Chat log from R18 of 2020: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

original: Will macrae beat 122?
thommoae: Cheers, Monty. Good times.
SeasickJac: Lets go Dunkley and JJ
SeasickJac: Lobb will have his work cut out
beerent11: That’s the only time hogan will be at the top of scoring
beerent11: No Walters and tab Fyfe full time fwd?
DrSeuss: Traded in Acres this week to replace Simpkin. Let’s hope my decision looks better after this game.
SeasickJac: Anyone Reckon Lobb will go big this game?
pjw1234: big game
navy_blues: hopefully good game here
beerent11: Needs to 150+ suess
beerent11: Needs to 150+ suess
pjw1234: big game. bont c daniels smith english fyfe and brayshaw
Apachecats: NTP results ,1st win in NTP goes to Avarax ,well done ,been close a few times.
NewFreoFan: Don’t mind if we lose this, rather see the Dogs in the finals than the Demons
bhg26: Need big games from Bont as captain, Macrae, Brayshaw, Fyfe and Walt… flower
CozzieCan: Let’s go Fye , Bont & Macrae
navy_blues: hopefully good game here
DrSeuss: Will settle for 100 at this stage Beerent
Apachecats: 2nd to DrSeuss on 115 and 3rd to MrWalrus.Lesson never doubt a champion player.
Apachecats: Avarax went 118 by the way.
Baldfrog: Doggies already 1 throw freo 0
bhg26: I want your team to win NewFreoFan, still hate the bulldogs after we got stitched up in 2016
tdarian: lets go bont C, fyfe, brawshaw and ryan!
Avarax: Yes! Stoked. And was only 52 points away LOL
CozzieCan: Congrats Avarax
zadolinnyj: Good work Avarax
NewFreoFan: I live in Footscray bhg, 2016 was one hell of a party. Quite like the doggies after that
Rebuild: Hopefully I never have to say this again but go freo!
bhg26: I was in America on an exchange trip NewFreoFan. Was at Universal Studios at night when i saw the score. Almost cried
CozzieCan: Cmon doggies
MrWalrus: Go captain Bont, Bring the cd love
DrSeuss: Ok Acres – waited long enough – you can get involved now please
bhg26: Then when i saw the umpiring when i got back. I almost broke my host familys computer
bhg26: So tell your mob to lift NewFreoFan
tdarian: go Bont keep it up CD lovechild
CozzieCan: You might see cozziescats in sc top 10 this week
beerent11: Bont looks like a dad playing the under 12’s
bhg26: You wont see Bennys All Stars in the top 100 either Cozzie
zadolinnyj: What score cozzie
bhg26: Thats hilarious Beerent
CozzieCan: I only meant this week lol @Bhg .. sitting on 2100 proj 2550
DrSeuss: Ok Acres off the bench and maybe get a touch or a tackle or a sniff of the footy?
bhg26: I know Cozzie, just stating my top 100 overall dream wont come true 🙁
CozzieCan: @Bhg hopefully next year mate , either way great accomplishment.. my best year in 8 years sitting at 3,193
beerent11: How long till the bailey smith bashing starts?
goat_19: what’s looking like par at the moment?
zadolinnyj: Ill be close cozzie
CozzieCan: @Bhg , you’re still killing it mate congratulations
Gotigres: Nice solid start Capt. Bont but keep going. Your team needs you to fire.
bhg26: My only hope Cozzie is if Bont gets the triple ton as my captain, which is not very likely
zadolinnyj: 2600 plus will win
CozzieCan: @Zado, where abouts you sitting atm m8 ? All the best & goodluck be nice to win some money for round rank 1
Justavrage: Any time you want to wake up Macrae
teachrtony: Well done Cozzie. I’m projected 2500. Made 9/10 prelims though and got knocked out in all of them last week.
SofR: My missus is a Demon fan so I want Freo to win. First and last time i want to say that
CozzieCan: Very nice Zado .. what’s ya team name I’ll keep my eye out so I can congratulate you next week lol
cmperrfect: Bang on 2500 proj for me. Might still lose now Danger went nuts.
zadolinnyj: 2100 with McRae c and Grundy, gray.
DamoBurner: I can’t see the game, who’s “winning” the general play
NewFreoFan: Macrae better do a Danger in the second half
zadolinnyj: McRae not doing well though. Cripps and walters killed a massive score
CozzieCan: @teach , this season is showerhouse .. you’ll bounce back next year m8 .. only get a big score this week .. good luck m8
zadolinnyj: Budgeesmugglers
zadolinnyj: A team without Cripps will win
bhg26: Absolute mare this week for me, had Haynes, Cripps, Ridley, and forced to take a donut cause of walters, 2312 projected
CornHub: well looks like i stuffed my C again its on macrae
zadolinnyj: I think you will see over 2600.
beerent11: This year was fun with 37 trades over 18 games.
bhg26: Whats everyones rank and projection?
zadolinnyj: It’s saying 2475 now. Went backwards
cmperrfect: Woodcock named for those who need him for Port tomorrow
CozzieCan: @zado almost everyone has Cripps .. serious Sc players anyways .. I wouldn’t be so surprised if top team had him
amigaman: Seem to say it every week but geez CD hates Darcy
teachrtony: Thanks Cozzie. The daily team drops and no time to strategise between rounds really made it hard.
CozzieCan: @Zado surely someone had the VC on danger ..
zadolinnyj: Rank 6016. Bad year for me
original: Holy wow macrae don’t do this now
beerent11: General soreness doesn’t have Cripps
cmperrfect: Dumped Cripps for Gaff 2 months ago @Cozzie, not all serious players.
CozzieCan: @Tony headache and a half , I’m still not comprehending why teams haven’t been announced sooner . Really flowered us
MrWalrus: Carn Captain Bont!
benzammit: This year was a bugger the postponed game cost me a crack at 50k
Hazza09: Wtf Macrae
zadolinnyj: C possibly but surely to late in round for Vc. He will be the difference
CozzieCan: @Beer the only one in the top 5 .. remarkable
Catatafish: Fyfe, Macrae and Bailey Smith in this. Great start.
beerent11: The top team general soreness doesn’t have Cripps but the next 9 teams do
zadolinnyj: Horrible last round for general soreness.
CozzieCan: @Cmp sorry should of specified “most” Gaff has been a ying yang last month
teachrtony: Looking forward back to normal next year. If Macrae gets going I am still hoping to finish around 2000 -2500ish so can’t
teachrtony: complain.
bhg26: Cripps is in 53% of teams, so most would have him
benzammit: Been chasing top 200 since
zadolinnyj: Gee close at top of sc
bhg26: If only i had a decent start to this year, started off 32k
CozzieCan: If Macrae and Fyfe don’t ton here , count me out for top 10000 score lol
arbel: Tossing up between mac and bont for C. Went Mac not looking good so far. Need him to score at least 80 odd surely gets t
SofR: I didn’t have Cripps but he missed games and been sore since. Thought close observers might have traded him out
zadolinnyj: No walters may have cost general soreness the title
cmperrfect: Wonder if Fyfe will, be DPP next season like Whitfield
benzammit: Having 9 from Essendon and Melbo Udidnt help neither did the mid round decision
teachrtony: Zado, he has Haynes and Riddler too.
bhg26: Who cares who wins supercoach, what matters is who has bragging rights on this website next season
bhg26: Althought the race for 50k is one for the ages
bhg26: Although is what i meant to type
MrWalrus: Mare of a year, may struggle back to high 20ks after dropping to 80k after getting all the carnage to start.
benzammit: Everyone has Ridley who’s in top 300
teachrtony: Croz Bees I reckon for the cash.
teachrtony: True that Benz.
benzammit: Well almost I care that’s why I play 50k is the ultimate bragging right.
CozzieCan: Jebus that Fyfe goal
original: Gotta keep up w Fyfe plz macrae
bhg26: Remember when breakonthru was first? He’s now 263
benzammit: We all have em Walrus, one year every premo I upgraded too fell over at some point element of luck needed.
CozzieCan: @Bhg he was on fanfooty I’m pretty sure , came & bragged haha
Coutzy: I peaked round 1. Went midprice madness expecting a broken season. Used all the trades to go back to guns/rookies
Coutzy: Was chasing ever since. Should have just committed.
beerent11: Cmon baz
bhg26: it was sarcasm benzammit, said that cause i dont think any of them are on here
DrSeuss: Can someone from Freo please stop Hunter?
cmperrfect: Riddler and Short my mid pricers that turned into keer
teachrtony: Would have been great if that guy who was leading mid season had gotten up. Great achievement to be first for few weeks.
benzammit: Fair call.
original: Had brayshaw as my mid pricer. Better believe I traded him out early
teachrtony: Yeah breakonthru
MrWalrus: A lot of luck benz, oh well always next year 🙂
cmperrfect: Riddler and Short my mid pricers that turned into keepers
bhg26: Reckon sticking with Brayshaw and Bontempelli was the best choice i made all year
benzammit: If Bont pulls his weight as C , I should charge into top 100 2580 projected.
woodduck: #Cozzie…Breakonthru didn’t brag…he was quite humble about it. Thought he would let us know
bhg26: Where are you ranked now benzammit?
CozzieCan: @bhg with you on bont
MrWalrus: Brayshaw my best starting pick, been huge after slow start, any chance of NTP ???
beerent11: This is pretty poor from a team who has to win to make the 8
benzammit: 270 odd Chewyonyaboot.
cmperrfect: Where is Mike Hussey at rank wise? Any1 been following Mr Cricket?
CozzieCan: @Woodduck , he had every right to brag being #1 good on him
MrWalrus: If I was #1 you’d better believe I’d be letting you all know about it!
beerent11: Baggy greens 10th cmperrfect
bhg26: 133 right now benzammit, but you may pass me after my mare of a week
woodduck: Agree with that Cozzie…all good
CozzieCan: @Walrus id bloody hope so even abit of rubbing it in haha
MrWalrus: Yeah Bont came good, would have been a better early upgrade though
cmperrfect: Thanks Beerent. How many points from 1st is Hussey?
teachrtony: Great effort Benz and bhg. My best ever finish was 177th.
DrSeuss: Let’s go Acres time to get involved again please
woodduck: As I said at the time…I would let everyone know haha
MrWalrus: Rubbing it al over the place
SofR: I kept Bont thru his lean patch but only coz I had too many other duds to offload. My year has been a shocker
bhg26: Only 17 years of age, im a young prodigy teachrtony with 60+ years at least to try and improve
benzammit: Cheers finished 22nd was best, last year for me I’m retiring, bringing out autobiography
original: Pls stop Fyfe. Macrae at least beat Ryan
bhg26: Do you have Fyfe benzammit?
beerent11: 232 cmperrfect
benzammit: Macrae will rotate into Hunters role 2nd half.
tdarian: fyfe brayshaw ryan and bont all doing me proud. keep it up boys. and daniel stay down
beerent11: Next year’s fan footy leagues will be interesting
teachrtony: 22nd is a great achievement. Respect.
Dredd: Daniel and Acers struggling… just need Fyfe and Brayshaw to flower off but GF’s are lookin lovely
benzammit: I do yes and Bont withC
cmperrfect: Cheers Beerent.
MrWalrus: Haha bhg, take a screeny, may well be your best ever, came in about 1800 first go, thought it was easy…..
Apachecats: Nearest the Pin is on the Bont. Apache goes 124.
zadolinnyj: Ive never been able to join fanfooty leagues. Always get error
bhg26: Who do you have in this game benzammit? Anyone who can make me stay in front of ya?
original: Came tenth one week and was in the top 100 for first 6 weeks of the year a decade ago hehe
benzammit: If you go to 270 of Chewyonyaboot add Rich n Stewart .
cmperrfect: Well my only boast was I made it to 50th rank 2 months ago, slipped away ever since.
DrSeuss: Yep need Acres to do something please.
MrWalrus: Walrus goes 142 thanks Apache
Social: brought in lake bakers as a pod, here he comes
bhg26: Ill reminisce about the peak of my Supercoach career in my senior years MrWalrus
beerent11: Need a shitload of luck to go well in sc some years you have it some you don’t
benzammit: Docharty cost me a mid upgrade.
scboy123: Ryan, Brayshaw, Fyfe, Baz and Macca for me. Huge game.
CozzieCan: Flower off Libba & English , save points for Bont & Macrae
zadolinnyj: 116 apache
bhg26: You’ve comfortably beat me then benzammit
MrWalrus: Finished 900thish overall as best, only time I beat my 1st year
navy_blues: 119 plz apache
scboy123: whats benzammit on
Social: Bont will score 138 Apache-son
CozzieCan: 122 please Apache
original: Ryan and Fyfe destroying me in miracle gf
thommoae: 135 for me, please.
bhg26: 273 for Bont, thats what i want him to get
DrSeuss: 123 Apache
SofR: 121 for Bont
scboy123: im still holding onto my 2500 proj. this game could end that dream tho
The39Steps: 163 for me please @apache.
pjw1234: 163 thanks
Nuffman: English put in a ripper SC finals series
CornHub: wait whos the nearest pin on
teachrtony: I took a roll on Doch, upgraded a mid and hoped Watson or Greaves fired. Got lucky with Greaves.
GobChuck: 111 for bont please apache
CornHub: right 97 for me please
Apachecats: Bont
lisapizza7: 133 bont
tdarian: bont will score 123. lock it in eddie
Woodie22: 113 For Bont plz
tdarian: ok 124 since 123 is taken
Pies20: 124 @Apache and thankyou again
Avarax: 91 please apache
benzammit: Still come next week it’s level again keep at it bhg
Catatafish: 118 for Pontembelli please
PJ39301965: 127 for Bont please Apache
exatekk: 144 for bont please Apache
MrWalrus: Best round was 14th I think, monster 2800ish (I think) a few years back
cmperrfect: Bont 121 plz Apache
teachrtony: 109 for Bont thanks Apache.
Mustardish: 116 bont
Gotigres: 104 for Bont
twistofoz1: 100 even, cheers Apache
MrWalrus: 91! Hope you lose terribly Avarax, no offence
CozzieCan: Need bont to go huge unfortunately.. not happening
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty how’s the App going? Will it be ready for 2021?
dkeating48: 132 for bont
GobChuck: 2550 projected right now, but Bailey Smith and Macrae are doing their best to wipe it back to 2400
CozzieCan: @Warlus woah
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
cmperrfect: McCrae proj is 110. Will he make it from here?
The39Steps: Good looking Doris handing out the water bottles in the Doggie’s room!
SofR: Macrae often goes big 2nd half. You think he’s let you down and he still scores big.
isoeso: Bont 123 please
MrWalrus: Was last or 2nd last, full premo rnd Cozzie, best score ever by 200 odd pts felt ripped off
Social: Is Doris the bloke that looks like a hedgehog?
HawkTalker: Caleb daniel 4 touches in a half? wtf…
MrWalrus: Been playing this game 10+ yrs now, is rather addictive, still to rank top 20k with starting team lol
The39Steps: No @social, she’s a very tidy unit. Looks brand new.
Water: ill go 103 for bont please apache
SeasickJac: Cmon JJ.. Need you to beat Williams
SeasickJac: Dunks just need to reach his average
Apachecats: comp closed
tdarian: cmon bont get moving
CozzieCan: @Warlus nah fairo mate valid point
DrSeuss: Damnit Acres – I traded Simpkin out for you – I thought it was a good decision. Not so sure now – get involved
CozzieCan: Cmon Bont & Macrae & Fyfe .. keep going lads
original: Macrae I am disappoint
BigGryan: need daniel to pick up come on
Gotigres: Capt. Bont will probably see me fall out of the top 10000
teachrtony: Brayshaw has slowed down.
zadolinnyj: McRae destroying my score. Will win final though
MrWalrus: Captain Bont looking to finish my season in the manner it has gone since r1
zadolinnyj: Player trying to not get injured here
DrSeuss: Look out – Acres with his first touch of the qtr. slow down mate
CozzieCan: Serong if he’s under 400k next year he’s a must
MercAm: Legit have no idea how Henry was No. 9 pick last year he is absolute dog-shower
tdarian: thank god bont woke up
DrSeuss: Serong is a gun. When did Caleb Daniel start tackling?
CozzieCan: @Merc , 2nd that .. maybe in another 8 years lol
MercAm: @cozzie ahhh or maybe never haha such a waste for freo, don’t know what you can see in him
amigaman: If Serong doesn’t win the RS it’s a stitch up
Justavrage: Macrae just looks lazy, doesn’t run or tackle
cmperrfect: OP swapped Danger to McCrae for C. Must be spewing about now.
tdarian: capt bont might get to a decent enough score yet
tdarian: cmperrfect if he loses he will spew bad
tdarian: cmperrfect if he loses he will spew bad
MercAm: Yeah 100% amiga but there is no doubt that he is in there
pjw1234: not sure anderson has had more 100+ supercoach
CozzieCan: @Merc believe positivity would be in hand .. but banging on the for disappointment . Seen under 15’s better than him lol
pjw1234: plus same ave score and an extra 3 games to score in
CozzieCan: Reckon Fredrick is in the same boat really .. doesn’t do much
CozzieCan: Need a big last qtr Bont & Macrae lift
Ash777: Libba being huge.
original: Time to get a move on macrae
benzammit: Not much for Bont uh well looks like a lean C week for me too finish
HawkTalker: this is it macrae, you MF. Get going or I’ll lose my GF!!
navy_blues: yeah ash he actually deserves his score played well
cmperrfect: Will cost him a GF win tadrian
HawkTalker: cannot believe I didnt take Gawn’s 120
StuL: I was a qtr behind. Ok. God DOES have the c on Jed
DrSeuss: Seriously Caleb Daniel with 7 tackles? Need him to stop
original: Macrae get a goal or two plz
DrSeuss: Keep going Acres – need a massive final qtr from you
benzammit: Been busy can’t watch , has Libya been that good?
beerent11: Reckon the dockers might be ok next year. Thoughts?
Social: Need more from Bake Lakers
CozzieCan: 862 own libba in sc .. hardly concerning for us blokes
DrSeuss: Piss off Hunter – hate your game – even more so when my opponent has you
Social: Dogs might give weagles a shake
Snarfy: did any of you guys give Brayshaw a lift home? Because I think he’s left.
original: So sad coming back and seeing Fyfe Ryan +double digits and macrae nothing ffs
scboy123: yikes this games ruined my round. macrae baz and brayshaw flower off
nbartos: sc seem to have jumped in bed with WB
benzammit: A lot of points to come seems like Liba has been dominant.
beerent11: Is that umpire abuse bont?
benzammit: Either that or CD are playing favourites again.
CozzieCan: Fyfe , Pavlich , Farmer .. gotta feel for those blokes with freo
pjw1234: lots of scaling to come. about 6%
davywap: Feel sorry for Danger too
CniglioSsn: I’M TIED IN A GRANNY i need dunkley, crae and smith to scale more than fyfe and brayshaw
GobChuck: just need uh 9 scaling for bont somehow. but back to 2450 projected we go thanks baz
benzammit: Glad I have 1 game to go a midfielder with no goals 184 is overblown
original: Thanks macrae ffs
Gotigres: Good luck Cniglio
CozzieCan: @Davy lol more chance at Geelong than Adelaide .. lucky he got out when he did

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