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Chat log from R19 of 2020: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R19 of 2020

PJ39301965: Evening all
CozzieCan: Let’s go the mighty cats !!!! Woop woop
zadolinnyj: gents
Baldfrog: See htb doesn’t apply to Geelong tonight
CozzieCan: Stanley is about as consistent as eating curry for 7 days .. who knows what shits gonna come out
CozzieCan: Great game, was expecting more people here thou .. disappointed
PJ39301965: Glad it’s not a real Supercoach game
StuL: Ok Port are the most feral. Eagles are bad but Port are special
Baldfrog: Another non htb to Henry
PJ39301965: Umps are really looking after Geelong
kano: lol StuL. you are getting a huge ride
Bart Man: PJ nothing new
SofR: Agree PJ. Makes a change after years of Adelaide teams getting a dream run. Umps are umps so will even it out later.
Baldfrog: SofR lol keep dreaming of a Carlton finals appearance m8
FinlaySON: hmm umpires are wearing geelong jumpers tonight… interesting proposition giving their usual finals performance
PJ39301965: Lol. Hawkins should get a muppet for that.
wadaramus: Well, this sure is a great game of footy…not.
wadaramus: Frees 10 to 9 Geelongs way?
SofR: Number of frees is irrelevant. It’s how many dud ones they miss and so far Cats have had the better deal.
Baldfrog: Wait till duckwood and Gary floppy ablett start
Baldfrog: It will be a frees smorgasbord
wadaramus: Port have been soundly beaten yet find themselves in front.
Apachecats: Evening all
wadaramus: Tomohawk is the culprit. Set shots from the boundary and lazy snaps.
Baldfrog: Hey Apache bit late for NTP
Apachecats: Been trying to log on all night
wadaramus: If Geelong convert their possession dominance to score, they win.
Baldfrog: oh that’s no good
Gotigres: Still half time Apache
Baldfrog: When does Daisy’s balls drop?
Apachecats: Finally got through on my tablet .PC getting error message m0nty probably why not many on board tonight.
Apachecats: nTp on Dangermouse .Apache goes 105
tags54: 98 for danger thx apache
Gotigres: 125 for Danger thanks Apache
Baldfrog: Tags you don’t owe me a yacht
Apachecats: By the way zaddolinnyj won the final nTp on home away games ,well done 2nd ntp
Baldfrog: 133 for Danger for me
goat_19: danger 112 thanks
PJ39301965: There should be a cape for Blicavs. 53 points that qtr in Supercoach
tags54: @baldfrog I could have been in trouble with my big mouth.
PJ39301965: Hi Apache I’ll have 101 for danger thanks mate.
The39Steps: Danger 83 for me please @apache.
Baldfrog: I am sad tho Tags
tags54: always next year Baldfrog
circle52: 98 for danger
CozzieCan: 113 please Apache
Apachecats: Last call
tags54: @circle, that makes two of us
circle52: make mine 99 seeing 98 taken
Apachecats: Closed
Pies20: 93 please
Apachecats: Just made it pies
Pies20: Cheers @Apache
CozzieCan: Cmon Geelong flower me , what is this rubbish
swandane: this is geelong cozzie, comes out every year in finals.. pretenders
Baldfrog: Ouch Durrsma
StuL: Every contest is a free to Port. Ask the ferals
Baldfrog: Cozzie better start ordering those wheelchairs for next year your gunna have some old ones running around
kano: every contest is a free to Geelong. ask the umpires
PJ39301965: Wheelchairs ha more like mobile scooters. There quicker than half the cats now. Lol
StuL: Lose win lose. Std Chris Scott finals pattern.
CozzieCan: Geelong to lose this week , win next week & than lose the week after .
PJ39301965: Rockies price will be interesting at the start of next year
Baldfrog: the week after is probably Richmond
PJ39301965: Does Bruce love danger or what
CozzieCan: @Stul couldn’t agree more . Hopefully big last qtr , great goal from danger
SofR: Port’s tackling is fierce. Real finals footy.
Gotigres: Siren was 1-2 seconds late. Perfectly timed to PA advantage.
monkebuket: why dont we have a countdown clocks in AFL?
Baldfrog: lol gotigres they showed the clock go to zero
Baldfrog: how was it to ports advantage if the siren was late?
monkebuket: it meant duncan didnt get to kick for a goal
Baldfrog: Duncan cant kick 55m lol
StuL: Hawkins mark. Booo! Worst fans ever
Gotigres: Maybe a torpedo Baldfrog
Baldfrog: Maybe but he’d have to connect properly and be on target
CozzieCan: Flowering ChrisScott !! Put danger in the middle you cunt . Fuck you man
Gotigres: True Baldfrog, but a chance nevertheless.
Baldfrog: yep gotigres
CozzieCan: Stanley is flowering useless , should of put in Ratagolia in . Ablett.. out past his use by das
Baldfrog: Was surprised Rat was dropped
Gotigres: Love how Gray bounced the ball while being held by the jumper and no free against
CozzieCan: Man Stanley is fucking shit , fuck you Chris Scott
Baldfrog: I saw that to gotigres
Baldfrog: But all year htb seems non existent unless it suits the umps
StuL: Will never win a flag with Scott. This is why hr
Gotigres: HTB rule has fallen apart this year. Pathetic by AFL
monkebuket: great job again chris scott – genius
StuL: Hes our Buckley. Wrecked a premiership team to go backwards. His team has never arrived and never will.
CozzieCan: I hope we lose next game & Scott retires. Happiest day in my life
Baldfrog: Geelong v Richmond should be good
Baldfrog: Cozzie you’ll beat WC or pies
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog , good for a thrashing from Richmond yeah right
PJ39301965: Geelong v west coast will be more interesting
StuL: Port v someone now.
Baldfrog: west Coast is injury ridden
poolboybob: Hawkins cleaver
CozzieCan: Hope we don’t win honestly & C.Scott flowers off .
CozzieCan: Hawkins Coleman medal ? Only
CozzieCan: Hawkins wins the Coleman medal
FinlaySON: there is something about Geelong and losing finals that fits so well
circle52: Port v Richmond will beinteresting if Tigers get beaten tomorrow.
Baldfrog: Am looking forward to scotts press conference
CozzieCan: @Finlayson you can talk lol . Worst grand final last year in history . GWS are rubbish also
FinlaySON: have I hit a nerve Cozzie? please tell me more abouthow going out in straight sets is more impressive than making the GF
Apachecats: NTP results tomorrow ,between 39Steps and Pies20.
PJ39301965: Maybe bald but they’ll beat pies then who knows.
PJ39301965: Port should be allowed to wear the prison bars in three weeks time. Who cares what Eddie says.

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