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Chat log from R18 of 2020: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2020

CozzieCan: Let’s go Titch , Rankine & Greenwood !! Go huge lads
Water: titch and greenwood for me le go
Avarax: ntp results from yesterdays game. official result on simpson was 77. 2 winners both on 79, were SofR and pjw1234
Avarax: 3 way tie for 2nd place with gotigres on 74 and kascadev8 and lisapizza7 on 80
amigaman: How many GF’s are you in CozzieCan
Avarax: congrats to the winners and well done to everyone
CozzieCan: @Avarax no Big Ben next year m8 hey
SofR: 2 wins in a row for SofR. And I tipped Simmo to kick a goal.
CozzieCan: @Amiga 10 all up m8 in sc only .
CozzieCan: Miss those pop & rolli days .. with hodge Sewell & Mitchell , roughie .. team of the century in my books
Gotigres: Thanks Avarax. Runner up again. Sigh.
amigaman: You have one wrapped up. Nine to go!
Gotigres: Nice start Wingard but keep it up.
Apachecats: Got dodgy internet today
original: Cmon greenwood I need you to go large
Apachecats: Thanks Avarax ,that is a 2nd NTP to SofR and a 4th NTP to pjw1234.
DrSeuss: Lukosius, Greenwood and Greaves – need you to drag me to GF victory
GOATdusty: good stuff ranks, spud it up mate
Apachecats: pjw1234 is just one win away from hall of fame status.
The39Steps: Need a muppet for lukosius after tripping over his own feet and coughing up a goal.
kascadev8: lukosius -4? from 1 posession and no frees against? can someone explain to me i missed it
GOATdusty: lol ppl still dont get it smh
amigaman: 2 Muppets kaska
Apachecats: Avarax are you able to do Monday night , I have a zoom meeting from 7.30 to 8.30ish.
pjw1234: anderson is looking better for rising star every week
kascadev8: thanks @amig what was the 2nd for? only just turned the game on
amigaman: Not sure, but he did fall over his own feet
Avarax: Yeah i can do Monday
CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine not this shit again , do something
kascadev8: yes rankine keep being a spud, its good for me, good boy
Raspel31: Good lads Apache and Avarax. If any comfort I’m top of all my EPL leagues.
DrSeuss: Well looks like Greenwood and Lukosius will be the ones to screw my GF team
thommoae: Leeds players , Raspel?
CozzieCan: Any thoughts on Titch for next year ? Hasn’t been offered a new contract .. will he be sc popular next year ? Or avoid
DrSeuss: Or maybe just Lukosius
Raspel31: Only Bamford thommoae
Apachecats: Thanks Raspel ,I am comforted.
SofR: @Cozzie. Busted legs like that take more than a year. Titch might be good value next year.
SofR: Titch has played every game so that’s a good sign that he’s on the way back to best
GOATdusty: lol titch has averaged 112 in sc, great year. will be better next season
thommoae: Shrewd pick up.
CozzieCan: @Sofr but does he stay at hawthorn.. ? Look at Kelly from Geelong , dropped off a lot joining WC
CozzieCan: Just feel if Titch does move elsewhere it might impact ..
pjw1234: last trade was parfitt to either trac or greenwood went trac so hopefully works out
SofR: Can’t see him leaving Hawks. If he does he’ll be a risk of course.
Raspel31: Brought in Bamford for Adams- good move I think.
CozzieCan: Cmon Greenwood & Rankine flower me , do something
Thomas1234: Is greenwood injured or something been on the bench for 8 minutes
DrSeuss: Greenwood and Lukosius – do something?? Why is Hugh on the bench so damn much?
thommoae: I have Koch. Turns out forwards are a better bet than LUFC defenders!
DrSeuss: Lukosius – see what Greaves is doing? Do better ffs
Raspel31: I have koch perhaps not the wisest comment on this post thommoae- go Greenwood.
Apachecats: 1st request for NTP is it.Just for something different.
thommoae: How come? Is there not a smattering of Deutsch culture afficianados on this site, Raspel?
navy_blues: does
navy_blues: does Koch drive you nuts?
Water: harbwop
scboy123: carn Titch
CozzieCan: Greenwood & Rankine useless so far , get moving
Raspel31: Is Koch in your back line? Titch coming good.
Apachecats: No requests ,OK its on Noah Anderson ,Apache goes 78.
DrSeuss: Bringing in Lukosius 4 weeks ago was my worst decision this year
original: Not the week for this greeny
Raspel31: Who is Noah Anderson?
navy_blues: 72 plz apache
lisapizza7: 75 anderson please
thommoae: Okay, I get it.
Water: Ill go 61 for anderson please apache
CozzieCan: 50 please Apache
goat_19: anderson 62 thanks
pjw1234: 87 thanks
N-train4: Anderson 77 for me thanks
The39Steps: 83 for me please @apache.
thommoae: 80 for me, please.
original: Greaves punishing me for taking sholls 84
isoeso: anderson 86 please
Raspel31: 63 if I must Apache,
Hazza09: Keep going Greaves
Pies20: 91 @Apache please thankyou
Apachecats: NTP closes end of 1/2 time.
goat_19: is anyone here projected 2600?
SofR: 69 is my lucky number for Ando
dkeating48: 87 please Apache
Raspel31: We get told off if we talk EPL thommoae- that’s all. Back to the footy.
dkeating48: How is everyone’s GF going?
Woodie22: Seventy for Anderson plz
Yelse: last two kegs omega and greenwood to get 15 ffs what my chances
The39Steps: Gawn’s projected SC starting price next year is an eye-watering $759k.
Gotigres: 81 for Anderson
zadolinnyj: 72 please apache
Raspel31: Might have to ask my dad for a loan The39.
kascadev8: who is the ntp?
Apachecats: N Anderson.
Raspel31: Anderson kasca
Woodie22: Anderson Kasca, so best you chose 269 mate
Hazza09: @dkeating nail bitter
CozzieCan: Gonna start Draper , Grundy & Jacobs next year in the ruc
SofR: Like Bennell has proved again you don’t need brains to play AFL. Doubt he’ll be re-signed now
CozzieCan: Gawn to expensive at that price .. almost to premo mids
PJ39301965: 88 for Anderson please Apache
SofR: Harley Bennell – how did like get in there?
cmperrfect: Didn’t Jacobs retire yesterday?
Ash777: Yep Jacobs retired
SofR: Jacobs did retire
zadolinnyj: Do i go for sc win and take Gawn score or go for 2600 plus and put the c on macraee
zadolinnyj: Can win gf either was but if MACRAE goes down could be close
Apachecats: Comp closed.
Raspel31: Thought I’d bring Caleb Daniel in as a ruck just to mix things up a bit.
zadolinnyj: Great if that was an option Raspel. Dunkley?
CozzieCan: Wait so who’s GWS ruck ? No jacobs or Mumford ?
MercAm: Wait wasnt he contractd for 2021 jacobs?
kascadev8: oh haha didnt see it was ando, dont include it if its closed but ill just pick 90 anyway
Water: right now cozzie i think we will throw brent daniels in there
The39Steps: Draper at an estimated $382k will be in most teams.
SofR: Giants will want to trade in a ruck. Preuss? Cameron from Pies?
zadolinnyj: Grundy and O’Brien for me next year
CozzieCan: Maybe they trade Ben Brown in for the ruc role ?
Raspel31: Surely a draftee is better than Preuss or Cameron?
zadolinnyj: Daw forgws
cmperrfect: Bombers can swap Daniher for Cameron
tdarian: how is everyone going in their GFs?
thommoae: Matt Flynn will get a look at some stage, but we’ll be wanting a tad more to carry the load. I’m okay with Preuss.
CozzieCan: Imagine his run up for the centre bounce hahahaha
Apachecats: Maybe they will pick up another broken down ruck and patch him u
zadolinnyj: Should win easy tdarian opponent got desperate and put c on greenwood
Hazza09: Macrae or Bont C today?
CozzieCan: Cmon Rankine & Greenwood .. what is this shit , do something
tdarian: @zado lol. he must be a poor SC player if his best option is greenwood!
Raspel31: C on Greenwood- and he made the final?
thommoae: Harsh, Apache.
tdarian: @hazza i went bont. i need to gamble to win, as my opponent has got it over me at the moment
zadolinnyj: He had to do something Raspel as i had him beat
dkeating48: tdarian, I’m down 100 with Danger, Macrae and Boak (C) left. They have greenwood, Lloyd, Kennedy and Ryan
dkeating48: How you going tdarian?
Apachecats: Mumford and Jacobs well passedtheir prime when they were recruited.
BumSniff: dont diss preuss hes a lad and a half
Hazza09: @tdarian I’m in the box seat but opponent doesn’t have either Bont or Macrae
Raspel31: I’m still juggling Lloyd, Macrae- leaning Macrae.
zadolinnyj: Wingard is hopeless. He has a good game every 5
tdarian: dkeating u should win that one if all goes to script
thommoae: Agree that they were no De Koning or Draper, broken down?
zadolinnyj: Go macrae
GOATdusty: i’m dominating my gf. my opp did have ranks, cripps, j.martin which helped
SofR: Agree zado. I have Wingard but never again
dkeating48: Will be a tight one
kascadev8: who is everyone thinking as a ruck? think i might just cop it and start Gawn
Apachecats: Toss the coin on Bont and Macrae ,Bont slightly better 3 game average.
kascadev8: why is that a free to rankine? that is so dumb, just gifted my opponent back into it
CozzieCan: What kind of free kick was that .. lol I’ll take it thanks Rankine
BumSniff: Gawn is worth overpaying 20k.
Apachecats: Starting Grundy and English ,big watch on DeKoning.
zadolinnyj: Yep apache demoing could be something if he hits the gym
CozzieCan: @Bumsniff it is , but can afford 2/3 games before he drops abit ..
dkeating48: I think ROB will be a lock in the ruck next year
Raspel31: Golly you guys are keen- season not even over. Anything can happen in months. North might buy Messi.
original: Dammit greenwood
missmagic: suns celebrating with poppy and stratton like with roughy last year?
isoeso: starting gawn and somebody.. probably grundy
zadolinnyj: Hey Monty how about an nfl fanfooty.
SofR: North have been drafting very messy for years so why not Messi now
original: Cmon greenwood get to 85
DrSeuss: Greenwood and Lukosius absolutely killing my GF chances – thanks a bunch
dkeating48: Raspel who would want a 1.7m tall 33yo small fwd who has terrible hands and worth 6x salary cap
CozzieCan: @Seuss with ya on greenwood. Flowered us
dkeating48: Zads, NFL fanfooty would be elite
isoeso: @drseuss who was the scoundrel who put them in to your side?
zadolinnyj: I’m a suffering cardinals fan but looking good this year. You Keating48
Raspel31: North dkeating?
thommoae: He’d bea SF crumber, dkeating. When the ball comes to ground in forward third …
m0nty: I need to sleep Zad
DrSeuss: Haha @isoeso – Greenwood been there all year. Lukosius snuck his way in somehow about 3 weeks ago
The39Steps: I love this Hawk’s win. Will convince Coach to hang on to all the Dad’s Army plodders for another decade.
aces-high: Greenwood and chad to ton! Come on boys big finish
Raspel31: Homage to m0nty- let us all raise a glass. Thank you m0nty.
StacksOn: yes titch!
tdarian: i had lyons last night, top 10 mid my ass – craps out a 63 for my GF team
The39Steps: Seahawks.
dkeating48: Zads, not much success as a colts man either
dkeating48: Thank you m0nty indeed
original: Tdarian same here, was laughing bringing him in the previous week
kascadev8: i had a cripps v lyons matchup last night, i had cripps 🙁
CozzieCan: Need a big last qtr Rankine & greenwood .. how about don’t do anything this qtr aye
The39Steps: Lukosious should be up to 3 muppets.
tdarian: @original i did the same. last week i was thinking how goods this!
Water: greenyyyyyy fuck yeah
CozzieCan: Reverse psychology worked on greenwood !! Keep doing nothing this qtr lol
Thomas1234: just kicked a goal cozzie
zadolinnyj: Fair enough Monty. Thanks again for the site and another cracking year
zadolinnyj: Rivers looks good dkeating
Raspel31: Seconded zado.
m0nty: looking forward to a normal 2021
CozzieCan: Greenwood just won 2 taps for advantage & 1 score involvement lol
kascadev8: mitchell and rankine please stop
zadolinnyj: What year did fanfooty start Monty. Want to know how many years Ive been here
NewFreoFan: Fingers crossed m0nty
NewFreoFan: Is it possible to change my username m0nty? Haven’t been ‘New’ for some time
m0nty: 2005 was the first year of operation
DrSeuss: Lukosius – just a couple of touches, anything?
Raspel31: OldFreofan is your new name.
kascadev8: avoiding lukosius next year
Catatafish: Bloody Greenwood. Knew this would happen.
zadolinnyj: 15 years. Bang. I do miss the old mini icons for the players back then.
BOMBRBLITZ: WINGARD never again you soft soft player
Hazza09: Well done Greaves
zadolinnyj: Loved the cannon
DrSeuss: Greaves outperforming both Greenwood and Lukosius – great Docherty cover. Lukosius still sucks though
Yelse: surely greenwood gets 15 possies
zadolinnyj: What about NudeFreoFan. Similar so we will know its you?
woodduck: 15 years. Phew! Thanx mOnty. I go back to ’99 in DT. Had to use a code to change players by phone!!
Raspel31: My first year zado- you been here for 15?
woodduck: No reverse changes lol
kascadev8: lukosius never again, spud.
zadolinnyj: Yep 15. May have been afl dream team only back then for me. Not your first year Raspel.
zadolinnyj: That sounds like a lot of commitment woodduck back then
Raspel31: Okay- I lied zado.
Pies20: There you go @yelse
SofR: Good finish by Greenwood and Wingard
Apachecats: NTP report may be late ,Apache is heading back to his burn off.Pies20 looking real
navy_blues: we should have diff colour names depending on how long we been here lol
zadolinnyj: There is -probably people on here who have lived less years then you’ve been on.
woodduck: Anybody ever won a weekly prize in all that time? Best I’ve done is fifth
Apachecats: *real good.
CozzieCan: 90 from greenwood , great come back well done
zadolinnyj: Raspel
Water: i was 2 years old when this website started. wow
StacksOn: mitchell cheaping it up massively in those last 20 seconds
Raspel31: Lol zado
woodduck: It was hard Zad…but not many playing:)
Apachecats: Actually its a 5 way photo finish.
zadolinnyj: I got a 4th in 2015. 4 points off. This is the first time on here I have hit a ntp
pjw1234: fair bit of scaling still to come hopefully NTP again lol
Thomas1234: Greeny 15 touches at 73% 7 tackles and a goal for 90. HOW
Raspel31: Well zado- worship your gods- Apache, Cmperfect and moi- meme. You are now a third of each of us.
Catatafish: Greeny gets a shit tonne of contested hard ball gets. Boosts it up a lot.
zadolinnyj: Lol

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