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Chat log from R19 of 2020: Brisbane vs Richmond

Chat log for Brisbane vs Richmond, R19 of 2020

amigaman: Go Lions!
SofR: I have 2 son-in-laws and a grandson as Tigers, so I have to barrack for them tonight.
Baldfrog: Go lions
SofR: Hope the game is as good as last night
Baldfrog: Same and decent umps would be a bonus
Cr1cketeer: Hope Lions smash this mob
SofR: Thje first bounce was like like Razor Ray last night. Hope their decisions are better!!!
PJ39301965: Evening all
hinsch: Cr1ckteer I am with you
PJ39301965: Looks like we’re all on the lions
SofR: I’m the odd one out, but only to support family.. But I really have a soft spot for all old Fitzroy fans too.
Baldfrog: seriously we have to put up with Daisy again
Baldfrog: Wow umps seem good so far
Yelse: neale gonna get a posie i got him most disposals with rewiolt most goals
SofR: I guess Neale is having what you call a slow start !!!
duckky: Not on Brisbane – need them to finish loiwer so we get a good pick for JoeD
PJ39301965: Imagine if the lions mids start to fire.
Gotigres: No other tiger supporters here tonight?
Baldfrog: No gotigres they only come on when tigers are winning
duckky: Muppett for Starcevich
Gotigres: McCarthy sc is ridiculous
MrWalrus: We are winning, too busy watching our team frog, go watch yours. Oh wait
Gotigres: Lucky I don’t have Neale capt this week.
Baldfrog: Thank you Walrus you proved my point
Yelse: does final SC go into next years price?
DrSeuss: What is Neale doing? Is he getting tagged?
MrWalrus: Frog we get it, you hate Richmond, don’t be a troll all night
Pies20: who got ntp last night? Sorry if already mentioned not that it matters i guess
Baldfrog: Apache hasn’t been on Pies20 but wasn’t me
MrWalrus: We don’t tag seuss but reckon prestia is on him giving him a touch up so far
Pies20: Think it was me baldy not being smug of course
tags54: apache stated last night it was between step39 & pies 20
Baldfrog: Grats if it was
Pies20: who’s running with neale? Not watching
tags54: i think
DrSeuss: That kind of sounds like the definition of tagging Walrus??
Apachecats: Having trouble posting on windows8 based PC again
MrWalrus: Except he is playing the ball first then just being accountable so just old school footy
Apachecats: Getting through on Android tablet ,any else using windows on here
Apachecats: Any way we have a new life member on the nTp honour board ,well done Pies20 on your 3rd nTp last night
Pies20: Thankyou @Apache
SofR: No issues with my Windows
MrWalrus: Not that it matters but Dusty’s sc is crazy low, been totally dominant so far
Gotigres: Congrats Pies20.
original: Neale to be +30 for that turnover kick.
SofR: But I have Widows 10
PJ39301965: Nice going pies
wadaramus: Neale with a sticky sweet pink sprinkled donut!
Gotigres: I’m using a pc with Windows 8. Try deleting porn and clearing browser history.
Pies20: Thanks @tiges
pcaman2003: Good stuff Pies20
Pies20: and pj
Apachecats: Could just be my computer ,thanks SofR
Pies20: haha tiges
Pies20: Pca thankyou
pcaman2003: Just tuned in. Neale -1 ,really? WTH happened?
SofR: Ignore Gotigres @Apache – deleting porn is far too drastic!!!
Baldfrog: Especially when fridy night is porn hub night
pcaman2003: Has Bruce still got his nose up Dusty’s butt? What a brown nose.
SofR: Bruce is a pain in that spot
SofR: This is real finals footy. Loving it.
DrSeuss: How is that not chopping the arms on Mcinerney?
pcaman2003: This game is tighter than a nuns nasty.
twinpeaks: Bruce just climaxed
twinpeaks: Good game but, absolute cracker
Baldfrog: Why do richmond players soon everytime something goes against them
Baldfrog: sook *
Catatafish: Go Brisbane.
Yelse: this is a great game!!!
Gotigres: Lots of points for Neale coming up. Free, 2 50’s and a goal.
pcaman2003: Go Lions. Keep that up.
DrSeuss: Good finish Lions. What a kick
Cr1cketeer: I’ve never cheered for another team so much
Apachecats: NTP on Neale ,Apache goes 123.
bhg26: 131 Apache please
NewFreoFan: 211 for Neale thanks, what a champion
Pies20: 119 please Apache
Gotigres: 128 for Neale please Apache.
Catatafish: @Cr1cketeer. Bulldogs during their finals stampede 2016.
beerent11: Anybody else keep getting diverted to ad sites?
goat_19: neale 139 thanks
Bart Man: 109 thanks apache
pcaman2003: 105 for Neale please
beerent11: Just logged in to see what dustys score was. Was expecting 80+ by the way the callers are gushing.
N-train4: 129 neale
hinsch: 112 pls for Neale
Baldfrog: 121 for Neale plz Apache
MrWalrus: Dusty been pretty amazing beer, score is a mystery
Cr1cketeer: 98 Neale please
SofR: Hipwood 26 is a joke. He has been terrific. Martin should be more too.
tags54: 145 thx apache
SofR: Neale 117 please
MrWalrus: Neale 93 please
Cr1cketeer: Agreed SofR. Multiple big clunks
PJ39301965: 133 Thanks Apache
MrWalrus: Yep, hipwood been good too, umps though. …
beerent11: Those old Brizzy bears t shirts on the ad above are pretty sweet.
twinpeaks: Yep Dusty SC should be around 8. All those I50 kicks to a target, clearances, line breaks
snagadelic: hello
Apachecats: Closed ,result tomorrow
snagadelic: fanfooty still going woo hoo
Apachecats: It’s not easy being Green.
beerent11: Go lions!
m0nty: sup snags
original: Put balta fwd or something
original: Chol useless tonight
snagadelic: been a long time monty, great to see your sites till going strong
Gotigres: You didn’t play like this when I was counting on you did you Cameron.
Gotigres: Hi snags. What did you do to get a green name?
m0nty: snagadelic is a former Supercoach winner.
snagadelic: gotigres, won a Dt comp back in the day, i’m an old bastard lol
Gotigres: Wow snags, that’s awesome.
CozzieCan: Can’t believe Brisbane are winning , was expecting Richmond to dominate . Wow
original: Did u ever win purple name game tho
wadaramus: SC royalty in the house!
beerent11: Might be hard to put together a more annoying commentary box than this one
pcaman2003: @beerent. Bruce needs to be put to pasture.
SofR: Bruce is so past his use by date
Baldfrog: Wow pcaman you think it’s only Bruce
twinpeaks: Chol out for Lynch for the SF you would think
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Nahmate. She annoys me too
pcaman2003: Bruce’s love child has gone quiet.
original: Would put my house on chol being dropped next week
beerent11: Daisy probably yells down her phone like my 70 year old parents.
Baldfrog: Rather Abbey in the box
CozzieCan: Can’t go past Cameron Ling in the commentary box , he’s the best ha ha ha
Baldfrog: lol Cozzie
beerent11: Good to see the women getting a go though.
pcaman2003: So many easy lost opportunities Lions. Better last qtr please.
Gotigres: BT is the worst for me. He makes so many errors.
beerent11: Far from over this one.
Baldfrog: Agree just one with a decent voice…Agree gotigres BT should be banned
CozzieCan: What about Jonno brown or Riewoldt? Browny seems alright
pcaman2003: BT gets my tool of the year award.
original: Don’t rate abbey at all. Ch7 love her tho
twinpeaks: Voldt and Browny are good. Rate Daisy’s insights. I think Papalia is the best on TV these days
Bluebagg11: SOFR – Bruce is still by far the best commentator of AFL. Huddo a distant second, then BT
Apachecats: BT is not even a proper tool ,a tool is usefull
Baldfrog: Daisy cant see over the desk
pcaman2003: Let’s face it gents. They’re all crap.
Baldfrog: Best quote of the night pcaman
Baldfrog: Except I dont mind Carey
pcaman2003: @Baldy. Do I win anything for that?
Baldfrog: yep my lycra NTP shirt still wet from 2 months ago
original: Birchall has my iso belly
pcaman2003: I’ll take it.:-)
Baldfrog: lol you sad man:)
SofR: .. shirt
SofR: My fist bit got lost. it read Baldfrog should be banned if he washed the shirt
Baldfrog: poor effort from the Clugg there
pcaman2003: SolfR. Are you into fisting then? Interesting!
Gotigres: Good to see no. 1 ranked tennis player Ash downing the beer
beerent11: Ash Barty just went up in my book
Baldfrog: Muppet for Dusty
SofR: Pca. I think I,m typing with my fist
pcaman2003: Tigers so lucky that DTB isn’t a thing
pcaman2003: Hahaha! No goal
DrSeuss: So holding the ball doesn’t exist any more?
beerent11: I’m Eugene!
CozzieCan: Think Richmond haven’t lost at the Gabba since 2005? Could be wrong
pcaman2003: Lions are starting to blow this. Need to dispose better.
Gotigres: Tiges won’t win now.
pcaman2003: Game over! Well done Lions. Great game by both teams
beerent11: Suitcase!
DrSeuss: Yessss – finally Luggage kicks straight
Baldfrog: one camera for a final geez the Afl are cheap
RenoMan: Good win Lions, much deserved. Richmond killed themselves with those late 50m at the half
CozzieCan: My multi just went from bad to worse , thanks to Geelong and Richmond . Flower me
SofR: Great win for Lions
DrSeuss: Wait for the Dimma excuses in the press conference?
original: Richmond ain’t got a forward line without lynch. Will swap u bolton for McGovern
MrWalrus: Walrus ntp, shared I think unless scaling coming
MrWalrus: Ummm original, but we do have Lynch
MrWalrus: Wait neale unscaled jumped to 99, ahhh damnit

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