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Chat log from R19 of 2020: West Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R19 of 2020

SofR: 3 good finals so far. Hope this is another.
amigaman: Go Eagles! Looking forward to Nic Nat vs Grundy
zadolinnyj: Eagles by a lot
Baldfrog: Eagles by 10 goals
Baldfrog: wonder if collywobbles used the rocca bros to make them Jaffles
Apachecats: Navy -blues takes out his 2nd NTP on CDaniel ,well done ,still time for a life membership on 3 NTP’s.
navy_blues: ty
navy_blues: only 33 points off lol
Apachecats: As Con the Fruiterer would say ,Doesn’t maatter.!
Baldfrog: Thought he said coupla days
navy_blues: Apache are we doi g a grand final NTP?
Apachecats: No last 2 NTP’s are next weekend.
navy_blues: ok ty
Apachecats: *I mean the weekend before the gf.
SofR: Pies loading up on talls is a big gamble. Not sure Cameron is up for it.
SofR: NicNat vs Grundy could be terrific to watch
Yelse: eagles won’t kick as accurate as they did last time v pies. extra tall to get govern
navy_blues: think nic nat will slaughter grundy
zadolinnyj: Cameron will kick 2
navy_blues: we have the worst commentators of all time at the moment very hard to find a good 1
zadolinnyj: Agree navy
CozzieCan: As a Geelong supporter .. Go The Pies !!!! Cmon Collingwood
N-train4: @navy the last good one was probably Dennis
Baldfrog: C7 have bought Cameron ding a ling out of retirement
Yelse: treloar too long on the pine ffs bucks
navy_blues: taylor doesnt know the players names
navy_blues: brayshaw was a average cricketer and very average commentator
navy_blues: every1 loves basil cough cough
poolboybob: Umpire muppet
SofR: BT doesn’t even understand all the rules
Pies20: Go pies!!
SofR: The only good basils are Fawlty and the herb
navy_blues: watchout mason on fire
Baldfrog: To be fair SofR neither do I anymore
CozzieCan: Cox for Normsmith medal .. lol
SofR: A good mark from Cameron before and 2 good grabs and gls from Cox means the load-up of talls is working so far
Woodie22: I’m going the pies cause of phasir and srj lol
zadolinnyj: Surely kicking in danger
Pies20: Cox again go you pies
CozzieCan: Cox is superman wholy shower
Cr1cketeer: @zado I don’t think it’s a rule anymore 🙁
Gotigres: Cox on fire!
Yelse: inside 40 you prob take cox in the whole afl to kick the goal for your life
Baldfrog: Is Darcy barracking for collywobbles by any chance
CozzieCan: Go the pies
zadolinnyj: At the MCG when you up the esculatyor and the rules are on the wall does it not just say umpires interpretation?
SofR: That sounds serious gotigres. Does it hurt?
MrWalrus: Nah yelse but he is good
SofR: This will make the crowd go quiet
Pies20: Stupid there by the Eagles player go you pies!!
zadolinnyj: Now
Yelse: @ walrus who would you take?
Baldfrog: cheating umps
Pies20: if it goes to ground cox is shower
SofR: Agree Yelse. Cox is the one
CozzieCan: West coast to many chiefs and not enough Indians
Yelse: in dry weather cox plays in the wet he should be dropped simple
navy_blues: bit like geelong cozzie?
Pies20: Daicos is a gun
CozzieCan: @navy yeah mate until Selwood & Ablett ect flower off lol
MrWalrus: Bruest, wb dixon, dusty, kennedy, robbie gray…. Cox not at that level
MrWalrus: Pies do seem to get the rub of the umpiring don’t they?
CozzieCan: Geelong have more chance beating Collingwood then they do WestCoast .
Gotigres: @SofR, if you’re a wce supporter it hurts
navy_blues: funny u say that cozzie cos best game of fooy ive seen
navy_blues: was coll v gee and gee were hot favs but coll pressured them all game and got the win
Cr1cketeer: @Cozzie is this ignoring home and away matches?
Gotigres: Sorry, stupid comment. Only 1/4 time.
Gotigres: My stupid comment didn’t appear thank goodness.
Cr1cketeer: Adams pinged for not having the ball
CozzieCan: Noble is my favourite rookie this year , gun
SofR: Yes crick.. that was one of the strangest htb decisions ever
SofR: crowd awake again
Apachecats: Any requests for NTP player? 1st in best dressed.
Baldfrog: Petrolcelle
navy_blues: nic nat?
Apachecats: OK ,so that wasn’t a great experiment ,but NTP is on Petruccelle ,Apache goes 28.
Pies20: daicos!!!!
Baldfrog: lol Apache do Nic Nat
navy_blues: 37 plz
MrWalrus: Walrus goes 63 and approves of variety
Woodie22: 40 plz
Apachecats: Ok NTP on Petrucelle is cancelled. Its on Nicnat ,Apache goes 91.
N-train4: 41 for petruccelle please
Woodie22: Booo
Baldfrog: 80 for Nic nat plz
N-train4: 104 Nic nat then please
Woodie22: 83 plz
SofR: NicNat 91. Petro would have got 44
MrWalrus: Nooooo, Bring back petruccle #petruccles score matters
Cr1cketeer: 88 please
pcaman2003: 104 for NicNat pleasde
Yelse: grundy will be juicy next year for SC
navy_blues: 99 plz apache
pcaman2003: Oops! 104 taken. How about 112 then?
Apachecats: If he gets 63 Walrus you can count a win ,but how much Nicnat?
Pies20: 113@apacache please
PJ39301965: 110 please Apache
Baldfrog: Do finals count in SC prices Yelse?
Pies20: 113 please
CozzieCan: 120 please Apache
Baldfrog: 38 for petrol to plz Apache
MrWalrus: 🙂 142 please good sir.
CozzieCan: Also interested @Yelse does it count ? I thought otherwise
exatekk: 101 please apache
SofR: No Baldfrog. Prices based on season av but excl finals
isoeso: 106 nicnat please
MrWalrus: 63, muppet for Walrus
Baldfrog: That’s what I thought SofR
Avarax: 121 for nicnat please apache
zadolinnyj: 122 please apache
pcaman2003: Storm 28 to Eels 18 58 min mark for those interested.
Gotigres: 102 please Apache
goat_19: nicnat 104 thanks
CozzieCan: Thanks Pca !! Go storm
pcaman2003: Storm now 34 to 18. Starting to blitz them now.
Apachecats: closed ,results Friday gane.
navy_blues: nic nat piling up the points
Gotigres: All Victorians, don’t forget to put your clocks forward by 1 hour. Also NSW and SA I think.
CozzieCan: Up the Vics
MrWalrus: Yes SA too, glorious daylight saving
Cr1cketeer: Should be 4 goals up, but I’ll definitely take 10 points
CozzieCan: @cricketer 13 scoring shots each .. might come down to accuracy in the end
Pies20: Same @cr1k this better not be heartbreaking
CozzieCan: How many pies supporters after this win jump on the shard on a Saturday night ? Lmao
Yelse: if pies win the eagles players have to quarantine another 2 weeks lol 4 weeks in total
navy_blues: go weagles
pcaman2003: I’m detecting a slight wobble here.
zadolinnyj: Goon bags will be sol out cozzie
Yelse: blaming bucks for his dumb move
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Which one?
Pies20: What a goal!!
navy_blues: omg
navy_blues: umps giving this to coll
Raspel31: Never thought I could say it- but go Pies.
poolboybob: Weird how the commentators don’t spend half the match talking about free kicks when the Vic team gets way more of them
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
Yelse: game of the season by far
Woodie22: Oh here we go.
Gotigres: Grundy moved up about 34 points in a few mins
MrWalrus: By the umps yelse? They’ll win your B&F by a mile
Pies20: Well done checkers keep going pies!!
zadolinnyj: As a neutral, putrid umpiring
Cr1cketeer: One bad call a quarter. Hardly putrid
Avarax: muppet for maynard
Yelse: the frees were there dunno what u on about the umps
amigaman: @zado I agree
MrWalrus: I actually want pies to win but this umpiring is a disgrace
MrWalrus: Pie get kissed on the tip every damn week just sick of it
poolboybob: lol, 30 players on the field see a deflected kick but the umps somehow miss it
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure it’s a rule to shepherd a player out of a mark
Avarax: either way its gone, the unpires have definitely had an impact on the game
zadolinnyj: Draw would be good
Woodie22: Nice throw
poolboybob: Gonna be some happy pies fans shagging under bus shelters tonight
Pies20: yeew!!!!
Avarax: no there won’t poolboy, nobody is allowed out
Woodie22: Maybe they might do it in your pool Bob
navy_blues: now i want colliwobbles to win next week
MrWalrus: Anyone who says umpires don’t effect results is wrong, still suck it WCE, glad they’re out
MrWalrus: My pies v tiges dream lives!
CozzieCan: C u pie supporters next week after Geelong dominate you . Goodnight all
Woodie22: Walrus, ryder out has helped us
MrWalrus: Hell yes, poor guy but great for us

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