coast
Pies20: Blah blah blah @bhg
Woodie22: I’ll heat up the popcorn
PAFC4eva: dont talk about your mum like that
bhg26: And just like that, Pies20 has run out of comebacks ladies and gentleman
Baldfrog: Yum
Moona: Pretty funny watching 18th and 16th on the ladder give it to everyone.
Avarax: You’ve argued with almost every person on this forum throughout the year pies….still think the problem
grossn: You’d think bhg26 hates collingwood more than they support the swans given the comments they’ve made tonight
Avarax: Isn’t with you?
bhg26: Its funny watching someone think they’re team, who is down by 10 goals, think they’re better than anyone right now
Baldfrog: You’ll be there next year Moona
Moona: Its not like they had successful seasons
PAFC4eva: who do people think will win next week
Woodie22: Since when BHG26 has pies20 said that?
CozzieCan: Essendon will win the wooden spoon next year.
PAFC4eva: port and brissy for me
Avarax: Port V Geelong GF
PAFC4eva: not so confident in gf
grossn: @Woodie he hasnt’ lol
bhg26: Says the Essendon supporter who’s team hasn’t won a final in 5880 days
Baldfrog: Port if they play at top of their game and hope Brissy
navy_blues: port v bris
bhg26: I just dislike certain supporters grossn, don’t mind the team usually
Woodie22: Exactly grossn. Bhg26 ain’t making any sense.
Baldfrog: Serious comment PAFC4eva think the smaller ground of gabba may cause you guys problems
grossn: Doesn’t seem like it bhg. Should probably stop digging your hole.
CozzieCan: Really gotta feel for bucks and Collingwood . AFL should be accountable for this COVID , season should of been cancelled
grossn: All neutrals are on the brissy train right?
PAFC4eva: agree but keep surprising this year
bhg26: Pies20 said something before about Collingwood being in the eight, therefore they are better than our teams right now
Avarax: I’m neutral on the cats train
Woodie22: He’s correct?
CozzieCan: What pisses me off the most , is the pies had to fly to WA and quarantine. Should of made it at the advantage of teams
Baldfrog: Well you if you are there your 50% chance of winning it
bhg26: His team was on 7 points at the time Woodie. Didn’t even really say the swans would beat the cats
navy_blues: bris be a lot tougher for geelong that 4 sure
Baldfrog: Na cozzie WC finished higher so get the advantage
bhg26: Just saying how bad Collingwood were playing and calls me a flog
PAFC4eva: hopefully no repeat of 07
circle52: Geelong one of 3 time to beat us this year though.
Woodie22: Hopefully we have a normal season next year.
bhg26: Just a friendly comment saying how even the swans would be playing better than what Collingwood were dishing
circle52: and agree hard for Pies to back up from thge deal dealt,
circle52: Hope Starc is well rested as he will more than likely get the job on Danger
Avarax: Talk to all next week guys. Have a good one
Pies20: Geez you are stupid bhg go through the chat tomorrow
bhg26: See ya Avarax, have a good one
bhg26: you are so much smarter than me pies that you have an additional chromosome compared to me
navy_blues: im worried bris could beat bris with their goalkicking

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