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Chat log from R20 of 2020: Richmond vs St Kilda

Chat log for Richmond vs St Kilda, R20 of 2020

shaker: Have not been able to get on here for a couple of weeks
amigaman: Go Saints!
shaker: Thought I would try Microsoft edge and it worked but still won’t work on Chrome
shaker: Anyone else having problems with Chrome?
Apachecats: Yeah shaker lots had that problem ,we seem to have lost a lot of people on the chat.With chrome you just get a page ful
Apachecats: *full of error messages .m0nty not too concerned about it though.
zadolinnyj: Gents
zadolinnyj: Ive got the closest to pin tonight. Can feel it
Pies20: im here Apache not sure what the problem is
Apachecats: Hi new life member zado.
shaker: Cheers AC well Edge worked for me and I have been having other problems with Chrome on other sites to not FF me thinks
Pies20: Rooboy any confidence tomorrow?
MrWalrus: Chrome on tablet same as ever, c’arn you tiges! Evening all, most importantly hope it’s another cracking game
Apachecats: NTPresults .Nicnat ended up 126.1st was zadolinnyj on 122 ,2nd Avarax on 121 and 3rd Cozzie can on 120.
Pies20: what’s life member how far is dt player off that @Apache?
kascadev8: hello 🙂
navy_blues: hi all rich by 5 goals+
Apachecats: Pies you are already on the life members board in Gold Letters, 3 NTP wins = life membership.
MrWalrus: Alright, ssshhhhh, I’m watching, early NTP request for Cotch & his terminal white line fever
Apachecats: Kasca you been missing?
Pies20: Wow thankyou im at peace now finally get something out of this year @Apache thankyou
Apachecats: Walrus you got me in enough trouble already wanting Petrucelle last game.
SofR: Evening all. My heart wants Saints but my head says Tigers by 23
kascadev8: @Apache yeh chrome was screwing me, and i was too sad last week when we lost 🙁
SofR: Slow start by Tigers !!!
zadolinnyj: Life member yes. In with the big wigs
Apachecats: yeah Kasca ,know the feeling.
SofR: @Walrus. Do you reckon Aarts was a bit stiff?
PJ39301965: Evening all
MrWalrus: I didn’t want him to be fair, just approved of the diverse choice
MrWalrus: Sofr, I do but also reckon right decision, just got squeezed out finally
kascadev8: vlaustin already flopping, smh
Avarax: richmond should comfortable get this done
kascadev8: btw where was the free against martin for holding??
SofR: A leopard never changes its spots kaska. Vlastuin is the new world champ diver
Baldfrog: The umps are in yellow to kasca
navy_blues: this is a training run for richmond
kascadev8: tbh richmond should win comfortably, but theyve already got the umps helping them
Avarax: not really. that was soft as butter then by the defender
SofR: Agree ava. howard ws amybe over line but looked bad so never give umps a chance to call that
kascadev8: nah ava not the howard one, that was dumb from him, but the missed free against dusty for a hold leading to goal
exatekk: fkn ell!!!
SofR: ntp tonight should be on what time Bruce has an orgasm over Dusty
kascadev8: SofR he already has
Apachecats: Problem is Sofr ,how would we know? Sounds like it all the time.
Avarax: or how many times thet talk about “Richmonds DNA” or “Dirty football”
SofR: This is getting ugly for Saints. Not surprised though
amigaman: Richmond kissed on the duck
Apachecats: Plenty of Bruces DNA in the box.
zadolinnyj: Bounce going Richmond way
kascadev8: @Apach would hate to be the cleaner after tonight
Gotigres: McIntosh has had his best season this year
kascadev8: another missed free against richmond (protected zone) flower me
Apachecats: Just did a Brownlow trifecta Neale 1st ,steele 2nd and Petacca and Boak for 3rd.
Yelse: always that sec delay from when it hits zero to hearing that siren
MrWalrus: Please, umps do not favour tiges, lol astbury, what were you thinking
MrWalrus: Gotiges, love McIntosh, adds real hardness through the centre, disposal lacking sometimes but more than makes up for it
Woodie22: Kasca, you’re stoned. Tigers are the second bottom team for free kicks.
Gotigres: agree Walrus. A hard worker who has got the best out of himself.
navy_blues: its not always the amount of frees its where they are given that hurts
Baldfrog: Crotchin the dirty flog
navy_blues: agree baldy
kascadev8: @Woodie i wish i was 🙁
Gotigres: Should have been 50 against Balta
painkilla: Woody umps make up for it to the Tigers in finals tho
Woodie22: Painkilla, those free kicks in the 2017 GF made a difference?
kascadev8: actually liked balta… but the baby act of hitting a bloke from behind after play has stopped as dropped it.
painkilla: Im talkin all finals nobjok
Woodie22: Lol, name calling
Baldfrog: Woodie why would the afl put umps in yellow tops and black bottoms when a team playing has those colours?
Sloan4Pres: Richmond are good at sucking in umpires
MrWalrus: Ive got this baldy, because the umps clearly want the tiges to win and will cheat as hard as they can so we win
navy_blues: and geelong isnt?
Woodie22: Coming from a Cat’s supporter lol
Apachecats: Good point baldfrog ,they are pretty fussy about jumper clashes.
beerent11: Impressed with bakers second season has become a pretty important player for Richmond
Baldfrog: Has been plenty on show so far Walrus even triple M have questioned umps decisions
zadolinnyj: Is a strange colour choice. Would feel like more players out there with them in yellow for saints
kascadev8: @navy we’ll get onto geelong tomorrow
MrWalrus: Agree beer, he’s my favorite player, little hard nut
beerent11: Those tiger supporters in the pool are weeing for sure.
navy_blues: kasca i hought it was a funny comment thats all
zadolinnyj: What’s with prestia
MrWalrus: Let me guess baldy, Darcy & BT? 2 biggest tige haters in media
Apachecats: Needs the run zado.
Gotigres: yes beer, he’s playing the Caleb Daniel role
kascadev8: navy it was, and we can continue it tomorrow when geelong play 🙂
Apachecats: NTP on Dusty .Apache goes 84.
navy_blues: we will im sure lol
Baldfrog: Na Browny and huddos identical brother forget his name
kascadev8: apache, by ntp on dusty, do u mean how many times bruce says dusty?? if thats the case ill go 6974 please
Woodie22: 95 plz
navy_blues: 80 plz apache
SofR: Great call kaska.
circle52: 106 pleas
zadolinnyj: 115 please apache
MrWalrus: Dusty 126 thanks
circle52: for Dusty.
SofR: Bruce goes Dusty 1255
circle52: I think kasca is a bit light.
Baldfrog: 99 for me plz
goat_19: dusty 132 thanks
navy_blues: edwards on fire at the moment
MrWalrus: Yeah, browny is bad too
kascadev8: circle, the number i really wanted to use was too long for the chat 🙁
Pies20: 112 thanks @Apache
PJ39301965: That should be a goal
navy_blues: thats crap was a goal
Apachecats: Saints robbed there.
amigaman: Video review is a waste of time
Baldfrog: No way that was a goal was a gap between fist and ball
kascadev8: how is that a point!!! what what!!! im actually done, ill see you all tomorrow
MercAm: What a horrible call
MercAm: Clearly missed him
SofR: I want 105 Dusty. My posts aint sending
Apachecats: Should just get Ch 7 to do the goal reviews.
PJ39301965: 109 thanks Apache
PAFC4eva: 121 thanx acat
N-train4: 123 dusty please
original: Billings is so disappointing to watch. Not in my bets but he is yuck
Avarax: 113 please
Woodie22: Bye Kasca
exatekk: 111 please apache
Gotigres: 110 for Dusty
MrWalrus: You guys are just embarrassing, umpires decision 100% correct call, they can’t just guess
Apachecats: NTP closes end of half time.
kascadev8: @MrWalrus what r u watching??? that was the clearest point ever, never touched his hand, not surprised a flop lies tho
Baldfrog: Wow you weren’t saying that last week Walrus you sooked as hard as Hardwick
zadolinnyj: Definite goal
zadolinnyj: Gap between fist and ball and player reaction
navy_blues: it wasnt touched
Avarax: lol
Ed_D: Anyone else notice how much Walrus and GoTigers complain about bad umpiring unless it’s Richmond getting frees?
Avarax: its not just them ed. its everyone here with their own side….
Baldfrog: Gotigres is ok he’s the only tiger sup who doesn’t disappear when they are losing
Apachecats: Where are your colours Ed?
zadolinnyj: Every supporter for every team since the game was invented
navy_blues: vlaustin the liar lol
Gotigres: Thanks Baldfrog.
Woodie22: Weren’t you going @kasca? Walrus no way Nick touched that pill..
Apachecats: Vlaustin having a practice lie down at half time.
MrWalrus: I don’t disapear and if we ever got good umpiring our way id happily acknowledge it, barely happens is all so blow me
kascadev8: @Woodie, nah gonna watch out the injustice now
Baldfrog: You come on when Brisbane are losing and see Circle go off lol
Gotigres: We have had the rub of the green this match I admit. Maybe the umps will even it out at half time. That seems to happen
Baldfrog: Really shows how inept the AFL are when umps wear the same colours as a team playing
MrWalrus: Woodie did it also 100% cross? 99% sure point but has to be conclusive to overturn
kascadev8: dusty for 200 please, bruce will get him there
navy_blues: apache id like to thank you for your NTP efforts this year
Apachecats: Closed ,results tomorrow.
navy_blues: and for adding a bit more to our footy days
Gotigres: Yes Apache. Thanks.
Baldfrog: May Essendon improve for you next year Apache
navy_blues: and ava too
Apachecats: Been good fun ,navy and Tigres.
circle52: Have tried to tone down this year Baldie.
Apachecats: Thanks BF ,can’t get any worse,Danaher going might help.
circle52: And I concur with the comments Apache well down to keep interest going.
Baldfrog: Lol your good fun Circle wasn’t criticising
Woodie22: Uh deliberate etf.
circle52: Still unsure on Daniher though.
navy_blues: haha lynch bout time he got caught
Baldfrog: Depends if you can get him right Circle
kascadev8: tom lynch kneed howard in the head, watch him get off, corrupt af
Baldfrog: Lynch the dirty flog also
Apachecats: You are most welcome to him circle ,when its all said and done the guy can’t kick.
circle52: Gee Lych is walking a tight rope. Knee to the head there as well
circle52: Will fit in well then with our kicking woes
PJ39301965: They won’t. But they should give him a week. It was intentional
circle52: Not sure about getting him right. Jury still out on Adams
kascadev8: lynch will get off because he plays for richmond, already been fined 3/4 times this year, but play 4 richmond n u fine
navy_blues: id love to see some1 clean lynch up he is so dirty and they do nothing
SofR: Lynch should cop a fine. Cowardly and unnecessary
MrWalrus: It was his shoulder, also how biased is this umpiring saints getting robbed!
BC__: showing all the kids the way to go about it lynchy
MrWalrus: Lynch, Hawkins, Dixon etc get smashed by dirty flog backs week in week out, good on em getting a bit back I reckon
BC__: showing all the kids the way to go about it lynchy. Give him a week ffs
circle52: Just imagine Saints with the extra 11 points 6 for the obvious goal on review
original: Billings is a joker lol nice try buddy
circle52: and a possible goal from Balatas hit behind play.
kascadev8: billings lmao
original: Saints will get no where with Geary playing
SofR: Hope tomorrow is closer
Baldfrog: Hill has been disappointing to
beerent11: Took the saints at the line +20.5 points. Am I any hope?
PJ39301965: @mrWalrus. Maybe, but with lynch it’s when it’s unexpected away from play or from behind.
kascadev8: if st kilda leaernt to quick straight…..
kascadev8: kick* not quick… i needa learn to spell
Gotigres: Scores would be about level if Saints kicked straight
circle52: just wonder whether finals is adding to pressure. Cost us last year
beerent11: Jeez they even nearly fucked that up
beerent11: Steele has taken over at the stoppages
original: BHill very disappointing
original: Anyone else hearing Rhys shaw rumours?
Woodie22: Not here.
Baldfrog: No what rumour Original?
Baldfrog: Only rumour I’ve heard is Zach Merrett will have to turn the lights out as he will be the only one at Bombers
MrWalrus: Rhys Shaw is a pretty average coach? Nah that is confirmed as fact
Gotigres: Saints might win yet
original: Haha walrus. Have heard he won’t be coach
Baldfrog: They are leaving it late if true
SofR: Think Norf have got bigger problems than Shaw. They need players
navy_blues: edwards BOG
SofR: Hill has been ordinary all year and tonight tops it off.
SofR: Bruce getting excited again. Martin beeeeoootiful kick
MrWalrus: Agree navy
Baldfrog: Yep especially what they paid for him SofR
MrWalrus: Hill been pretty average his whole career, a good game here & there, good at running… massively overrated
SofR: Bruce will be crying. Nice goal by Dusty and he didnt have the mike
MrWalrus: Crying from the end of his knob
Baldfrog: Walrus finally remembered who the other guy commentating was lol Howard
SofR: After 4 good games last week this has been a disappointing non-contest
Baldfrog: Don’t worry Walrus plenty at c7 to clean it for him
MrWalrus: Haha baldy, knew you’d get there 😉 Why does that guy even have a job? Does bbl too for some reason
Raspel31: I can only thank the gods EPL is back- but sadly not this week. So more crap dished up.
Baldfrog: Agree never heard of him before BBL
Baldfrog: Bein has championship and divi 1 this week Raspel
navy_blues: lol lynch kicking well
Raspel31: I know- cheers Bald.
Gotigres: or Kayo?
MrWalrus: Drop that Lynch flog
original: They’re not seriously pumping up the saints are they? Geary hill Billings marsh (no depth) ain’t going to get a prem
Baldfrog: Better than nothing Raspel:)
Baldfrog: Dunno gotigres my bein is from dubai so have to have sound off
MrWalrus: Scaling to steal another NTP from me, whoever went 130something will take this one
shaker: Tiges got it done but way tougher next week
goat_19: 132 for me walrus, 200 points to come
MrWalrus: I was 126, reckon you were highest, well done

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