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Chat log from R18 of 2020: Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Sydney vs Geelong, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: Carn the cats !! Go Dangerfield & Stewart big ones please
kascadev8: big games from stew and duncan please
navy_blues: go swaneesssss
bhg26: Can swans still make finals?
kascadev8: why is that not a mark to tuohy, robbed
DrSeuss: Need a monster game from Stewart and Duncan quiet
navy_blues: swans caught cats sleeping lol
zadolinnyj: Ive got sydney by 25 in a multi. Surely not.
CozzieCan: Hope we get Saad & Cameron next year , we are so slow of half back .. and apart from Hawkins we have nadda up forward ..
Pies20: Top 4 up for grabs for the cats? They’d want to wake up
bhg26: What is going on???
CozzieCan: Pies lucky to make the top 8 after last few weeks
Avarax: Who was saying swans would be put to the sword…lol
StuL: What!? Come on us.
bhg26: Our best quarter of the year and we are seven minutes in XD
Baldfrog: Cozzie how many brown paper bags will Geelong need to make that happen have some c
Pies20: But we are there @cozzie so
Baldfrog: Cheap*
Catatafish: Of course Duncan and Danger are being useless.
MrWalrus: Wow, Swans are on so far, cats will be up for a challenge if they can keep it up
CozzieCan: No salary cap here at Geelong @Bald lol what you on about
tdarian: danger is a pod for me and hasnt been sighted
CozzieCan: But in serious , cmon Geelong ! Let’s go
navy_blues: over confidence gets a team every time and supporters lol
Baldfrog: Ice sales good then Cozzie
kascadev8: go the CATS!!! lets go duncan and stew my pods
MrWalrus: Im putting my neck out and saying Danger to still tonne up once he gets to the ground.
dkeating48: I’m in same boat tdarian, this is hurting
scboy123: the stock standard Lloyd Duncan Stewart for me. 3 tons would be splendid
GOATdusty: danger lidt you muppet, it’s not the finals yet.
kascadev8: would love ablett to play on next year 🙂
scboy123: what r ppl projected this round, tryna get a grasp of where scores r at this week. my opponent is trash in the granny
CozzieCan: Danger looks cooked .. was abit average last week also
MrWalrus: So true navy blues, thats why the tiges are winning, no one can believe it still after the 25 years prior
StuL: Good boy seagull. Got some chips here.
Catatafish: Duncan and Danger my PODs. As useful as tits on a bull so far.
kascadev8: im around a 2.35k @scboy
Avarax: Two four six zero scboy
dkeating48: I’m projected 2444 sc
Catatafish: 2440 assisted by Haynes, Cripps and Ridley. Now Duncan and Danger.
scboy123: oos not bad kasca. i feel like it all comes down to freo bulldogs. so many premos and only 3300 pts up for grabs
MrWalrus: Scboy, my trash team is still projected a bit over 2400 carrying Cripps & Daniher, gonna be some huuge ones
bhg26: 2333 with Walters not playing. Have Kennedy, Lloyd and Stewart in his game
goat_19: 2470 scboy, wanted more from haynes and greene
Catatafish: Oh yeah, no Walters.
scboy123: yeah walrus i get u. im at 2500 and i had cripps get a 26 lol. god knows what others are gonna get
kascadev8: nice gary
circle52: Goal fest
Baldfrog: Why does C7 still use Cameron dingaling ling for Cats matches
PJ39301965: 2417 scboy
navy_blues: i dont like any former player commentating their old team
kascadev8: hahahhaha muppet for papley
CozzieCan: Man danger do something aye , you are legit flowering me in the ass
navy_blues: not picking danger next year the flog lol
penguins00: Ling is a terrible commentator so he fits right in with channel 7
NewFreoFan: Classic Danger though
StuL: Danger will still get 120
kascadev8: no one is worse than Daisy Pearce and Kelli Underwood
Baldfrog: penguins fox is no better
MrWalrus: Great game BTW, swans not doing well because cats suck, far from it, very entertaining.
Baldfrog: Daisy pearce the work experience kid
Pies20: Absolutely @baldy they are worse
Catatafish: Danger and Duncan, stop giving each other hand shandies and fucking do something
MercAm: Daisy Perace is the worse by far, she is very annoying
MercAm: Legit a decent game to watch suprisingly
NewFreoFan: I’d take anyone over Basil or Lingy
zadolinnyj: Is danger forward?
Baldfrog: Surely in a country of 25mill we could find a few good commentators
tdarian: danger better get going. or my GF is done
MercAm: The worse two commontators are Basil and Daisy, end of story
Apachecats: NTP report ,Anderson officially 88 and the new guy does it again.
MercAm: Wait also Dal Santo is very annoying
Apachecats: Well done PJ postcodebirthday on your 2nd NTP ,one more for life membership.
StuL: They really need to get more than one playlist
Apachecats: Equal 2nd were pjw1234 and dkeating on 87.Welldone if you had a go.
PJ39301965: Thanks apache
Pies20: @Apache thanks for calling it early you stuffed me haha
Baldfrog: Ban pj getting too cocky
PJ39301965: Lol thanks bald
navy_blues: hahaha tomahawk
Apachecats: Sorry to get hopes up Pies ,when i posted he was on 88 with scaling to come ,then he dropped back to 86.
Pies20: All good mate just taking the power @Apache
tdarian: wheres danger?
CozzieCan: Cmon danger do something !!!!!!
cmperrfect: My OP has C on Danger and has Duncan. Happy days
Apachecats: All good here too Pies ,enjoy the banter.
kascadev8: mitch duncan wake up clown
CozzieCan: @Danger I beg you lift !!
NewFreoFan: Nice of Danger to have his worst game of the year this round. Cheers mate.
Pies20: You eating a sandwich @cmp? Bomber Thompson style?
dkeating48: Danger vs Kennedy and Lloyd put a fork in me
DrSeuss: Get Stewart back on damnit – also Duncan stay low mate
NewFreoFan: I hate Papley, seems like such a selfish shit bloke
scboy123: Duncan with a large 2. there goes any hope of a 2500 lmao
Baldfrog: Lots of herbs on those sandwi
cmperrfect: Feet on the desk, bourbon neat @Pies20 haha
navy_blues: NTP on danger maybe?
Pies20: actually is anyone else in a gf eating the sandwich? I am
penguins00: Hope these umpires don’t get finals
kascadev8: these umps are terrible, dont complain about umps often, but wtf wanna help sydney any more?
NewFreoFan: @navy_blues I take 26 for Danger NTP
Pies20: haha @cmp nice enjoy the win
StuL: Sydney bought their umps today
GOATdusty: here we go, blaming the umps already lmao
Pies20: @kaska don’t complain about the umps on this site trust me
PJ39301965: God has c on Sinclair
NewFreoFan: Did the Eagles pay off these umpires to stay top 4?
Mustardish: im not an ump basher but these umps are having a mare
kascadev8: @Pies think it’ll be the last time i do haha, its horrific. finally a Geelong free tho
scboy123: Dont eagles only get a home final f they finish 5th, why would they want top 4 lol
cmperrfect: Thanks @pies, you in a GF too?
bhg26: Think fans are expecting too much from the umpires. Haven’t been any good all year
NewFreoFan: scboy interesting point in this season, not sure their second chance would be at home would it?
CozzieCan: Not the umps fault we are playing so terrible .. meant to be a top 4 team ? We need to lift big time
kascadev8: relying on the sydney drop off in 2nd half it seems
CornHub: lovely parker lloyd and kennedy come on stewart
kascadev8: duncan kicking me out of a flag rn, very sad 🙁
Pies20: yeah @cmp had the sandwich out last night public league though and if was in $league would be eating aswell kenty
DrSeuss: Come on Tom Stewart – need a bit of kick to kick – control the tempo – but not you Duncan
Apachecats: NTP is on Dangerfield ,Apache reckons 92.about right.
bhg26: Dangers score is very generous. Reckon CD is trying to win their grand final
zadolinnyj: 101 apache
pjw1234: 101 thanks
Water: Ill go 82 for danger please apache
Avarax: 118 please Apache
Woodie22: Eighty five for Diverfield please.
kascadev8: please dont play Steven in the finals… 100 for danger please
DrSeuss: How many times can Menegola miss Tom Stewart as a target. Also piss off Duncan and your cheap possies
CornHub: 104 for danger
isoeso: danger 111 please
navy_blues: 79 plz
SofR: 106 for Danger. Big 2nd half
CozzieCan: 108 please Apache
Mustardish: danger 109
Baldfrog: Raise the bat 100 plz
teachrtony: I’ll go 94 thanks Apache.
cmperrfect: Danger 88, very lucky plz Apache
bhg26: 68 Danger
Pies20: 91 @Apache please thankyou
Catatafish: @DrSeuss it doesn’t matter, he’s getting shit all points from them.
PJ39301965: 99 for danger please Apache
Hazza09: 74 for Dangerfield please
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
MrWalrus: Danger 113 thanks Apache you legend.
DrSeuss: True @cat – but I would prefer zero possessions for him – more for Stewart
Pies20: definitely wording comes in2 play with this @woodie
N-train4: 96 for danger please
NewFreoFan: 98 for Danger please
shaker: Cats bring in 4 players with a combined age of about 130 haha
Catatafish: If you’re doing SC, the 27 is a good result so far. Shit for me haha
Woodie22: Sure does @Pies20
MrWalrus: Haha Seuss, can always tell who you have always someone they should kick it to more 😛
exatekk: Danger 110 thanks apache
cmperrfect: Dogs will beat Cats if that’s how the cards are dealt next week.
Woodie22: 85 in number too plz
Catatafish: Danger 92
superlloyd: Danger 72 points
Apachecats: Welcome to the new NTP players.
lisapizza7: danger 111 please
DrSeuss: Danger for 115 if available pls
Bart Man: Danger 79 thanks
circle52: Danger 69
scboy123: Duncan 27 my lord. at least rescue an 80 or so
beerent11: Gee jpk was a value pick a couple of rounds sgo
dkeating48: 98 for danger
Apachecats: If anyone is interested if you hover over AFL in the bar above and go Archive you can go way back and check when you sta
Apachecats: *started by looking in the chatlogs.
Raspel31: Danger 78 please.
Apachecats: m0nty I think everyone has disappeared into the archives.
Catatafish: Duncan 3 less to start the half, brilliant. Keep it up, hero.
Apachecats: Just snuck in Raspel ,closed now ,back to my fire.
Raspel31: Sorry Aoache- used my 2 hours of exercise in the bedroom.
Apachecats: Push ups?
CozzieCan: Keep going danger beauty
GOATdusty: danger 6 possies 58sc lol
Raspel31: Yep, practising for when I meet a girl.
DrSeuss: Great start Stewart – not what I was hoping for
Pies20: Haha @Apache more likely he ran out of hand cream
Catatafish: Now it’s Dipstick Duncan’s turn to do something
bhg26: Dangerfields score is absolutely ridiculous
kascadev8: steven in over close is a mistake, done nothing
DrSeuss: Then you do that – more of that.
Catatafish: Well done Duncan you shit cunt
aces-high: Duncan onto the never again list
Catatafish: @aces-high absolutely.
CozzieCan: Cmon danger time to explode big man ! Let’s go
kascadev8: steven fell over, funniest thing ive seen, no finals for you surely
davywap: Has the annual shitting of Geelong’s pants in September begun?
navy_blues: go swaneesssss
NewFreoFan: Why did I take Danger 15+ in my multi
Pies20: Sorry @rasp you set yourself up there
penguins00: Yep Geelong thought they were going to walk into the top 4 spot.
Ash777: go the swannies
kascadev8: steven missed another easy handball, what a clown
Avarax: Lingy is so one-eyed it’s not funny
navy_blues: if danger gets 15+ he would score 170 SC points lol
Avarax: Hasn’t even said the word Sydney all game
scboy123: at this point in time. fuck you mitch duncan. too many times youve come up short
DrSeuss: BS Free to help the Cats there
bhg26: Only knows Geelong players and the superstars Avarax
SCkingisme: How in the hell is danger on that what a joke !
navy_blues: 6 points for a handball for danger lmao
BumSniff: how was that a push in the back on hawkins
bhg26: Hawkins gets that and Papley gets two hands in the back for no free
kascadev8: @Bhg blicavs was pushed in the back earlier and got nothing, youve had 2 bs deliberates too, overall its horrid umpiring
SofR: Will Danger get 25 for that goal?
BumSniff: If Dawson didn’t handball that it would’ve been holding the ball…
circle52: agree BHG very soft and I hate it when soft frees paid resulting in goals
CozzieCan: You beauty danger !!! Flower the haters
arbel: No free to pap and soft to Hawkins.. good to see Geelong getting all the help. Can’t have just 1 non Vic team in top 4
NewFreoFan: Danger leading contested ball, 87% efficiency, a goal, SC score isn’t too ridiculous.
LMartos: how the fuck is Danger number 2 ranked on ground hahahahaha
PJ39301965: Close @sofr
bhg26: Kennedy has basically done everything better than Danger, and Danger is on more. SuperCoach is bs
SeasickJac: Where the Flower is Duncan?
Baldfrog: Figjam to save Cats
Catatafish: Probably need 160+ from Danger to make up for a hapless Duncan
N-train4: What was my guess for NTP @apa
bhg26: 8 touches for 84 points is absolutely ridiculous NewFreoFan
beerent11: Dangers score comes from 7 cp 88% de and a goal. Play dream team if you just like flat numbers.
SCkingisme: Dangers score is beyond a joke
scboy123: is it just me or does lloyd always disappear in the second half
NewFreoFan: I didn’t say it wasn’t ridiculous, I said not too ridiculous bhg haha
bhg26: Omg! First throw payed all season!
davywap: Fuck you Duncan
Hazza09: Bont or Macrae as a captain, so hard to choose
Avarax: Paid*
SofR: good point Danger. Must be worth about 15
NewFreoFan: I’d go Macrae Hazza, more consistent than Bont
pjw1234: easy choice for me as i only have bont
bhg26: Apologies Avarax
Pies20: I just changed @hazza gone mcrae over bont
NewFreoFan: Although Bont has been sizzling lately. Who knows
davywap: Taberner not playing fyi
yablettt: There’s a lot of blokes here crying about danger lol
beerent11: If you’re behind in a gf go bont for the ceiling. If you’re ok go McRae for reliability.
bhg26: Do Freo have a tagger NewFreoFan that may go to either Bont or Macrae?
CozzieCan: Need another 164 points from Lloyd , Danger & Stewart to be on 2100 !! Cmon lads
Pies20: Im dt not sc @hazza to make it more confusing for you haha
bhg26: Going against danger in a granny yablettt, compare his game to JPK, JPK has clearly had a better game but similar sc
NewFreoFan: Not usually bhg, him and Macrae both carved us up last year from memory. We usually struggle with the Dogs run
beerent11: Haven’t used my c yet and my opp only has Grundy in the last game so might just put it on him if I’m still leading.
NewFreoFan: him = Bont sorry
SofR: I have Danger but his score is inflated. That’s why I pick him
bhg26: Going Bont c cause Walters has stuffed me royally.
Dredd: Kennedy, Parker, Dawson and Steward… very nice 🙂
bhg26: Supercoach have their favorites SofR
scboy123: Duncan is a joke
SofR: I know that bhg
SeasickJac: Screwing my GF chances. So is Menegola
davywap: Supercoach definitely allows bonus points for “elite” players
CozzieCan: Let’s go danger woop woop
CornHub: classic danger +19 for behind
yablettt: SuperCoach awards players for effectiveness not just a kick…
bhg26: Bet you’re loving this Cozzie
Rilian: m0nty, don’t forget red cross on Bell, gone since Q1.
SofR: Danger first to 100. Superstar
davywap: Danger on the juice at half time surely
CozzieCan: @Bhg cream in my pants from danger .. could double ton !!
zadolinnyj: Need a goal from p[arker
beerent11: To be fair he is the main reason they’re still in the game.
tdarian: Danger! my GF chances just went up about 300%
Avarax: Danger is just monstering this game
nbartos: Paddy whack whack!
SofR: Yes he has been very good. In fact more than good
bhg26: 64 points for two goals…
NewFreoFan: I wonder what the highest difference between DT and SC scores is for a player throughout history
CozzieCan: Oh Dangerfield !! Wow
BURN3R: Danger you beauty
davywap: Danger must’ve been like “ffs not this shit again, put me in the forward line!”
Catatafish: Haha Danger. Thank you. Duncan’s uselessness becoming irrelevant.
dkeating48: tdarian we are in this together! Go patty!!
beerent11: Just too explosive on the lead for any of the swans
SofR: Yes bhg. Only 64 should have been 94 !!!
tdarian: what a star, this is why SC is soo much better than DT
CozzieCan: Danger double ton ?! Get it son
bhg26: Any other player SofR and they’re getting 30 max
beerent11: That’s why it’s the better game newfreofan
NewFreoFan: NTP has been blown wide open haha
GOATdusty: bloody hell lloyd, get a ton already
navy_blues: agree bhg
Hazza09: With Taberner out does that mean Fyfe goes forward?
Woodie22: Fair few geelong boners happening in this chat right now.
SofR: Parfitt just stole 30 pts from Danger. He will get 6
CozzieCan: @Woodie about as big as the statue of liberate
Avarax: Parfitt just robbed danger then
original: Duncan <70 pls
davywap: Luckily for Danger he’ll get a week off to rest those shoulders
Justavrage: Thanks for the GF win dangerbeast
Woodie22: Lol Cozzie I reckon
SofR: Have to admit Cats are b… good. Hopeless for most of game now 3 gls up
beerent11: Has your opponent got danger bhg?
DrSeuss: Come on Stewart get a touch or ten for the big finish
bhg26: Yep Beerent, fuming
SofR: Not many crumbs for the seagull today
navy_blues: if geelong struggle like this against sydney they will need dbl chance
CozzieCan: Cmon Danger 1 more goal !!!
SofR: Super tackle Danger
bhg26: Scaling is going to give Danger 260 points
StuL: Just made up a rule ump
Justavrage: Hawkins robs danger of more points
HawkTalker: This is awesome. Dangerfield getting points just for existing
beerent11: Thought you might
CozzieCan: NTP on danger everyone is out lol
NewFreoFan: Poor Rohan haha, absolutely stuffed
Justavrage: Then Rohan burns him, #dangerrobbed
Rilian: Rohan hammy gone. 🙁
bhg26: Dangerfield owners are hoping that he spends the rest of the game so he gets a comfortable 180
Avarax: Kasca would be closest with his 269 guess
NewFreoFan: Danger just lost a point
pjw1234: go stewart out seagull the seagull
NewFreoFan: Need 2 more disposals Danger come on
bhg26: Rest of the game on the bench i mean
original: Duncan lay some tackles? Jumps from 52 to 60 with no possession shift
beerent11: Fox shat himself
SofR: I did predict a big 2nd half for Danger but not this big
Migz: does danger get a rebound 50 point for kicking it back out :p
beerent11: Plenty of scaling points.. uh oh bhg
davywap: Nice win to Danger there
Water: C on macrae or boak
bhg26: Good luck in finals Geelong. Geez
StacksOn: so i ended up trading simpkin to hawkins rd 15 and just got 2 mediocre scores…
scboy123: what an absolute mare. got a feeling next game gonna ruin my round as well. shame
SofR: 250 pts for scaling. Danger gets 50 or so of those ???
wodjos: big scale coming..3055 total SC points
scboy123: fuck you lloyd 3 disposals short. Disappears every second half when it matters
navy_blues: if danger gets injured geelong are stuffed
CozzieCan: Thanks @Bhg good luck for next year m8 and awesome rebuild from the swans
dkeating48: tdarian! How are you feeling
aces-high: Lloyd 96% efficiency and barely tons absolute crap
bhg26: Kennedy deserves so much more sc points, had 11 more touches for 54 less supercoach than danger
CozzieCan: We are Geelong .. Dangerfield the greatest of them all , he wins us the game !
Dredd: dawson took some good marks last QTR, scale to 100 at least please
navy_blues: cozzie dont be a smartass
bhg26: Squad should be good next year, we’ll get half our team back and a high draft pick
pjw1234: lots of scaling to come
tdarian: PUMPED as dkeating!!! Go cats and go Danger!!
Social: Would be funny to revisit some of the Q1 comments from the haters
CozzieCan: Woah navy blues .. sorry you haven’t made finals in years since Judd days my bad
CozzieCan: @Navvy FYI wasn’t being a smart ass towards Bhg at all .. have respect for him . Not so much you Carlton supporters ..
cmperrfect: Tabener late out for Dockers.
Yummy5454: Congrats Cozzie, you beat a bottom 4 team by 6 points. That’s huge!
original: Will macrae score more than 122?
bhg26: I have never been so excited for a potential draw before
CozzieCan: @Yummy bottom 4 team who has been dominate for the last decade . Hawks & Syndey have been up there for years ya flog
dkeating48: Wasn’t convincing td, hope we don’t go straight sets again
CozzieCan: Syndey riddled with injuries this year on top of a rebuild . What’s your excuse yummy & your team ?
navy_blues: cozzie fyi our last granny was against gee i was clapping gee when they scored cos it was all over by half time
benzammit: An orchestrated win for the cats, MOnty I keep getting redirected to a scan survey site are you aware of this issue?
Water: i need these scaled scores to come through farkkk
Water: hurry upppp
CozzieCan: Any wonder when you play an injured Cripps all year . Ridiculous you Carlton supporters
tdarian: i hope its different this year mate. we are up to our eyebrows in it though so fingers crossed!
benzammit: After 2008 written by M.Thompson in his book Geelong orchestrated close games pre finald up
GOATdusty: so instead of losing one final, this flog team will lose two. good times
benzammit: Pre finals as a tee up.
navy_blues: um i havent cried and left fanfooty cos my team losing unlike some1 i know but cozzie time will tell how good gee are
CozzieCan: @Navvy you don’t know me from a bar of soap m8 . Please navigate a sentence together , you incompetent simpleton .
benzammit: Took the Tri bet under 15.5 into Geelong by 1-12 happy day.
CozzieCan: Danger 170 !! Woahzza thank you very much CD
SeasickJac: Score scaled?
Catatafish: Danger you beautiful man.

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