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Chat log from R19 of 2020: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R19 of 2020

navy_blues: hi all
navy_blues: love it geelong lose and richmond lose perfect start
navy_blues: go doggies
SofR: Hi navy_blues. Wish we were there
navy_blues: next year
N-train4: Afternoon fellas
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone
PJ39301965: Of course Luke Darcy had to be calling this gam
SofR: Are any Saints or Dogs fans alive here?
SofR: I don’t care who wins. Just want another good game
ozelite: I’ve heard from quite a few saints fans this week
MrWalrus: Dunkly for ruck DPP next year?
Pies20: I’ll go dogs to win and that’s before that goal
navy_blues: i wanted to be here for geelong game but had to work was looking forward to stirring the pot
Pies20: who’s geary running with?
navy_blues: ii see finlatson did a good job of that tho lol
Pies20: Good to see blues supporters ragn in the finals where were you during the year when your team flopped?
Apachecats: NTP from last night
MrWalrus: Geary on the little fella daniel
MrWalrus: They’re just happy they cant lose this week pies
Pies20: Doing a great job by the looks of it @walrus
Baldfrog: Lol pies think yours will in about 2 hrs. Even Rendell is potting them
navy_blues: pies you will be in same boat in a few hours lol
Pies20: All good if that’s the case won’t then rag on the team’s that loose next week
Apachecats: 1st was Cr1ckateer on 98 ,2nd was equal to Mr Walrus on 93 and pcaman on 105 .
MrWalrus: Yeah he is, Daniels possies kick ins and crumbed HBs, not getting the rebound
Apachecats: Well done on your 1st NTP cricketer.
Cr1cketeer: Cheers Apache! Didn’t realise how close I was til after the match
SofR: Interesting that Saints cant land a tackle. If they fix that they will ship it in
SofR: Got one straight away
Baldfrog: You think so SofR think saints are below dogs and the weakest team in the finals
original: Lift steele!
SofR: I think both are making up the numbers baldfrog
Baldfrog: Cant argue with that SofR
Pies20: So who’s your pick for gf @sofr?
SofR: Game has yet to inspire me. At least its close
Pies20: saint surprised me all year @baldy said they’d drop out the 8 weeks ago but they didn’t
SofR: I was on Port early and still are. Other spot dunno not convinced by Lions
SofR: Which winner plays Tigers next week
Baldfrog: Agree pies but can’t see them beating any of the top 4 can you?
Baldfrog: plz not port SofR
Pies20: This 1 i think
MrWalrus: This one sofr id prefer saints because dogs best is freakish good
navy_blues: cant see either of these teams beating tigers next week
PJ39301965: Winner of this plays tigers
Pies20: Not sure @baldy but think brizzi box seats now besides the pies of course haha
SofR: Ok so Tigers beat this one and play Port so its Port. Vs Eagles for me.
MrWalrus: We’ll take port if we can get there
Baldfrog: And Geelong finals record is $hite so think Brizzie as well
SofR: Yes Walrus Dogs could produce one but Saints couldn’t. You have it well worked out
PJ39301965: Either way it will be the first interstate grand final interstate
Baldfrog: As Titus said it’s the first home ground grand final since last year
MrWalrus: Been a funny old year, sounds silly but reckon all teams a chance till eliminated
SofR: Yes Walrus that is how it works
Pies20: I agree @walrus
SofR: King is a King. Saints will love 15 years of this
PJ39301965: This year is all about Survival of the fittest
navy_blues: bris and port big advantage now tho with week off
Cr1cketeer: Except for us @Pies20
MrWalrus: Dunno navy, that’s what I meant below, funny year maybe continuity will be a bigger advantage
Pies20: have faith @cr1cketeer
pcaman2003: Afternnon all. Well! So far 3 cracking games to start the finals.
Apachecats: NTP on CDaniel ,Apache goes116
Pies20: either way mate we loose tonight mate we get ragd on people besides tigers supporters who made the 8 big deal
Pies20: on this chat
pcaman2003: 94 for Daniel please .
Pies20: devels number 87 for me @Apache
N-train4: 102 daniel please
Baldfrog: Well I owe you a few you ragd my crows a few times haha
SofR: To Pies20 and Cr1c… I have been a Blue for all of my 73 yrs so I really dont want Pies to win.
Baldfrog: 96 for the midget plz Apache
SofR: I respect Pies as a great club but want or flag record to remain
navy_blues: 121 plz apache
MrWalrus: Walrus goes 113 thanks apache
SofR: Daniel 99 please. * our flag record
navy_blues: awww pies colliwobbles in sept/oct i wouldnt mention it lol
Pies20: Wheelchair icon for sofr @monty i say that respectfully
Baldfrog: Oh bugger we have Basil next game
isoeso: Daniel 89 please
SofR: Thanks pies. It aint personal but a record is a record
MrWalrus: I dreamt last night pies v tiges GF, tiges won after siren on umpire error
MrWalrus: Was glorious
PJ39301965: 105 please Apache
Apachecats: Very relaxing doing NTP with just a few of us select fanfootyers in the room.
SofR: @ Walrus, If its Pies vs Tigers that would suit me. Sorry pies and Cr1ck
Baldfrog: was that after your Viagra tablet Walrus?
isoeso: Hey @apache I know we’ve been here before, but I DEFS nailed Pendles 121 last round….. pretty sure
Baldfrog: Dunno how u keep up Apache will all the guesses coming in
pcaman2003: @MrWalrus. Pity it was only a dream for you. 🙂
MrWalrus: Haha Apache, you deserve an easy run
Pies20: @baldy there was plenty to rag on your mob this year
SofR: Was it raining Walrus? Sounds like a wet dream!!
MrWalrus: That was my viagra tablet frog, still pretty firm
navy_blues: lol SofR
Baldfrog: What u doin on here then make the most of it
Avarax: 106 please apache
MrWalrus: I am….. keep typing you minx
Baldfrog: Grab a granny at the Arkaba tonight
Avarax: Chat hasn’t been working on PC
Pies20: Haha No dancing though @baldy good luck
Avarax: Isoeso did land 121 on pendles the last game of last round
navy_blues: mine weither ava had to swap to chrome
Baldfrog: pies your misses is gunna meet me there better than watching you cry again she said
Avarax: I’m using chrome atm, saying XML does not match or something
navy_blues: exactly
MrWalrus: Can we get a garden gnome icon for daniel, he’s just so tiny it’s adorable
Avarax: I think m0nty finally found a way to stop us bitching
Baldfrog: Ava think Apache was having trouble on Pc to
Apachecats: Just checked the chatlog isoeso you are exactly right and my apologies ,hole in one to you.cheers
pcaman2003: My PC had same issue on Chrome. Switched to
Pies20: Wow wear your Lycra during January you’ll have a better chance of hooking up during the tour mate
Avarax: Can confirm Apache. He landed hole in 1
Apachecats: Yeah Avatar I get a page of error messages posting on my laptop which is windows8 version.
pcaman2003: Switched to Microsoft Edge,No probs.
Baldfrog: Thanks for the tip haha
Apachecats: *avarax
isoeso: haha thanks @apache and @avarax, nice
Apachecats: Hope m0nty can fix that problem ,reduced to using a tablet to get through ,glad it’s not just me though.
Pies20: Not too get offended or offensive but bringing up mrs is border line @baldy pull your head in
SofR: Looking OK for your wish Walrus. Saints look the winner to me
Baldfrog: Was joking ur flog
SofR: I ditched Chrome months ago. Edge working well
Pies20: have another chadanae @baldy just saying don’t mention that shower
Baldfrog: Sammy browser on tablet works fine to
Baldfrog: What’s a chadanae? True pies sup never went to school
Raspel31: Ah Apache- finally in touch. So it was Chrome?
Apachecats: test post on Microsoft edge.
Apachecats: Yeeessss! It worked thank you everyone .m0nty chat not working on Chrome.
Avarax: also testing
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Yes it is Chrome. Changed to Edge Thur and now fine
Pies20: Sorry not going to get in a argument with a lonely 60year old crows supporter relax @baldy
Raspel31: Good to be back lads- have to headout now- wondered what the hell was going on.
Pies20: enjoy the ark tonight mate
Baldfrog: I’m not lonely lol u ust be to if you’re here dimwit
CozzieCan: Cmon doggies !!!
SofR: Hey Raspel. Im in Melb – what does going out mean please
Apachecats: Only wish I’d known about it before i drycleaned my PC and wiped out history ,cookies and all my login passwords and use
Apachecats: *and usernames.
Raspel31: Me too Soft- bubble buddy with a nice bubble butt- and a girl.
navy_blues: me to apache
Pies20: Haha what that mean your here to? I’m out I’ll do ntp next game go pies good luck crows for the next 5years
MrWalrus: They need to get some roids into English, so much talent but just no strength at all
zadolinnyj: Getting dangerous for dogs
SofR: @raspel. The only bubbles at my age are when I fart in the bath
SofR: English did bulk up after last year but only abit and froma low base
pcaman2003: Muppet for Long
zadolinnyj: With the push in the back ok, wouldn’t you play behind up forward and tell everyone to kick deep
Raspel31: least I can fart at her place.
SofR: Yes zado that rule has died
Woodie22: Saints will beat the Tigers next week.
SofR: No chace woodie
Baldfrog: big call woodie22
SofR: * chance.
CozzieCan: Cya next year doggies , was a great effort
zadolinnyj: Dogs will win this
MrWalrus: You a port supporter and just hoping woodie?
Woodie22: Bloody chrome no good at all.
zadolinnyj: Thought we were all making crazy calls
Baldfrog: My Crazy call is plz Port don’t win it
Woodie22: I’m a tiger supporter. Their two prong ruck will be too strong for nank. Soldo is a huge out and we saw last night Chol
Woodie22: Remember this call for next week lol
circle52: Test
circle52: Just testing as for some reason was locked out of match day last night at the Gabba
MrWalrus: I see what you’re doing there woodie, nice work
Apachecats: Love the saints and Ratts ,look how close all their SC scores are ,real team effort.
Woodie22: Lol no, I’m being honest Walrus. Not a cockie supporter lol
Apachecats: circle this site no longer works on Chrome ,just Microsoft edge and Android.
Woodie22: How come apache?
amigaman: And Firefox 🙂
Apachecats: Beats me woodie ,m)nty has’nt commented on the issue.
Woodie22: Been happening since Thursday.
PAFC4eva: crazy call crows back to back spoons
exatekk: Hi all! damn chrome!
CozzieCan: Crazy call , Geelong will be in finals for the next 10 years & will never make a grand final .. lmao
Apachecats: yeah exatekk ,reckon half our crew have given up trying to post .It will affect the advertising revenue m)nty.
exatekk: missed 3 NTP, couldnt work out what was wrong!LOL
Woodie22: Crazy call indeed. Geelong are done I believe after this year.
PAFC4eva: hmmm maybe not so crazy
Apachecats: Hey chatty good effort today on the neddies if you are tuned in.
isoeso: Doggone
Woodie22: Exatekk it was crazy. I’m using an Android app and it’s fine now
Water: test
Apachecats: you’re in water.cheers.
CozzieCan: Paul Chapman & Matty Scarlett to come out of retirement for Geelong next year lol 🤣
exatekk: Yeah woodie. I use FF on my surface siting in front of me while i watch. I dont like the phone app
Apachecats: NTP getting interesting ,Apache 116 ,navy blues121 looking good.also walrus 113.
exatekk: i tried 112 apache but ya know, chrome LOL
Gotigres: Site seems to work fine on Firefox.
Avarax: hope they get 1 more atleast, this will be a good finish’
MrWalrus: Game getting interesting too, go walrus you handsome devil!
Apachecats: yeah exateff lifes a beach.
Water: whos the NTP on
Apachecats: Helmet head Water.
Water: ah gotcha
MrWalrus: Wallis just getting so much love from the umps today
zadolinnyj: Good game
SofR: Surely Dogs cant get up
navy_blues: game on
Woodie22: Here we go. Tense
Baldfrog: Navy Blues got this
Avarax: dogs can clutch this with 1 more good play
zadolinnyj: Who had Daniels for 1000
MrWalrus: Daniel tearing it up in the forward line, was going to go 150 for a little man big score joke
CozzieCan: Go the doggies !!!!
SofR: I had Daniel for 99. They might scale down !!!!
Apachecats: Navy -blues can’t lose ,highest bid at 121.
MrWalrus: Dunno zad but didn’t you “big call” a doggies win?
CozzieCan: Josh Bruce did that on purpose
navy_blues: ty
navy_blues: but he flew past my pick
zadolinnyj: Yep but i did not think it
CozzieCan: Flower Josh Bruce is useless needs to retire the shit cunt
zadolinnyj: Looks like Ryder hammy
MrWalrus: Well that was fun, hope the next is as good
navy_blues: ryder looks pretty upset
SofR: At least the Blues won something. Well done navy
pcaman2003: Great win Sainters. Best team on the day won. Another grteat finals game.
navy_blues: looks like he will miss next week
isoeso: Ryder cooked. Putrid luck for him.
amigaman: Finals very entertaining so far
SofR: If Ryder has done his hammie Saints are cooked
navy_blues: ty SofR
navy_blues: i wish colliwobbles were full strength next game would of been great game i think

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