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Chat log from R18 of 2020: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: Afternoon lads , huge thanks to mOnty during these uncertain times . You’ve done a terrific job & we all appreciate it
CozzieCan: Also go Noble & Woodcock !! Need 100 between ya’s
m0nty: yeah I think I have finally squashed that survey ad bug
BURN3R: G’day folks, go pies
Apachecats: I’ll second that Cozzie ,thanks m0nty ,helped us all get through lockdown with something to get a laugh from.
snake_p: well done Monty, take a bow
Apachecats: NTP results from last night .Bont officially 107.
PJ39301965: I agree cozzie. For what has been a year of first it’s been a great job by Monty.
PJ39301965: I need 288 from Boaks, Grundy and Maynard to win. My opponent has no one left.
Apachecats: Taking out his 2nd NTP was Teachrtony on 109.Well done Tony.
Pies20: evening all go pies!!
Apachecats: 2nd was Gotigres on 104 and 3rd went to Water on 103.
Apachecats: I have a zoom meeting coming up ,Avarax will look after NTP, Iwill check in to give my prediction .Cheers.
Pies20: and the results @Apache? Will they be done tonight?
Apachecats: Depends if scaling is complete before chat goes off ,I’ll leave that up to Avarax.
Apachecats: Otherwise results can wait till the 1st final.
Social: Evening chaspss
CozzieCan: See you lads next year. Going to go insane with no footy for a few months .. spewin
Baldfrog: Hoping for a sink-hole to develop and both teams disappear
amigaman: Does Monty do the stats for finals?
Apachecats: Yeah Cozzie if I call by the Tanti I’ll buy you a beer.
m0nty: I will be doing finals, yes.
kascadev8: evening. go the PORT
amigaman: Cheers Monty
CozzieCan: Cmon Noble & Woodcock need 100 to win 10 finals !!
blueflags: I’m 146 behind with crisp, wines and duursma to play. Opportunity has Houston
blueflags: Opposition*
Foxman69: I’ve got 120 Lead with Adams vs Boak and Adams
CozzieCan: @Blue flags sorry m8 need crisp under 80
CozzieCan: @Foxman so you need boak under 120 ?
SofR: As a long-time Blue who hates Pies it hurts to say butwell done Pendles. Respected and admired by all whoever you suppor
Water: i need 514 from grundy, adams, crisp and boak to win 1 of my 3 gfs. lost the other two already
SofR: Support *
pjw1234: Think im home in all my league barring a catastrophe. on 2250 with boak and grundy to come.
Social: bang!
Baldfrog: Lagging behind there m0nty lol
CozzieCan: Gee quickest goal in history
Raspel31: Ditto Water
zadolinnyj: Got Grundy and gray but already won my gfs
SeasickJac: Lets go Rocky!
dkeating48: 137 required from Boak, what are my chances?
Avarax: back him in keating
SeasickJac: Need 80 from Rocky… Chances?
CozzieCan: Noble is gonna be a gun Midfielder one day ..
dkeating48: I think you’re a red hot chance SsJac
pedsz: Need Boak+Gray to stay under 140 :/
DrSeuss: Need 81 from Rocky myself Seasick – fingers tightly crossed
Social: the centre bounces have been outstanding so far
Avarax: sorry pedsz, you might be out of luck
zadolinnyj: Ur going to be 20 short dkeats
SeasickJac: Cheers guys. Need it
GOATdusty: lol
dkeating48: Zads, I think you’re about right, 115-125 is his sweet spot. Didn’t think I’d get near it tbh
GobChuck: 202 from Grundy and Boak for 2500, bring it home lads
tdarian: I’m up by 335. Op has boak, gray and maynard. Do I win?
pjw1234: McKenzie looks like he has but on 10kg and grown 10cm since he moved from gold coast
zadolinnyj: Be cracking if he gets there
SeasickJac: Ebert going vintage SC!
Social: liking power-peppels hip n shoulders, not enough of it these days
dkeating48: That will be tight td
SeasickJac: Fire up Ladhams!
amigaman: SSJ you wanted to drop Ebert for Lienert 🙂
CozzieCan: That a boy noble , welcome to my team for 2021
SeasickJac: Cmon Rocky.. get into it
Avarax: rozee burnt boak and then missed the shot
SeasickJac: Ami to be fair Ebert started well then went down hill..
CozzieCan: Rozee ran way to far than . Should of been a free to the pies
amigaman: SSJ sheesh
Yelse: that was a 50 to cox ffs
amigaman: Maybe Lienert instead of Ladhams SSJ
Social: bloody cox
Baldfrog: Yelse Cox handballed it lol
SeasickJac: LOL. Ladhams and Dixon being my worse nightmare atm Ami
zadolinnyj: Cox 100 percent played on
Baldfrog: why wasn’t that a blocking free against degooey
amigaman: Yep sack yhat Ebert fella
CozzieCan: Hope the pies win & Brisbane win the minor ..
GOATdusty: lol
Pies20: What a goal go pies!
Social: treloar looks weird without tatts
CozzieCan: Treloar is a beast , can’t wait for a full season next year in my SC squad
wodjos: what happens if a draw occurs in grand final match?
kascadev8: grundy and brown as uniques. go boys, carry me against woodcock
thommoae: Are you allowed to play for – or support – Collingwood sans tatts?
Justavrage: Need 122 from Grundy, Crisp, Houston. Looking good
original: Need grundy + crisp to be 250
Baldfrog: Best game from Houston I’ve seen
SeasickJac: Ebert lost 4pts? why?
Baldfrog: For his helmet shocking look seasick
Hazza09: Maynard better not shaft me
SeasickJac: If it keeps him playing all for it.
amigaman: SSJ a free kick
SeasickJac: Lycett should go into Ruck.. Grundy is ragdolling Ladhams
original: Go grundy go
kascadev8: go grundy. grundy+maynard+brown v maynard+woodcock+165, gonna be close
wodjos: i have grundy to beat wines+43
CozzieCan: Cmon Woodcock & Noble !! Need 100 between you both
original: Get moving crisp
Baldfrog: What’s happened to Stevenson used to be pies best forward
pjw1234: motlop lucky no free against for the toby rule
wodjos: This is too stressful come on grundy!
SofR: Had Houston early but gave up after string of low scores. Now he fires !!!
DrSeuss: Need 81 from Rocky – please don’t make me too nervous
kascadev8: anyone else think that stephenson has been down since his gambling ban?
Baldfrog: forgot about that Kasca
Ash777: Stephenson has glandular fever too this year.
Yelse: they playing steno on the wing and i don’t think it suits him
Avarax: down about $5000
kascadev8: bit of all 3 maybe @Yelse , doesnt look happy there
original: Junk handballs to crisp like that KILL my sc daicos ffs
LMartos: Crisp given a clanger for dropping a poor handpass to him, okay
tdarian: grundy tapped straight to dixon – goal!
original: LMartos surely not ffs kills me
DrSeuss: No rest for you Rocky – I need 81 to win all GFs and I don’t want to be nervous
goat_19: i need houston under 200 for the win, getting a bit scary
tdarian: hope you get the win seuss – great work!
Hazza09: Screw you Maynard, never again!
Avarax: alright guys, we are gonna kick ntp off now. tonight its on Pendlebury. Avarax goes 116
pjw1234: get on the ground boak if you want to win that brownlow
Woodie22: Houston was get near 200 lol
tdarian: pendles an even 100
Woodie22: Ninety five plz
CozzieCan: Man noble & woodcock letting me down here .. need a big second half
goat_19: pendles 129
original: Crisp drops to 13 you’re kidding
Woodie22: Won’t*
thommoae: 95 will do me.
lisapizza7: 111 pendals
zadolinnyj: 122 pendles
Water: Ill go 111 for pendles please avarax
Apachecats: Just nick out of my zoom meeting ,Pendles 133 thanks Avarax.
Raspel31: Pendles 97 pleez avarax
circle52: Pendles 114
Social: Scott Pendlebury will end up with 105 and Joseph De Goseph will get 10
pjw1234: 117 thanks
Baldfrog: 130 for pend
Ash777: pendles 115
kascadev8: Pendles 130 please
Pies20: one fourteen please @ava
LMartos: I’m pretty sure 3 of Crisp’s clangers aren’t even from disposals, very frustrating
N-train4: 123 pendles
Baldfrog: * for dingleberry for me Ava
DrSeuss: Rocky way too much time in the pine. 81 is all I need – can’t be too much to ask RockPig – 1 last big performance pls
CozzieCan: 135 please Avarax, cheers
isoeso: pendles 121 please
DrSeuss: 107 for Pendles
Baldfrog: Your alive pies?
teachrtony: 119 for Pendles please Apache.
MrWalrus: 113 for poodles thanks
pjw1234: j elliott injury?
HelloJack: Pendles 118
Mustardish: 132 pendles
Silz90: Please 103
SofR: Pendles 112 for me please
The39Steps: 91 for me please @apache.
teachrtony: Sorry Avarax, did not know you were NTP tonight, cheers.
CozzieCan: How does Varcoe get a game at the pies ? He’s past his use by date that’s for sure
goat_19: actually avarax could i please change to 138 if available?
Avarax: happens all the time teachrtony
Baldfrog: Saints fans happy to play final at AO and not in Queensland?
Avarax: updated goat_19
SofR: Can any Pies fans tell me why they keep playing Varcoe. Haven’t seen him do anything for 3 years
goat_19: alright thanks
Social: Gosh Ava, I still remember the first time you took NTP…
SofR: Cozzie – just saw you asked the same question. We’re on the same page tonight
The39Steps: Sorry, @avarax i should have said.
Baldfrog: Ava could I change to 140 plz
Avarax: that day lives in infamy social
kascadev8: tyler brown lift in this 2nd half
Avarax: done baldfrog. ntp closes end of half time
tdarian: sofR because bucks remembers varcoe’s first goal in the ’11 granny
Baldfrog: cheers Ava
CozzieCan: @Sofr don’t become to complacent haha . But agree should of retired 3 years ago
PJ39301965: 127for Pendles please Avarax
benzammit: Grundy n Crisp left for the year 2310 @ present.
Social: Varcoe’s career peaked at the 9 minute mark of the final qtr ’11 GF
SofR: Thanks tdarian. I guess you remember that as a bad moment but I’m sure you can rtemind me who won that game !!but
dkeating48: 105 for pendles
SofR: Did he actually play well in that GF or are you having me on??
CozzieCan: Varcoe definitely no Leon Davis that’s for sure lmao
dkeating48: He kicked the first two in the granny if my memory is correct td
MrWalrus: Geez the pies get so much special treatment from the umps
Social: Best to watch the replay SofR but yes, he played well
tdarian: did he dkeating? i must get out the copy of the replay
Baldfrog: Cozzie you guys played Parsons for about 2 years and he was worse than Josh Bootsma6
CozzieCan: @Social he did have a period where he was decent .. but dropped of heaps last 8 years
kascadev8: is it concerning that i dont know who Bootsma is… i keep thinking its Duursma
CozzieCan: Bald frog , what a flog he was .. dead door nail
exatekk: 110 for Pendles please Ava
SofR: Just google that GF. he had 21 poss and 3 gls. glad he dropped off after going to pies.
Baldfrog: He was a Carlton player Kasca
Avarax: ntp closed. 27 entries, range 91 – 140. good luck to all entries
benzammit: Uh 2011 about the time Scott took the keys too the Rolls Royce, the shipped out club legends like S.J, Kelly and Stockes
SofR: googled *
Avarax: 28 entries*
SofR: Please don’t remind me of Bootsma. I’ll have nightmares now.
benzammit: Mumford and Ling. to chase Boak and Dangerfield
Baldfrog: lol SofR sorry m8
CozzieCan: Cmon Noble & woodcock don’t flower me now
kascadev8: i have just searched bootsma now…
dkeating48: Why not have a slumber party and watch all three in a row, makes for great viewing
Baldfrog: Wasn’t along career Kasca
benzammit: Cozzie we got 37 trade how have you still got bit players in your 18?
kascadev8: from the messages it doesnt surprise me @Baldfrog
DrSeuss: Where was this earlier in the year Houston? Taking all of Rocky’s possessions?
Hazza09: Fuck you Maynard
kascadev8: i had cripps, duncan, maynard, lukosius and im gonna win the GF hahaha
original: Crisp getting massacred cmon get some points
Grimes Jr: Unbelievable how well collingwood get looked after by the umps
SeasickJac: Cmon Ebo and Rocky.. Keep chugging along
tdarian: cozzie you just need 50 between the 2 of noble and woodcock right?
Pies20: Flower keep going pies
tdarian: seuss rocky 81 is a certainty now surely
MrWalrus: Could you imagine if we got that love Grimes, would never lose
Ash777: have you seen the free kick differential? Pies are at the top.
dkeating48: Need to lift Travis!
runners47: C’mon Maynard, double your points, at least – my GF win is depending on you!
SofR: Diod Rocky just get 20 pts for that goal?
DrSeuss: Hopefully tdarian – you just never know with 2020 lol
tdarian: congrats seuss!
MrWalrus: Pies are always most for least against, and what they get away with. ….
kascadev8: was bootsma even any good?
Baldfrog: Lol no Kasca
PAFC4eva: collingwood do get looked after
Yelse: this ump should just throw it up
SofR: Kaska – I thought Bootsma had lots of ability but no idea how to behave
runners47: Bootsma had ‘potential’ – but mostly not much more than that…
Hazza09: Never again Maynard, officially on the never again list
kascadev8: thats fair, just never recall hearing the name, but i see everyone comment it as a joke.
MrWalrus: Treloar 12HB… pretty sure they mean throws
Baldfrog: Every club picks one that makes you scratch your head
Ash777: pies better start preparing to fly to WA
Haydo: Robbie Gray gets 78 i win
SofR: Not sure Bootsma would get drafted now. Clubs are more careful although a few dills still get selected.
kascadev8: yeh thats fair, thanks for informing me 🙂
Ash777: Houston is playing the game Maynard should be playing.
MrWalrus: Adams doing well, glad I traded him to Treloar
amigaman: @Hazza Late reprieve for Maynard?
Grimes Jr: Jeez Cox is useless. Finish these flogs off pears
PJ39301965: What a come back in the last half of that qtr Maynard.
Hazza09: @amigaman needs to get to 91 before a reprieve
CozzieCan: Need Noble & woodcock to get 49 more points !!! Cmon do something
kascadev8: yess woodcock stay low, very good, very happy. good
CozzieCan: I’m getting nauseous by the second , flower of @Kas
PAFC4eva: houste should breach covid rules more often been hot ever since
kascadev8: @Cozzie hahha revenge from a couple weeks ago when my player stayed low to help you 😉
SofR: Yes PAFetc Houston playing like he owes them something.
MrWalrus: That’s a symptom PAFC
Mustardish: nice ‘commetti’ism’ m0nty
CozzieCan: @Kas lay of it m8! This is my finals we are talking about . Lol
m0nty: I do like that phrase, should be used more often.
kascadev8: @Cozzie him staying low is gifting mine 🙂 and i had cripps as a unique xD
kascadev8: how did maynard get to 77?? wasnt he just on 30?
PAFC4eva: he better get tested ha ha
CozzieCan: @Kas also had Cripps … crippled our Gf & sc score
Pies20: Need a few more like that keep going pies next goal huge
kascadev8: @Cozzie yeh, cripps + lukosius + hawkins + ridley + duncan and im still gonna get around a 2.150 so ill take it
Baldfrog: Pies have you paid ur deposit to Perth just in case?
kano: umpires willing collingwood back into it
CozzieCan: @Kas hard to take this year seriously.. premos aren’t premos .. injuries galore ..
Baldfrog: Agree Cozzie
Pies20: Flower game over and no i haven’t @baldy haha
kascadev8: @Cozzie yep, injuries.. funniest thing is, ive now got an injury in my FPL too, didnt get enough in the afl version
CozzieCan: Cmon Noble & Woodcock 43 more points , I’m beggin
Woodie22: Hazza went early on the never again Maynard call
Pies20: great can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and listen to the pear supporters
Baldfrog: lol everyone booing Eddie everywhere
Baldfrog: only time I’ll feel sorry for you pies they are feral
PAFC4eva: game not over yet pies umpires still out there
kascadev8: free kick count 14-6 and collingwood are down by 3 goals but winning the FK. wow interesting
Warney: Eddie and his fat daughter beside him
PJ39301965: Come on Grundy, Boak and Maynard. Need 288 from you guys. Lift for the last 8 mins
amigaman: @Hazza how about now
original: can crisp + grundy get to 250/! cmon boys
thommoae: Settle Warney. Keep it tidy.
PAFC4eva: surely you dont mean pear fans are feral froggy
kascadev8: go grundyyyyyyy go son, go tyler brown very good
Baldfrog: Never lol
PAFC4eva: never heard that before from a crow supporter
Baldfrog: Sarcasm will get you nowhere PAFC1820
CozzieCan: 39 more points Noble & woodcock cmon !!!
amigaman: Maynard tons up. Where are you Hazza?
Foxman69: Adams is being robbed
Baldfrog: Lol Cozzie think you’re in trouble m8
Woodie22: Woodcock won’t be helping you lol
kascadev8: woodcock ive already won, you can score for Cozzie now <3
CozzieCan: @Bald , yup flowered lol ..
PJ39301965: He’s off celebrating amiga
amigaman: Love how posters don’t back up their statements
zadolinnyj: 4 more points pendles
pjw1234: heaps of scaling to come around 8-9%
shaker: Pies fans disappeared?
blueflags: any scaling?
MrWalrus: Woo! Walrus goes to hall of fame!
MrWalrus: Woo! Walrus goes to hall of fame!
isoeso: woo hoo

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